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August 12, 2017 18:06

Font for a bath with his hands

Traditionally, after the high temperature steam used to be Russian dipped in cold water, so a bath and tried to set on the banks of the river or other body of water .These traditions have been preserved to our days, but today more and more fans prefer baths, steam coming out of the spring, in the dispensation under the roof of the font, not to run in the cold to the nearest pond .

Font for a bath with his hands

Font for a bath with his hands

it possible to build a font for a bath with his hands?If you wish, then, of course, it is quite possible.It can be made of wood, filled with concrete or installed ready to bowl made of special plastic, which subsequently is coated with a decorative material.

The font in the tradition of Japanese - ofuro bath

font in the tradition of the Japanese bath-ofuro

interesting parallel - in Japanese culture has its own traditional sauna, which is called ofuro .It is, in principle, consists of a wooden barrel.Different ofuro from normal font so that it is heated by the installed near barrel or even inside it metal furnace.Construc

ting such a scenario, you can still get one bath, and a baptismal font at the same time.

The shape and material of manufacture font

Article Contents

  • 1 The shape and material of manufacture font
    • 1.1 Wooden Hot
    • 1.2 Video: raznobrazie bath fonts
  • 2 assembling wooden font
    • 2.1 drawing fonts and materials for its manufacture
    • 2.2 manufacturing of parts for wood font
    • 2.3 Stages mounting
    • 2.4 Video: work masters for the production of wooden font
  • 3 How to make concrete Hot
  • 4 Plastic Hot
  • 5 Installation oblivnye font

font often made in four geometric shapes - this square, round, triangular oroval.

  • most popular form of wooden font is oval.Such construction - the most compact of all, and can be installed even in a small room.In addition, the oval shape has a good stiffness , and such a construction is easy to assemble.
oval-shaped baptismal font fits well even in close quarters

Font oval fits well even in close quarters

  • round shape well suitable for the manufacture of wooden Japanese bath, since it is necessary to make a compartment for installation of the furnace.
High Hot circular shape

High Hot circular shape

  • The square font of wood make it extremely rare, since it is not very convenient to use, and it design does not have sufficient rigidity .In addition, the corners of square designs longer dry out, and the proce ss etc. ohodit uneven, and it is highly undesirable for wooden structures.So often Wizard rounded internal corners of the font.
Difficult to manufacture Hot square

complicated to manufacture Hot square

  • Triangular font can be made of wood or plastic.It is convenient because a compact set in the corner of the room and does not take a large bath area.This design looks very neat and quite respectable, and, probably, suitable for any interior bath room.
Any frills - Hot complicated triangular shape

any frills - Hot complicated triangular shape

Concrete Hot , arranged in a semi baths, may have the most arbitrary form as stiffness it provides fortified wall reinforcement and the bottom.

Concrete font, mini- pool

Concrete font, mini-pool

Plastic fonts also have different geometric shapes.These mini-pools are usually installed on the floor of the sauna (on the surface or in a pit made).Forms fonts do not affect the its performance, and you can choose any of them at the taste of the owner of the bath.

Many problems can be solved very simply installing a plastic water bowl

Many problems can be solved very simply installing a plastic water bowl

Wooden Hot

If you decide to make a wooden font yourself, you must first choose a suitable her material, since not every wood is suitable for the manufacture of containers , constantly in contact with water.

for such products suitable timber solid rock, which at a minimum absorbs moisture its structure and means , will serve as long as possible.

long been known that certain trees have favorable health-restoring capabilities that give a person extra vitality.Therefore, these are the breed chosen for the production not only the fonts, and other accessories that are used in the bath.

For trees that are peculiar to these qualities are larch, Siberian pine, beech and oak.


Larchwood - a great choice for all your bath accessories, as it has specific properties, beneficial effect on human health.Thus, it is seen that the flavors and extracts of larch increase overall body tone, stimulate protective responses, as well as cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.

A great option - larch.Wood is not afraid of water and has health properties

great option - larch.Wood is not afraid of water and has health properties

Larch good resistance and extremely high temperatures, and their differences, have a t t Verde structure, so strong and durable, as perfectly resists the penetration of excessive moisture in thethe thickness of the tree.Thanks to a special antiseptic properties, it is not subject to rotting processes and the formation of mildew.


Cedar wood has an even greater density than the larch, and has in no way inferior characteristics impedance environment.Furthermore, it is the source of volatile, which inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and eliminates the fungus colonies.

Cedar Hot .In addition to high strength - and even saturation of aromatic oils and essential oils

Cedar font.In addition to high strength - and even saturation of aromatic resins and essential oils

cedar wood is enriched with essential oils that ozdoravlivayusche work even at the cellular level.Cedar has property normalize the cardiovascular and nervous system, calms and relaxes, and besides - considered a strong aphrodisiac.


Beech wood has a dense and strong structure that helps it resist external adverse impact and endure humidity and temperature changes in a very wide range.Beech has a tart flavor, strengthens the immune system of human properties.The baptismal font, made of this wood will last a very long time.

Beech wood does not age , it has the ability to improve human immunity

beech wood does not age, has the ability to improve human immunity


Oak wood is known for its remarkable properties for hundreds of years.Oak has always been a symbol of strength and excellent health, as the tree itself has a dense and strong structure.With oak font, you can at every hike in the bath to get a charge of vivacity and energy.In addition, this wood promotes healing of wounds, improving sleep, normalization of metabolism and inflammatory processes of neutralization.

Yet the leader in popularity among all types of wood has been and remains an oak

Yet the leader in popularity among all types of wood has been and remains

oak Oak can be called the most popular material for the production of bath accessories, so most fans baths choose this wood.

have fonts of wood and minuses - this complexity in operation and maintenance.We can not allow the drying of parts, so after use and washing capacity in it is necessary to pour a small amount of water and close the lid on top of it to evaporate more slowly, but constantly supported inside certain level of humidity.

to install wooden barrels, fonts must be prepared perfectly flat surface to prevent warping and deformation of the structure.If it is impossible to find such a site, you can align itself on the level of the font by placing the desired its side wooden lining required thickness.

oblivnye Hot

Also mounted on the floor and build into it for bathing fonts are manufactured and oblivnye font.They are typically used in cases where the space in the bath is not enough, and it is impossible to establish a full-fledged mini-pool where people could get.Others, oblivnye fonts are often installed in the Russian baths and saunas just for lovers take instant cold shower.

Oblivnye font - a possible way out , if high capacity is simply no place

oblivnye font - a possible way out, if high capacity is simply no place

Video: raznobrazie bath fonts

assembling wooden font

drawing fonts and materials for it manufacturing

Before buying materials for making fonts, you need to create high-quality assembly drawing this capacity with accurate calculations size and number of parts.

Drawing a wooden font (in this case, the dimensions are put in inches )

drawing wooden font (in this case, the dimensions are put in inches)

recommended to perform drawing in several projections - then it will be easier to calculate all parameters necessary components - parts of the walls, bottom, stairs.

Driving fitting font walls

scheme fit wall font

ladder rungs can be, as illustrated figure, or simply wooden beams.But in the latter case, for safety reasons, it is necessary that a ladder hooked on the edge of the font.

  • boards will be required for the sides and the bottom of the font, it supports under , internal benches and stairs.Commonly used material section 20 × 120 mm, with into account the fact that the edge of the board to be milled.The length of the board will depend on the height of the selected font.
  • For a font, needed supports will beam 100 × 100 or 150 × 150 mm.Its length will depend on the length and width font.Also
  • boards require metal bars and bolts, which are set to shrink the board.Meta pp to strips I have to choose flexible enough, but very durable.
  • for bonding individual parts and screwing the bottom legs will be needed screws. But we must take into account the fact that within the font should not be any metal parts.

Manufacturing of parts for wood font

Craft wooden elements to build a font not just as seems, as they will have to create a single firm, and at the same time - sealed structure thatIt will not occur in any location.Boards must be joined tightly together, creating a seamless, no cracks on the surface of the walls and on the bottom of the plane.In addition, the walls of the font should be tightly jointed with the bottom plane.

  • boards are cut into equal segments (in the drawing), equal to the height of the walls plus 100 ÷ 120 mm.This is the distance that the bottom of the font will rise above the floor.The lower part of the boards at the same time it closes the space against drafts.
  • Then, each of the boards at the edges milled.With a semi-circular shaped spike, on the other hand cut semi-circular groove having exactly the same range as that of the spike - they should be ideally suited to each other.
Boards for font walls are milled so that perfectly fit each other semicircular grooves

boards font walls are milled so that perfectly fit each other semicircular grooves

  • Boards for the bottom, too, must be milled by the connection tongue and groove with side facets, so that the floor surface is perfectly flat andI did not even have small slits.
For the bottom , you can use stable planks ...

to bottom, you can use stable planks ...

  • Another option - board should be smooth, perfectly fitted, without tongued and grooved connections.
... Or just perfectly adjusted to each other along the entire length

... or just perfectly fitted to each other along the entire length

  • Further, on each of the boards, intended for the font of the walls, from the lower edge of the same distance is measured, for example, 100 mm.Above it observed accurate board thickness, which will be mounted from the bottom, for example 25 or 30 mm.
  • In marked area gently milled square groove depth of one third of the thickness of the board, in this case - 8 ÷ 10 mm.
  • finished parts produced from the calculated size, they are subjected to reflux Carefully sanding.So, for the walls of the board must be perfectly smooth on both sides, and the details of the bottom - at least on the side that faces inward font.

Stages mounting

Mounting principle wooden font similar to the manufacture of barrels.The difference in the process is in the form of wood and thickness of the elements forming the walls of the container obtained .Boards for font - completely smooth, while the barrels are narrowed to the bottom and the top open part capacity.

Self- assembling wooden font - the problem of high level of complexity !

self-assembly wooden font - the problem of high level of complexity!

font installation is carried out in stages, as follows:

  • first step is mounting board of the boards.He will then work piece, which will form the bottom of the font.Boards glued together joiner's glue and clamps are compressed to full readiness of the wooden shield.
Assembled and glued wooden shield for making the bottom

assembled and glued wooden shield for making the bottom

clear that for oval font going rectangular shield for round - square.

Example of marking the bottom of the workpiece

Example markup blank bottom

  • After drying glue on the wood surface is marked and the desired figure is drawn with dimensions corresponding to the drawing.Then, very carefully sawed team bottom part.Errors when cutting this curved shape can not be tolerated - it is better not to hurry to avoid fatal errors.Edge finished bottom should be carefully handle with sandpaper to get rid of small burrs and irregularities.
  • Next, the resulting shield is necessary to further strengthen the underside of the bottom bars 20 × 30 mm.They fasten with screws, which in any case shall not pass through, otherwise their pointed ends will stick out in the floor font , which can lead to injury.

Additionally, you can secure the support bars, which will subsequently act as legs - they are installed along the edges of the bottom plane.

If purchased ready font, it is usually bundled bottom is divided into three parts.This is done only for the convenience of transportation.Details of sets collected in a plane as a whole, as mentioned above - with glue, screws, and the bars.

  • Further, for a comfortable draining of capacity closer to the bottom edge of the drilled hole of the desired diameter, in which is installed a siphon with a hose.
At the bottom of the finished cut a hole under the sink ...

The finished bottom cut out a hole under the sink ...

If you can not install the drain pipe because of lack of sewerage, the water can be pumped out of the font with a pump, but this version, however, will be more difficult and uncomfortable.

in which it will later be connected to the siphon hose

in which later will be connected with a siphon hose

  • next step you can proceed to the assembly of the walls.To this end, the bottom of the lift on the desktop having the same height as the wall font - it will be easier to mount the board on the bottom edge of the shield.
  • done fitting beginning - on the edge of the shield firmly established one of the prepared boards.