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August 12, 2017 18:06

Electric heating boiler is a private house

problem heating company in your own home certainly stands to any owner.Of course, everyone wants to make the most of the housing of the heating system, but so that the starting and the cost of equipment, and regular payments for energy were as low as possible.Also important is the question of ease of use, with minimal interference in the work of heating devices.

If there gas pipeline, Summing to housing, almost uniquely question is usually resolved in favor of it is a gas boiler.But what about those who are deprived of such an opportunity?There is a solution - you can use electrical energy, good, access to it is implemented everywhere. Many deters the high cost of this energy source, and there is an widespread opinion that such a heating system - a direct path to ruin.With this statement is debatable - with a reasonable approach to the organization of the system and reliable insulation housing defroster become quite competitive in comparison with other heating systems, and in the ease

of use - far ahead of them.Of course, all this is true, if properly selected electric boiler for heating private houses.

Electric heating boiler is a private house

Electric boiler for heating private houses

try to understand the types of such equipment - what's the difference between them, what are the main advantages and disadvantages, how just settled them opinions which sometimes or create electric boilers entirely negative reputation, orOn the contrary, he is credited with absolutely "fantastic" properties.

The convenient electric heating boiler?

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  • 1 The convenient electric heating boiler?
  • 2 boilers with tubular electric heaters (TEH)
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  • 3 Electrode heating boilers
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  • 4 Induction heating boilers
    • 4.1 type boilers SAV
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    • 4.3 and Benefitsinduction heating drawbacks
  • 5 Video: how to choose the electric boiler

Create any traditional heating system based on the transmission of the heat transfer fluid along the contour of the pipes from the boiler to the radiators, heat exchangers - a problem of sufficient magnitude and complex, requiring careful calculations and planning, considerable material costs.And, by and large account , its fundamental unit is only slightly dependent on the type of boiler, that is, all the material and physical costs are about the same.Another thing - the installation of heat generator - here has traced significant differences, and an electric kettle in this regard immediately acts as a leader in terms of efficiency and ease of implementation.Judge for yourself:

A. Gas equipment, very economical in operation, require the mandatory drafting, its coordination at various levels, of the installation work with the obligatory involvement of relevant specialists.

Installation of gas equipment, always paired with the preparation of project documentation

Installation of gas equipment, always paired with the preparation of project documentation

addition holding gas pipeline to the installation of the boiler, it becomes a prerequisite for ensuring output of products of combustion and the creation of the ventilation system.If we consider all the bureaucratic delays and the level of prices for the services of specialists gas enterprises that are absolute monopoly in this area, the "headache" will be provided with a considerable, and monetary costs - as well.

B. Installation boilers solid or liquid fuels also require a lot of organizational costs.Such equipment should be placed in a separate room, a dedicated boiler room, with well-organized and ventilation chimney to eliminate the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.Such heaters - the most vulnerable in terms of fire safety, and probably will require consultation with the relevant supervisory authorities.

Solid fuel boiler , as a rule, requires providing a separate room

Solid fuel boiler, as a rule, requires providing a separate room

Of course, many may involve low cost of fuel, but you will agree, not all regions of the country firewood and coal - are available and cheap .It will also require the construction of any repository for storing at least a minimum stock of fuel, with regard ensure its safety for use in a suitable form.

In addition, solid-equipment requires regular interference in their work - for loading another portion of wood or coal.In certain extent, this problem is solved installing modern long burning boilers , but only partly - though less frequently, but the download manually conduct have .And the last - of all types of boilers are the least amenable to fine-tuning and automation.

V. Now move , in fact, to electric boilers.In than their main advantages:

  • operation of such equipment is not paired with any emissions into the atmosphere - are completely eliminated all care of equipment and special ventilation chimney.Operation of the boiler is not accompanied by any odor, and into account the fact that these devices are usually small enough, they can easily be placed directly within the living area of ​​the house.
Electric heating boiler can easily be placed , for example , in the kitchen

Electric heating boiler can easily be placed, for example, in the kitchen

In short, the special facilities they require, and the stylish look of many current models do not spoil the interior of the rooms where they are installed.Moreover, there are also quite compact models, which cuts right near radiators, becoming almost invisible to the eye.

Miniature electrode boiler is located right next to a radiator

miniature electrode boiler is located right next to the radiator heating

  • follows from the above and the following advantages - easy installation.The unit can be fully hold their own, of course, given the required wire cross-section of the switchboard.Most often, the cost, even without any additional approvals - unless their heating too much space, and the house has a good-quality thermal insulation, the equipment is sufficient capacity of about 6 ÷ 10 kW, then there will be a fairly standard power line, which is held in private housing (15 kW).

According to the "Rules of technological connection of power receivers (power installations) of legal entities and individuals to electric networks", approved by the Russian Federation from 27.12.2004 N 861, permit of Rostekhnadzor for admission to the operation of the facility is not required to :

- individuals of objects up to 15 watts to VC lyuchitelno (for domestic use);

However, in the case where such capacity is not enough, it is advisable to have a three-phase line supply - and there is no longer avoid the "hiking" on the appropriate authorities.But in this case, after marking a line, the final installation is quite feasible on its own, of course, if the host has the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of electrical engineering.

  • Next advantage of electric boiler - it maximum fire safety, because it not use an open flame.If all the requirements for laying power lines and set the appropriate safety equipment for this aspect can be calm.
  • not require any storage space or IU Article I to the organization of storage of fuel reserves.
  • most important advantage - boiler is extremely simple to use, does not require daily intervention in their work.When properly installed and debugged system all will be limited to setting the desired temperature, or more subtle adjustments, to improve the efficiency and heating efficiency.Typically, these boilers are equipped with control units with clear and accessible adjustment devices.
  • From all other boilers, it is easiest to fit power in an innovative "smart house » system.So acquisition of additional control devices saves using discounted nightly rates for electricity the accumulation of the coolant heated in special containers accumulating . It is possible control the operation of the entire heating system remotely by IP or GSM - communication channels, that is, to minimize consumption when the house is unoccupied, and vice versa, to give a command to the active heating of housing at the time of his return.Implemented the ability to programming and work for a certain period, for example, for a week.
Electric boilers easiest to precise steering and programming modes

Electric boilers easiest to precise adjustment and programming modes

  • Finally, it is worth noting that electric boilers usually - much cheaper than gas or solid today.

Now - about the most significant shortcomings of electric boiler.

  • First of all, of course, is the high cost of electricity.Before deciding to install such equipment should still evaluate their real ability to pay monthly bills.This criterion puts special demands on the thermal insulation of the building - will be foolish to throw away large sums in an attempt to maintain comfort in the non-insulated house.And the role of fine adjustment of the heating system, using all-saving features are especially important.
Electronics boilers enjoys a stable power supply

Electronics boilers loves a stable voltage supply

  • Work electric heating system requires a stable power supply.Of course, small jumps are not so afraid of - it is solved by setting the voltage stabilizer, but it costs extra.Well, if significant differences, or even stop the flow are not uncommon - this approach to heating housing is better to refuse.

Now it's time to turn to the main types of electric boilers, particularly their structures and rules of operation, advantages and disadvantages.

boilers with tubular electric heaters ( TEN )

basic unit of electric boilers - the most simple of all.It is based on the properties of the resistance heating wire by passing electric current through them.The main element is the TEN - tubular electric heater.

heating elements can be of various shapes and sizes, but their device, usually, equally :

The fundamental unit of any PETN

fundamental unit of any PETN

The metal body-tube (. Item 1) placed spiral-conductor alloyhaving high electrical resistivity (item 3.) - usually eih for use nichrome.Spiral placed exactly in the axis of the tube, without touching the body, and to achieve this alignment and reliable insulation space is filled with a dielectric having a high thermal conductivity and heat capacity , periclase powder - are crystals of magnesium oxide (item 2)..

With both ends of the tube is sealed, it ends insulating sleeve (Pos. 5) and is fixed on on the mounting plate (pos. 4).For connection to the supply circuit terminals provided one kind or another (pos. 6).It also can be placed and the protective earth terminal (pos. 7).

When voltage is applied to terminals extending in a spiral electric current causes intense heating it.Powerful thermal energy flow through filler is transmitted to the stacks PETN, and from them - to the liquid coolant circulating through boiler.

Usually heating boilers put not one, but several heaters , combined into one unit, but have their own terminals for connection to the circuit.This allows you as necessary to involve several stages of heat - at the same time include all TANS or only some of them.

The block of three heaters

unit three heaters

Block heaters placed in a working heating cylinder, through which the coolant. Some models, in fact, he boiler is a cylinder block connection to the mains and pipes and flanges for the tie-in loop, and all control elements are rendered in separate module.

One of the easiest options for the boiler - without decorative casing

One of the easiest options for the boiler - without decorative casing

more modern and easy to use are electric boiler with heating elements , in which all the necessary elements and monitoring and control instruments are collected in a single housing, a closed decorative cover.For example, one of the models are given on to scheme:

Possible layout of the electric boiler in the housing

Possible layout of the electric boiler in the case

All boiler is assembled in one body through the front panel (item 1.) Which outwardly displayed only the start button andpower level selection (item 3.), heating level control (item 2.), measuring instruments - pressure gauge and a thermometer (4 pos.).

located inside the working cylinder with heating elements (5 pos.), On top of which - heaters connection terminals (item 6)..The convenience of this model is that it is constructive and contains other elements necessary for the operation of the heating system - circulation pump (Pos 7.), Safety valve (8 pos.) And automatic air vent .Inside it is located and to the control circuit board, and switching (Pos. 9).Often placed in the body, even the expansion tank membrane.

Such boiler can easily be installed, for example, on the kitchen wall or hallway, did not spoiling interior.

Advantages boilers with heating elements :

  • relative simplicity of the device.
  • High maintainability - heating elements in the event of failure is easy to change.
  • Variety models as on power levels and automatic saturation and external decoration.
  • ability to use any of the existing heat transfer fluids.

Main disadvantages :

  • Compared with other types of boilers - big enough inertia heating.This is due to the fact that the heat transfer is «indirectly» - insulating and filling the body of the PETN .
  • Job tube heaters cause scale buildup on their surfaces.With this fight installing special anode rods, in some way, "pulls" the formation of scale, but to completely eliminate this phenomenon can not.Over time, the overgrown TANS essentially lose the heating power as a mineral attack on them is extremely low thermal conductivity performance.
  • himself working cylinder with heaters inside the usual - quite surround , that predetermines Overall the boiler itself.

As an example, in table presents a few models of electric boilers with heating elements .(Both here and in tables below selected models about the same horsepower series - for heating small houses with an area of ​​about 80 ÷ 100m ²).It.