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August 12, 2017 18:06

Waterproofing of the floor in the bath room supplies

Waterproofing floor in the bathroom materials for which a large assortment of today can be found in any hardware store, is mandatory before the start of finishing works and installation of plumbing.

Waterproofing of the floor in the bath room supplies

floor Waterproofing bathroom materials

bathroom is the most humid room in a private home, and in the apartment, so from whatever material may be made floors, they need high-quality waterproofing, or in the operation room at the jointswall and floor, where it passes through the overlap of utilities may be leaking. Not only that there is a risk pour located below the room.As is known, the moisture getting into the closed space inevitably favors the formation of mold and mildew, which are gradually destroying the floor construction and walls, leading to persistent unpleasant smell of dampness, can cause a number diseases in living in the apartment people.

The main types of waterproofing floors

Article Contents

  • 1 main types of flooring waterproofing
  • 2 Waterproofing of coating type
    • 2.1 How is the application of coating (paint) waterproofing
    • 2.2 Video: wizard on the bathroom waterproofing
  • 3 Plastering waterproofing
  • 4 lining hydraulic seals
    • 4.1 Laying lining hydraulic seals
  • 5 cast waterproofing
    • 5.1 Hot waterproofing
      • 5.1.1 Laying waterproofing hot
    • 5.2 Cold cast waterproofing
      • 5.2.1 «liquid» tires
        • How to apply a "fluid" rubber
      • 5.2.2 «liquid glass »
        • Waterproofing of the floor surface" water glass »
  • 6 Impregnation (penetration) waterproofing
    • 6.1 mixture« Penetron »
      • 6.1.1 Applicationpenetrating waterproofing "Penetron»

There are many types of waterproofing materials produced on different bases and in various forms.To select the most suitable option, kindly consider their characteristics and technology of working with them.

So, the type of application of waterproofing is divided into the following types:

  • Obmazochnaya.
  • Okleechnaya.
  • impregnating.
  • cast.
  • plaster.

Which of these is best for waterstops floor bathroom, hard to say, since this expense even there is no consensus among experts.The choice of material and packing technology made with regard surface features that should be waterproofed , and designated timing for execution of works.

Waterproofing of coating type

Formulations for lubricative ( spray ) waterproofing - very easy to use

Compositions for lubricative (spray) waterproofing - very easy to use

of coating compositions for waterproofing are made on different bases, and can be:

  • with water-based, acrylic-based ;
  • Bitumen-rubber ;
  • Bitumen-polymeric ;
  • Cement-polymer ;
  • polyurethane ;
  • bitumen .

compositions based on bitumen with additives made from a variety of fillers and organic solvents.Fillers make mastic more flexible, since they are used as plasticizers, latex or rubber crumb.

Mastics have excellent adhesion, and they are applied as in the concrete, and the wooden surface.

It should be noted that the materials on the basis of bitumen have a number of disadvantages, which include:

- possible occurrence of cracking and chipping as a result of temperature fluctuations;

- biological corrosion;

- an unpleasant smell during the execution of waterproofing works.

But, despite these shortcomings of coating formulations, they are most commonly used for insulation of the floor in the bathroom, as this is the most affordable way to create protection from moisture.

cost mastic surface waterproofing is readily available, but the term her life is no more than five - six years.

materials made of polymer-based, practically have no negative qualities, so can be used without fear.

The advantages of coating compositions include ease of application of the material on the surface of the floor and the lower part of the walls, as well as corners and joints by conventional brushes.

The room is the bathroom after the surface waterproofing

bath room after the surface waterproofing

Consumption depends on the initial quality of gidroizoliruemoy surface and number of layers .Typically, the recommended amount on the 1m ² area specified by the manufacturer composition.

How is the application of coating (paint) waterproofing

The device of this type of waterproofing is no big deal - the main thing to do all the work carefully and adhere to the developed technology.

Packaging dry formulation for surface waterproofing

Packaging dry formulation for surface waterproofing

If lubricative composition is purchased in dry form, then its manufacturing technology can be found on the packaging.The mixture should be sure to have a homogeneous state.If the dry composition per set kt Rin Odita liquid component, it is first mixed with water and only then poured into a dry weight basis, and mixed in a paste-like paste.This is called a two-component waterproofing.When the mixture is ready, you need to go directly to work.

  • The first thing that needs to be done before the application of any coating - is thoroughly cleaned from fine dust and larger debris.Work is carried out with a vacuum cleaner.
Mandatory cleaning surface

Mandatory cleaning surface

  • Further, the surfaces need to remove ingrained grease or paint residues , if any - to clean off the "healthy" concrete. Just come and loose areas where appreciable erosion of the concrete slab.After cleaning, re-cleaning is carried out dust and debris.
  • next step is priming (composition, deep penetration).The primer can be pour on the floor and spread her with a roller.
Priming the floor surface

Priming floor surface

angles and surface around the outlet pipe in the wall and the floor drain in necessary process primer composition with a brush so as not to leave untreated areas.After drying the first layer of the solution is applied one another.

  • Then, you can proceed to the application of the waterproofing compound.Work begins to cover the corners and all the joints with mastic floor and walls, passes through pipes overlap.
  • On Freshly laid mastic sealing tape.It adheres to the uncured composition on the walls and the floor, so that it is completely closed between the junction, which is always a weak point of the leak.Mandatory condition - the tape must be fully extended, do not have waves, bends, folds, underneath unacceptable voids.
Waterproofing tape glued with maximum accuracy

Waterproofing tape glued with maximum accuracy

When docking bands overlap must be at least 50 ÷ 70 mm (when the primary installation place overlap necessarily greased mastic.).

The bathroom in the same manner are treated not only the joints of the floor and walls, but the corners of the walls to a height of at least 150 ÷ ​​200 mm.

tape is applied on top of another single layer waterproofing mastic.

Top Tape closed layer of coating composition

Top Tape closed layer of coating composition

  • Next, you need to stick the sealing of the membrane around the water inlet and outlet points, that is coming out of the walls and floor pipes or sleeves with paved through their communications.
Particular attention - waterproofing around pipes , holes in the ceiling liners , etc.

special attention - waterproofing around pipes, holes in the ceiling liners, etc.

  • waterproofing mastic then covered by the remaining surface of the floor and the bathroom walls to a height of 150 ÷ ​​200 mm.

way, qualified masters recommend not to spare material and to apply the composition for at least 500 ÷ 700 mm from the floor, especially around the bath and sink - it protects the wall from from syrevaniya and mildew.

Take the material and simultaneously insulate the walls around the bathroom and rakovniny

Take the material and simultaneously insulate the walls around the bathroom and rakovniny

Mastic when applied to the floor surface is not smeared thinly - she should go to a thick homogeneous layer of uniform thickness, approximately 2 mm.

  • Waterproofing is carried out, if necessary, two or even three layers.Prevent formation uncovered mastic «islands».Each of the layers applied in a perpendicular direction with respect to the previous one, has a dried layer, about five or six hours later.
  • When sex waterproofing work will be completed, you can begin to engage finished only after days.

Finally section - example of the surface waterproofing in the bathroom.

Video: work waterproofing master bathroom

Plastering waterproofing

Plastering waterproofing also refers to lubricative mind but its necessary to allocate separately, as for used different from theother materials in their composition.

The plasters include components such as gypsum, cement and polymers.If bitumen is used for waterproofing of the floor, at a temperature of 0 degrees begins to lose their elasticity, become brittle, and it crack can be formed, the temperature differences plaster compositions are terrible.

On sale represented a lot of plaster waterproofing mixtures of different manufacturers.Especially popular are the part of the company « Knauf » and « Ceresit ».

  • example, waterproofing composition KNAUF FLACHENDICHT includes a component such as a synthetic latex, which gives special material elasticity.Therefore applied to the surface layer, after curing, maintains its quality when temperatures from - 18 to + 55 ° C .

This composition after mixing does not require heating, and applied to the surface immediately.

  • Another option is a high-quality plaster damp mixture brand Ceresit CR -65, which has excellent adhesion to surfaces, subject to the application of the treated primer surface.
One of the most popular compositions - flashing Ceresit CR - 65

One of the most popular compositions - flashing Ceresit CR-65

plasters and applied with a brush or roller.Joints planes should be glued sealing tape.It is desirable to choose all the materials of one manufacturer - they are fully adapted to each other.

lining hydraulic seals

this way to protect floors from moisture can be called the most effective, but produce a correct folding of materials is more complicated than with lubricative compositions.The most popular materials lining hydraulic seals: roofing, Izoplast , Ecoflex , izelast , mostoplast , TekhnoNIKOL , flashing .

Roll lining hydraulic seals

roll lining hydraulic seals

materials are not affected by temperature changes, and if packed correctly according to the existing technology, it will protect the surface of the floor for many years.

waterproofing produced in sheets or rolls of waterproof material having good elasticity.But despite this, in difficult places to lay their own is not easy, for example, at the corners of the room.

Make two types of back-lining materials.Some of them are placed on on worn adhesive, others are self-adhesive.

For installation of the first type as the adhesive bases most commonly used asphalt mastic.On the self-adhesive cloths, in principle, the same mastic on Apply on the back surface and is protected by a special film , which can only be removed during installation.

most common view lining hydraulic seals, until recently, was the usual roofing material, but with the advent of more sophisticated materials, he rarely used. Modern types may have bitumen or polymer basis, therefore their characteristics are slightly different.

  • polymeric material is a films and membranes made of vulcanized rubber.Most often, they are covered with adhesive.
The polymer adhesive membrane

polymer adhesive membrane

distinguishes them:

- small thickness;

- long service life;

- excellent mechanical strength;

- no shrinkage;

- resistance to vibration.

  • Okleechnaya waterproofing bituminous base is used more often, as more affordable.Such materials, for example, refers flashing , manufactured based on glass fibers, impregnated with bitumen, a plasticizer makes it resistant to cracking and gives him flexibility.This material is not biodegradable, and the appearance of it on mold.

Performed he can in single- and double-sided versions.

Bilateral material is suitable for the creation of a multi-layer coating

Dvustronny material is suitable for the creation of a multi-layer coating

double-sided material is characterized by unilateral presence of polymeric protective film both sides - it melts when exposed to high temperatures during installation.This material is used when the multilayer waterproofing coating is arranged.

unilateral equipped with a protective coating consisting of a mineral crumb.- It is usually used for the external coating soft roof.

What material is better suited for roofing

Such material is more suitable for roofing

lining hydraulic seals is used not only for concrete surfaces, but also for wood flooring, which fits without melting - on bitumen mastic.

Laying lining hydraulic seals

bathroom floor surface before laying back-lining material is to be prepared more carefully than when applied to his compositions of coating - this nuance must be met for the creation of long-term and reliable protection floors.

work is carried out in the following order:

  • bathroom floors should not have even small protrusions, so they must be removed.If necessary, the surface is leveled self-leveling compounds.Then the floor is well dried and cleaned from dust.
  • Next, the floor surface and the lower part of the walls is covered with a primer, which also must be well dry.Then
  • on the floor surface and wall to a height of 200 mm layer of mastic is applied in a thickness of about 2 mm.Mastic may be a rubber or polymer-bitumen-based.
  • Next is waterproof sticker.The first painting, which will be located on the wall , is laid to bend, but is stuck on the first floor surface, and then on the wall.

Mastic is heated to softening using a gas burner.water.