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August 12, 2017 18:06

Summer kitchen with his hands

In the warmer months, especially in the period of preservation, the presence of a summer kitchen facilitates the cooking process and make it more pleasant.For the construction of an optionally employ specialists - all steps can be performed independently.If you choose the right materials and a summer kitchen will cost is not too expensive, it is of great importance for economic owner.

Summer kitchen with his hands

Summer kitchen with his hands

Forms summer kitchens

Article Contents

  • 1 Forms summer kitchens
    • 1.1 Kitchen gated
    • 1.2 Open kitchen
  • 2 Where build
  • 3 Building open kitchen
    • 3.1 Step 1. Marking
    • 3.2 Step 2. Fill the foundation
    • 3.3 Step 3: Install the pillars
    • 3.4 Step 4. Installation of the canopy
    • 3.5 Step 5. The unit floor
    • 3.6 Step 6. Fitted kitchen
  • 4 Building closed kitchen
    • 4.1 Step 1. Layout area
    • 4.2 Step 2. Preparing the foundation
    • 4.3 Step 3. Mounting sill
    • 4.4 Step 4. Summer kitchen - frame
    • 4.5 Video - Deck "in a paw┬╗
    • 4.6 Step 5. Mounting the roof
    • 4.7 Step 6. Fitted kitchen
    • 4.8 Video - Summer kitchen with his hands

summer kitchen can be closed and open design.Both species are widely used in the suburban and country areas.In order to decide on what type of stop the election, should examine the advantages and disadvantages of such structures.

Kitchen gated

Summer cuisine

Summer kitchen

This kitchen has windows, doors and the roof, as a full house.There are options, combined with a bath or a summer shower, cellar, workshop, with an attached terrace for eating and relaxing.Usually chosen for the construction of lightweight materials and insulated building, so the room is not used in winter.At the same time, there is a kitchen of foam blocks and bricks, which are more durable and can be insulated, if necessary.

Design summer kitchen project

Design project of a summer kitchen

Advantages of closed structures:

  • reliable protection against rain, wind, dust and insects;
  • additional accommodation during the arrival of guests;
  • complete preservation of valuable items and products.
    Summer kitchen gated

    Summer kitchen gated

    Summer kitchen with veranda

    summer kitchen with veranda


  • closed kitchen requires more material, so is more expensive;
  • additional calculations needed for the project;
  • construction process more time-consuming and lengthy.

This option is more suitable for holiday homes, where the owners live permanently.But in the country, which is empty in winter, building a closed kitchen is not always justified.

Closed summer kitchen at the cottage

Closed summer kitchen at the cottage

Open kitchen

Open kitchen

Open kitchen

Open kitchen built on the principle of pavilions: concrete or tiled base, supporting columns on the perimeter, roof canopy.Under a canopy mounted oven, kitchen table, benches.Sometimes the kitchen without making a pass, if it is used exclusively for cooking on vacation on clear days.The building blocks for an open kitchen serves mostly wood, brick, natural stone.

Summer kitchen - a project with a barbecue

Summer kitchen - a project with a barbecue


  • small construction costs;
  • simple technology and a minimum of calculations;
  • speed of erection.

    construction project , combined with an open kitchen

    project construction, combined with an open kitchen


  • can not use the room during the cold period;
  • no protection from wind and insects;
  • little protection from rain and moisture;
  • not leave products.
  • all the furniture that there will be need to hide for the winter in closed dry rooms, otherwise it will quickly rot.

Where build

Pergola with summer kitchen

Pergola with summer kitchen

Location cuisine is of great importance.Khozdvor, composting and pit latrines should be as far as possible, but the communication, on the contrary, closer.In the kitchen you have to sum up the water, connecting electricity, so it is best if the site is under construction near the house.You can not choose the place in the valley, otherwise the floor will dampen.Closed kitchen can be attached to the house, and the open is better positioned in the garden or by the pond, away from the road.

Building open kitchen

Drawing a summer kitchen from a bar on the pier foundation

drawing a summer kitchen of the bar on the pier foundation

option of building an open kitchen set, but the basic steps are always the same: layout and site preparation, installation of foundations, installation of pillars, setting the roof and the interiorarrangement of the room.

The appearance of the kitchen

Appearance cuisine

To work needed:

  • level;
  • shovel;
  • pegs and string;
  • Roulette, sand and gravel;
  • mortar;
  • pieces of rebar;
  • timber 150x150 mm;
  • circular saw;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer and nails;
  • metal triangles;
  • screws;
  • board 25 mm thick;
  • primer.

Step 1. Marking

selected area is cleaned of all the excess and remove the sod.Define one of the corners of buildings and drive a peg into the ground, and then from him the breadth and length of the area under the kitchen.In each of the corners put beacons, pegs and pull the string between them.Check the correctness of markings on the diagonals - they must be the same length.Thereafter, within markup selected soil to a depth of 15-20 cm, and dub tamped.

Step 2. Fill the foundation

Determination of the depth of excavation

Determination of the depth of excavation



Laying formwork

laying formwork

Laying fixtures

Stacking fittings

Pouring concrete

Pouring concrete



bottom of the pit to sleep even layer of sand, leveled, well compacted.If necessary, lay on the bottom of the communication pipe on top of the rubble fall asleep.Lay reinforcing mesh at the corners of the site inserted metal rods 20 cm, mounted on the perimeter of the formwork boards.Formwork height above the ground should be about 10 cm;using a level on the inside of the casing fill line mark of the solution to obtain a flat platform.Knead the concrete and pour it into the mold, focusing on the layout.communication pipe is plugged, another solution may be to get inside.The surface level a rule, after which the foundation leave to dry completely.

also the foundation for the kitchen can be made columnar type using bricks.Partitioning is performed similarly solid foundation, after which the square-shaped hole dug to a depth of 50 cm. The bottom of the pit is filled with sand and compacted, then inserted a metal rod around which made brickwork.The height of the foundation pillars checked level.If necessary, additional bars are aligned cement layer.

Layout by laying the foundation pillars

marking a masonry columns foundation

foundation pillar

Column foundation

The photo shows waterproofing

The photo shows waterproofing

Laying sill

Laying sill

Lay the bottom rail and lags

stacked waistrail and lags

on reinforcement bars willfasten the lower rail of the timber, which is joined by the "paw".Bruce is laid on roofing felt, bitumen pre-glued to each column.On the sill logs assembled subfloor of edged boards.

Step 3: Install the pillars

Installation of support beams

Installation support beams

Installation of support beams

Installation support beams

Reference desk

support post

The lower ends of the beam drilled holes for reinforcing rods protruding from the foundation.The front desk made 20 cm above the back, the better to mount the canopy.Install the boards in the corners of the site, put on a level, and then fix them to the base of the metal plates on the anchor bolts.At the top of the pillars connect strapping of the timber, and at a height of 70-80 cm from the floor mounted horizontal jumper.

Driving pent roof truss system

scheme truss system pent roof

Calculation of the slope of the roof

roof inclination calculation

Driving pent roof insulation

scheme warming pent roof

The photo shows the rafters of the roof and canopy

The photo shows the rafters of the roof and canopy



The roof and hood

Roofand visor

Table.The slope of the roof, depending on the coating

roof Material Weight sq.m (without base) kg exemplary durability, years slope of the roof, hail.
Sheet black steel 3-5 20-25 16-30
Galvanized steel 3,5-6 30-40 16-30
Ruberoid 4-13 13-15 4-27
Tile 40-50 60 or more 30-45
Asbestos cement 14-20 40-45 27-50

Step 4. Installation of the canopy

strapping nailed to the upper primed board design width every 50 cm. The internal joints are necessarily strengthen metal triangles, to shed not sold in high winds.Over plank boards waterproofing material, stuffed thin rack and stack the sheets of slate or corrugated.



Step 5. floor device

most optimal solution would be tiling.She is not afraid of water, easy to clean from pollution, easy to tolerate extremes of temperature.Wooden flooring in the open kitchen deteriorating rapidly under the influence of atmospheric moisture, rassyhaetsya sun, damaged by insects, and therefore requires regular maintenance.So, take a tile, tile adhesive, trowel and start facing the floor.Spread of the angle tile: slightly deposited on the back surface of the solution, is applied to the floor and dub.

In the photo - granite tiles for the street

The photo - porcelain tile for street

To sutures were as smooth, special plastic crosses are used, which are inserted at the joints.Laying constantly monitor the level, otherwise the coating will be uneven.If you plan to install in the kitchen of this wood-fired oven or barbecue, coat the floor beneath them is not necessary.After completion of the seams is purified from dust and grout, and then triturated with a special mixture.

Step 6. Fitted kitchen

For greater comfort the space between the floor and the horizontal bridges can be clad with boards or close curly wooden grilles, leaving a free doorway.Install the stove, bench and table, fed electricity and water.At the end of wooden surfaces coated with stain and varnish or paint, protecting wood from environmental influences.

Sorting table for outdoor summer kitchen

sorting table for open kitchen detney

Building closed kitchen

Closed kitchen is also very diverse, but the most convenient and easy implementation of a frame structure of the timber on the pier foundation.For cladding we recommend using battens or boards OSB .

In the process, you will need:

  • circular saw;
  • jigsaw;
  • drill and screwdriver;
  • building level;
  • shovel;
  • hammer;
  • roulette;
  • dry planed timber 100x100 mm;
  • board 25 mm thick;
  • long cord and pegs for beacons;
  • roofing material;
  • cinder block;
  • mortar;
  • building studs;
  • working out;
  • nails and screws;
  • sand.

Step 1. Layout area

Marking area

Layout area

selected site should be prepared: to level the hill, remove tall grass, rocks, debris.Now you need to determine where will be located the facade line, and put on her 2 beacon.The distance between the pegs is equal to the length of the facade.Perpendicular to this line, measure the length of each beacon, and the side walls also put labels.Between beacons pull a cord, and in the resulting rectangle diagonals make the measurements.If they are equal, the markup is correct.In the center of each side of the future kitchen, and at the intersection of the diagonals is also necessary to drive the pegs - a label for intermediate pillars.

Step 2. Preparation of the foundation



shovel dig holes in the marked locations pegs to a depth of 40 cm;pit dimensions must meet two cinder blocks laid flat.The walls and the bottom line the pits, poured a layer of sand 10 cm and a ram.2 laid on the sand bottom cinder block, cover them with solution, the middle pin construction is inserted so that it rose above the ground about 25-30 cm. Then the top is placed across the second row of the first cinder block, mortar and again the third row.Prepared columns should have the same height and on the same level.

Step 3. Mounting sill

Installation sill

Installation sill

Bottom rail consists of two rows of timber, downed with each other.All bars liberally coat with used oil, paying special attention to cut, and then dried.In the bottom row of beams need to make holes for the studs and cut notches in the upper floor under the crossbar.The depth of the grooves corresponds to half the thickness of the timber, and the width is equal to the thickness of the crossbar.

On top of the poles are placed pieces of roofing material, putting them directly on the studs.Lower bars are applied to the posts, mark the location of the studs, drilled holes of appropriate diameter.Then placed them on the foundation, threaded studs into the holes and tightening the screws.The ends of the studs should not protrude above the surface of the timber, on the contrary, it is better when they are slightly recessed into the wood.Check the harness level around the perimeter, in order to avoid distortions.Now you need to put the top row of bars, nail them with nails, inserted into the slots floor beams overlap.For greater reliability, better internal joints strengthened with metal plates and screws.

Step 4. Summer kitchen - frame

This summer kitchen has a great look, is harmless and retains heat well indoors.However, it is essential to treat the material ognebiozaschitnoy impregnation, to eliminate the possibility of damage of wood insects.

worth remembering that frame will shrink within a few years, so in addition to sheathe the walls with siding summer kitchen is not recommended.

to indoor walls were smooth, every beam over the entire length otesyvaetsya a plane or a grinder.At the ends of the logs are cut grooves to mate ( "paw" method).This method is not chosen by chance.Firstly, the beams would be used without a residue and secondly, even if the gusset will have a small gap on the functionality and convenience of the summer kitchen is not affected.



Driving log cabin in the leg

Driving log cabin in the leg

Driving in felling paw tooth

scheme logging in the leg with a tooth

to build a mortgage crown, laid two logs facing each other.They put two more perpendicular.This square customize a single plane, so that it is clearly laid down in the horizontal sill future summer kitchen.Next is the marking, cutting and stacking these logs, between which are paving the heater, such as moss or felt.

Recommended sizes of log corner joints in the leg

Recommended dimensions angular log connections in paw

openings for doors and windows of the summer kitchen will be cut down in the future.Themselves windows and front door, along with accessories will be installed after completion of the installation of the roof.