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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to Choose a heated towel rail

Nowadays any plumbing accessories are no longer a deficit, on the contrary, you can find a variety of them in specialty stores, many consumers lost, not knowing what kind of models to choose from.Towel had not previously been considered a necessary attribute the bathroom, they are often dismantled in an attempt to expand the space of the room, as they occupy a lot of space on the wall, speaking from her on 130-150 mm.In addition, those "state-owned" towel warmers have unsightly appearance, which does not fit well in the updated design of the bathroom.Today, you can find similar tools having different sizes and configurations, and easy to pick up for any design bathroom facilities.Besides the opportunity to choose the place of installation of this accessory and allocate a certain area, without prejudice to the placement of plumbing and other home appliances and furniture for him.

How to Choose a heated towel rail

How to Choose a heated towel rail

To know how to choose the heated towel rail in the whole of diversity, it is necess

ary to consider the various criteria that are worth paying attention to.This modern accessory can be installed not only in the bathroom, but also any other, depending on the model chosen.

Many Russian regions are different climates with high humidity, under which it is difficult to quickly dry items of clothing or towels, so it is often used for this purpose radiators.But, hanging them on clothes, home cover heat input into the room, so you have to choose between the fast-drying clothing and comfortable furnishings in the living room.

Just in this case, and can be useful, such a device that is not only able to dry the clothes, but also able to raise the temperature in the room and reduce excessive humidity.With all the possibilities of modern towel dryer to ensure a life of comfort, it is becoming more popular for apartments with bathrooms, which have small dimensions, and among owners of private houses.

main types of towel

Article Contents

  • 1 main types of towel
    • 1.1 Classification by type of heating
    • 1.2 towel manufacturing materials
  • 2 Construction towel
    • 2.1 connection options
    • 2.2 Varieties on-site
    • 2.3 forms towel
    • 2.4 Styles
  • 3 selection Criteria towel warmer
    • 3.1 Video: how to choose the heated towel rail

Towel can be divided into types, building on a number of criteria - a material of manufacture, design, features heat, form and design decision.If a cursory look at these items, it becomes clear why the buyer often is lost by selecting this accessory.

Construction of modern towel astonishingly varied

Construction modern towel astonishingly varied

Classification by type of heating

According to the type of heat used towel dryers are divided into water, electrical and combined.To understand how they work and which one is more profitable to choose, you need to become familiar with the device and their characteristics.

  • Water towel dryers

This kind of dryers functioning of the central hot water system in the conditions of the apartment.In a private house heated towel rail can be connected to an autonomous heating and hot water if these systems are not integrated two-planimetric boiler.

The most popular are water heated towel rails

The most popular towel warmers are heating water

As through the pipes the towel warmer will be hot potable water or a quality coolant from the autonomous heating system, it will not be created such a hostile environment, both in the radiators inside the dryer.But, despite this, even clean water can create lime deposits inside the pipes, which destroy the metal and cause corrosion.Therefore, it is necessary to choose a product made of the most resistant material to these processes.

The diagram shows how to connect a simple form on the dryer for towels, but the mounting principle holds for products which have a more complex configuration.

The simplest scheme to connect the towel dryer to the hot water pipe

simplest scheme to connect the pipe to the hot water towel warmer

downside towel warmer the water, working from the WAN, you can call it that, in the summer, hot water is turned off for a certain period, for maintenance work.

The heating system, running on gas dryer can also be used only in the heating period or have to keep permanently on gas for DHW, if this feature is built into the boiler design.

most often water dryer is connected to the WAN via the flare gaek- "Americans" with waterproofing seal in the form of PTFE, rubber gaskets or paronitovye to be replaced periodically in order to avoid the appearance of leaks.

In addition, you need to know that if you plan to transfer or installation of the dryer again on the next or the opposite wall from the central riser hot water, then it is better to choose the heated towel rail is made of stainless steel, which is already equipped with a "bleed screw" with the trigger valve.Thanks to his presence will not have problems with the first start-up of water in the newly installed dryer, and when the DHW after seasonal preventive shutdowns.By opening the valve of this crane is easy to release the tube from the air pockets and normalize the circulation of coolant.

  • Electric Towel

This type of dryer for towels powered by electricity, so do not let down the water supply for her.Hang or it can be installed in any of the chambers, as desired.Additionally, unlike aqueous variant dryers, electric can use as required, as the operation of the product depends on the availability of power.

Serious competition water steel towel warmers create electric heating

serious competition began to create a water towel warmers electric heating

surface temperature of the pipes of the unit is a maximum of 60˚, so it is safe, and it is comparable to the power consumption of a conventional light bulb at 100 watts.In this connection, and payment for electricity with occasional use of a heated towel rail will rise insignificantly.

Thermal energy source may be a heating cable ...

source of thermal energy can be heating cables ...

instrument tubes are heated by a heating cable or waterproof special tubular electric heater (PETN).

... Or the built-in heater

... or a built-in heater

make "dry" oil, heated towel rails and working according to the type of oil heaters that keep the heat for a long time even after switching off due to the high heat capacity of the coolant, the cooling for a long time.

The dry-type heated towel rail in its pipes are a special cable, which is the main heating element.They are considered to be more reliable in operation than heated Tan.

device connection can be carried hidden way when the cable is build into the wall and fed to the junction box, which is embedded in and obschekvartirnoe electricity.Such an installation may be possible in the case if the towel warmer is equipped with a special control unit, which is made on and off, as well as setting the desired temperature of heating element or cable, ranging from 25 to 70 degrees.

Such devices have a double protection system, however, warmed to the desired state, or for failures of the program, they are disconnected from the network.

Electric heated towel rail , equipped with a thermostat

Electric heated towel rail, equipped with a thermostat

addition, Electric driers may also have exposed wiring.In this embodiment, the power cable is usually passed from the instrument to the normal outlet.

models are produced having greater or lesser capacity that varies from 25 to 1,200 watts.An important role is played in this setting, certainly the size of the towel warmer.

should be noted that in compliance with all the rules of wiring, insulation, grounding and connection to the safety machine, as well as inclusion in the scheme of the RCD device, electric towel dryer is the most optimal and completely safe option, comfortable to use.An important prerequisite is the installation of the correct location of the appliance relative to the water intake valves, that is bath, shower or sink - the distance should be at least 600 mm.

Towel can be installed in the kitchen, insulated balcony or bedroom.He will multiply heat from radiators or warm up a small room where there is no heating at all.

  • Combined towel warmers

combined towel warmers call devices operating both on the WAN and on electricity.This system allows a convenient time for the user to switch the dryer on favorable hosts for the currently mode.When the apartment is supplied hot water from the central system, the power supply of the device is switched off.During maintenance or in emergency situations on the highways of central hot water, drying, and local heating can be achieved by connecting the device to the power supply.

A schematic arrangement of the combined heating towel warmer

Schematic device towel warmer combined heating

1 - pipe water heating circuit.

2 - section electric heating.

3 - threaded socket joint for the tie-in heating or hot water system.

4 - the power cord.

5 - Some models are equipped with swivel water and electric heating coil.

This type of dryer can be described as the most practical option, as the two sources can be used to heat the bathroom.

Water heated towel rails, switch to the power supply, is heated by embedded heating element in the design.Therefore, the installation of this device, obey all the rules of installation recommended for water, and for the electric dryer for towels.

When switching towel warmer on electricity, it is blocked on the inlet and outlet coolant specifically designed for this purpose cranes, to the coolant did not go away and not to dilute the incoming cold water.When overlapped stream of water heater will heat only its amount, which is in the towel dryer tubes.If the device is installed a thermostat for heating the coolant will not be expended large amounts of electricity.

manufacturing materials towel

For manufacturing towel as water and electric, using a number of different metals and alloys, differing in composition and therefore react differently to aggressive environment - a stainless or normal 'black "steel, copper, brass.

  • Stainless Steel

stainless steel towel warmers have a number of advantages over other materials, if they are made of solid, seamless pipe.Such heating accessory is able to withstand high operating pressures with significant differences that sometimes arise in multi-storey buildings, connected to the central hot water supply.

the most common - stainless steel towel warmers

most common - from towel warmers

stainless steel In order to acquire a reliable water heated towel rail or a combination of stainless steel, which will last a long time without problems, buying it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness of the pipe walls.It should not be less than 3 mm, as the thicker the metal is, the longer the life of the product, as well as higher heat dissipation.Towel, made of pipe diameters in one or ¾ inch, able to independently heat the bathroom of a standard apartment.

It should be noted that the heated towel rack made of stainless steel has a sufficiently large weight, but its price is more accessible than on products from many other materials.stainless steel dryers can be chromed or painted surface, as well as coating, simulating bronze or brass.It is not necessary to purchase options for having too low cost, since they may have different defects on pipe joints.

  • Towel of "black" steel

dryer for towels from the "black" steel pipes that do not have an internal anti-corrosion coating, rather capricious to the coolant and can not tolerate aggressive water environment.Therefore, they are recommended to be installed only in the autonomous heating system, in which there is a high pressure, and it is not differences.To connect to the central hot water supply system, it is necessary to choose the heated towel rail, having an internal anti-corrosion protection.

Сушилки из "черной" стали дешевле, но требуют особой осмотрительности при выборе из-за невысокой коррозионной устойчивости.

Dryers of "black" steel cheaper, but require special care in choosing because of low corrosion resistance.

The only advantage of such towel - low cost compared to all other options

  • Brass Towel Rail

Copper has a very high thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosive influences.Brass towel warmers heat up quickly, are lightweight and quite easy to assemble.This type of accessories can be installed in a central hot water system in the event that the inner surface of galvanized pipes, that is protected from direct contact with the aqueous medium.

Brass Towel Rail has an excellent performance and decorative qualities , but quite expensive

Brass Towel Rail has an excellent performance and decorative qualities, but quite expensive

Produce this option dryers in various forms, but they all have enough aesthetic appearance, so they can easily become a decoration of any interior.Longer serve water model brass towel rails, if they are installed in autonomous heating and water supply system.

Electrical brass towel rails can be installed in residential environments as well as in a private home.

  • Towel brass

Brass - an alloy of copper-based, which inherited the excellent heat transfer characteristics and resistance to corrosion.Brass towel rails often have internal chrome coating that prolongs the life of the product.

It is a viable alternative to copper may be brass dryer

It is a viable alternative to copper may be brass dryer

In the Russian market mainly represented by imported brass towel rails, and they are not always designed to pressure created by our boilers in the central hot water systems.Therefore it is better not to risk it and choose not to install a similar option in a city apartment with a connection to the WAN.But brass towel warmer is perfect for installation in system operating in stand-alone mode, where the pressure drop is simply impossible.

advantage of brass products is a rich variety of shapes and design registration.

Construction towel

in construction and design of the dryer can be divided into several types and forms.Before you make a choice, you need to read this and their criteria, as well as their connection options.

Connection options

Water heated towel rails may have a different connection to the hot water circuit, so purchasing such a device, there should be a factor, it makes it easier to carry out its installation.