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August 12, 2017 18:06

Coop own hands

Many owners of suburban areas dream of breeding livestock; eg - chickens, but they are often stopped by the fact that there is no space where you can contain bird.The problem is - it is solved as a chicken coop with their hands can build virtually any host site has the necessary tools, materials, sufficient space for the construction, and, naturally , has at least the minimum, basic skills in carrying out construction work.

Coop own hands

Coop own hands

All parameters of the planned construction in the first place will depend on the number of chickens that is intended to purchase.To coop became comfortable for its inhabitants, it is necessary to listen to the advice of the masters, those who have already successfully installed this adjoining building and contain it to the bird successfully for more than a year.

requirements henhouse

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  • 1 requirements henhouse
  • 2 Design coop
    • 2.1 Video: the main parameters to be considered when building a chicken coop
  • 3 Foundation for the coop
    • 3.1 Video: tips experienced poultry farmers for choosing bedding for coop
  • 4 Walls coop
  • 5 ceiling and roof
  • 6 Ventilation coop
  • 7 internal arrangementhenhouse
  • 8 Lighting in the henhouse
  • 9 Heating henhouse
    • 9.1 Video: nice compact coop
    • 9.2 Video: miniature hen house - in a few hours

to designing and building a chicken coop to hold correctly, it is necessary to know the basic requirements that this building must comply.Otherwise, due to the ill-considered construction or due to other unfavorable conditions for domestic fowl, breeding birds are not bring the desired results and turn only losses and disorder.

  • security should be provided by the inhabitants of the penetration of small and large carnivores who love to eat fresh eggs and even meat chickens.
  • Inside the coop need to make the lack of drafts, which can lead to the death of birds, as the hens can also catch colds and intractable "sore."
  • not do in the house and without a reliable insulation, especially if you plan to keep the chickens all year round, not just in the "cottage» season.
  • Mandatory condition - the organization effective ventilation coop, as the lack of fresh air also affects poultry extremely detrimental.
  • is very important and well arranged lights premises as poultry house should be covered certain number of hours per day, or chickens are bad trot.

future construction project of the house begin to be mandatory after thinking through all the above requirements.

Design coop

  • The first thing to determine when compiling project - this land area that can be reserved for the construction, taking into account not only the poultry house, but also an integral part - paddockbirds.
При выборе места обязательно учитываются размеры "прогулочного дворика"

When selecting a location sure to consider the size of "exercise yard»

place for the construction should not be in the valley, as the room becomes raw, will not quickly dry out, because in such places always concentrates atmospheric moisture, longer worthmorning fog.It is best to place the poultry house on a small hill .

  • Next, you need roughly calculate the size of the chicken coop , based that for every five hens to their normal co-existence and development, be set aside at least 3 m², for example, a room can be size1500 × 2000 mm.

If you plan to make only 2 ÷ 3 birds, then they need to pad size, least, 1 m².

For a small population of birds will be sufficient to compact design

For a small population of birds is quite compact design

Follow these dimensions need to hens were able to move freely, and that requires a certain space.You need to know what is more mobile than life image of chickens, the higher will be their egg production.

  • fenced paddock arranged also with regard amount planned for the breeding of birds.Thus, the 6 ÷ 7 m² of space should normally be provided for up to five hens.

paddock and out on her for poultry should be placed, on opportunities on the south side of the house.It should be protected from this site from indoor wind.On top of the aviary, fenced-mesh netting, necessarily arranged a canopy, which is a good protection from the hot sun and heavy rain.

  • If a flat area, it is recommended to create a small chicken coop elevation using mounds of layers of sand and gravel of the middle fraction.To protect the hen house from rodents, arranged on top of the mound is placed a layer of clay mixed with broken glass.
Transparent scheme coop basic dimensions

Visual Basic circuit size coop

  • Immediately you need to consider how to make a chicken coop natural light. most optimal option is a door with glazing, which is mounted on the south-eastern side of the structure - from that direction the sun is in the longest day.
  • ceiling is raised in a chicken coop at 2000 ÷ 2200 mm for the largest possible volume air space in the room.
  • If a window is installed separately from the door, then it is raised to a height of 1100 ÷ 1200 mm from the floor, and its size should be at least 500 × 500 mm.
  • to daylight saving time was convenient to get eggs from the nests , they parked outside the house, and cut in the wall of the hole to enter their chickens.Roof extension for gnez d d ave to open - then will not have to go inside the house to pick up the clutch.
Of these nests made ​​convenient to collect the eggs laid by hens

Of these nests made convenient to collect the eggs laid by hens

nests for laying should be of a size not less than 400 × 400 mm.

Video: the main parameters to be considered when building coop

Foundation for the coop

  • During the construction of the house frame construction can do without concrete foundation - will be enough to make an artificial mound onthe above-mentioned technologies from the sand, gravel and clay as well as a chicken coop will not be too massive structure.
In some cases, the foundation does not need a chicken coop

In some cases, the foundation does not need a chicken coop

But in this case it is necessary to raise the structure above the bulk of at least 300 mm, and the space below it is necessary to tighten the fine mesh-netting.It will protect the hen house from the penetration of small predators.

lower frame framework need to fit tightly to the surface of the clay, mixed with glass, sprinkled outside its fine-grained gravel.Above the clay surface at the height of the frame bar 100 mm, it will be good to make a mound of the small fraction of expanded clay, which generally rodents always bypassed.

  • If the building will be erected of brick or concrete, that without reliable foundation is indispensable.

Suitable for any kind of building the foundation, whether tape, solid or columnar structure.

If you are planning a massive building, you can execute the pier foundation

If you are planning a massive building, you can execute the pier foundation

If will be arranged pier foundation, then secure the space under the building should be the same as the method described above, or instead of the metal mesh metal sheets can be used to go deep into the soil to300 ÷ 400 mm.

should be noted that all of these types of foundation suitable for wooden buildings.But under the wooden base, in this case, you need to make planking of waterproofing material, which is used as roofing material more often.

Paul coop

The quality of the floor and cover the bird

Floor-quality and coverage depends largely on the health of the birds

  • If the hen house is set on a low strip foundation, the most floors in it satisfied with mud or earthen.For flooring mud floors, a mixture of fatty clay and finely knurled straw.Stack this solution in several layers , tamping each of them and waiting for drying.
  • Also, floors can be constructed using concrete or screed floored from the boards.Whatever view floors or been selected, it should be smooth.
  • To protect the coating from various influences, it is desirable to cover the roofing webs with bends at the wall on 150 ÷ ​​200 mm.Between a fabric must be tightly glued with mastic asphalt, hot way.Thus, it reliable waterproofing coating, which will not absorb poultry wastes.
  • If the coop will be used all year round, then before making the upper waterproofing coating, the floor is warm, placing mineral wool or foam between fixed on the lag basis.
  • On joists plank plywood 10 mm thick, and then stacked sheets of roofing material.
The litter of sawdust

litter of sawdust

  • top of the ready, hydroisolated floor lay a sacrificial layer of sand, sawdust, hay or straw.The last mentioned materials for the flooring to be used in extreme cases, in the absence of the first two.Straw and hay desiccate bad, because of which these layers picks up moisture, which leads to rot and a very dangerous microflora - bacteria and fungi.It is extremely harmful to the birds - such a situation may lead to the beginning of their mass death.

If straw or hay still forced to apply it is necessary to lay them not too thick and change material on the net once in two, in extreme cases - three days.

  • best option flooring experienced poultry still believe sawdust, which is a natural material, having, moreover, in its composition expressed antiseptic components.Sawdust can be purchased at the nearest sawmill in the country, if pre-arrange it.
Chips are the most appropriate kind of litter for the chicken coop

Sawdust are the most appropriate kind of litter for coop

  • bad suitable and litter out of the sand, but it is quite expensive, as the payment is made not only for the material itself, but also for its delivery.

Video: Tips on choosing an experienced poultry breeders litter coop

Walls coop

  • Most warm wall for the house obtained from wood.They are built from timber or logs .Make and carcass construction, which Karka with a ten consists of wooden beams.
Coop , sheathed in clapboard

Coop, leather lining inside

last option is sheathed clapboard, planed board, or colon in 10 mm plywood in two layers - outside and inside buildings.

between them in the frame set heating material - it may be mineral wool or foam.

Wooden frame for walls of a small chicken coop

Wooden frame for walls of a small chicken coop

beam for the frame must have a cross-sectional size of 100 × 100 or 100 × 50 mm, thickness of walls arranged on the larger side bar.Accordingly, the insulation should have the same thickness.

Warming frame wall with mineral wool

Warming frame walls with mineral wool

before plating structure tree outside, on fixed frame windproof vapor barrier material.

Wind and steam protective film on the frame

Wind- and water vapor retarder film on the frame

Top heater installed inside the house, also can be attached vapor barrier film - there it also will not be superfluous.And on top is fixed wooden paneling or other natural lining.

  • Walls can be built from brick or stone.Such buildings are more durable and reliable , but this stuff is very cool and has the ability to absorb moisture.
Brick coop will require significant heating costs

Brick coop will require significant heating costs

Such coop have good heat in the winter, which will cause large energy costs.In addition, the process of construction of the walls of this material will be more time consuming and long, and besides - it requires special skills of the mason.

  • More one excellent material for the construction of the walls is a adobe.From a mixture of clay and chopped straw bricks are made independently of which subsequently raise the walls.The wall itself will make the room of the house warm and comfortable as possible for the chickens.The only difficulty in the construction of the coop is leveling surfaces.
Making adobe bricks of clay and straw

Making adobe bricks of clay and straw

Whatever walls or erected, it is very important take measures for their decontamination from the appearance of fungus, bacteria and various pests.To do this, cover the inside walls with antiseptic compositions.The most famous of them, and the most frequently used - is all familiar lime.

ceiling and roof

to the chicken coop is best suited gable roof, which forms a sufficient volumetric attic space for mounting it insulation.

Erected rafter roof frame structure of the bars, the size of which in the section depends on the size of the overlapped structure.

  • If the roof is arranged in a very little the house, then the rest of the installation can be done without the garret floor and a heater attached directly under the roofing material.In a small room under the roof space it's better to increase the airspace of the chicken coop.

- Rafters are fastened to the ridge beam, which is placed on the gable side of the structure, and the other side they are fixed on erected side walls.

Gable roof of a small chicken coop

gable roof of a small chicken coop

- Gables define degree roof pitch, so their crate set first.

- When the rafters are fixed on two slopes of the roof, from the attic to them screwed plywood canvas, which will form the basis for laying insulation.

- Between rafters fit insulation mats, then they are covered with windproof film , which is attached to the rafters brackets using stapler.

Next, work is carried out, depending on what material is selected for the roof.

Plywood for finishing roof slopes soft roof

Plywood for finishing soft roof roof slopes

- If the coating is selected soft roof, the top film layer plywood fastened.On the basis of the plywood is easy to lay and to fix the elements of the material.

Flooring soft roof

Flooring soft roof

- After a soft roof deck on the roof slope, covered ridge seam.

- Provided that, his lap sheets are fixed immediately on the same wavelength on the truss system of the roof selected slate, metal or corrugated board.

  • If you decide to arrange the attic floor and place an additional room, eg for storing sawdust or feed, the first on the side walls are fixed joists.