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August 12, 2017 18:06

Accessories for bathroom and toilet

to a bathroom or WC had a "lived-in" look and comfortable, not sufficient to establish the traditional elements, such as a bath, shower, toilet and wash basin.There is a wide variety, to varying degrees, the necessary and decorative details, without which there can not do any "decent" bathroom.

Accessories for bathroom and toilet

Accessories for bathroom and toilet

Accessories for bathroom and toilet, you can buy kits or pick individually.The latter option is perhaps even more interesting, because the interior will look more picturesque and varied.However, the purchase of ready-made kits, too, has its advantages - so you can save time and get the unity of design.It should be noted that even the smallest and seemingly insignificant elements, it can make to the "flavor" of the design space, which will completely change the style or look redirect incoming to the desired item.

therefore necessary to find accessories in harmony with each other not only in color but also in the form - these two factors can play a role, for example, pi

cked up the optimistic mood.If the tub is framed in dull shades of gray, and it will "dominate" angular objects, the morning man who came into a room, the mood is unlikely to rise.Another thing, if the bathroom will meet host bright tones and harmoniously matched to each other accessories, made in warm shades - this morning "chromotherapy" will help to cheer up and set the mood for the whole working day.

Accessories for bathroom and toilet

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  • 1 Accessories for bathroom and toilet
    • 1.1 Sets washbasin
    • 1.2 brackets, shelves and towel holders
    • 1.3 Buckets and baskets for paper and linen
    • 1.4 bathroom mirrors
    • 1.5 Mats bathroom
    • 1.6 Curtains bathroom
    • 1.7 Fixtures for bathrooms
  • 2 Video:original accessories for the bathroom and toilet

for modern bathrooms, toilets and common bathrooms made a lot of components made in different styles and configurations.Some of them are functional, while others perform a decorative role in a greater degree, but both are, of course, should have a decent design.

In a typical set of accessories for bathrooms includes all the familiar objects - it stands and glasses for toothbrushes and mouthwashes holders or hooks and towel rails, soap dishes, mirrors, various shelves, mats and blankets on the toilet seat, the curtains, "brushes"and stand by them, toilet paper and paper towels holders, decorative containers with dispensers, laundry baskets and much more.

Sets washbasin

important factor that must be considered by purchasing selected set washbasin - is its harmonious blend with the overall interior design.

Most often, washbasin accessories purchased Complete

The most common accessories for washbasins purchased Complete

for bathrooms Sets can be different, includes articles intended for a specific application.For example, the kit may include washbasin soapbox for adjustment of toothbrushes, cups, containers for liquid soap from a dispenser, and sometimes napkin holders.

On sale you can find sets made in different styles and solutions.They are exclusive, made in a single case (in which case they tend to have a very considerable cost), or standard.These headsets can be used for adults and have a discreet form and thick rich hues, or created specifically for children's "audience" - in cheerful colors and interesting configurations in the form of cartoon characters, stylized animals and plants, etc.

«Adults» kits are manufactured mostly in the romantic version, but they can be made in a classic style and pick up for the bathroom or "high-tech".Accessories are produced from different materials - which may be ceramic, glass, metal, wood or plastic.Often used a combination of, for example, glass is combined with a metal frame, made in the technique of "filigree".These kits are usually made to order, and they are rarely found in standard bathrooms, as they primarily perform a decorative role, and only then - functional.These accessories require a decent environment and space.

The successful combination of metal and glass

successful combination of metal and glass

for different glass accessories can be used not only transparent, but also frosted or colored glass.

For style "high-tech", which is dominated by minimalism, are used as the decor nickel metal surfaces and elements.The rooms are decorated in this style is not provided by a large number of items and accessories - they usually present only the most necessary.

Набор в "минималистском" стиле - только самое необходимое

set in the "minimalist" style - only the most necessary

Such interior perfect set of strict forms, having a metallic coating, specially made for use in a room decorated in that style.

Most ceramic sets for washbasins made out in the romantic style.They are usually unobtrusive colors, pastel shades and decorated mostly with relief floral elements.In the bottles for liquid soap are usually installed chrome dispensers that are not particularly affect the objects of decorative and not "knock out" of his general style.

Beautiful ceramic set in romantic style

beautiful ceramic set in the style of romanticism

Another option ceramic accessories are manufactured using the "nautical theme" - it is also quite popular and suitable for a variety of interiors.The main thing is to maintain the overall style of the room to place other decorative or functional items related to the same topic.Sometimes these kits are purchased for already decorated bathroom and designed to emphasize the thematic focus of the picture or the color of ceramic tile or border (frieze) wall finish.

Unfortunately, not all children love to wash in the morning.Output can be found - for example, purchase an original set for washing, the main "hero" which is a cheerful frog or a duckling.So this morning for the procedure turn the child in an entertaining game.

Маленькому ребенку будут интересны встречи с таким "лягушонком"

A young child will be interested in meeting with the "frog»

This set would look great in a bathroom with a light finish, which is very important if a family has a small child, as this area must cause him very positiveemotions.

However, not only the child, but every adult should be nice to go to the bathroom.And this mood can only create a bright refreshing hues, against which stand out bright spots are separate accessory.

brackets, shelves and towel holders

this category can be attributed not only Towel and shelves, but also all other attachments that can be used in the bathroom - is the holder of the hair dryer and toilet paper, air freshener and cup Toothbrushbrushes, and the hanger hooks and different configurations.

A special group of accessories - hangers , hooks , brackets , shelves , towel rails

special group of accessories - hangers, hooks, brackets, shelves, towel rails

combine them in one section may be for the manufacture of the material, because first of all they are matched to each other precisely according to this criterion.

Less important for these accessories is their form - it should be not only aesthetic, but also the most convenient to use.

next thing to consider when choosing the material elements of the interior - it is resistant to moisture and temperature extremes, as well as the ability to withstand the weight of the shelf items that they will be installed or hanged.

Corner shelves in the bath rim

Corner bookcase Deck Mounted bath

best to choose accessories made from two different materials, such as plastic or glass and metal.Good operating duration of different objects made from high quality plastic of sufficient thickness.But buying bathroom accessories, covered with enamel, probably not worth it, because, sooner or later, under the influence of a damp environment, it will begin to separate from the base, and a shelf or towel will look very messy.

Chrome plated is not always the case metal shelving parts quality, and the same way as the enamel can peel off from the base.So do not get cheap accessories, because they just do not last a long time.

Steel corner shelf with chrome finish

steel corner shelf with chrome plated

Quite often on plastic products coated simulating the metal, which gives them at first is quite respectable.Such items are often issued by unscrupulous sellers of metal, and they are made mostly by Chinese and Turkish consumer goods manufacturers.Therefore, we should not deceive ourselves lowest price, because sputtering quickly erased, and plastic from a small load can simply break.

But even metal chrome products are not always of good quality.Their weak spot welding point can call the individual elements - it is with them, first of all, begins to separate spraying, and they lose their original appearance.

Of course, the market can always find high-quality products, but they can not have a low price.These accessories are made in different design styles and are also made from different materials.For example, quite often in a metal frame or bracket mounted glass panels or vessels.

The large assortment can be found in specialty stores not only the shelves for bathrooms, but other items such as towel holders and hangers.

Making these accessories is also important for the interior, so their shape and material of manufacture must comply with other details and style of the room.Towel sometimes walking in combination with one of the types of shelves, it may also be made of one or two materials - which may be of plastic, wood and metal.

Shelves on suckers - a combination of high-quality plastic and metal

Shelves on suckers - a combination of high-quality plastic and metal

are fixed or swivel design By Towel.They are made in different styles - from retro to "high-tech".Products are given to a variety of configurations, from which depends directly on their functionality, as some of them are designed for one thing and the other on several towels.

Towel drier with adjustable crossbars

Towel drier with adjustable crossbars

Due to this diversity choose the functional element for any taste and design in the cellar.

Single towel , made in retro style

Single towel, made in retro style

Quite often used as a towel holder towel warmers that are more functional, because it does not only give the opportunity to place on them a few towels, but also qualitatively dry them.In addition, the interior accessories also have a certain styling, and it can become a decorative, decorating a bathroom element.

The most effective action - of towel with water or electric heating

most effective action - of towel with water or electric heating

Towel powered by hot water (sometimes - by heating) or from the mains.Electric dryers make it possible to place them anywhere in the bathroom, without reference to existing utilities, since they operate independently.In addition, the combination produced devices operating by electricity like, and from the water circuit.They are preferable in that they can be used at any time of the year, to save on electricity in winter.

Towel functionality plus decorative - important qualities dryers

towels to prevent errors when you buy this accessory, it is necessary to know some nuances.In this issue of our portal will help to become fully devoted selection towel warmer .

If you want to buy all of these at once in this section mounted accessories for bathroom and toilet, you can try to pick the appropriate kit.

Such kits include a different number of elements, so you can choose the appropriate specific conditions of bathroom equipment - it also makes such a purchase quite convenient thing.

in acquiring any set there are several significant "pluses" - a significant savings, equally seasoned style and design elements similar material of manufacture.It is important and what is not have to spend time searching for and selection of suitable accessories for each other "loose".

The best option - to buy a richly stocked with a single set of accessories design style

best option - to buy a set of richly stocked with single-styled accessories

Such kits are made on the basis of one or a combination of several materials.If they mimic metal or metal, it can be "polished steel", "gold" and "bronze" - depending on the style, which made the total decoration accessories.

buckets, baskets, paper and linen

These home furnishings can also have a diverse design and are able to take their "rightful" place in the design registration room.Sometimes they are made in unusual variations, which visually even conceal their purpose and do similar to decorative ornaments.

to manufacture these accessories are also used all kinds of material.For example, for the style of "high tech" is selected metal or a metallic coating having a steel or gold glitter.Sometimes the stiffness of metal combined with the softness of the leather or fabric finishes.

Even a bucket of paper can become interior decoration

Even bucket paper can become interior decoration

Made of metal and simple models to suit a modest interior, as they have a neat shape and a wide variety of color options.These containers not only look good in different styles and solutions, but also comfortable to use, so they are equipped with a foot pedal, thanks to which not even have to bend down to throw garbage.Buckets are often given a color coat of enamel - such a decision would be appropriate for the subject as a bucket is mounted on the floor, and the steam from the hot water rises.Thus, the bottom of the room humidity is significantly lower and not so dangerous for the spray coating.

Bucket with a pedal in a different tint performance

Bucket with a pedal in a different tint performance

Another option could be the original purchase baskets and buckets made of weaving process.They can be named in these baskets.

By ignorance did not even think that it

of ignorance did not even think that it's - laundry baskets, destined to the laundry

material for their weaving pretreated vlagoottalkivayuschey means, and the gaps between the bars provide adequate air circulation, so inside they will not accumulate moisture.Inside these baskets placed bags of cotton cloth, which protect the walls from contamination and, at the same time, do not block the circulation of air masses.

Wicker options can have traditional shapes and bins are also equipped with a foot pedal, so they are easy to operate and aesthetic in any interior style.

Baskets with pedal to open the lid

baskets with pedal to open the lid

Plastic accessories - the most affordable and produced in a variety of configurations and design tint.The range presented in the stores will help you find the model baskets or buckets for garbage, which ideally will be inscribed in the design space.