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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a shower

in modern interior bathrooms are increasing showers, which replaces the bath, take up too much space and so little space.Cabs are given to different sizes and shapes, so they can pick up even the bathroom standard small-sized apartments.A variety of models allows you to find one that is perfect for taking the soul, and a bath as well as pallets in showers can be sufficiently broad and deep to match the angular variations baths.

How to choose a shower

How to choose a shower

How to choose a shower, and what to pay attention in this case?This question arises in almost all home owners, start a repair with replacement of plumbing and bathroom design change.To fully answer this question, consider the shower in detail and determine the selection criteria.

Selection Criteria shower

Article Contents

  • 1 Selection Criteria shower
  • 2 bathroom arrangement plan room
  • 3 shower design
    • 3.1 Closed and opendesign booths
    • 3.2 Fencing shower
    • 3.3 tray shower
  • 4 facilities shower
    • 4.1 Hydromassage in the shower
    • 4.2 Steam
    • 4.3 Chromotherapy
    • 4.4 shower "tropical rain»
    • 4.5 Aromatherapy
    • 4.6 Shower cabin with sauna
  • 5 Care showers
  • 6 Video: what to consider when choosing a shower enclosure

choosing this item you need to make for yourself a short list of the qualities and parameters that must be followed for the acquired model.

  • size shower.This parameter is determined by the size of the room bath room and space allotted for the installation of new clothes.
  • price showers.This factor can be called one of the most important, since each family, starting repairs, planned allocation of available funds.The price range for showers is big enough, it varies from fifteen to one hundred thousand, and the mode is much higher.The cost depends on the design of the product, its manufacturing material, functional equipment, design registration and manufacturer rankings.It should therefore be defined in advance and with features that consumers want to have in your booth, and the amount that willing to pay for this purchase.
  • cabin design.Showers in the plan are divided according to several criteria, which will be discussed in detail below.

should be understood that the excessive complexity of the design - is not always a blessing.Produced sliding design having even six flaps - their number depends on the size of the shower and her pallet.But the simpler the design, so it is usually more durable, and its mechanisms rarely fail.

  • Pallets showers.These components can differ in manufacturing material, size, depth and shape.
  • Cabin.Here - a very wide variety of options.Showers can have many built-in functions, as much in demand, and such expediency of which causes some skepticism.So, the booth can be equipped with:

- just an ordinary showerhead, which is present in almost all designs;

- vertical and horizontal hydro-massage;

- steam generator;

- LED-chromotherapy;

- aromatherapy;

- type shower "tropical rain";

- touch controls;

- FM-radio MP-player and hands-free telephone, mobile phone;

- shelves, a dispenser seat and head restraint;

- sauna function and / or "Turkish baths»

Expensive cab can have all these features in a complex, more affordable - only some of them.More basic functions will be discussed below.

Now that the main selection criteria are planned, it is possible to consider them in more detail.

bath room arrangement plan

Post selection was needed to determine the size of the shower, as any accessory, which will be installed in a small room, should fit perfectly in the allotted place for him.To do this it is best to make the bathroom a plan on paper with precise dimensions migrated to scale, and then spread in the resulting space of plumbing accessories and devices that you plan to install it.Projects can be done a few, and then choose the most successful - and then you can choose cabins on this parameter.Probably everyone knows that on paper is easier to make installation or adjustment, to correct any errors or omissions, than to carry out these actions on the ground.

Selection of the correct model shower always begin with the preparation of a bathroom plan

Selection of the correct model of the shower stall always begin with the preparation of

bath room plan A plan, you need to take into account not only the size of the objects themselves plumbing, but the distance between them.This must be done in order to make it clear how much room left for the passage of the room between the set of objects, whether or not to open the door leaf, etc.

addition, executing the project, it is necessary to take into account the location of the communication, and if the shower or other elements will be mounted away from the riser, you should immediately consider how to extend, or hold the pipe will be opened and they are located or embedded in the wall.

design shower

design booths evaluated on various parameters.

Indoor and outdoor booths design

Showers are divided into indoor and outdoor, and this in most cases it depends on the price of the product.

Enclosed cab

Shower gated

Shower cabin gated

called Closed cabin having a rear wall and a roof.You can connect to the internal wiring pipes hot and cold water.Full closure leads to the booth almost sealed, and this implies that it can be fitted with a variety of features that will not be effective in an open design.

Open cab

open cockpit design is quite simple and is a peculiar and pallet screen, which may consist of the front wall and sliding or hinged doors, and sometimes even simply waterproof curtains.The rear wall of the cabin is a bathroom wall.

Open cockpit - roof above it is not provided

booth open type - a roof over it is not provided

Such designs often equipped only with conventional, at least - "rain" shower, and like a booth can be called an economy option.But, despite the lack of a variety of optional features, outdoor showers are in high demand, as are convenient in operation.Upon receipt of such a water treatment cabin, the water does not fall on the bathroom floor, and will flow along the walls in the pallet.In addition, the closed space on all sides will take longer to store heat from the hot water.

  • Indoor and outdoor booths are divided into types, which determine their structure:

- shower cabin - the simplest option, which has no roof and rear wall.Most often it sold even without equipment, so you can choose any model mixer with a shower, watering can, but if you want - and the top watering "tropical rain";

Недорогой душевой уголок, правда, оснащенный функцией "тропического ливня"

Inexpensive shower cabin, however, is equipped with a function of "tropical rain»

- cabin-boxing - closed type cab, marketed with a minimum of additional equipment;

Indoor shower - box

closed shower - box

- hydromassage cabin-box can be equipped with some or all of the existing additional functions, which will be discussed in detail below;

Shower with hydromassage

Shower cubicle with hydromassage

- cabin-boxing with a sauna - the type most often includes all the functions that are possible only in the showers, in the number and the steam generator.

shower enclosure

walling shower is framing and frameless.It may include wall, one or two doors, just as well as shower curtains.Framework for fencing is usually made of aluminum or plastic.The first option is considered more reliable and durable in use, therefore, has a high enough price.

Shower with aluminum shaped frame

Shower cabin with aluminum shaped frame

frame can be chromed or painted.His coat is often imitates the old bronze or made "under the gold".

Cab doors with sliding doors

booth with sliding doors doors

doors installed in the enclosure, have a sliding or hinged design.And the swing can be opened inside the cabin or outside, and there are right-wing or left-wing.These parameters should also be taken into account, and not only for a comfortable use of cabin, but also to avoid damage to the flaps when opening, especially in very close quarters.Component placement in the bathroom accessories plan will help determine which door design is better suited for a particular interior.

Variety of options for designs with hinged doors

Variety of options for designs with hinged doors

As for the price and the duration of operation of the shower and affects the material from which made fence, and on its cover.For wing and cabin walls are commonly used impact-resistant tempered glass or high-strength plastic (usually - acrylic groups).

materials may have anti-reflective coating that prevents glare, reflection and mirror effects.

Sometimes the glass is covered by a means which prevents the deposition of limescale and turbidity of the glass, for example, AntiCalc®.

glass or plastic wall of the sash doors can also be decorated differently.Thus, available transparent (with varying degrees of light transmission), frosted, colored, decorated with embossed patterns.Glass can also be textured or grooved pattern sandblasting formed on the smooth surface.

walls and door sashes made of tempered glass of thickness 6 to 8 mm, mounted mainly on more expensive models of shower enclosures.Glass flaps are more durable, because they are difficult not only to break.but even a scratch.They are easy to clean, and they are, unlike plastic, does not leave streaks.

If you choose an inexpensive model with plastic shower walls, it is best to choose a matte option, as a transparent will manifest all deposits, dried drops and stains.We'll have to work hard to get rid of them, and in the cleaning process can inadvertently cause scratches.Over time, the transparent wall from abrasion begin to thicken.

Glass walls of the booth with an ornament , made by sandblasting technology

Glass wall cubicles with an ornament, made by sandblasting technology

Sandblast drawing on glass or embossed on the plastic not only decorate the cabin folds, but also make them less transparent, which is especially good for bathrooms with toilets.Drops, detained and dried on such a surface will be less noticeable, and the cab will not look sloppy.

shower tray

Trays for shower cabins may also have different designs and sizes, as assembled with a glass enclosure.Quite often, if allows the size of the floor space, choose pans that form, size and height of the flanges are similar to the small bathroom.

Cab with high -walled tray

Cab with high-walled tray

height ledges can be different - it varies from 100 to 600 mm - this option will depend on how you plan to take water treatments in a supine (sitting) position or will be enough to stand up under the pleasantjet shower.

The tray can be quite shallow

tray can be quite shallow

Some cabins are installed without pallet.Such a structure is typically mounted in a bath of the private rooms of the house, after making a good waterproofing, draining organizing and putting on the surface of the floor tiles or bay its special polymer composition.

In some cases, and in general prefer to do without pallet

In some cases prefer to do, and without any pallet

Choosing pallet, we should remember that it falls is the biggest load of the entire set of the shower.Therefore, an important factor when choosing a material from which it is made.

Bowls pallets are made from cast iron, steel, acrylic, Kwara, ceramics or artificial stone.Material production also determines the price category products.To correctly determine the choice of this setting, it is necessary, primarily, to pay attention to the performance of each of the materials.

  • Cast iron pans and baths are known for their reliability for decades, so do not lose the demand, despite the abundance of modern materials.Enameled cast iron is durable coating that is resistant to mechanical damage, so a bowl of this stuff will last a long time without the restoration and repair.The thickness and weight of the material will make the basis of a sustainable and secure.
Cast iron pan - a heavy , but very reliable

cast iron pan - a heavy, but very reliable

Cast iron pans are mounted on a carcass basis with adjustable legs, which is then covered by a decorative screen.

disadvantage pallets made of cast iron can be called what they can not boast a variety of forms - they produce usually either rectangular or semicircular with one party, but you can select the desired depth of the bowl.

cast iron pan is well suited in the case if the shower will be made independently.It can be without any fear imbedded in concrete or brick podium without using the frame and legs.

  • Acrylic trays is becoming more popular, and many users prefer them to others.This circumstance explains the elegant look of bowls made of this material, a variety of pallet shapes, as well as the fact that the acrylic is very pleasant to the touch and not as cold as all the metal products.
The leaders in popularity - acrylic trays

leaders in popularity - acrylic trays

Acrylic bowl heat up quickly and retain heat for a long time.They are wear-resistant and will not absorb odors.Small scratches on the surface are almost invisible, especially because they are easy to conceal, treating the damaged area with sandpaper fine grain.Mar the surface of high-quality acrylic - not so easy, therefore, the probability of damage is low.

Acrylic trays should always be installed in a specially designed cage for them, or when the material is heated and under the influence of gravity can deform washable.The disadvantage of acrylic can be considered its comparative fragility, and this factor depends on the material quality and accuracy of operation of the bowl.

  • Steel enamel trays - the most affordable and sufficiently durable in use.The big disadvantage of the bowl made of this material is the high noise level in contact with the surface of water jets.However, this defect is quite removed if before installing sump cover the outer surface thereof a layer of foam or paste on it-protection kit made of special foam.
При немалых недостатках, стальные поддоны "подкупают" невысокой ценой

With considerable shortcomings, steel pallets "bribe" the low price

This option pallet today, perhaps, is the second most popular after acrylic.

  • Artificial stone, which usually imitates marble or granite, made of stone powder and polymer.From such a composite by casting technology and are manufactured pallets.
The pallet is made ​​of artificial stone

tray made of artificial stone

Such pallets have high strength, low thermal conductivity and a pleasant feel.