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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installing plastic window with his hands

More recently plastic windows were considered a kind of "elite" part of the house or apartment, available to very few wealthy owners .Today the situation has changed - these window systems have become less expensive and moved into the category is widely used by almost all average statistical families.They significantly outperform wooden and degree Insulated , and soundproofing, and on on dgonke all elements that becomes reliable barrier to drafts and street dust.And just such a window looks very nice and is easy to write out any design of the house and its premises.

Installing plastic window with his hands

Installing plastic window with his hands

a word, and in the construction of new housing and repairs during the question are almost always clearly decided in favor of the installation is of such windows.Companies, large and small, involved in their assembly at the moment - a great variety of almost all regions of the country.Large firms in the price of your windows at once and lay their installation - for large vo

lumes of production, they can afford it.But often you can meet small private enterprises, which require the installation of a fee - and that in these times of the order of 2,5 ÷ 3,0 thousand rubles .It is clear that the thought arises at once - so if complicated installation of plastic windows with their hands?Is it possible to save on it, having a separate assembly?

turns out that it is quite feasible.Home - well understand the process technology and to prepare the necessary supplies at once.And, of course, the installation exercise increased accuracy, strictly follow the installation instructions.

main stages of installation of plastic windows

Article Contents

  • 1 main stages of installation of plastic windows
  • 2 two basic ways to mount plastic windows
  • 3 Conducting measurements
    • 3.1 Measurement of the window opening and a quarter
    • 3.2 Metering direct opening, without quarter.
  • 4 Preparation tools and consumables
  • 5 Removing old window
  • 6 Preparing new window for installation
    • 6.1 Video: how to extract glazed PVC windows
    • 6.2 Video: how to remove leaf PVC windows
  • 7 Install and mount the window in the opening
  • 8 Sealing gaps
  • 9 Install window sill and outflow
  • 10 Final assembly window
    • 10.1 Video: instructions for self-installation of PVC windows

installation of plastic windows must be carried out in a clear sequence.This technology has stood the "test of time", and make it in adjustments on its discretion would not be inappropriate.

  • primarily carried out the necessary measurements, made an order for the window design.
  • After window manufactured and delivered, carried out the dismantling of old frames, cleaning opening , its correction - if need be.
  • next stage - the preparation of a new window for installation.It can vary - depending on the chosen method of installation windows of than will be discussed below.
  • most important stage - the correct installation of the window in the opening , setting it vertically and horizontally while leaving gaps required, and attaching to the wall.
  • Next, is sealing joints between the frame and opening , software hydraulic and vapor barrier.
  • next step - setting low tide on the outside and indoor window sill.
  • makes the final adjustment of the window mechanism, installing the necessary elements of fitting.
  • When the room will be finish - set window slopes.

Now about the main stages - with all the details.

two basic ways to mount plastic windows

Before proceeding with individual work, you need to understand a little theory.

  • First , can not be taken for the installation of windows to anyone who did not accurately represent his device.For a start look at the window from the outside:
The main elements of PVC windows

Key elements of PVC windows

1 - Joinery assembled from PVC profiles.

2 - The opening casement windows, also made of a special profile.Can be opened in several planes, for example, be a swing-out.Suspended to the frame through a special fitting elements, which allow for precise adjustment of the position of the sash.

3 - Central stand - impost, share a common plane just ok on to two or more parts.Material production - the same frame profile.

4 - Mounted in the opening sash or frame profile directly (when "blind" side of the window) glazing. Maybe mono (two glasses) or triple (3 glasses).

5 - fitting elements.In this case shows the handle opening flaps.

6 - PVC window sill, which is usually bought, acquire and install along with the window itself.

Now look at the same screen in the section (for convenience applied sequentially numbered, ie the coincidence of the positions with the upper pattern of numbers are included):

Window profiles sectional

Profiles window in the context of

- frame profile (item 1.) Ismultiple airbags (usually 3 to 5 ÷ 6) - the more of them, the greater the insulating quality of the window system.The profiles are calculated in a horizontal line in the direction of the street to the premises.In this case, the figure - three-chamber profile.

- Inside Profile is reinforcing metal profile (item 7)..This ale nt etc. idae t t rebuemuyu stiffness frame structure.

- Roughly the same is arranged and sash profile (key 2.).The number of cameras is usually the same as the frame, inside also placed reinforcing metallic element (item 8 .)

- Double glazing in the frame or sash windows kept shtapikami (item 9.).

- The diagram further shows the device window slopes of PVC panels. Pos .10 - the starting profile, poses .11 - PVC panel, poses .12 - casing, also made of PVC.

Of course, the windows from different manufacturers may have their own characteristics, different cross-sectional shape and the reinforcement profiles, number of airbags, glass design, yet the template remains the same.

For more information about, as arranged PVC window, and how to approach the selection of the optimum of its model, described in a special publication of our portal.

  • Second , you must decide on the method of fixing the window in the opening .In practice, use two main approaches - installation directly through the frame with dowels or anchors, or installation with pre-fixed box on the bracket (anchor plate) .
Two ways to mount the window in the opening

Two ways to mount the window in the opening

A. In the first case (below - left) is drilled through the frame, coaxial hole is a hole in the wall there. Fixing ale nt Sun be accorded through the frame, tightened, and his head will then be installed hidden or veiled glazed sash.

Advantages of this method:

  • window opening in established much more precisely.
  • strength of fixing the entire window system - higher, so this approach is only possible for large size windows (2000 mm or more on any of the parties), or where there is assumed to be high external loads (particularly windy place, high floors and tons.. n )


  • window requires mandatory dismantling - removal of the glazing beads and glass, opening the valves.To the untrained wizard it - extra problem, because when removing shtapiki easy to scratch or bend and shot STEKLOPACK reflux rebuet particularly careful treatment.For the necessity of dismantling such a method often referred to unpack the installation window.
  • Violation of the integrity of the profile (piercing right through him) lowers its insulating qualities, and certain conditions can cause misting glasses.
  • This installation takes longer.

B. Installation on the anchor plate or other brackets, reinforced at the end of the PVC window frames.After setting the window to the desired position in the opening , the platinum attached dowels or anchors to the wall (schematically shown in the top picture on the right). sill and further finishing slopes hide them from view.

The window on the anchor plate

window to the anchor plate


  • This installation is carried out easier and faster, especially if you are using regular anchor plates that are firmly in the slots designed for them at the end of the profile.
The plate is easily inserted into the grooves of the frame profile

plate easily and securely inserted into the grooves of the frame profile

  • does not violate the integrity of the profile - no need to drill it through.
  • No need to hold a mandatory dismantling window - it can be installed in assembled form.(Because of this, this method is sometimes referred to as "no decompression").However, this advantage can be called very conditional, for several reasons.Firstly, most windows are delivered from the manufacturer in disassembled form.Second, mount the window assembly, mounted with double-glazed windows, especially on the top floor - a very difficult and dangerous because of its great weight.And thirdly, to fill the remaining slots from the outside, providing exterior waterproofing and installation of low tide is still more convenient to be stripped of all windows.

Lack , one in principle, which has already been mentioned - on the strength of the installation, on the resistance of a large window weight and wind loads, this method is much inferior .

Conducting measurements

Immediately appropriate to make one very important point.Owners of apartments, anyway, have to contact the company, which is engaged in manufacturing of windows to make a booking.The best situation is when come representative of the manufacturer and self hold all the necessary measurements.Firstly, a specialist in this matter - a lot more experience, and the probability of error is minimal.Gager, usually already familiar with all the typical buildings, and they are much easier to deal with the nuances of window openings .And secondly, if you suddenly happen that made the window for some reason suddenly will not fit aperture , the entire responsibility will fall on the employees of the firm, and the customer will be entitled to require production of the correct window design.

Measurements often - a free service

measurements often - a free service

Very often serious companies froze opening included in the cost of the order is not paid, and further, so that it is not necessary to take itself head.

If, however, decided to conduct their own measurements and it is necessary to first understand the configuration of the window opening .

Two types of window openings

Two types of window openings

  • In panel high-rise buildings are more common openings a quarter - monolithic rim with both sides and the top of the opening, forming such way outer slope window (in the figure - to the left).
  • in brick houses usually do not have a quarter - opening formed straight planes perpendicular to the wall (below - right).

different measurements openings have their own characteristics.

Metering window opening a quarter

When measuring window with a quarter considered the , that on both vertical sides and on top of the window frame must be a quarter on 15 ÷ 25 mm, while still must remain a gap to fill it with foam.

Necessary clearances when installing windows

Necessary clearances when installing windows

Then froze as follows:

  • outside in several places (top, center, bottom) strictly horizontally measured distance A between opposite slopes.Given that the window should go to them to 15 ÷ 25 mm, added to the resulting distance of 30 ÷ 50 mm.So get pre reflux rebuemuyu width of the window.
Determination of the width of the window opening to a quarter

Definition window width for the opening quarter with

Now measurements are made inside.Specifies the width of the opening With at its widest point, at the level of the wall ( as , horizontally in several places - for the control).Not to be confused with the value of In , which shows the distance between the slopes at the very frame - this figure this case there is no defining irrelevant.

Now you can compare the resulting pre-required width of the window with the width of the opening .Since each of the parties on each side should be not less than 20 mm on the seal assembly foam.It is possible to adjust the width to be ordered, as there are certain range approach to approx on quarter.

  • Now, about the height of the window.frame Sunset on the top quarter remains the same.Lower quarter, usually, in openings does not happen, because there are established sill and external reflux.For their installation is necessary under the window frame additionally use the installation profile.In most cases, manufacturers assemble his still in the process of execution of the order, but the check is never a hindrance.
An important design element - Podstavochny profile

important design element - a wildcard profile

So, how to fathom and to calculate the height of the window:

Determination of the height of the window

Definition window height

measure the brightness outside - from certain quarters to the point where located obliquely tide (if it is) regard to the outer corner of the opening ( F ).

This value is added 15 ÷ 25 mm - Frame is set to the upper quarter.Now you need to take 30 mm - the height of the installation profile.Under it must also be a gap for sealing - from 5 to 20 mm.They, too, are subtracted from the value obtained.As a result, you should get the required height of the window.

To control made measurements inside - from the top point opening to the sill ( E ), and then we must try to fathom the distance from top surface windowsill to "naked» opening (sometimes it has to smy seq I did remove the sill general , as it all still will soon change).The resulting height opening will allow to verify the correctness of calculations - the height of the window + wildcard profile + not mene 20 mm above and 5 ÷ 20 mm from the bottom to seal the mounting foam.

Note - if you do not plan to install a wildcard profile (which in itself is already a serious drawback) the gap between the frame and opening bottom left not less than 40 mm.

immediately possible to make measurements Order Window sills and slopes.

  • length equal to the distance between the low tide quarters ( A ) plus 50 mm.Width - the distance from the window to the edge of the opening + 20 ÷ 30 mm .