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August 12, 2017 18:06

The slopes on the windows with their hands

have owners of apartments or houses that have established new window, quite rightly have a desire to put in order and the area around them.Very often it just needs to do and because the installation of new window systems the old slopes severely damaged and can not be "restoration" or fit close to the sheds of the window sash, making it difficult its opening.In addition, the slopes finish produce and to enhance the sound - and insulation of window openings , closing the mounting foam that fills the gaps between the wall and the window unit when installing it.Very often this between finishing material and the wall is laid a layer of insulation.

The slopes on the windows with their hands

slopes on the windows with their hands

slopes on the windows with their hands, you can make a neat and functional in several ways and with different finishes, heating or combined, combining both qualities and materials.To figure out which option seems easier to install and more suitable for a particular application should be considered the most

popular of them.

What materials are most often used for the installation of slopes?

Article Contents

  • 1 What materials are most often used for the installation of slopes?
    • 1.1 Slopes PVC panels
    • 1.2 plastered slopes
    • 1.3 Plasterboard soffits
  • 2 Tools and materials for installation of slopes
    • 2.1 Tools for
    • 2.2 materials
  • 3 surface Preparation slopes
  • 4 Finishing slopes
    • 4.1 Finishing slopes plaster without insulation
      • 4.1.1 Video: how to plaster window slopes
    • 4.2 Finishing slopes plaster with insulation
      • 4.2.1 Video: how to level the slopes plastered putty
    • 4.3 installation of plastic slopes
      • 4.3.1 Video: installation of plastic window slopes

There are three most commonly used method of imparting slopes aesthetic appearance, each in its own good, and can be used with insulation material complex.So, on the window slopes can be installed PVC panels, glued or fastened on crate drywall or plaster surface is leveled and putty mixture.

Slopes of

PVC panels for finishing this technology applied plastic lining and auxiliary elements accessories.They help hide the edges of the panels at the juncture of the horizontal and vertical surfaces, and their abutment on the lines to the window frame and the outer corners slopes.

Very nice look slopes of plastic panels

Very nice look slopes of plastic panels

Besides the usual lining PVC, used for cladding specially manufactured for this purpose sandwich panels, which consist of layers plastic and expanded polystyrene.This material facilitate installation, so it does not have individually customized and installed heating material.In addition, this approach often eliminates the need for some elements of hardware.

Sandwich panels are performed simultaneously and decorative and insulating function

sandwich panels fulfill both decorative and insulating function

As usual boards, sandwich panels are perfectly suited for the design of slopes around the plastic windows, especially as the desired color of PVC can choose if you want to be in fullas a touch of harmony with the window frame.

Plastic slopes it is possible to install on their own, without the help of craftsmen - only need to read the instructions for the installation and scrupulously adhere to its during work.

plastered slopes

This method of decoration can be called traditional.Qualitatively finished surface will last a long time without losing neat appearance.However, it should be noted that without the layer of insulation material plaster is not able to be an effective barrier to cold coming from the window opening .The disadvantages of this method include labor intensity and duration of the arrangement, since the solution is applied in several layers , each of which must dry thoroughly.In addition, plastering work requires a certain experience in their implementation, and without it, it can damage the surface, wasting in Time and in funds.

It does not lose its old demand for a proven way to plastering slopes

not lose its relevance of the old proven way plastering slopes

process of finishing slopes plasters rather "messy" and since it takes a lot of time (sometimes it takes one and a half to two weeks) in the roomwhere works are carried out , will need to be cleaned daily or not to use the room at all.

Plasterboard soffits

Often, owners of apartments and houses prefer the design of window slopes plasterboard.This material is easy to install, it can be used in conjunction with insulation, siding is durable enough and perfectly evens out the surface.In fact, drywall - is a dry plaster, but only installation it is much faster than the "wet" version.This method does not give more pollution in the room during the work and does not require much experience to meet them.Enough has already been tested to follow the instructions carefully and to hold the finish right.

Very easy to assembly work slopes of plasterboard

Very easy to assembly work slopes of plasterboard

today made several types of plasterboard, and one of them (gypsum plasterboard, greenish) firmly withstands high humidity - him and should give preference to design slopes.Difficulties during installation can cause not install the material and its subsequent finishing for decorative coatings - a primer and putty .Without these works "drywall" can quickly come into disrepair, as it has quite a delicate structural composition and can be used for a long time only at the closing of sections and surface finishes.

From drywall 2 Would you like to perform window slopes of plasterboard?

installation process is described in detail in the article of our portal « Slopes of plasterboard with their hands », which is easy to link to.There, in the publications are well covered questions about the varieties and performance of the material.

Tools and materials for installation slopes

to work to bring the slopes in order, depending on the option chosen, will require different materials.A list of the instruments varies slightly - they are needed not only for the installation work, but also for preparatory measures.

Tools for

For the installation of any of the materials selected are required construction tools.

Tools required for installation of slopes

Tools required for installation of slopes

A. If coming plastering works, you need to prepare:

  • spatulas for application and leveling mortars.
  • Plaster trowel or spatula - they are also used for applying plaster or putty to the wall solution.
  • equalizer corners - it will help to quickly and accurately make the correct internal and external corners, which always cause the greatest difficulty in removing.
  • Grater - used for leveling and smoothing plaster or putty surfaces.
  • Falcon - it is convenient to use solution for presentation to the finished surface during operation.
  • plastering trowel - the professional tools nt etc. ednaznachen for application and leveling compounds.
  • Electric drill with paddle-mixer - need for mixing solutions.
  • capacity mixing.
  • metal profiles or wooden rack - needed to create the guide.

B. To perform the installation PVC panels at hand you need to have:

  • sharp knife construction.
  • corner, a ruler and a tape measure for measuring and fitting panels blanks.
  • Building syringe for use with a sealant gun or foam.

V. Some tools are required for installation of any of the materials listed above:

  • wide brush to apply the primer.
  • Building level which will help to control the removal of surfaces in perfect vertical and horizontal planes.
  • Metal shears for cutting reinforcing parts or profiles.

Separately must be said about the tools intended for pre preparation surfaces slopes:

Hatchet or special nozzle-chisel to punch - these tools are required in cases where the slopes are made irregularly or arranged in such a way that noallow you to open the sash windows completely, and they will have to simply beat.

Building hairdryer - in that case, if it is possible to restrict the removal of old paint coating.

Spatula - need if you want to only clean the surface slopes from the old plaster, paint or wallpaper.


A. If selected for the installation of plastic slopes, the materials need to be purchased:

  • plastic panels (or lining), the amount of which is calculated according to the parameters of the slope.The panels need to be installed on the sides and ceiling of the window opening , and means , in order to determine the exact amount of material needed measure the height, width, slope and wall thickness.Usually purchased panel with 10 ÷ 15% of the reserve.
  • Start plastic rake, which has U-shaped.
Starting profile

Starting profile

  • Rake having F-shaped form (F- profile).
F- shaped profile

F-shaped profile

  • profiles internal angle, mounted on panel joint.
Reiki for forming the inner corner

Reiki to form the inner corner

  • Thermal insulation material - EPS or mineral wool desired thickness and size.If previously insulated sandwich panels, it is possible to do without additional insulation.
  • Wooden or plywood rake in 100 ÷ 120 mm.
  • Screws desired length.
  • White silicone to seal gaps between the panels.
  • Polyurethane foam - better to use a "professional" in the box and not cheap in aerosol containers ..
  • Staples.
  • primer composition.

for installation of PVC sandwich panels require the same materials, in addition to the U-shaped and angled slats. F-shaped strap may be required for registration of the outside corner, but you can do without it , used for its design putty mixture.Which option to choose trim angle - entirely dependent on the preferences of the owner housing.

B. for finishing slopes plaster will need the following materials:

  • putty, plaster mixture.
Dry mortar for plastering performance - plastering

Dry mortar to perform putty, plastering

  • Finishing putty .
Putty for finishing slopes

Putty for finishing slopes

  • primer antifungal composition.
It is very important to antifungal treatment slope surfaces

very important to antifungal treatment surfaces slopes

  • paint Perforated strengthening profile for outside corners.
Perforated profile angles facilitate removal

Perforated profile will facilitate the removal of corners

  • finishing decorative material: water-based paint, wallpaper or tile - owners of preference.

Surface Preparation slopes

Once all the required purchased and prepared, you can proceed to the preparation of surfaces for installation of decorative materials.This process can be carried out in various ways.

  • If window is set in such a way that all around him on the slopes is enough space for the installation finishes with a heater, it is often enough only to remove old paint, whitewash or wallpaper with these surfaces.

whitewash or wallpaper on the walls around the windows can be removed easily if you first soak them soaking water several times.

Removing old paint with a spatula and building dryer

Removing old paint with a spatula and building dryer

paint is oil-based or organic are usually removed with a spatula, heating the surface of the building hairdryer.

Cleaned slopes should be primed with a primer antiseptic, to avoid potential by finishing spots of mold, which can not only damage the walls and trim, but also bring a bad smell and a very unhealthy atmosphere in the living room.The fact that the fungus can be dangerous to the health of residents, so this milestone can not be neglected.

Required priming the base surface slopes

Required priming the base surface slopes

application of primer is most often carried out in several layers , each time - after complete drying of the previous one.Process not only flat surfaces, but also tight corners - it is necessary to use a narrow brush.

  • other, more complex version of the preparation include complete dismantling of the plaster layer, deposited on the slopes.
Dismantling of the old finishing slopes

Dismantling of old finishing slopes

By resorting to this method in cases where between the window frame and the left slope is very small distance, which does not fully open the window.Another situation where this can not do without drastic measures - is the inability to install insulation slopes or even ordinary plastic panels.

To quickly remove the layer of plaster used punch with a special nozzle, which is called a chisel-blade.It is well to hook all the layers, deposited on the wall, and they are taken fairly large pieces.

Further, purified slopes need to sweep away dust and particles and wall plaster - this proce ss etc. gadfly with a soft brush or wide brush.But then it is necessary to prime the wall with the same anti-fungal compound.

Finishing slopes

To be carried out on the slopes of the installation or other material, it is necessary to consider each of the options in steps.

By finishing pass after deposited on the wall primer is well absorbed and completely dry.

Finishing slopes plaster without insulation

process plastering surfaces around the window as follows:

Illustration Brief description of the operation being performed
m1 first step, around the windowniche installed rails of metal profiles or wooden slats.
It should be noted that the metal rail is preferred since it has a lower adhesion than wood - it is easier to extract bude.
guides are set at the level of construction and fixed to the wall with dowels.The profile should extend beyond the corner of the window opening in the plaster layer thickness of the future.
T2 other rail of perforated corner exhibited around the window frame.