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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a bed with his hands

Almost a third of life the average person spends in a dream, and from a good rest at this time depends on its activity in the waking state, and hence the success in business and personal life.The quality of a night's rest depends on the comfort of body position during sleep, which should ensure a comfortable bed.

How to make a bed with his hands

How to make a bed with his hands

Nowadays assortment of furniture stores you can choose almost any, even a very unexpected variant of this essential piece of furniture, but for various reasons is not always possible to buy all the parameters arranging model.So often the question arises of how to make a bed with his hands in the home, and at the same time save a decent amount.

variety of models of beds

Article Contents

  • 1 Variety bed models
    • 1.1 bed with drawers
    • 1.2 Suspended bed
    • 1.3 Metal bed
    • 1.4 bed-cabinet transformer
    • 1.5 bed-podium
  • 2 We make the bed with his hands
    • 2.1 Double wooden bed
    • 2.2 Double bed with mounted lifting mechanism
    • 2.3 Single
    • 2.4 Video: Super-frugal version of the bed of the available materials

Before you choose a model beds for manufacturing will probably be useful to read some of them to appreciate the complexity of the design and soberly weigh the possibilities.Today, furniture designers and designers developed a huge number of options, and many of them may well be implemented in the home.

main complexity of the process of self-manufacture mainly lies in the preparation and processing of construction details, as these operations are often just need to have special tools.But, anyway, to decide on the creation of this piece of furniture, it is necessary first of all to consider some models of various levels of complexity, made of different materials.

bed with drawers

bed, equipped with drawers, can be single, double or three-quarter.But it is especially in demand for use in children's rooms, where there is usually a large number of toys and items for various developmental activities.This arrangement is convenient because you can not clutter the room unnecessary furniture to make room for storage of various items.Moreover, putting forward these boxes, you can immediately see all the content, and not go into the jungle of massive deep cabinet, which is sometimes difficult to find the right thing.

Bed with drawers - great for a child

bed with drawers - great for a child's room

By and large, this bed design is not much more complicated routine, where a berth is left free space.The main thing - to make high-quality drawings, put down in their correct size, good to handle all the details designed for the assembly, carefully collect them and find convenient to use accessories.In this case, sliding elements should be easy to move, freely moved in and out, and for that you can pick up special mechanisms or side guides to fix the bottom of the box small wheels.

Suspended bed

This original version of the bed is not too difficult to make, as it might seem at first glance.The only requirement that must be met for the effective functioning of this design - it is a free space, since the bed is designed for swinging in a specific amplitude range.

Unusual bed suspended type

Unusual bed suspended type

Needless bed consists of a frame - frame and slats, but it is necessary to take into account the fact that all items must be made of quality material and is securely bonded to each other.For this structure, light wood must be chosen so that it does not create too high a load on the support.It must have the same quality and the mattress, which is sometimes too big unnecessary weight.

Metal bed

bed made of metal angle, rod, bars and fittings, available only for the execution of an experienced welder, but this option will last a long time without repair, and will not bother creak.Especially well-suited metal bed to a certain style of interior, for example, retro, Empire, and even modern.

Такое "произведение искусства" доступно только опытному мастеру

This "work of art" only experienced master

Stable and nevertheless heavy weight design looks light, almost weightless, so perfectly fit into any decor and will be decorating her element.Metal many causes negative associations due to rust, which can leave unsightly stains on the mattress and bedding.This should not be afraid - Today, with the advancement of technology, developed varnishes that protect not only the bedding accessories from rusty spots, but also the metal itself from the emergence of this unpleasant manifestations of corrosion.On this bed mattress will always be ventilated and will not sag, since the frame has sufficient rigidity and solidity.

Bed-transformer cabinet

bed that turns into a cabinet, is irreplaceable in the cramped conditions of small apartments, and this construction is also possible to reproduce on their own, acquiring specific lifting and supporting mechanisms.In this embodiment, the bed should be easily cleaned and simulate a cupboard or cabinet.

Tightness urban apartments makes people increasingly opt for beds -transformers

Tightness urban apartments makes people increasingly opt for beds-transformers

Beds transformers may be different in size to simulate a massive wardrobe or converted into a compact narrow dresser-top cabinet with countertop.The latter option may well be used for a child's room, as well as an additional, back berth - in the event of arrival.In addition, this design is sometimes placed in the loggia or balcony insulation, because in the summer you can relax in the fresh air.

Bed - stand - always ready to back berth

Bed-stand - always ready to back berth

hardest part in making this model - is to choose the correct lift mechanism, and, of course, good to handle all the details of construction, so that it is easy to install and remove, without distortionsand jamming.


Another option beds, which will save space in a small area of ​​modern apartments - a bed-podium.The meaning of this construction is that the bed in the room will not take any extra centimeters, because the bed is removed in the daytime under the podium, which may well be used as a utility area, for example, to equip it under the seat.

A new trend in furniture design : bed - podium

new trend in furniture design: bed-podium

similar models do also not so difficult, but for a bed and a podium takes a lot of high-quality materials, and the work itself will take a lot of time.However, the result will exceed all expectations, as the output is not only a comfortable bed, and an original interior design.

addition to these beds, the most popular, often selected models can be called such as the construction of the lifting mechanism, orthopedic frame, two-story, with a framework of wooden slats, bed, sofa, and other.Some of them will be discussed in more detail below, with illustrated application instructions for their manufacture.

We make the bed with his hands

Double wooden bed

Деревянная двуспальная кровать "классического" типа

Wooden double bed "classic" type

This regular bed in standard sizes, made from natural wood, which can be treated independently, buyoff the shelf or be given in a carpentry shop on the exact cut and processing.In order to make such a double wooden bed will need the following materials:

  • Pine timber for the box-section legs and 50 × 50 mm, length 2200 mm - 15 pieces.
  • Pine planed board in length of 2000 mm, 100 mm wide, 20 mm - 22 pcs.
  • carpenter glue or PVA for furniture.
  • Screws 65 and 40 mm.
  • Metal corners with a width of 50 mm shelves.

manufactured frame for a mattress size of 2000 × 1600 mm, so the interior space should be the size of 2100 × 1700 mm, when measured at the outer edge - 2200 × 1800 mm.

works are carried out in the following sequence:

Illustration Brief description of the operation being performed
PT1 Since the box to frame the bed must have a height of 150 or 200 mm, with wall width 50mm bar must be glued (for 3 or 4 pcs.)
side are coated For this carpenter's glue bars superimposed on each other, compressed into clamps and left to dry completely.
PT2 Next, the resulting bonded blanks need to adjust the size.
Thus, for the box assembly need two side panels (side-bar) 2200 mm long, 2100 mm one - to the median longitudinal lintel and two side-bar end by 1610 mm long.
dd3 on the corners to get a reliable locking compound on the edges of the sides, the top and bottom bar blanks vymeryat 50 mm - these fragments must be carefully cut off and removed without affecting the medial panel timber.
into blanks for front sides, has been postponed to 50 mm in the middle of the bar, and then gently removed.Then
protruding middle parts of the sides of the bars are coated with glue and installed in the gap formed between the two bars carton end panels.
After that they need to squeeze in clamps and leave to dry.
dd4 can proceed in another way, using the compound timber dressing.In this case, the bars glued into a box in the clipped form.
To do this on a level floor is laid out the first row of beams, which must form a rectangle.The length of its sides must be 2100 mm, end - 1500 mm.
The end of the timber side panels are coated with glue and pressed him to the bars of the end sides of the box, and then fixed with screws.
The corners of the rectangle are set by a building polygon, and verified by measuring the diagonals - they should have the same length.
Further, a number is attached to the lower middle row, it is the length of the side bars of 2200 mm, and the end face of the element is equal to 1700 mm.
Its ends are coated with adhesive, and it fits between the two sides of the bars, and then fixed.
Then, the middle row, in addition to adhering to the lower fixed using screws.
In the latter, the upper row, the beam is the same size and fit in the same manner as the first and the lowest number.Beam glued, screwed screws "on jackpot" and left to dry.
This method of assembly - a more complicated, because in the absence of a master relevant experience of angles can go naperekos.
dd5 next step is fixed medial design element - web glued of two bars in length of 2000 mm.
Before attaching jumper bed box is turned, held marking the end sides of the inside, in order to accurately find their middle.
Jumper bottom should coincide with the level of the box.
Then, in the bottom row of timber boxes in designated places, screwed thrust bars 150 mm in length.They will serve as a support for the central longitudinal partition.
for docking with these supporting elements of the lower timber jumper selectable 50 mm from the edge.Fixing is made on the glue and screws.As
support can be used with metal corner shelf 50 mm - drilled therein corresponding holes for fixing to the walls of the box and cross member.
Ready jumper will be the basis for additional boards, lay on top of the bed box.
dd 6 The model has a bed 4 feet at the corners - they are just too convenient to fasten screws or bolts now, while the bed box is upside down.Legs
serve the same timber segments 50 × 50 mm.The legs are fixed to the first construction adhesive and then screws or through bolts, and further recommended to strengthen them on both sides with metal corners.
height, which is raised above the floor of the bed, can be chosen arbitrarily, but it is usually from 200 to 300 mm.
The leg is shorter, the more stable will be a bed, but on the other hand - a small height complicates cleanups.
dd 7 addition to not slack center, by the middle of the lintel must be secured for an additional one or two backups of the same height - then the structure will have a higher rigidity and reliability.
mid-leg struts can be attached in various ways.This illustration shows an embodiment where the legs are fixed by bolts on both sides of the bridge.
dd8 After drying adhesive supports connection nodes, bed box again turned over to the normal position and set already mounted on the "regular" feet.
dd9 Further, on the side panels of the box are marked by long line, which will be attached beam or plank width of about 30 ÷ 40 mm 25 ÷ 30 mm thick.
It will be a support for the subsequent installation of overlapping boards.
support shelf should be placed so that they stood on the same level with the central bridge.Usually guided by line gluing the upper timber side of the box - if everything was conducted properly, the overall level of compliance in this case will be provided.
dd 10 next step top of trained support shelves stacked boards.
They must not rest against the sides of the box, or during operation of the bed nasty scratches may appear.Therefore
between the walls and boards should be maintained in the gap 4 ÷ 5 mm on each side.
dd11 flooring does not need to do a solid - boards are arranged at a distance from each other by 20 ÷ 40 mm.
dd 12 Grips board in three places - around the edges, to support shelves, and in the middle - to the longitudinal bridge.At each point
fastening screw is screwed by two 40 mm long.
To avoid the appearance of cracks on the edges of the boards or shelves on which they abut, is recommended to drill holes for the screws drill a small diameter - 3 mm.
dd13 After mounting boards, it is necessary to conduct an audit of the design surface.
if necessary cleaned spoke glue drips, large burrs, etc.
dd 14 transition to finishing the assembled bed.
First we need to bring everything to a perfectly smooth surface state.
For similar processing of wood is best, of course, use a belt sander, eccentric or vibration type, which is installed in series with the right sandpaper grit ranging from 80-100, and ending 280-400.
dd 15 In the absence of a special tool, you can use an electric drill, setting attachment for grinding it.If
woodwork was done with the help of power tools, after which you need to carefully inspect the product, since it is possible that in some places have to manually finish the job.