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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a door made ​​of boards with their own hands

Despite the fact that today, the doors are made of a variety of modern materials, wood products continue to be the most popular.Wooden doors set between rooms, at the entrance to the house or outbuildings, as well as their mount for all functional areas bath.The popularity of wooden doors remained unchanged thanks to the warmth of the material and its environmental friendliness, as well as the amazing natural beauty of textural patterns.

How to make a door made ​​of boards with their own hands

How to make the door of the boards with his hands

To understand how to make the door of the boards with your hands, you need to decide where it will be installed.The fact that all the wooden doors, from the simplest to the elite copies made of boards, but the material may have different quality and handling.There are also significant differences in rocks and wood.

In addition, the door leaves are divided into types according to their design, and to determine which one is more suitable for a particular application, you need to find out what they are.

types of doors in design

Article Contents

  • 1 doors in construction types
    • 1.1 Massive doors
    • 1.2 paneled doors
    • 1.3 Flush doors
  • 2 Tools for doors
  • 3 materials
    • 3.1 Selecting lumber
  • 4 Making solid doors
  • 5 manufacturing shield doors
  • 6 Making paneled doors
    • 6.1 Video: master-class on making paneled doors from solid wood

Wooden doors can have several types of structures - is framed and massive shield (hollow and solid) and frame.

Massive doors

massive doors are made of thick grooved or planed boards, joined together in a single plane and thus forming a flat surface.The resulting panel must have a horizontal or inclined bridge, which will make the design more rigid.

For massive wood doors used different breeds and qualities, depending on where they will be installed.For example, if an input is made massive door, then it is necessary to choose the best of the dried, solid wood high quality expensive breeds, such as oak, pine, larch and others.They have a beautiful textured pattern generous and dense structure.With appropriate treatment of such door will last a long time without deformation and damage of wood insects threatening.

Massive doors can easily be installed at the entrance to an apartment or a house

Massive doors can easily be installed at the entrance to an apartment or a house

Massive door may have a different design - a plain, which is suitable for installation, for example, in the sauna baths and a complex having a relief decoration suitable forentrance to the house or apartment.

And this door is very well suited for a bath

And this door is very well suited for baths

doors for bath can be used less expensive wood, such as pine, fir, linden, and others.The only thing that must be considered by making the design of the door for wet areas - is a thorough treatment of its antiseptic and water-repellent agents.

Massive doors can have their design features, but one thing remains constant - the painting, which must always be made of wood.

paneled doors

Paneled wood doors also made of planks or beams, but more often it is used laminated version, which is made of individual wood pieces - slats.They are glued to each other, creating a thick planks or boards.

The most common panel doors

most common paneled doors

Further, timber pasted over with natural veneer of a wood and aesthetic appearance.Qualitatively made paneled doors visually difficult to distinguish from the massive structure.

Panels may have a different configuration or replaced glass

Panels can have a different configuration or replaced glass

Glulam is a rigid frame for the canvas - it is made vertical and transverse members and mullions.Holds together the individual elements before using spikes, today this nageli used more often.Producing the door, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the more crossbars will be provided in the web, the stronger it will be.Of the original timber formed frame, which are installed in the panel-panels made of thinner boards, MDF, covered with natural veneer or plastic that simulates textured wood pattern.Panels usually has a thickness of ⅓ of the thickness of laminated veneer lumber.The panels are fixed to the frames using veneer or natural bead that gives the appearance of paneled doors aesthetics, smoothing the sharp edges of the frame.

A typical structure of the circuit panel doors

typical structure scheme paneled doors

Paneled doors can be very diverse design and will decorate any apartments.As seen from the circuit design, the majority of the door leaf has a small thickness, so they often installed in gaps between the rooms.

framed structure made of durable materials that are not inferior in its durability solid wood.Sometimes this type of door has an even higher value than the web of the array.Pricing is based on the fact of some wood boards and beams are made, and how the material is covered with veneer for paneled doors.

Paneled doors , completely made ​​of solid

paneled doors, completely made of solid

should be noted that often paneled paintings and completely made of wood, but made for a similar design scheme.

Flush doors

Flush doors can be called a budget option, since their price is much lower than the above two types.They are made of a cheaper material - is of low quality wood and MDF, veneer or laminate.Qualitatively made shield design are quite aesthetic appearance, and if the surface is still lined with natural veneer, sometimes they are very similar to the massive doors.

One of the possible schemes shield frame doors

One of the possible schemes shield frame doors

Flush doors are solid, hollow and melkopustotnymi.They are characterized by the fact that in some interior space is completely filled edging timbers, fastened together, the latter consists only of piping and the outer skin, while others are partly filled.

typical hollow board room door consists of two cross - top and bottom, and side boards, which are sheathed fiberboard, paneling or other materials.Sometimes horizontal and vertical cross member installed inside the structure, since they impart additional rigidity.This door can be called framing.

Melkopustotnye design door panels have different fullness of interior space, and to fill a variety of materials can be used - it may be plywood, MDF, cardboard, foam or shaving.

Solid Flush doors are called, the filling of which is a kind of shield, made of edged or not edged timber, tightly bonded to each other.

Scheme of panel designs with different occupancy are presented in Figures:

Scheme of panel doors - 1

Scheme of panel doors - 1

A - solid construction;

B - melkopustotnoe filling;

Scheme of panel doors - 2

Scheme of panel doors - 2

In - filling voids veneer;

D and D - melkopustotnoe filling pieces of plywood or MDF;

Scheme of panel doors - 3

Scheme of panel doors - 3

E - fill chips;

F -zapolnenie paper or cardboard honeycomb;

W - shield partially filled with solid bars with the specified location for the installation of glass or plywood sheet.

Scheme of panel doors - 4

Scheme of panel doors - 4

And - filling of the fabric veneer;

K and L - filling of plywood or wood-fiber elements;

M - filling in paper or cardboard honeycomb.

frame shield door is coated with a variety of materials from both sides - plastic (laminate, melamine), wood-fiber boards, plywood or veneer.

When facing boards of quality plywood with a beautiful textured pattern, they can be shaped to decorate plates.

  • To get a high-quality panel board door trim design is carried plywood basswood or alder, which is mounted in one or two layers, each of which - 2 ÷ 3 mm.Material made from alder and lime, does not strain, which creates a solid foundation for a decorative finish.

the top layer glued plywood fastened finishing of fine wood.The direction of the decorative veneer layer of fibers to be perpendicular to the glued material.

often glued to the layer instead of the plywood, wood veneer secured from expensive wood.Its layers and there may be three or five, and are placed perpendicular to each other.

  • Sometimes a solid shield of glued veneer lumber made out immediately, it is applied in a 5 ÷ 10 layers to create a common cladding words in 2 ÷ 4 mm.

shield end faces should be neat and in one piece, so if the door is made without a frame for them using smooth, well-crafted bars, which will correspond to finish the rest of the planes in color and texture.

End bars are held together with a shield pegs and glue.

This type of doors, depending on the trim can be installed at the entrance to the apartment, bathroom or utility room, as well as the interior.However, it should be noted that the shield doors have absolutely no protection, so they fit the role of the input is not enough.Most often they are used for this purpose only as a temporary option.

Now that you know the structure of all types of doors, you can decide which one is suitable for a particular application, and then move on to the preparatory work and construction.

Tools for doors

In order to make any model of a wooden door, necessarily require high-quality tools and robust large table, workbench, which will assemble all the elements into a single fabric.

Of the tools you need to prepare:

It is difficult to produce high-quality door without a router

is difficult to produce high-quality door without a router

  • Hand mill - this device will help to make the door leaf smooth, will cut any holes and grooves that made direct design corners, process the bead, and more.If you set a goal to make a door that looks professional, you can not do without this tool.
Set of hand tools joiner

Set of hand tools joiner

  • Plane to align the end sides of the door.
  • clamps for tightening glued canvas.
  • Hacksaw.
  • arched and hand saw.
  • chisels of various sizes.
  • Rubber and normal hammer.
  • Building level.
  • ruler, tape measure, folding ruler and pencil.
  • Sandpaper and sanding machine.
  • screwdriver.


for doors need the following materials:

  • Wood - its grade, the number and size are matched to each door separately.On the choice of this material will be discussed below.
  • Joiner's glue.
  • Screws of different length.

In addition, for each type of door will need to prepare specific materials, which will be mentioned in the sections on the manufacture of particular door panels.

Selecting lumber

It is necessary to know how to choose the right fabric blanks, otherwise the finished door can deform and to fix the defect will not succeed.

It is very important to choose high-quality material

very important to choose high-quality material

main criteria when choosing wood as follows:

  • Wood species selected at will and financial capabilities.
  • For doors sold, so-called timber, since it has few knots, and if they still have, the small size and bright colors.
  • To Tree "behaved" well during treatment and during the operation of the doors when buying material should have a residual humidity of 12 ÷ 15%.It is recommended to select the material-dried in a special oven.Treated this way the wood is not deformed and do not rassohnetsya as the camera creates optimal thermal effect on its fibers.
  • Buying boards, they definitely need to check for flatness.For this purpose, they should be laid on a flat surface and try to connect to each other using locks "tongue and groove".Boards should not be curved or behavior.
  • boards for door thickness may be 50 ÷ 25 mm, depending on where it will be installed - or between the input of the rooms.
  • Before starting work recommended to walk on all surfaces of the boards sander with fine sandpaper.If this device is not present, it is possible to make a device for grinding independently of conventional wooden block, securing it with sandpaper.

Making solid doors

Whatever model the doors of solid wood is chosen, the foundation of wooden shield will serve for it, which is necessary to collect properly.Otherwise, the wood can "lead", and such a structure will be impossible to exploit.

door made of solid wood for the bath, for installation between rooms, or for installation at the entrance to the apartment, house and outbuildings.Naturally, the appearance of the product in different situations is different.

  • for baths typically used the most simple structure in which a shield, assembled from planks, held together by transverse and diagonal elements.

In the figure, you can see the different options-studs fasteners:

Possible cross- strapping massive doors

Possible cross-strapping massive door

General view of the door;

I - the door having Z-shaped harness;

II - X-shaped rail;

III - double Z-shaped rail;

IV - double X-shaped rail;

V - triple rail.

to enter the house or to be installed in the living room, the door should have a more aesthetic appearance.Therefore, the assembled board is treated in a special way to make it a perfect flatness and smoothness.Further, the marking is applied onto the web a selected relief pattern, and then it is cut with a router relief.

Illustration Brief description of the operation being performed
1 ms taken stable planks with mounting "tongue and groove" or neshpuntovannye for manufacturing shield.
thickness of the boards should be at least 25 mm, but if the same is made the door to enter the apartment or house, it takes even board thickness of 40 ÷ 60 mm.
Doors hozpostroek or baths often made of neshpuntovannoy board with one of the above shown studs.
For doors installed in living areas, quality is taken decking planks.
fd300atsa63ya73echk89761151627afeaa_1362511499_900_563 further prepared boards are marked and cut into the desired lengths.
3 ms next step of going to the board in a board.Thus it is necessary to stack them so that the pattern of annual rings was directed in the same direction.If
stable planks, the spike carefully cut with extreme board member taken to manufacture and end neatly handled.When assembling the shield
stable planks are going to use and tool joint "tongue and groove", and wood glue.