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August 12, 2017 18:06

Paint the ceiling which is better

On how accurately the ceiling will look like, depends on the whole look of the room.Smooth bright surface can add to light the room.If the ceiling is painted with high quality, it is sometimes even specifically used to enhance the illumination, giving him the lamp.Conversely, even insignificant, seemingly defects - uneven coating streaks or differences of tone, can lubricate the overall impression of the interior, no matter how carefully and "rich" made finishing the walls and floor.

Paint the ceiling which is better

paint for the ceiling which is better

Therefore, before the hosts apartment or house, who had gathered to begin repairs, the question inevitably arises - paint for the ceiling which is better in quality, composition, performance characteristics?

the construction market offers a wide range of different colors, manufactured by domestic and foreign producers.Not to be mistaken with a choice and buy a really high quality stuff that will show a long service life and which will be comfortable to work, you need to consid

er different options.

Criteria for selection of paint

Article Contents

  • 1 Criteria for selection of paint
  • 2 What formulations are optimal for the ceiling?
  • 3 leading manufacturers of paints
    • 3.1 This German quality - the company «Caparol»
    • 3.2 Paints «Tikkurila» Company
    • 3.3 High quality at an affordable price - ink JSC «Sniezka»
    • 3.4 widest range of colors of the company «Dulux»
  • 4 Video: how to choose a quality paint for the ceiling

first of all you need to determine the criteria by which to evaluate the paint, to know what tospecial attention when choosing:

  • Repair is not for one year, so one of the key requirements - the duration of the life of the purchased material.Plasticity
  • inking solution - this quality will avoid cracking during drying of the painted surface and its deformation, such as shrinkage at home.
  • ability to perform regular cleaning of wet or dry surface, which means the paint must create stable, little affected by abrasive loads.
  • quality paint should provide easy and smooth application of the composition on the ceiling, the maximum hiding the small surface defects.
  • An important selection criterion is the affordability.However, on this issue there is no definitive decisions - often colorful compositions leading manufacturers are very many, but it is fully justified by the highest quality products.

What formulations are optimal for the ceiling?

As practice shows finishing works, often for ceiling surfaces in premises used "old-fashioned" whitewash and water-emulsion colorful compositions.

whitewash used since time immemorial.It is widely used in the past years due to the fact that a better option at first simply not been invented, and then had to find a quality paint shops is extremely difficult.Masters tried to improve a paint composition, conducting experiments and adding a variety of natural adhesives, achieving greater adhesion and durability of the material.Some finishers and to this day have not abandoned chalk painting, considering it the most environmentally friendly solution.

Many owners still prefer the usual whitewash

Many owners still prefer the usual whitewashing

aqueous emulsion composition - it is an emulsion, which is a solvent - ordinary water, which weighed insoluble in her tiny drop of polymer film-forming substance.After paint on the surface, the water evaporates and the particles are joined together, creating a thin polymer film.

So as experts say Ceiling fit only four types of water-based paints, which differ in its composition - it is chalk, acrylic, latex and acrylic.

  • made from water and chalk paint for the ceiling also called whitewash.This compound can be called economy goal, as it has a very low price.But we must understand that this finish has significant drawbacks:

- material capable of absorbing the different evaporation, which can leave unsightly marks on the surface, to impregnate the ceiling is not always a pleasant smell;

- This ceiling can not be washed, since water with contamination and wash away the paint itself.Therefore, if the surface of the ceiling is stained, then it will have good wash and stain again;

- Chalk paint is not resistant to abrasion - if we draw on such a surface by hand, then it will remain the traces;

- especially quickly paint on the basis of chalk can be damaged on the kitchen ceiling, so there it is highly undesirable to use.

  • Acrylic paint is made up of ingredients such as chalk, acrylic polymer and water.This option is more resistant to external factors, but also durable enough.The composition can be used for painting ceilings in premises with normal humidity and the absence of foreign odors and fumes - this can be a living room, nursery or bedroom.
Acrylic paint for the ceiling

Acrylic paint for the ceiling

ceiling covered with such a composition, can not be subjected to wet cleaning, as paint can weigh individual sections.If we make a dry ceiling hand, then it is possible to see traces of whitewash, is not as clear as on the chalk, but he still remains.

  • Latex paint manufactured from a synthetic latex which is produced by dispersing particles of synthetic rubber and water.

In fact, after application of the paint on the surface and evaporation of water therefrom, it forms a protective ceiling elastic film.The composition dries quickly and the next layer can be applied to a few hours after the previous one.

Latex paints can withstand wet cleaning well

Latex paints can withstand wet cleaning well

This coating is sufficiently durable and resistant to moisture, so it can be cleaned with water and detergent.

  • Acrylate paint is a mixture of acrylic and latex components - it combines the best of their quality.The collection and acrylic latex film making, ceiling covering, more dense and supple.
Acrylate paint ceiling

Acrylate ceiling paint

composition is resistant to UV, temperature extremes, moisture and household chemicals, so the ceiling is possible to clean up with a damp sponge and detergent.

This option is the most expensive, but, despite this, the paint is in high demand, as the surface covered with it, has the longest service life without the need for updates.

leading manufacturers of paints

When choosing paint it is important to become familiar with the characteristics of the composition claimed, but no less important and how and by whom the material is produced.On the market there are a lot of manufacturers, but they are not all equally gained wide consumer acceptance.The most popular are just some of them.These include, for example, includes such firms as «Tikkurila», «Dulux», «Caparol", "Sniezka" and "Tex".

This German quality - the company «Caparol»

«Caparol» - this German company has a very rich history: it operates since 1885 and produces a wide variety of building materials, including water-based paints,intended to cover internal and external surfaces.Branches and manufacturing facilities are located in many countries around the world, including in Russia.The materials produced by «Caparol» can be immediately distinguished by the original brand, which depicts a black with colored stripes elephant has a tail in the form of a paint brush.

Easily recognizable trademark of «Caparol»

Easily recognizable trademark of «Caparol»

For painting «Caparol» ceiling produces environmentally friendly water-soluble paints, which do not contain organic solvents and plasticizers.

So, for finishing the ceiling is perfect coloring composition «Premium Clean», which has high resistance to moisture, disinfectant and washing solutions, so is suitable for use even in areas with the highest sanitary requirements.Painting after application makes the surface matt, but despite this, the pollution from it are removed quite easily.The composition has excellent adhesion to surfaces made of different materials - it lies flat layers, does not crack, does not yellow with time and does not burn.

Paint «Premium Clean» ceiling

Ceiling paints «Premium Clean»

Due to these advantages of coloring compositions of this company are widely demanded and popular, although they have a high enough price.However, the coating can be used very long time, so the money will not be spent in vain, because they do not have to touch up the ceiling each year.Thereby saving not only financial resources, but also their own.

Subsidiary «Caparol» is the manufacturer «Alpina», which produces construction materials of the same quality and range.The packaging of this company is also present brand «Caparol», therefore, to see such a combination on the label, you can safely give preference to these products.

Shelf life of paint of the company is 24 months.The average consumption is 150 grams.1 m².Packaging inks for various purposes made in plastic buckets of different sizes - from 0.9 to 25 liters.

Some popular paint companies «Caparol» are presented in the table:

paint Brand Illustration Purpose consumption layer, ml / m²
Caparol ALPINA MATTLATEX matlateks for interior work, for painting the walls and ceiling 150
Caparol ALPINA RENOVA Renova for interior work, for painting the walls and ceiling 150
Caparol Malerit Mahler for internalworks 140
Caparol Fungitex-W fungiteh - in latex paint for damaged mold and subjected to a similar surface damage 140
Caparol Malerit-W Mahler - in fungicidal interior matte paint 140
Caparol Samtex 3 ELF paint - Caparol - samteks s- elf - b1-10 - l washable latex paint for interior coatings 150

Paints «Tikkurila» Company

«Tikkurila» - known Finnish company manufacturing paints.It was organized in 1862 and during his career has undergone many changes in its development.According to the statistical agency "Chem-Courier", the company on the basis of 2014 has offices in 20 countries around the world and ranks first in the production of paints and varnishes in Finland, Sweden and Russia, as well as fourth place - in Poland.

The Finnish company «Tikkurila» - among the world leaders

Finnish company "Tikkurila's" - among the world leaders

in the Russian Federation "Tikkurila's" has subsidiaries, and one of them - it is a well-known company "TEKS" trade offices which are located in all regions of the country.

Company «Tikkurila» produces many kinds of colors for the ceiling.All of them are quite suitable for coating various surfaces - drywall, wood, plaster and concrete constructions.

Component composition of colors allows you to cover the ceiling with a thin but uniform and durable layer, which contributes to cost-effectiveness in terms of material consumption.Paint is enriched with a special antiseptic component, which prevents the formation of mold, so it can be safely used for painting surfaces in rooms with high humidity, such as in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Paint for " Tikkurila " ceilings

Ceiling paints «Tikkurila»

Thanks to these advantages the material, many buyers feel the paint company «Tikkurila» the best option for the decoration and protection of not only the ceiling but also other internal and external surfaces of the house.

In addition to high performance, the paint this brand has a rich color palette that is different shades of brightness and juiciness, which is very important for exclusive custom interiors.After painting and drying, the surface takes on a pleasant haze, smoothness and accuracy.

paint is easily applied, so it has good adhesion to any material.She quickly grasped - this period is about 30 ÷ 35 minutes and complete drying of one layer comes in 2 ÷ 3 h.It is very important for the premises and the fact that the compositions do not have a sharp odor and ecologically absolutely safe, therefore well suited for use in children's rooms and bedrooms.

The only downside of this company material is its high price, but it pays off with interest for the period of prolonged use of colored space without the need for additional repair work.

Paints of this company are packaged in plastic buckets of different sizes.Shelf life compositions from the date of manufacture is usually up to 36 months.Average consumption of paint - 120 gr.1 m².

assortment of ceiling paints «Tikkurila» - Table:

brand paint Illustration Purpose average consumption per layer, m² / l
TIKKURILA Euro 2 Euro_2 glubokomatovaya interior paint, is more suitable especially for ceilings in dry rooms 5 ÷ 10
TIKKURILA Euro 7 Euro_7 Universal matte latex paint for walls and ceilings to withstand frequent wet cleaning 7 ÷ 12
TIKKURILA Luja Pintamaali 471085_1 semi-matt paint for painting walls and ceilings in wet areas 5 ÷ -8
TIKKURILA Remontti-assa 138903-600h600 acrylic paint for painting walls and ceilings, suitablefor frequent washing 7 ÷ 12
TIKKURILA Siro Himmea paint - Tikkurila - Syro -mat for painting walls and ceilings in dry areas, matte, anti-glare effect 5 ÷ 10
TIKKURILA Siroplast 2 sori_pl glubokomatovaya paint for ceilings 6 ÷ 11

High quality at an affordable price - ink JSC «Sniezka»

«Sniezka» - a group of companies located in different countries, united by a joint stock company,head office is located in Poland.SA is a leading manufacturer of paint and varnish formulations in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.This recognition of the company has achieved in a relatively short time - just 30 years since it was founded in 1984 and is quite young in comparison with the companies mentioned above.

Paints «Sniezka» - is a reasonable price at a decent

Paints «Sniezka» - is a reasonable price at a decent

Production Company «Sniezka» began to appear on the Russian market since the 90s, and immediately won wide popularity.Many consumers, including finishers, professionals prefer it to her as paint compositions have an affordable price together with high quality.

For painting company "Sniezka" ceiling produces hypoallergenic, ecologically pure, snow-white water-based paint "ECO".It forms a smooth matte surface "breathing" coating that successfully resists moisture and temperature changes.Covering sufficiently strong and water-resistant, so it is easy to clean from dirt with a damp cleaning.

Interior Paint «Sniezka - EKO "

Interior Paint "Sniezka - EKO»

most affordable price structure for the ceiling painting is an option made acrylic-based "Ultra Belle."After drying it gives a smooth matte finish, but has carried such a large service life.

composition produced in white color of a transparency level, but easily dyed to the desired shade with special water-based dyes.