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August 12, 2017 18:06

Heating cottages options

If you plan to use the masters of the country and in the winter, they have consider how it will be heated.To choose wisely garden heating options which you can spy on the Internet, you need to consider some of them, and to determine what the maximum extent appropriate for a particular home.

Heating cottages options

Heating cottages options

Previously, there were only two options available for use in the country conditions - is a wood stove or electric heaters, provided that a cottage is supplied with electricity, today the choice of ways to warm country house is much wider.

addition, every owner of a country house that has a little bit imagination and certain knowledge alone can figure out how to economically and efficiently heat housing with one or more methods, combining them together.Perhaps consideration of the following heating systems will help someone make a choice of ready-made solutions or to design their innovative option.

Selection Criteria heating

Article Contents

  • 1 Selection Criteria heating
  • 2 Heating, working from the boiler
    • 2.1 Selecting heating boiler
    • 2.2 Combined
    • boiler
    • 2.3 Hot water
    • 2.4 Video: recommendations on the use of boilers in the country
  • 3 geothermal heat pump
    • 3.1 Cost geothermal heating system
  • 4 Infrared heating garden
    • 4.1 Advantages and infrared heating drawbacks
  • 5 stove heating
    • 5.1 «Pros" and "cons" stove heating
    • 5.2 Video: very original version of the heat transfer from a single furnace

First you need to determine what features should perform heating appliances, as sometimes just an ordinary heating of rooms in holiday conditions are indispensable.

  • main criterion, of course, be effective heating of the house, maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors in any weather.
  • for comfort living is desirable to consider heating bath (if available) or hot water for the shower.
  • Cooking and boiling water food necessities - brewing coffee, tea etc and .
  • Drying soaked items and footwear, which is especially important in the rainy autumn or winter weather.
  • Drying of fruits and vegetables for the winter.

highlight those features that I would like to be in conjunction with the heating, you can proceed to the consideration of its various options.

Heating, working from the boiler

The heating system. that uses a heated heat transfer fluid in the boiler, to indulge in the radiators for heat transfer, it is advisable to install in the country if it is used for living all year round. This must be remembered that very often have to go through all the court for permission, preparation and approval system installation plan, so as soon as you need to estimate the value of not only the purchase of all necessary equipment for the installation, but the paperwork.

In terms of convenience , the best option - heating with boiler

In terms of convenience, the best option - heating with boiler

Selecting heating boiler

Selecting heater depends on several factors:

  • Availability of the necessary source of fuel or energy source in the area.For example, if the cottage is supplied to the gas supply, the most optimal will select the unit that runs on gas.In addition, the manufactured boilers, that can run on electricity or on solid or liquid fuel, as well as heaters mixed type, in which if necessary energy source can be replaced one another.
  • area of ​​heated space, that is necessary to determine the required capacity of the unit.To do this, calculate the amount of heat energy required for heating the house 10 m².This option, of course, depend largely on how insulated structure, which is scheduled to be heated, and high-quality thermal insulation can be build on a ratio of 1 kW power at 10 m², with an average height of ceilings - 3 m to .

If the holiday home has thin walls with no insulation, the heat will not stay in the house for a long time under what as heating and under a power boiler. means , spent on the purchase and installation of all system components as well as for energy will simply be wasted.

  • availability for installation, as some boilers necessarily require the technical characteristics of a separate room or reliable foundation.

in specialized stores can be found on sale not only floor heating boilers, and Wall, which are small in size.

Typically, compact wall-mounted versions do not have too much power, but if a country house is small and well insulated , it is possible to pick up and a boiler with suitable parameters.

The boiler is disposed on the wall

boiler, placed on the wall

Floor boilers have a massive shape and quite a lot of weight.For them, it is necessary to prepare a special solid ground or even to make an addition to the house, which will be located and the boiler room.

More powerful units usually have a floor execution

more powerful units usually have a floor execution

  • For any boiler (except electrical) is required chimney.Its specific structure and parameters will depend on what fuel to operate the unit and what is its power.
  • on the type and capacity of the heating system will largely depend on its price.

positive and negative sides of aggregates is worth examining in more detail, working on various energy sources.First - the obvious merits :

  • boiler, operating on natural gas, enough to save, has a high capacity and reliable operation.
  • Solid fuel boilers require no additional connection to the gas pipeline or power supply system (if equipped with electronic automatic). solid Topley in in many regions of the country much more affordable for the price, compared with electricity and gas.In addition, in such boilers is often possible to use various kinds of fuel - coal , wood, peat briquettes, pellets .
  • Electric boilers have a relatively low cost, compact in size and easy to install, does not require special intervention during operation.(For more details about the features of electric boilers - in the hotel publishing portal).

Now "Walk" by disadvantages different units:

  • To clear "minus" installation of a heating system include costly and requires numerous approvals procedure of drawing up the plan and just settlement of the gas supply.In addition, still not in every holiday village is brought gas pipeline.
  • boiler , diesel powered, it requires a large amount of .And although DT has a relatively affordable price, the problem can create a lack of capacity to store at least a minimum reserve.In addition, the fuel itself has a peculiar odor, which is amplified by its combustion.More one big disadvantage of such units can be called a lot of noise during operation, so do not do without an additional separate room for the liquid fuel boiler.

Modern diesel boiler can not operate without electricity consumption (albeit minimal), and then , if this frequent interruptions, then you need to think through uninterrupted power backup.

  • Solid boiler needs to be sufficiently frequent loading and must be the appropriate place and conditions for fuel supplies.
  • Electric boiler (except induction) does not differ a great longevity, and, of course, depends entirely on the availability of electricity.Unfortunately, in the suburban villages complete power outage or racing with large amplitude voltage - is not uncommon. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to have an alternative, not electric heating option, which will inevitably entail additional costs.

For convenience offered a table that summarizes some features different types of heating systems:

Features method of space heating
Gas boiler Solid liquidfuel Electric boiler Geothermal heat pump
equipment cost (price) average average low high
the boiler room for the installation of equipment in the square.m 6 6 3 6
energy source Natural gas Diesel Electric current electric current and heat of the earth, water, air
costs average large very large land Heat unlimited and free of charge, the cost of electricity for the operation of the equipment is a minimal
Lifetime 15-20 years 15-20 years 5-8 years Up to 50 years
Flammability boiler during its operation dangerous (direct fire) dangerous (direct fire) dangerous in terms of the probability of wiring circuit safe
Explosive dangerous dangerous safe safe
environmental hazard level during operation harmful releases CO and NOx harmful releases CO and NOx harmless harmless
Ventilation need need not need not need
Service regular inspection regular inspection inspection if necessary inspection if necessary
Reliability high high high very high
Autonomyin the absence of providing energy require a backup power source require a backup power source not work works by having a backup power generator 6 kW
to cool the room not provide not provide not provide provides

Combined boiler

should also say a few words about the combined type of boiler, which may, if necessary, to switch from one fuel to another.

Improved versatility have combined boilers

Improved versatility of combination boilers have

options here can be different: « firewood - gas", "wood - electricity", "liquid fuels - electricity" and others.It is very convenient - if, for example, a power failure, the boiler can continue to heat, for example, wood or peat briquettes, or go to DT.Sometimes a combination boilers have special built-in or removable torch, equipped with hob, which is simply irreplaceable in the summer conditions. Therefore, it is often combined boiler becomes the best option for the country house, provided the right place prepared for him.

In any modern combi boilers in created automatically in the system that monitors the serviceability of the unit, the fuel supply and controls its operation.For example, if the boiler was heated solid fuel, and it is burned, and the heating circuit temperature falls below the set, connect electric heating.

Hot water

In cottage with no hot water, too, can not do - if live there permanently, for the daily hygiene needs is a must.Of course, in summer you can take advantage of a summer shower, where the water is quite warm from the heat of the sun, but in winter this option is not suitable .If you do not want the old fashioned way to heat water on the stove cooking, it is best for mounting heating installed Turbofan boiler which will provide not only space heating, but also will provide hot water for a variety of needs.

Turbofan boiler provides both heat and hot water

Turbofan boiler provides both heat and hot water

can use another option - is a single-loop boiler attached thereto indirect heating boiler.In this case the pump is integrated into the system, since the natural circulation force is insufficient coolant.This variants reflux rebuet enough space for all the necessary items, so it will be necessary to allocate for this purpose room or make a small extension.

The boiler in conjunction with the indirect heating boiler

boiler in conjunction with the indirect heating boiler

In any case, if it is decided to make heating of the boiler, it is necessary to carefully consider all the details, and when buying carefully study the characteristics and to clarify obscure information from the sales assistant.

Video: recommendations on the use of boilers cottage

Geothermal heat pump

The rightmost column is occupied by the characteristics of the heat pump provided by the comparative table above.About it is currently a lot of talk, as an alternative source of thermal energy. Since this heating method is not so popular, and is known as heating the boiler, and it is worth to dedicate a few lines.

External blocks geothermal installation

External blocks geothermal installation

Geothermal heat pump is a system for creating a microclimate in the house, which operates from the heat of the earth.

At its core - it's a kind of air conditioning with dual-circuit - evaporator and condenser.In the winter he works as a source of heat and coolness in summer produces.Proce ss etc. oiskhodit for the difference of soil temperature at different depths, and to improve the efficiency and reduce cooling costs and heating, ground source heat pump can be used in conjunction with home heating by solar energy.

Work geothermal heat pumps on the basis of on thermal inertia, as the temperature of the earth at a depth of 6 m below - about the same as the average annual air temperature in the region, and it practically does not change regardless of the season.

In addition, there are similar systems that can use heat air or water.

  • « Earth-Water» - most common type of heat pump, which extracts heat from the ground using a circulating through pipes buried in the ground, coolant, and then after conversion passes it into heatingdevices .