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August 12, 2017 18:06

The ceiling in the bathroom How To Choose

planning repairs in the bathroom, certainly have to deal with the selection of materials for finishing of all surfaces of the room.Of course, I want them to be not only reliable and most have a long service life, but also fully meet the aesthetic needs of homeowners.

The ceiling in the bathroom How To Choose

The ceiling in the bathroom How To Choose

The ceiling in the bathroom which room to choose - it's one of the questions that need to find the correct answer.It is important to find material not only beautiful and hygienic, but no contraindications for mounting in a room with high humidity.

In today's range of building shops can be found either in demand for decorating material, but it is necessary that it is well suited for a particular bathroom, matched her area, ceiling height, the overall design style.

Before turning to the types of ceiling, which may be suitable for this room, you need to understand what requirements they must meet.

Criteria ceiling ratings
for bathroom

Article Contents

  • 1 Criteria ceiling ratings for bathroom
  • 2 main types of ceilings and their characteristics
    • 2.1 Painted ceiling
    • 2.2 ceiling panels PVC
    • 2.3 Rack ceiling
    • 2.4 Styrofoam plates
    • 2.5 Gypsum ceiling
    • 2.6 Tiled honeycomb ceiling
    • 2.7 mirrored ceiling
    • 2.8 Stretch ceiling
  • 3 summarize!
    • 3.1 Video: a ceiling is more suitable for the bathroom?

If materials virtually any material, you can choose to repair the remaining rooms, some due to high humidity in the bathroom first of all necessary to consider this factor.Thus, the material for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom must meet the following requirements:

  • Water resistance of the material is required for this room, since humidity and saturation vapor are its natural state.Besides, we should not lose sight of the fact that more often are flooded neighbors above is the bathrooms, since no one is safe from leaking tap or washing machine.
Протечки в ванной - весьма вероятны, и потолок должен быть "готов к этому"

leaks in the bathroom - very likely, and the ceiling must be "ready for it»

  • Easy to clean.High humidity promotes the formation of condensation on the ceiling, and if you do not carry out periodic surface treatment with detergents eventually mold can appear there.Therefore, the bathroom ceiling should be easy to clean with a soft cloth and a damp sponge and not be afraid of household chemicals.
The ceiling should be easy to succumb to regular cleaning

ceiling should easily succumb to regular cleaning

  • Bath - room, which take water treatments, all family members.That is, a priori, all the materials for its decoration must be environmentally friendly, completely safe, hygienic.
One of the key requirements - aesthetic appearance , blending in with the overall design of the bathroom

One of their key demands - aesthetic appearance, blending in with the overall design of the bathroom

  • aesthetic appearance of the surface.If the bathroom is planned to make repairs using expensive materials, the ceiling must comply with the overall interior.Therefore, design should be thought through very carefully.
The ceiling should contribute to well-lit rooms

ceiling should contribute to well-lit rooms

  • By the following criteria may include lighting, as it is closely connected with the ceiling plane.As a rule, in the bathrooms there are no windows, so all hope only on artificial light sources.If the ceiling to make the dark, you will need more electrical appliances and energy costs to create a comfortable ambient light.For this reason, it recommended to choose a ceiling light shades - then it will increase the brightness of the lamps.

main types of ceilings and their characteristics

When the criteria to clarify the choice, you can go to the information about what types of ceiling can be installed in the bathroom, and which ones are best suited for this room.

So, in the bathroom, to varying degrees the following options apply:

  • Leveling putty surface with subsequent painting or decoration of ceramic tiles.
  • Creating a false ceiling:

- aluminum slats - rack;

- PVC panels;

- of moisture-resistant gypsum board;

- of plates made of different materials.

  • Mounting tension ceiling.

Now it's time to consider that each of the ceiling represents, what positive and negative qualities, and how has conditions suitable for the bathroom.

Painted ceiling

This type of ceiling can be called traditional and the most affordable of all the existing ones, especially if there is alignment skills surfaces with plaster and putty.If not, you can always invite a wizard to perform this work.Standard bathrooms have a small area, so the work will cost too expensive.

Один из самых "бюджетных" вариантов - окрашивание потолка

One of the most "budget" option - painting the ceiling

Provided that the ceiling surface smooth enough, then you can do without plastering, bringing it to a smooth state of putty, which is able to close the small bumps.

Ceiling Plastered 1 Putty on their own - it's possible!

If you master the basic techniques of plastering technology, we can solve a lot of problems in making repairs on their own.Read as held alignment ceiling using putty - this in a separate article of our portal.

to do quality work, it should be carried out according to the rules, using primers with antiseptic properties and competent selection of waterproof paint, which can be more than once subjected to wet cleaning.

for bathroom ceiling used waterproof paint on the latex, acrylic, silicate and silicone based, that meet all the requirements of the premises.

Special water-resistant latex paint - painted its surface amenable to wet cleaning

Special water-resistant latex paint - painted its surface amenable to wet cleaning

By positive aspects of this method of finishing the following points may include:

  • Affordable price for materials.
  • The ability to conduct the work themselves.
  • level the surface of the ceiling once, change the color and, if desired, apply the pattern can be repeatedly.
  • Easy to clean painted plane.
  • When carrying out work quality and well-chosen materials, as well as the regular care of the surface, painted ceiling can last without upgrading to ten years, unless, of course, does not happen in the form of emergency flood.
  • Painted ceiling suitable for any interior decoration of the walls and floor of the room.If desired, it can be applied to paint the desired color, harmonizing with the wall finishing material.
  • ceiling with such decoration does not become lower, in contrast to other methods of execution.

have painted ceiling and its shortcomings , many of which - quite fixable:

  • Painted ceiling does not hold water in case of flooding from the top.
  • Over time, on the surface there are stains or paint can also severely tarnished, and the white color become yellow.However, this problem is easy to solve, refreshing ceiling top layer of the selected color of paint.
  • Painted ceiling can become exclusive only upon application to him of the original pattern or color gradient - without this it will look "just neat."
  • in a ceiling mount point will not turn lights.But today, the market can find no less than the original light fixtures that attach directly to the ceiling or hung on special brackets.
  • If not complied with the ceiling processing technology on the painted surface will necessarily mildew stains.
If improperly treated surfaces with moisture it appear inevitable companions - mildew stains

is incorrectly treated surfaces with damp appear its inevitable companions - mildew stains

So painted ceiling can be called the best option in the event that there is a need to save or simply at the time of repair is not possible to acquire a more modern versionfinishes.But if the surface in order to maintain and update from time to time, it can be operated for a long time.

PVC Ceiling panels

panels PVC - a relatively new decorative material, and it is most often used for decoration of bathrooms or toilets surfaces.Mounting of the panels can be made in two ways - directly fixing them to the ceiling by means of an adhesive or crate mounted on the carcass on the ceiling.It can be made of timber treated with antiseptic impregnations or galvanized metal profile.Crate is mounted to the ceiling or lowered from it to the desired length using hangers.

Mounting panels PVC ceiling frame

installation PVC panels on ceiling frame

Most often, panel mounted on the grid, because their adhesion surface of the ceiling must be aligned, which takes time.

If the ceiling in the bathroom low enough for crates can be used lumber thickness of 15 ÷ 20 mm.Then the general level drops by only 25 ÷ 30 mm, as for covering the ceiling enough plastic lining thickness of 10 mm.

plastic panels have many advantages , which causes their wide popularity for the decoration of bathrooms:

  • Installed panel form a water-resistant coating, as each of the panels has a lock "thorn-groove".In addition, specifically for accurate mounting accessories are made of material elements that hide the joints of panels to the walls.
With proper installation creates a smooth , tight -fitting coat without gaps

With proper installation creates a smooth, tight-fitting coat without gaps

  • installation of the surfacing material available to produce completely independently, even without building skills.It is enough to understand the principle of the installation panels and have at hand the necessary simple tools.In addition, the panels have a small weight, so even without an assistant operation may be performed.
  • PVC panels are different from other materials of a variety of colors and patterns that can mimic ceramic tile, wood texture, metal surface, etc.Therefore, the finish, you can choose to suit every taste and color, easy to pick a common bathroom interior.
The sale is always a wide range of such panels

sale is always a wide range of such panels

  • The coating of the plastic lining without losing decorative qualities can last for up to 10 years, depending on the quality of the material.Therefore, you should not choose the cheapest option, as they are covered with spots, fade or change color.
  • mounting panels on the crate, you can align the curved surface of the ceiling.
  • plastic siding is easy to clean up, just rubbing a dry or damp cloth.
  • panels have an affordable price, so they can afford to buy even a family with average income.
  • Despite the low cost, finishing the ceiling looks quite respectable.
Spotlights on PVC ceiling

Spotlights on

  • PVC ceiling in the ceiling surface, covered with a lining, it can be embedded spotlights.

As with any finishing materials from PVC panels have several disadvantages .And, although they are quite small and fixable, they should still be kept in mind:

  • If the panel construction is planned to be embedded spotlights, it will have to lower the ceiling of the capital, at least 80 ÷ 100 mm.- The distance will depend on the height chosen for the installation of lighting fixtures.And this, in turn, means that the ceiling will be much lower than anticipated project.
When installing the ceiling must take into account the height of the selected fixtures

When installing the ceiling must take into account the height of the selected fixtures

  • In the absence of periodic cleanups at the seams between the panels are formed and appear dirty strip mold fungus.Therefore, for the purity of the design to be watched constantly.
  • If the panel ceiling is set poorly, and at the junction of the wall or between the elements formed by at least a small gap between the suspended and capital plane will create a favorable environment for the emergence of mold, which is not visible from the bathroom.Output similar microflora pockets can only dismantling the panels and put a lot of effort.Therefore it recommended to fill all the gaps arising sealant.
  • ceiling panel will not be able to delay the flow of water leakage occurs at the top, so it is necessary in this case to dismantle in order to dry the surface of capital.You may need to make repairs in the whole house.

From the above we can conclude that the ceiling sheathed plastic lining - a good, affordable option that can make the ceiling a neat and aesthetic.He, with proper care, will last quite a long time, if at the time of its operation will not have accidents.

Rack ceiling

Rack version of the ceiling has the same design as the panel, but it consists of narrow strips, made of aluminum, plastic or thin steel.The metal used for the manufacture of strips, has a dedicated processing and does not rust.Mounted parts of the ceiling in the crate in the same way as the plastic lining, but the ceiling is decorated by them, it has a more respectable appearance.Reiki is made in a variety of colors and can be decorated with drawings or have a metallic finish - gilt or chrome.

Rack ceiling looks very original

Rack ceiling looks very original

The advantages of this material may be considered as follows:

  • ceiling mounting rack can hold their own, without involving the process of the master.This means cost savings, which is comparable to the amount paid for the material itself.
  • Reiki have enough flexibility that allows you to collect them from the original curved design.
Some slats allow for curved bends the ceiling surface

Some slats allow for curved bends ceiling surface

  • qualitatively installed ceiling elements in a single plane make it water-resistant and do not miss the pair of premises to capital ceiling.
  • For such ceiling easy to care for - quite regularly cleaned with a damp soft cloth and periodically cleaning process antiseptic, in order to avoid mildew.
  • exploit this design, with proper care can be from 10 to 12 years.
  • material has a higher price in comparison with PVC lining, but it is accessible and relevant to its quality.The cost can vary depending on the material production of rails.

have such a ceiling and disadvantages , which is essentially identical to the negative qualities of plastic designs.

The only thing to note - rack ceiling is not suitable for every interior design of the bathroom, so before you buy it, it is recommended to make a sketch design in color space.

Styrofoam plates

The simplest and most affordable material and installation can be called a subtle embossed foam plates.Their installation is made with respect to any smooth surface with a single polymeric adhesives.The ceiling is decorated by such plates, it looks quite neat, and not inferior in aesthetic colored variants.