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August 12, 2017 18:06

Finnish wooden double-glazed windows

Finnish wooden double-glazed windows are not yet so popular in Russia, as the plastic "Euro windows", but deserve attention because they have a structure ideally suited to northern areas of the country with severe winters.

Finnish wooden double-glazed windows

Finnish wooden windows with double-glazed

Their design is somewhat reminiscent of traditional wooden windows installed earlier in multi-storey buildings.They consisted of two glazed sashes that are curled together by screws, which is very inconvenient when their annual cleaning of the dirt.Finnish windows are made on a similar but improved with the principle of the use of modern materials and mechanisms.Many models also consist of two wings, but very simply connected with each other and separate if necessary.

Finnish design window

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  • 1 Finnish design window
    • 1.1 Video: design features "Finnish" windows
    • 1.2 Why Finnish wood frames used?
  • 2 Finnish manufacturers of windows and popular models
    • 2.1 Windows company «Tiivi»
      • 2.1.1 Video: Review of windows of the Finnish company «Tiivi»
    • 2.2 Windows company «Lamminikkunat »
    • 2.3 Windows company« Fenestra »
    • 2.4 Windows company« Skaala »

Finnish window with glass can be made entirely of wood or have wood-aluminum construction, consisting of a frame withdouble, triple and even quadruple glazing.The general principle of its structure is shown in the diagram below posted:

The approximate scheme of the Finnish wooden windows with double glazing

approximate scheme of Finnish wooden windows with glass

1 - Frame profile made by special technology.It can have different widths - typically 160 to 205 mm.

2 - Inside glazed.

3 - External glass.

4 - Silicone sealant, applied from the inside and the outside of the front window, which can be replaced by rubber seals.

5 - Aluminum cover profile on the outside of the front frame.

6 - Drainage profile of aluminum.

7 - Side profile of aluminum.

8 - fitting elements.

9 - Remote frame between the panes of glass.

Finnish windows can only be opened and hinged mechanisms, "the" swivel-hinged design, as well as which models of the frame rises.To ventilate the room equipped with the traditional frame window, transom or ventilation, closing the gap - valve.Window shutters and transom must necessarily be open guides, that will hold them in the open position.

Finnish windows are the most warm, as between the hermetically closed doors, a sufficiently wide air gap, which is an excellent heat and sound insulator.

The most commonly used scheme of the Finnish window

most commonly used scheme Finnish

windows most commonly used design, shown in the upper diagram, that is comprised of the anterior leaflet with conventional glass and an inner frame mounted therein with a double-glazed glass.However, other options are produced and in which single-chamber double-glazed windows and are mounted on the outside and on the inside flap.

laminated pine timber, which has a porous structure of the structural and thus has low thermal conductivity is most often used for the manufacture of wooden frames Finnish windows.Sometimes

front frame is made in a combined form, ie wooden frame closed layer of aluminum, or even do completely of aluminum.

The design of the windows to connect the Finnish special fitting elements are used internal and external shutters, convenient junction of them with each other.Through this window the sash can be opened and closed separately or interact with each other.

Both shutters can be opened simultaneously , but their is a snap and sever , for example , for cleaning

Both shutters can be opened simultaneously, but their is a snap and sever, for example, for cleaning

between frames are often installed blinds to regulate where it is not necessary to open the flap, since the mechanism laid out in such a way that all activities are carried outa handle mounted on the inner frame.

on the handle fixed louver adjustment cords, which are passed from mezhramnogo space through a special hole in the inner frame.

Installation scheme blinds mezhramnom space with the withdrawal of outside control

Installation scheme blinds mezhramnom space with the outside output controls

order of installation and adjustment process is well represented in this scheme.Shutters are mounted on brackets fixed to the upper part of the outer frame.Blind cords are passed through the adapter into the flexible rod, which will be held in mezhramnom space.Then it is carried into the room through a special device.On the frame are fixed two latches, which will hold the blinds in the right position - one cord, the other for the control knob.It should be noted that the design of this mechanism may be different, but the principle of it is always the same.

In some models, control of blinds even easier - with the help of the adjustment handwheel mounted on the frame

In some models, control of blinds even easier - with the help of the adjustment handwheel mounted on the frame

The advantage of this method of installation of blinds is that they are protected from mechanical influences and constant contact with dust and dirt.

Screwing hinge for pivoting sash window

Screwing hinge for swing casement window

For Finnish windows used affordable hardware from different manufacturers.It can be simple screw-loop and even all the familiar handles the RR-2 with wrapping, which were installed before on the wooden box.But a prerequisite - rubber or silicone gaskets.

Often used the most simple pen - latches

most simple pen are often used - gate

Despite such a simple fitting design, frames in the overall design so perfectly adjusted to each other that comply with all existing standards of windows with double-glazed windows.They provide a high sound and heat insulation, cold-resistant and durable.

Video: design features "Finnish" windows

Why Finnish wood frames used?

Finnish producers have chosen as the material for the wood frames thanks to its natural qualities.As you know, Finland - a country with cold winters, so the window is selected natural material, which has a minimum thermal conductivity.

According to studies it is known that heat leakage occurs via any box structure which is 15 to 25% of the total heat loss of the house.The window consists of a frame, glass and gaskets.Most heat escapes through the glass surface of a large area, the rest is lost through gaps, poorly sealed gaskets and frame material.

with glass - clear, here are trying to minimize losses by establishing airtight windows.If the seals are fitted correctly and are of the highest quality, they are only the frame, through which heat is lost.The higher the thermal conductivity of the material from which they are made, the more heat will go out.Of metal and plastic has a higher thermal conductivity, insulation or whatever was placed inside it.A similar option is wood - much lower and it is more rational for heat saving.This criterion also predestined choice of Finnish companies is wood, a material of manufacture of its products.

addition, without significance factor of aesthetics and naturalness of the material.We agree, metal and plastic, too, has a lot of positive qualities, but it is not natural, "breathable" material.The wood is used for centuries for the manufacture of window frames and fully justified.If windows must be installed in a wooden house, the plastic version is much worse to be in harmony with the walls, rather than a frame of wood, both from an aesthetic point of view, and in a similar physical and technical characteristics.

Finnish manufacturers of windows and popular models

windows with wooden and aluminum-wood frames produce several Finnish companies, whose products are very popular both in Finland and in other countries other than the harsh winter climate.

The top producers include companies «Tiivi», «Lamminikkunat», «Fenestra», «Profin» and «Skaala».All these firms have long been engaged in the production of windows and doors.The company's specialists are constantly carried out research on the effectiveness of use of the products, introduce new technological development to improve product quality.Everything is done in order to fully justify the trust of customers.

Windows company «Tiivi»

Company «Tiivi» is engaged in manufacturing high-quality wooden windows since 1977, it is one of the largest manufacturers in Finland.All products «Tiivi» passes compulsory routine tests on sound and thermal insulation properties, as well as changes in the deformation of wooden construction.The test results are confirmed by independent experts in Europe and the Nordic countries in particular, since this region is the main consumer of these products.

One of the leaders in the production of wooden windows is a Finnish company «Tiivi»

One of the leaders in the production of wooden windows is a Finnish company «Tiivi»

According to the company technology box frames for windows made of wood of high quality northern pine.Then the details are covered by eco-friendly paints and varnishes, water-based «Teknos», which gives the material high security, making the window more durable in operation.

Windows this company-producer established not only in residential buildings, and hotel complexes, as well as in manufacturing plants, as they help to save considerably on space heating.

Lineup Finnish windows «Tiivi»

Lineup Finnish windows «Tiivi»

In the model range «Tiivi» There are four types of Finnish windows which differ in structure and amount set in the frame of glasses.The main characteristics are presented in the table:

Model Name and window design illustration Design description
«Tiivi optimi» ti1 «Tiivi optimi» is the most affordable modelby product number of the manufacturer.Today, this version of Windows is available in two versions - 1 + 2 and 2 + 2.
low price of these models is due to the installation of a simplified aluminum profile and a minimal amount of flaps to open the mechanism to ventilate the room.
«Tiivi optimi» are turning two sash structure mounted in a wooden box made from laminated veneer lumber.The outer frame is made of aluminum, and it is installed in the glass, 4 mm thick in the embodiment 1 + 2, or glazing, consisting of 2 glass of the same thickness with distance between them of 16 mm for the model 2 + 2.In
inner frame made of wood, it is always set to two double glass panes of 4 mm and an inner space of 16 mm in width.
IGU has selective coating around the perimeter of the composite frame is set, and a sealed space between the panes filled with argon.
design equipped with swivel fittings «Abloy», which is also produced in Finland.
thermal resistance factor model "Tiivi Optimi 'box having power saving class" A ", is U = 1,0 W / m × ° K.
width of the design of the box is 130 mm, and through the use of glass in 4 mm high-quality silicone sealants, sound insulation from outside noise estimated index Ra-33 dB.
«Tiivi 1 + 2» mv2
«Tiivi 1 + 2" is different from the «Tiivi optimi» the widest color gamut and the presence of additional equipment.
The performance characteristics of this model is almost identical to the previous one.It has the same parameters of the glazing, but instead its composite frame, in this case, the aluminum frame is used.
If desired, you can choose the model «Tiivi 1 + 2", having a micro-ventilation valve and equipped with mosquito nets and shutters mezhramnye and special glass.
addition, the width of the box of this model may vary from 130 to 205 mm, which allows to increase the level of sound insulation Ra-38 dB.
«Tiivi 1 + 3» ti 4
«Tiivi 1 + 3", similar to the first two designs, has two frame mounted on the rotating mechanism in a wooden box.
However, one does not glazed, and the two air chambers filled with argon and respectively consist of three glass 4 mm thick.The distance between the panes of glass is equal to 14 mm, it is framed by an aluminum or composite frame.
design also has a class "A" energy saving, but, if you wish the customer, it can be improved.To improve the efficiency of this parameter is used a different type of glass and increases the depth of the wooden box - thus creating more volume air gap between the frames.
This model is also equipped with a Finnish furniture «Abloy», and heat-saving factor in this embodiment the box above and amounts to U = 1,18 W / m × ° K.Acoustic models
quality equal Ra-35 dB, but when used in the construction of a deep box are increased to Ra-44 dB.
With these parameters, the model is perfect for installation in an apartment where the windows are located on a busy road, because it can provide almost complete isolation from the noise of the premises.The depth of the box structure
«Tiivi 1 + 3" varies - 170 or 205 mm.
«Tiivi 2 + 2» ti6 «Tiivi 2 + 2" is equipped with two single-chamber double-glazed windows, the space between them is filled with argon.Glass on glass units has a selective coating, and is enclosed in an aluminum spacer.
in the internal glass unit, the distance between the panes is 16 mm, and 12 mm in thickness is 4 mm.
model is equipped with fitting elements of the Finnish company «Abloy», it has the ability to install vent, mosquito nets, blinds and mezhramnyh special glasses.
The box design made of laminated veneer lumber, frame depth of 170 or 205 mm.
coefficient of heat transfer resistance in this model is U = 1,18 W / m × ° K, energy saving class "A".By mounting the other glass and to increase the depth of the frame, the characteristics can be improved.
the window with glass of 4 mm and a depth of 170 mm in the box, insulation is Ra-38 dB.By increasing the thickness of the glass and the depth of the box, soundproofing increases to Ra-43 dB.
«Tiivi» blind window ti7 Deaf, The fixed window «Tiivi» consists of odnoramnoy design, which includes items such as wooden frame and glass unit with the following parameters: glass thickness of 4 mm, the remote distance between the panes18 mm.
Glass has a selective coating, argon-filled space of the cameras, the perimeter of the glass is framed by a composite frame.
window frames are made of laminated veneer lumber, if desired, the customer, the window can be fitted with a valve for ventilation, special windows and external blinds.
Width box is 130-205 mm.
resistance to heat transfer coefficient is U = 1 W / m × ° K.
Besides the outer protective layer of aluminum, also on request, can be painted in any color selected, which is selected according to RAL.
standard colors, which made the frame - a dark brown, gray and white.
Video: Review of windows «Tiivi» Finnish company

Windows company «Lammin ikkunat»

Production «Lammin ikkunat» founded in 1969, but before it had another nameand only since 1998 has become the current trademark.During the operation, the company has expanded, set up new production facilities, established subsidiaries.Successful development is based on extensive experience and its results.