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August 12, 2017 18:06

Blinds for plastic windows without drilling

Blinds have become quite popular with the advent and mass distribution of plastic windows.Their demand is due to the simplicity of the operation and care for them, as well as very original and aesthetic appeal.Especially convenient and practical, this kind of curtains for the balcony windows, since this space with the already small area is not too suitable for ordinary curtains hanging on the eaves.Although they do not "steal" a useful area, but visually makes it much less.

Blinds for plastic windows without drilling

Blinds for plastic windows without drilling

Many people really like this way of closing windows, but stops by the fact that the window sash will have to drill holes for fasteners that violates the integrity of the metal-profile.Manufacturers of blinds systems have provided this time and have developed a special attachment that can be easily assembled and installed without using the wizard, armed with special tools.Independently mounted blinds for plastic windows without drilling frames the profile - it is quite possible, and

even easy enough.To learn how to perform the installation correctly, you need a little bit to figure out the design of this system.

What blinds

Article Contents

  • 1 What blinds
    • 1.1 Video: roller blinds, as part of the room decor
  • 2 Species blinds
  • 3 Additional selection criteria blinds
    • 3.1 Dimensions blinds
  • 4 How to install blinds on plastic windows without drilling the frame profile
    • 4.1 Mounting the blind "mini" class on the openingsash windows
    • 4.2 mounting the blind "mini" class a blank window sash
    • 4.3 Description mounting cassette roller blinds process
  • 5 known manufacturers of blinds
  • 6 Video: example of setting the rollcurtains on the window of metal and plastic.

Blinds are a structure consisting of a special fabric and movable shaft-mount, with which you can comfortably spread, turn off and lock the curtain.

system fixing many models does not provide for the use of screws and perforation of the window sash.Operation of the system is based on the principle of work of the so-called "Roman blinds," but adapted to modern materials and fasteners.

Рулонные шторы могут использоваться как отдельно, так и в комплексе с "классическими" портьерами

Blinds can be used both separately and in combination with the "classic" curtains

Blinds can be used as a stand alone accessory or in combination with traditional curtains.These useful window accessories help save precious fabrics from fading when exposed to ultraviolet rays, as if they are tastefully chosen to drapes - then this "ensemble" is capable of becoming and interior decoration.This type of curtains is organically fit into any style of interior design.They can be made in plain pastel shades neutral or have a pattern.

Blinds can be patterned decoration of interior spaces

Blinds can be patterned interior decoration premises

In addition, the web may be translucent or act as a protective barrier against the sun, completely blocking its rays from entering the room.Ease

system consists in the fact that the blade mountings to be replaced by another.For example, in the summer can be installed sun shades, and in the winter to replace it with a bright, done in bright "summer" colors, which are so lacking in this time of year.This curtain will lift your mood and create a favorable atmosphere in the room.

Blind compact, as mounted in the window opening, and because it is close to the glass, there is a maximum protection from the incoming light through it.Therefore, even in the room located on the sunny side, you can create a comfortable environment in the strongest heat.Blinds

resemble horizontal blinds, but their advantage is that they do not accumulate dust and do not create gaps.In addition, the fabric is easy to clean with a soft tissue cleanser.The curtains look not so formal as shutters, which contributes to the creation of comfort in the rooms.

Video: roller blinds, as part of the room decor

Species blinds

roller blinds, which can be installed without drilling window frames can be divided into several varieties.To choose the right model, you need to consider the characteristics of all variants.

Blinds class "Mini»

Blinds "mini" - this is the most affordable form of this interior accessory.They are very easy to install and operate.The shaft, which is wound canvas, is open, and the curtain itself is stretched around the perimeter of the glass under the action set on the bottom of its trimmings weighting agent.To prevent it, "rinse", use simple clamps, which are secured to the frame with double-sided tape.The simplest of them - it's magnets.

Рулонные шторы класса "Мини"

Blinds class "Mini»

similar kind of curtains can be called the most popular due to the low price and the possibility of installing on any window.The design is unpretentious to clean and compact in size.

Cassette type curtains

cassette design is different from the "mini" in that the shaft with the blade attached to it is in a compact box.Therefore, in the folded state of the curtain is almost invisible, and is fully protected from UV rays.

Blind cassette-type

Blind cassette type

The box can be matched to the color or textured picture frame.The material from which made this element can simulate the texture of white plastic or wood.

You can choose the best color for the duct tape curtains

You can choose the best color for the duct tape curtains

Mini-cassette type curtains

are manufactured and combined variants, which are called "mini cassette."They are placed into separate sash windows, they do not prevent them from opening and closing.It rolled fabric in the box, which is mounted on the upper sash bar.These roller blinds, in turn, can be divided into two types:

The differences in the types of UNI 1 and UNI 2 mini- cassette roller blinds

differences in the types of mini-cassette roller blinds and UNI1 UNI2

  • UNI 1- This type of construction is designed for a wide beadings as guides for the blind are mountedon their internal part, the glass around the perimeter of the box and is mounted directly on the upper limit of the window sash.The web in this case as close to the glass surface.
  • UNI 2 differs from the first type in that the guides are mounted on the outer part of the glazing bead on both sides of the glass.At the upper limit of the window sash is fixed box for curtains.

Additional criteria blinds choice

Besides the above-mentioned classification, blinds are divided into single and double.By double curtains, for example, include an option that is called "day-night".They consist of transparent fabric and thick horizontal stripes, alternating with each other, and in the preparation of the right combination can achieve the desired effect of ambient light.

Шторы с эффектом "день-ночь"

Curtains with 'day-night »

When combining dense bands together turns striped" day "blind, transmitting light.If one of the blades falls or rises, the dense bands overlap completely or partially transparent at the other, and the curtain becomes a "night."

If you wish to create in the room dim during the day, the band can be combined in a way that will be formed by the thin gaps between the transmissive light.

If you do not want to see in the daytime on the window dark stripes, you can buy an option, where white stripes alternated with transparent.

This design allows you to smoothly adjust the intensity of the light flux coming into the room through the window

This design allows you to smoothly adjust the intensity of the light flux coming into the room through the window

Blinds also shared by three types of dimming:

  • Transparent fabric, fully transmissive light and mimic the tulle.During the day they close their review of the premises from the street.
  • Shading fabric, semi-transparent - they reduce the intensity of sunlight and bright light scatter, making it soft and does not cause discomfort.

Sun or opaque fabric can completely block the flow of light into the room.This option is perfect for the room or the balcony located on the south or south-west side of the house.

achieve these effects makes it a special material, "Blackout," which is used in the manufacture of roller blinds "day-night".

overwhelming number of models manufactured blinds are opened and closed by hand, often - with a special chain, associated with pinion shaft.However, there are other types, quite expensive, which is installed in the actuator, and control can be carried out by remote control.These automated curtains are made with two or with a cloth, but be sure to have the cassette design.

Dimensions blinds

in specialized stores today you can find quite a wide range of roller blinds, but manufacturers serially manufactured these accessories on the standard window size.If the windows are made by individual projects and have a very large or, on the contrary, small size, you have to look for the possibility of placing your order.Existing manufacturing companies is considered to be a common practice, and master of taking up such work without problems.

Before buying you need to determine exactly the type of curtains and required dimensions

Before buying you need to decide exactly curtain type and required dimensions

sale usually can always find curtains, having a length of 1600, 1750, 2200 mm and a width of from 300 to 1400 mm, which mainly corresponds to the sizestandard sashes and frames.With a width of problems may arise, as the flaps do sometimes narrowed.So before you buy the curtains, it is necessary to carry out the measurements correctly.Carrying out the process will depend on the selected type of roll structure.

measurements for curtains type "mini»

  • first step is carried out measurement of the width of the glass, plus the width of the glazing beads.Then, it is not measured by the height of the glass, and the entire casement.The results are better record.
  • Next, you need to determine the location of the control mechanism.It is usually set by the window hinge.
  • next step - select the type of fastening of curtains to the window (it can vary - for opening or fixed sash).

measurements for curtains, cassette-type

This system requires special attention to measurements, as a curtain will be installed exactly in the opening frame.In this case, you need to pay attention to what the form shtapiki hold glazing:

  • If glazing beads are of a right angle between them measured the height and width of the window.This size and curtains need to purchase or order.
  • If sloping glazing beads, the width and height of the glass is measured over a larger distance between them.

measurements for the mini-cluster curtains

Carrying out measurements for curtains cluster

Conduct measurements for cassette blinds

  • For a system of curtains mini-cassette roller type UNI 1 sizes are removed under the scheme "a" shown in the drawing, that is, the glass size withoutglazing beads.
  • for the design UNI 2 sizes are removed from the glass, plus the width of the glazing beads.

mouth Blinds - the perfect complement to the high-quality metal-plastic windows.

right choose metal-plastic window with double-glazed help the recommendations set out in a separate publication from our website.Well, if the owner of housing confident in their own abilities and wish self-install plastic window - let them get acquainted with another article by following the link.

How to install blinds on plastic windows without drilling the frame profile

mounting technologies of various types of blinds each have their own individual characteristics.The only thing that will unite them - is the lack of the need for perforations of the window frame to secure the structure.

Illustration Brief description of the operation being performed
1 t 1 The first thing to do - is to prepare all the components for blinds.
They should spread out on the table and leaning on the technical description, to collect the desired structure.
In this case the details are presented, intended for deaf and opening windows.
following two installation options will be considered.
1 t 2 The photo clearly visible parts like hooks - brackets, they will hold the roll with a curtain on the window casement.
Here are the details that are on the one hand a semicircular shape.One of them is a round hole - the groove, and the other protruding part - spike.The same mating elements are on both sides of the roller.
These items must be installed on the roller - respectively, the groove is aligned with the spine on each side.

Mounting the blind "mini" class on the opening window sash

Illustration Brief description of the operation being performed
2m0 to design the installation, which is mounted onopening window, you need the following items:
own roller blind on the roller, brackets, chain-hoist, retaining clips and a special double-sided tape.
2T1 Brackets not simply be hooked for sash windows - they must additionally be fixed to it using double-sided tape.
So first of all pads on them, where adhesive tape is bonded, must be well degreased and dry.
Then they glued small pieces of tape.
2m2 next step, the brackets are connected with the holders having tongue and groove, with a special attachment.
2T3 Then, put on a chain mechanism and installed brackets with holders on one side of the roller.
2t4 Further, the fitting is carried out - the assembled structure is put brackets on top of the open window and aligned, that is determined by the correct position of the curtains on the window frame.
Table Layout mounts Then, there should be marking the exact location of the brackets.
It is necessary to ensure that the surface after degreasing tightly fix brackets to the double sided tape.
2t6 degreasing outside of the window frame strips is carried out by means of a special or ordinary alcohol.
Other organic solvents - strictly contraindicated!
After this process, the surface gives good dry.
2T7 Next, with adhesive tape, glued on the brackets, remove the protective film.
brackets are placed on the upper bar of an open window sash and strongly pressed against its surface.
2 t 8 necessary to snap the clip provided on the bracket until it stops.
2 t 9 Likewise installed and secured the second bracket.
2t10 Further, on the side where the bracket is spike the gear, mounted chain mechanism, which will open and close the curtain.
2t11 Then, in brackets fixed to the window with inserted roller blind.
Do it very carefully so as not to damage the plastic parts.