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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair of apartments with their own hands to start

Repair of apartments with their own hands where to start - this question at least once in his life asking myself every property owner.As a general rule, positive emotions this upcoming event is for those who first received or acquired their own housing.Those who are already faced with the works to bring the apartment in order, knows how much trouble they bring, and how much effort will have to make in order to achieve the desired result.

Repair of apartments with their own hands to start

Repair of apartments with their own hands where to start

But if it's time to do an update apartments, you have a lot of patience and a decent amount, the amount of which depends on what type of repairs made to hold.

Types of repairs in the apartment

Article Contents

  • 1 Types of repairs in the apartment
    • 1.1 Overhaul
    • 1.2 Cosmetic
  • 2 Drawing up a plan for repairs
    • 2.1 General rules for repair planning
    • 2.2 room division into
    • zone
    • 2.3 selection of materials for decorative
    • 2.4 Colours
  • 3 Tips on purchasing materials
  • 4 stages of construction works
    • 4.1 surface Preparation
    • 4.2 Replacement windows and doors
    • 4.3 Removing and installing partitions
    • 4.4 Alignment of the ceiling and walls
    • 4.5 floor Alignment
    • 4.6 Decorative wall decoration in the living room
    • 4.7 Installation of flooring in the rooms
    • 4.8 Installing interior doors
  • 5 Video: how to begin repairs in the apartment

repairs may be capitalor cosmetic, cover the entire apartment or its separate premises.But be aware that renovation in some areas may be more time-consuming and require large costs and effort than working in other rooms.


Capital repair works mean "from scratch" in the new apartment or redesign the replacement or transfer of specified items in the old housing.The scope of work will depend on what changes are decided to make in an apartment.

Overhaul involves radical change in appearance of the apartment

Overhaul involves radical change in appearance of the apartments

Total volume of work may consist of the following activities:

  • Layout.It may include demolition or installation of partitions, the union or separation of rooms, moving or expanding doorways.If you schedule at least one of the following actions, you should always consult with a specialist, who will determine whether to make this process possible.All repair work related to the removal or installation of walls in high-rise building, should be confirmed by a resolution of the managing committee of the organization.
  • replacement and relocation of plumbing fixtures, radiators, electrical outlets, conducting additional lighting.
  • Replacement windows and doors.
  • Replacement of old ceiling finishing walls and floors.
  • Embedding furniture, if this process is included in the plans.

Capital alteration in the apartment - it is a long process that can not be done for two days or a week, it will have to vacate the rooms of furniture and of all things, as they will interfere with the operation or can be damaged building materials.You may need to repair, alternately in each of the living rooms, in this case, will have to take care of the purchase of heavy polyethylene film for zanaveshivaniya doors from construction dust and dirt.But as a rule, major overhaul of all presupposes that the family at this time will have to live elsewhere.


Cosmetic usually involves the replacement of decorative finishing in one, several or all of the rooms.Perhaps removing the old coating, it is necessary to carry out the adjustment of angles, the ceiling surfaces, walls and floors.

Redecorating is usually limited to updating the interior decoration

Cosmetic usually limited upgrade decoration

When performing cosmetic repair options, preparing surfaces for new decorative materials can be called one of the most important process.No matter how expensive or were chosen wallpaper, linoleum, or paint, if they are laid or applied on the uneven surface to Shcherbinka, the expected effect of them will not work.Therefore, to decorative trim looked properly, without surfacing using putty or filler can not do sex.

Selecting the repair option that is suitable for a particular apartment, you can proceed to further work.

Drawing up a plan for repairs

The first thing to do - is to make a plan of the apartment, which will be displayed precise information on the area and the height of the ceilings of each room, with or without baffles them - in short, in this formwhat should appear flat after repairs.

In the first place it is always a careful planning of future work

the first place is always a careful planning of future work

General rules for repair

planning in the design project should show the desired color of flooring, wallpaper, and at least the approximate placement of furniture.With this plan, the project will be easy to calculate the necessary building materials and accessories for each of the rooms of the apartment.Of course, consider all does not work, but it will prevent some errors that are typical of non-professional artists:

  • Given the arrangement of furniture and various household equipment, you need to immediately determine the location and number of electrical sockets and switches.
  • We must try to avoid shortages of various finishing materials, as if they have to buy, it will be very difficult to choose the perfect shades of the same tiles or wallpaper.
  • do a project in color, it is possible to visually verify that the selected color decorative coatings, and how they will blend in with the shades of furniture.

In the process of drawing up such a plan may receive a lot of ideas for the design of the premises, therefore recommended to do a project in several colors, and then choose the desired option.

plan can be drawn up with the help of a computer program, or on a standard sheet of A4.Run it a must to meet the size corresponding to the present, but on a smaller scale.

If the plan is prepared by hand, sketching it once, then you need to make some photocopies, which can apply different colors or a different arrangement of furniture.

Наличие графического плана позволит "поиграть" со стилями отделки и с расстановкой мебели

A graphical plan will "play" with the styles and finishes with furniture

is possible to plan the whole apartment to see her color scheme completely or make the project design decoration of each room.

addition, very comfortable in every phase of the plans to put down the number, and in each of them to plan some work.For example, on one of the drawings can show alterations to the walls, on the other - the electrical wiring and the placement of outlets, as well as the connection of various devices, and the third - the future arrangement of furniture and color scheme.

room division into

area to know where to start repair of each room, you need to determine what will be located there.

  • desirable to separate in the children's room, if space allows, a berth on the playing area or from the place of employment for a child.
  • kitchen should be spacious, so it should be also properly divided into zones by defining the working and dining space, as well as the installation of various devices.
  • If you plan to split or merge bathrooms, on the first drawing is to fathom and to specify the dimensions and placement of accessories.
Be sure to take into account the expected redevelopment of premises and their division into zones

sure to take into account the expected redevelopment of premises or their division into

  • zone If ventured redevelopment one-bedroom apartment with a desire to divide it into two separate areas, you need to very carefully to fathom how all the drawing and on the spot.In this case, it is necessary to immediately determine the thickness of the walls, as they also occupy a certain area.

Sometimes this may involve re-planning and hallway, as in some apartments, it takes quite a large area.It is important to determine which structure has a partition separating the hall from the other rooms.If it is capital, then it can not be touched without permits.

  • In the absence of a partition to divide the room for some reason, you can as a "barrier" to establish a cabinet or rack.It is also worth noting the plan.

Selection of materials for decorative

The following plan-drawing is to deal with the finishing material and color, as these factors will depend on finding comfort in the room.Determine the finish, we must correctly select it.Of course, the safest for human health is a natural material such as cork, wood, paper, ceramics and the like, however, some species do not always get to use because of the high prices of non-compliance or the chosen design.So, what materials can be used for different buildings:

Children want to make room bright and cheerful .However , all necessary measure

children's rooms want to make a bright and cheerful.However, all necessary measure

  • Children's room and bedroom for the adults.For this purpose the premises must use the most natural finish, does not cause allergic reactions, "breathable" and having soundproofing qualities.If major repairs are performed, then before you mount the decoration, the walls may be provided with a layer of sound-proof - it will approach such materials as "teksaund" acoustic plasterboard, cork and others.As the walls and the ceiling is best to use the plastering and paint coating compositions, water-based or pasting paper or cork wallpaper.Today in DIY stores, these materials can be found for every taste and color.
Decorating the living room usually involves soothing colors are designed in a particular style

Decorating the living room usually involves soothing colors are designed in a particular style

  • Living.You can choose the finish of a wider range for this room.Here on the floor can be Fitted with linoleum, laminate, parquet, carpet, cork and other modern materials.

Linoleum What you should know about the linoleum?

Despite the fact that many new flooring, linoleum is not going to take their position in popularity.Useful information about types and rules of selection of linoleum placed in a special publication of our portal.

plastering and painting, pasting cork, paper, non-woven, vinyl, textile, glass and other options can be used for decoration of the walls.

ceiling may be plastered, closed stretch ceiling, single or multi-tiered pendant design or as wallpaper paste.

Suspended ceiling modern solution - ceiling!

In this matter, perhaps there are no limits to the imagination of creative masters.In a special article portal dedicated self-assembling ceiling , you can learn a lot of useful information and perhaps even choose one of the options for the design of his apartment.

  • Hallway.Materials for wall and floor hallway should have expressed resistance to abrasion, and be easy to clean, as dirt and dust from the street in the first place gets it in this room.

on floors can be paved laid linoleum or ceramic tile.

The decoration of the hall should prevail materials resistant to abrasive loads and easy to clean

The decoration of the hall should prevail materials resistant to abrasive loads and easy to clean

walls pasted vinyl wallpaper or sheathed with plastic, wooden or laminated paneling.

ceiling in the hallway to do light, since this room is most often absent in natural light.So here it is perfect for a light-colored ceiling with integrated lighting.

  • WC.Combined or separate bathroom must have a water-resistant finish that is easy to wet cleaning, and is not afraid of household chemicals.Traditional material for these rooms is ceramic tile - she conceals the already small area of ​​rooms, as well as being durable, and do not wear easily washable material.Ceramic tile is perfect for finishing as the walls and floor.
It is a special approach requires finishing bathroom

It is a special approach requires finishing bathroom

Besides tiles for wall toilets lately are increasingly using plastic panels, especially today in DIY stores a wide range of material.

The ceiling in the bathroom can be made of the same plastic panels, water-resistant drywall for painting, but the best option for a bath or combined bathroom will be suspended ceiling.

Ceiling Specific requirements - to the ceiling in the bathroom!

High humidity, high probability of exposure to direct jets of water - all this imposes specific requirements for the finish.How to determine the type of ceiling in the bathroom - read the special article of our portal.


important role in the design of the design rooms of the apartment is a range of colors, since it must fully promote the creation of a comfortable environment.Therefore, this factor must be very carefully considered.

Harmonious design rooms will depend on properly selected colors to each other.In this process, you can rely on this table.

Table of recommendations on the selection of colors premises registration

table recommendations on selection of colors interior decoration

to the room was light, should be selected soft white and beige warm shades.This is especially true of the ceiling surface, as its light color enhances the electric lighting.Therefore, quite often in the modern interior ceiling lamps and chandeliers do not turn down the side of the room, and the ceiling.

children's room always want to make bright, to her coloring caused joy and optimism.However, we must not get carried away, it must be remembered that the child will not only play in the room, but the rest, so the recreation area recommended to draw in a more soothing colors.

Bedroom for adults should have to rest, so it is recommended to draw in soft pastel shades and bright enough that night to help nice sleep and in the morning - waking up with an optimistic attitude.

color selection affects the psychological and physical condition of the body, as if a person is not getting enough sleep or rest properly, reducing its life and activity of the immune system, so you should treat the selection of colors with all seriousness.

dark shades combined with lighter colors can be used only in a well-lit room, otherwise they will act on the psyche, particularly among children, it is very depressing.

determine the materials and colors, measure all the surface areas on which the chosen finish will be.Further, the list of required materials with an indication of their number.

Tips on purchasing materials

by making a list you can go shopping the necessary materials.

Acquisition of materials should not be accompanied by attempts to save as

Purchase of materials should not be accompanied by attempts to save as

  • Immediately I must say that, where although lower prices, but the quality guarantee no one will not buy everything you need to repair on natural construction markets.