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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ceiling moldings for ceilings, views

Stretch ceilings - is a very good and practical solution to the issue of registration of premises interior.Their installation problems solved immediately and unaesthetic kind of ceilings and decorative room finishing.The only thing that will need to provide more - closing the gaps that remain on the perimeter of the premises in the places of installation profiles and most of the web.This role takes on special plinths.

Ceiling moldings for ceilings, views

decorative moldings for ceilings kinds

To select a name in the range of shops ceiling moldings for ceilings, types of which are substantially different, and by design, and material and technology attachment, you first need to understand whatthere are profiles for mounting canvases.From this, in the main, and will depend on what type of skirting the perimeter of the ceiling for registration must be selected.Therefore, you need to start with consideration of species profiles (baguette), used for fastening of the tension of the web.

profiles for mounting tension ceiling

Article Contents

  • 1 profiles for mounting tension ceiling
    • 1.1 types of profiles for suspended ceilings
  • 2 Types canvases fixtures suspended ceilings
    • 2.1 harpoon mount
    • 2.2 Shtapikovoe mount
    • 2.3 wedge mount
  • 3 Types baseboards for stretch ceiling
  • 4 criteria baseboards choice for ceilings
  • 5 Tipsmounting plinth
    • 5.1 process of mounting plinth

Construction of suspended ceilings, in general, is simple - it consists of a PVC film that is stretched and secured in special metal or plastic profiles, mounted to the walls under the surface of capital the ceiling.These stretch fabric designed for surfaces with significant defects, which are difficult to remove by other means.The film is able to make the surface perfectly smooth look and plinth, which is fixed on the perimeter of the canvas, often also emphasizes the style of the interior.

Плинтус создаст "законченность" интерьера помещения с натяжным потолком

Plinth will "finish" the interior areas with stretch ceiling

The most common profiles (prints) produced in 2500 mm length and cut, if necessary, on the dates of the segments in the process of installation, as well as fitted in the corners.

baguette firmly fixed to a wall (sometimes - or ceiling) at a pre-chipped, perfectly flat on the line horizontally and only after complete assembly it is fixed with a spatula blade, which is then exposed to heated air expands into a flat smooth surface.

Threading webs into the guide profiles

Filling web in the guide profiles

Securing web profiles so sturdy and strong that when stretching it can withstand the weight of up to 100 kg per square meter.Moreover, very often the material of which it is made, is waterproof.Thanks to these qualities it, the suspended ceiling is able to withstand even a fairly large amount of water in emergency situations, such as in case of flooding from the upper floors.That is why such ceilings are considered to be the best choice for bathrooms.

Stretch ceiling can sometimes save from the catastrophic consequences of the flood from the top floor

Stretch ceiling can sometimes save from the catastrophic consequences of the flood from the top floor

If you encounter such a problem, it can easily eliminate caused by a wizard that will result in the ceiling of the order.In this case, the tension fabric act also as a protective barrier that can protect against water damage to furniture and everything in the room.

types of profiles for suspended ceilings

profiles are divided into several types according to the place of attachment and functionality.They can be wall, ceiling, and special separation.

  • Wall profile most often used for the installation of a ceiling structure.Its fixed on the perimeter of the room on the walls - it is even more reminiscent of the profile for the suspension systems.
Wall profile , equipped with its own plinth

Wall profile, equipped with its own plinth

  • Ceiling profile type is used in cases when it is impossible for some reason to fix it on the wall.
Ceiling profile

Ceiling profile

  • Special profiles used for specific compounds in complex designs.
  • Separation baguettes are intended for installation of stretch ceiling in the large areas that exceed 60 square meters.m., as in this case it is high probability of occurrence of sagging.
Separation profile allows you to attach to it two webs

Separation profile allows you to attach two webs

him also, without dividing profiles can not do when collecting the ceiling of different color or texture of paintings - it is possible to mount the two paintings - the two sides.This type of baguette is used only in combination with a ceiling profile.

addition, so-called produced visible and invisible profile.

  • Visible baguette called because of it remains visible when already stretched canvas, and that it is installed and flexible moldings (inset).
Visible profile , which is closed by the special insert

Visible profile, which is closed by the special insert

  • Invisible profile is completely hidden under the stretched cloth, and if necessary, this design is framed by a decorative skirting boards that are glued to the wall.
Invisible profile is indeed itself is almost unnoticeable

Invisible profile is indeed in itself will be almost invisible

Types canvases fixtures suspended ceilings

There are three types of secure web profiles mounted on the wall - it shtapikovaya, harpoon and wedge.

The principal difference in the type of fixation of the web profile

The principal difference in the type of fixation of the web profile

Each type has its pros and cons, you should know when choosing a system.

Harpoon mount

Harpoon mount stretch fabrics is considered the most reliable of all existing, however, and the most expensive.Installation of this technology is as follows:

Driving harpoon fabric fastener

scheme harpoon latch web

stretch ceiling film itself has a border around the perimeter, made of a durable plastic or metal, which has the shape of a hook (the spear).With this hook is fixed within the profile web.Using this technology, the master has the opportunity to reduce the size of the web during its installation, since its tension occur during fastening in baguette.

attaching the film around the perimeter, it is heated and cooled down as it stretches and becomes a flat surface.

Soak fabric for a perfectly flat ceiling surface

Warming cloth to obtain a perfectly flat ceiling surface

prints provide a specific profile element, which is installed and specially designed for this system baseboard (batten).Its installation is the final step in the installation process.

Shtapikovoe mount

This - the most affordable fastening system developed in Russia.Using it, you need to take the film to the tension slightly larger than the area of ​​the ceiling.In this arrangement, the profiles are fixed to the wall near the ceiling, not more than one and a half centimeters below it.Further, the web edges are filled with prints, in much the same way as if it was hidden under the normal ceiling foam curb.

It looks like Mount shtapikovoe

It looks shtapikovoe mount

Securing web profile can also be made by means of flexible inserts - this happens in cases where the corners of the plane has small curvature.

advantage of this mount is that you can always easily get to the main ceiling, hold the wiring, or perform any repairs if necessary.

wedge mount

of wedge film fastening system can be called the best combination of quality and price.To perform this installation structure around the room at a distance of approximately 30 mm from the walls soffit establishes a special metal profile.

Driving wedge fastening

Driving wedge fastening

Further, part of the cloth tucked into the profile, heated by hot air, and then the special wedges edge of the film clamped in baguette.Once the fabric is installed and completely cooled, it expanded to a perfectly flat surface.

At the end of the film are cut off any excess installation or hidden under the baseboards.

wedge fastening system more expensive than shtapikovaya, but provide higher reliability fixing film prints.It is also quite possible to install at somewhat curved surfaces of the walls.

Another advantage of the wedge system is its easy disassembly, to repair the surface of the slab or paving over the stretch ceiling communication if necessary.

Forms for the baseboards stretch ceiling

Now that you know all kinds of profiles for the installation of stretch ceiling, it will be easier to deal with a decorative skirting board that can be used to close the gaps, and to maintain the overall style of the interior.

For registration of stretch ceiling around the perimeter of the skirting boards are used, made of different materials: foam, polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

main advantages and material weaknesses are summarized in the table:

material manufacturing plinths A typical method of securing positive qualities Disadvantages
Styrofoam (polystyrene) Scheme foam attachment .plinth Lightweight, ease of processing, reasonable price, and a variety of textured patterns. lack of flexibility and increased fragility.
Mounting only on special glue, because the material is afraid of exposure to solvents.
Polyurethane Flexible installation High flexibility of the material makes it possible to draw any shape, for example, a curved line or ceiling junction with the column web.
strength of the material and the ease of installation.
high price, greater weight than the other plinths, therefore, require a reliable fastening adhesive.
If the fillet is applied with a special groove for fixing in the profile, it is not a lack of quality.
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Plinth profile lightweight and quite durable plastic.
Drawing on the baseboard can simulate the texture of different materials.
lack of flexibility and change over time, the color (yellowness).

Selection criteria for tension ceiling plinths

plinth of the above materials can be mounted to the ceiling in every room, but you need to consider several factors:

  • Purpose room, where they will be installed.For example, the kitchen more suitable material that is easy to clean - it can be a PVC or polyurethane.Unfortunately, vinyl profiles may eventually turn yellow, because the kitchen is always celebrated most large compared to other rooms number of different vapors.
  • If mounting plinth provides design-in mounting profile, it is best to choose this option.Typically, these skirting boards are purchased together with the entire stretch ceiling system, supplied, and often they are made of elastic polyurethane.
Very elastic polyurethane plinths ( fillet )

very flexible Polyurethane skirting (fillet)

  • polyurethane moldings (fillet) or in another way it is called an insert, can be included in the order, even if the acquisition of a stretch ceiling system.
  • Sometimes plinth is selected according to this design the entire premises.For example, classic styles are more suitable decorative elements imitating stucco and smooth rather narrow moldings are used for modern design.
  • Skirting mounted on adhesive should be easy and have a broad plane, which he will be glued to the wall.Its size must be at least 30 ÷ 50 mm.If
  • plinth is mounted to the profile, the width of the adjacent portion of the wall to be equal to 20 ÷ 25 mm, the profile height of about 15 mm.
  • If installed in a room of the column, or the ceiling is smooth curves, you should opt for flexible polyurethane moldings.
Particularly good flexible skirting for complex shapes of ceilings

Particularly good flexible skirting boards for ceilings complex form

Such a border can have a special attachment to the profile or fixed on one of the polymeric adhesives.

Tips for mounting plinth

If you are using a conventional decorative ceiling moldings, in order that it is well fixed on the wall, it is necessary to follow a few recommendations:

  • For a perfect grip the baseboard to the wall, it should be well clear ofdust.
  • If you plan to decorate the walls with wallpaper, then it is better to glue after the plinth will be installed, as it will be better to stay on the wall, rather than on paper.
  • If the wall is painted with water-based paint, the better the process to take place before mounting plinth, waiting for paint drying, and then the primer composition on the spot gluing.
  • purchasing a plinth, it is necessary to take into account the shape and style of the stretch ceiling.
  • Glue and fit the plinth at the corners are not so simple, and if you have no experience in such work, it is better to entrust to specialists.
  • If the sale did not find a suitable color plinth, it can be painted.This work was carried out prior to its mounting on the wall, otherwise you can ruin the random brush strokes not only wallpaper, but also stretched canvas ceiling.
Skirting should not rest on stretched canvas - leave a gap 3 - 5 mm

Skirting should not rest on stretched canvas - leave a gap 3 - 5 mm

  • PVC skirting stretched film to stick in any case can not, therefore, between the need to leave a gap of 3 ÷ 5 mm.On the wall is necessary to curb stick most reliable, and most often used for this purpose glue "liquid nails".
  • to trim the edges of segments at the desired angle, using miter box.If such a tool is not on the farm, then on a sheet of plywood or cardboard, you can draw a template on which to celebrate and be cut off and skirting the edge.
  • Foam polyurethane and curbs are easily cut with a sharp knife stationery and plastic is better to adjust a hacksaw or jigsaw and to make a mark.
The junction of the ends of the profiles also need glue

joints profiles ends also need glue

  • ends of the skirting on joints both on corners and on the straights, well lubricated by the adhesive.If the installation in some places formed small gaps can be carefully paint over putty based on acrylic.

process of mounting plinth

process of installing baseboards requires precision and accuracy, but in this case, you can achieve the desired result.

To work is necessary to prepare specific tools and materials you will need for installation:

  • required amount of the selected conventional moldings.It is better to buy with a small margin, in case some of the border area will be spoiled.
  • As mentioned above, instead of the usual plinth can be used polyurethane special insert, which is called in another quirk or batten.Adhesive is not required for this item.
  • Adhesive for skirting board installation.It is best suited for this purpose, "liquid nails" glue type - it securely attach a decorative element on the wall.
  • Mitre or template with vymerennymi angles, which can be made independently.
  • Stationery knife or jigsaw.
  • Simple pencil.
  • ruler and a tape measure.
  • Building level.
  • Paint cord spacing lines.