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August 12, 2017 18:06

Water heating convector

Increasingly, owners of private domo in place in the usual radiators for domestic heating convectors are selected.These heaters can be very diverse looks and different designs, depending on the location and characteristics of the operational mission.

Water heating convector

Water convector heating

Water heating convector perfectly suited for elegant interiors, in which the central composition is a wall with panoramic windows.If the normal battery, even having the most elegant appearance, not in all cases able to fit into the decoration of the living room or hall, the convector can become completely invisible, or perfectly complement the style of the interior, not at all without losing its properties, how heater.

Exclusive options convectors can be placed even in complex configurations rooms

Exclusive options convectors can be placed even in the rooms of complex configuration

functions water convectors

Article Contents

  • 1 functions water convectors
  • 2 Basic convector design
  • 3 Advantages and water heating convectors disadvantages
  • 4 heating Classification of water conv
    • 4.1 Types convectors by the method of installation
  • 5 selection Criteria water convector heating
  • 6 Video: installation convectors

Why instead of conventional batteries are increasingly began to take it convectors?What special functions they can perform? On this question there are four answers:

  • convector is able to create maximum protection from the cold streams coming from the window openings and entrance doors.It is due to this element creates a powerful air curtains, which almost completely blocks access of cold masses.
The convector is able to create air curtains around the windows or doors

convector is able to create air curtains around the windows or doors

  • convector guaranteed creates the desired temperature of the air, I was comfortable to live or work in the room in which it is installed.
  • ability to create, quickly and evenly distribute the heat throughout the room volume due movement of warm air convector sometimes makes for some large buildings simply irreplaceable.
  • convector withstands condensation appearance of windows or walls slope.This means that the glass will be transparent, not obmёrzshim even in extreme cold outside, and the slopes are not syret, ie minimizing the threat of mold stains on them.

The basic design of the convector

word "convection" comes from the Latin « convectiō » - transfer.In this Sach with a beam - is the transfer of heated air flows or streams that originate on reflux Pipes with heat exchanger, passing through the housing, picking up at the same speed and power, and then give the final thrust to lattice ,often having adjustable louvers .

The movement of air through the convector

movement of air through the convector

Directional heat according to the laws of physics quickly rises to the ceiling, creating a curtain of cold coming from the windows or doors, and creating a convective movement of air in the room.Then, cooling down, the air goes down again to warm up again and continue the cyclical movement.It is a constant circulation of air keeps almost the same temperature, with a difference of just 1 ÷ 2 degrees below the ceiling and around the floor.

The design of a conventional converter - very uncomplicated

conventional convector design - very uncomplicated

water convector design is quite simple and to some extent resembles a conventional battery, but the principle her work is somewhat different from the last.If by normal batteries, no equipped special convection channels, the heat comes from the entire surface, and directed it mostly only one side, that is dominated by direct thermal radiation, the convector as it passes through a cold air, warming it and directing to the ceiling.

convector basically involves reflux rubu (in current models often - copper), which is surrounded by a metallic heat transfer plates directly in contact with it. - these elements are at the heart of the convector.The more similar the device wafer, the higher the heat transfer rate.The tube heat exchanger is located in an enclosure, which is in its upper part the output window covered with bars or managed in the direction of the blinds.

From convector location of his unit essentially unchanged

From convector location of his unit essentially unchanged

Current models are equipped with special valves controlled thermostatic control that allows you to maintain the desired temperature in the room.In addition, the structure is usually provided valve for venting.

Thermostatic control valve

thermostatic control valve

To increase the capacity of the convector, in his case you can install two or even three of the heat exchanger.Some heaters have, moreover, more built-in fan and - it enables in some cases if necessary to warm the room more quickly.

advantages and disadvantages of water convector heating

As with each of the existing heaters, convectors have also have their pros and cons, which you must know before you buy and install them.

By positive criteria for the use of this type of equipment include the following:

  • Efficiency convector for uniform heating of buildings by circulating air flow.
  • very rapid spread of the heat, and as a result - heating rooms.
  • energy savings, since the heating system does not require a large amount of coolant and its intense heat - the temperature is usually enough not above 60- five degrees.
  • Compactness and lightness design facilitates installation of convectors.If desired, the model can be used, allow save "valuable" space in the room.
  • powerful convection currents and thermal curtains prevents condensation on surfaces windows and in the corners of rooms.
  • elegant contemporary look, allows you to "enter" the heater in any interior style.Convector
  • still has the advantage to some modern radiators that is capable of heating the heat carrier to critical levels -90 degrees, while the battery is often have high "threshold" 60 ÷ 70 degrees.This option is particularly attractive for the installation of such heating in the houses located in areas with harsh winter climate.
  • However , of the convector is very difficult to burn yourself as the highest temperature - on the pipes, which are hidden in a special box and still and protected « shell « heat exchanger plates.This factor is particularly important for families who have small children.
  • More one obvious advantage of this heater is that it is not too dry air - this is due to constant circulation and enrichment of moisture.In order to increase, if necessary, the humidity in the room, on the convector can be set container with water.Some models have the capacity already in its design.

By shortcomings in the performance qualities of convectors are the following:

  • If the heating system is on at the construction convectors, the rooms often need to produce enough wet cleaning.This is due to the fact that, along with the heated air masses up will constantly rise and dust . and means , level dusty air will be increased.
  • Not all people like to constantly circulating air flow, especially along the floor when the cooled air is returned to the heater.It turns out a kind of permanent lung draft.
  • convectors are not very effective for the organization of heating in rooms with high ceilings, as the air has to make too big a circulation turnover, while the volume of premises will not have time to fully warm up.The output, however, is - but have to buy heaters with multiple heat exchangers to increase the total area of ​​the active heat transfer.
  • heating system with convectors can be effective only when the natural ventilation.If the house or apartment used forced ventilation circuit, the warm air will simply be removed from the premises, and the heating efficiency will fall sharply.

Classification water heating convectors

As mentioned above, the released water heaters, provide exceptionally natural circulation of heated air , and having the ability to switch to forced flow mode.Devices are marked with natural circulation KBE , and having forced system - KVP .

Convector with natural air circulation

convector with natural air circulation

In a first embodiment warm streams rise upwards , and cold, falling, fall back into the convector exclusively through difference in the density of different heating temperature of air, ie all cyclic process is carried out in a natural way.

Built-in fan with electric drive provides a more intense forced circulation

Integrated fan with electric drive provides a more intense forced circulation

In the second case, air flow circulation rate can be enhanced by the influence of the built-in appliance design electric fans.The total distribution of heat in the room volume is much faster for through increased intensity of air movement, and means - take less time to provide a comfortable climate in the room.Fans in such devices operate from a voltage just 12 volts , which ensures complete safety during operation, which would be about nor any were installed.

The air can additionally be injected on the hidden air ducts

additional air may be injected by a hidden vent channels

addition, convectors are divided according to the following parameters:

  • devices may have different dimensions in height, width and length.
  • convectors may have different thermal capacity, which will depend on the size, volume and the number of heat exchangers.
  • convectors can vary significantly layout designs, which often depends more on where typical installation.
  • difference may be in the presence or absence of additional control elements, controlling, regulating, the degree of automation in the operation of the device.

Types convectors by the method of installation

As mentioned above, the heaters are divided at their place of installation. They come in wall, floor and built.

Wall water heaters

Wall convectors are mounted on special brackets, fixed to the wall.They have a small weight, so their installation takes place quite easily.The great advantage of this type convectors, unlike radiators, is the fact that due to the small mass (both intrinsic and coolant circulating through them), they can be secured even plasterboard partitions.

An example of the use of two types of heating convectors - wall and hidden underfloor inlet

example of the use of two types of heating convectors - wall and hidden underfloor on

input If necessary, you can select a narrow compact device that will act from the wall just 80 ÷ 100 mm - this is especially important inif the room has a very limited area.The necessary power in this case it will be possible to compensate for the expense height or the length of this element of the heating system, ie the increase in the area of ​​active heat transfer.

Floor radiators

convector is not much different from the design of the wall.He also concluded in easy housing has all the necessary elements to adjust, but, in addition, is equipped with reliable feet for stationary installation and fastening it to the floor.

Floor convector with thermostat option

Floor convector with thermostat option

Flooring options are usually designed for a low level of thermal capacity, so they can be put out to dry or easy heating any items.

Although compact, squat similar devices, they have excellent heat dissipation, so they may well be used as a primary source of heat entering the room.

Very often floor convectors installed along the glass walls

Very often floor convectors along glazed walls set

spacious rooms with panoramic windows wall convectors are often installed as additional heating devices.They are placed along glazed wall that prevents fogging its as constant circulation of warm air dries glass.

Recessed convectors

Estimated unit convectors , embedded in the floor thickness

Estimated unit convectors, embedded in the thickness of the floor

Embedded heating convectors are suitable for any interior as for today and for retro styles.This type of equipment is necessary to provide a niche in the floor, so his body is set during the works on the floor insulation with raising it to certain height.As a result, convector grille should be flush with the surface of the finish flooring.

Built into the floor convector is practically invisible

Built into the floor convector is practically imperceptible

Such models convectors, depending on the capacity and the number of hidden set of instruments, capable to heat not only the small room, and spacious square rooms and hallways, especially if they are equipped with the systemforced air circulation.Very often they are used in buildings with large areas of glazing walls, for example, in swimming pools, gyms, shopping centers, winter gardens and other such facilities.

pool room with air curtains along the walls of the glass

pool room with thermal glazed curtain wall along

recessed convector can be placed not only in the floor structure, but also in the window sill, if you pick the right size.

Convector , built into the window sill

convector, built into the window sill

lattice to close the outlet channel is often attached to the original design.They can be solid hard or part or be arranged on a roll type - fold if necessary.

Grilles for embedded convectors

lattices embedded convectors

Selection Criteria water heating convector

several criteria can be identified that we need to pay special attention when choosing water heaters for home heating:

  • thermal power indicator.Usually based on the norms of 1 kW at 10 kV. meters of floor space (with a ceiling height of not more than three meters).However, it should be noted, that this is true only for the "ideal" conditions with the most efficient thermal insulation, that is unattainable in principle.Heat loss is always there - it is promoted, for example, windows.For each window, even the most high-quality, fiberglass, you need to add more 0.2 kW.