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August 12, 2017 18:06

A warm floor under the tile which is better

Probably none of the materials for the finishing flooring can be compared on by popularity of ceramic tiles, when it is for environments with high humidity levels, or where on the floor with a high probability may fallwater.Bathrooms, showers, baths and saunas, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways - typical of the place, for which it is better not to find the tile material.This coating is characterized by high hygienic, durability, wear resistance, very impressive service life, water resistance, excellent amenable cleaning using detergent formulations virtually any household chemicals.

A warm floor under the tile which is better

warm floor under the tile which is better

mere sometimes keeps hosts - tile does not call « warm » material.In summer, this deficiency is not necessary to remember, but with the onset of cold weather to go on such a coating barefoot or in light slippers becomes not always pleasant.However, modern construction technologies make it possible to negate this negative moment. It is, of course, about warm floors.But that's just the man for the first time takers for such a deal, you need to start to be able to understand their varieties and features styling.So Problems with with Sports Articles will be put so: warm floor under the tile any better.and which it will be easier to install, reliable in operation in certain conditions.

Generally account, on the floor, which is expected to oblitsevat ceramic tiles, you can accounting m m nozhestva important nuances to use any of the existing heating systems.Let us consider them in the following order :

  • Water warm floor - with the laying of the pipes from the heating circuit.
  • Electric warm floor resistive heating system.
  • Electric heating systems with infrared heat transfer principle.

Water warm floor under tile

Article Contents

  • 1 Radiant Floor Tile
    • 1.1 Template for water floor heating
    • 1.2 main components forwater underfloor heating
      • 1.2.1 Heat cladding mats
      • 1.2.2 Pipes for underfloor heating
    • 1.3 exemplary water underfloor heating installation technology
    • 1.4 What conclusions can we draw?
    • 1.5 Video: Tips for installation of warm water floor
  • 2 Electric underfloor heating resistive action
    • 2.1 Underfloor heating with heating cables
      • 2.1.1 Video: example based on laying of floor heatingtwo-wire cable
    • 2.2 resistive heating mats
      • 2.2.1 Video: example of laying mesh mats directly on the old tiled covering
  • 3 Electric underfloor heating infrared principle
    • 3.1 Filminfrared Heated floor
      • 3.1.1 Video: example of installation of infrared film floor
      • 3.1.2 Video: how to make a warm film floor under ceramic tile
    • 3.2 infrared rod mats
      • 3.2.1 Video: how to mount an infrared hot rod under the floor tiles

Water warm floor is a pipe circuits, placed in a concrete screed floor, which circulates coolant from the autonomous or central heating system.This type of floor heating and can be used as a primary source of heat, and serve as an additional.Concrete screed if it is filled correctly with careful alignment of the surface itself is an excellent base for laying all types of ceramic tiles.

Template for water warm floor

Exemplary water floor heating circuit of the device under display tiles on to represented scheme:

Driving the floor , tiled , with water heating

Scheme floor, tiled, with water heating

1 - a mandatory layer of thermal insulation.It is important to do everything well, to reduce to a minimum absolutely unnecessary on heating energy consumption of base warm floor - so, to main flow went up to the room heating.This is especially important on the first floor, with floors on the ground or at the bottom of having unheated basement (basement) room.The multi-storey building of the question is less acute, but also to heat the floor slab is not necessary.Insulation can be a single-layer or multi-layer, depending on the needs and possibilities, be executed from a variety of insulating materials - from expanded clay to polystyrene foam or foil roll.

2 - reinforcing layer, which can simultaneously serve as a basis for fixing the water pipes of the heating circuit.Often used a different scheme and fix pipes and reinforcement - about this will be discussed below.

3 - loop pipes, which circulates coolant.

4 - water circuit of the input device and adjust the surface temperature of heating floor.

5 - Compulsory concrete screed, completely covering the outlines laid pipes.It plays a role not only strong foundation for flooring finishing coating (tiling).One of its key purpose - to be a powerful heat accumulator.Getting heat from paved in its thicker pipes, it evenly distributes heat across the surface, passing it the finishing ceramic coating.Well warmed base is able to retain heat for a long time, gradually giving it to the room, saving energy spent on heating.The thickness of the screed must be within the 30 ÷ 60 mm.

6 - if necessary, tie warm floor can be perfectly aligned with self-leveling Self-leveling mortar.However, for ceramic tiles perfectly smooth plane, and is not required - if accurately observed horizontal ties, the smaller the error is easy to fix with the help of a construction adhesive already during laying tile.

7 - ceramic tiles, stacking which completes the process of finishing the warm floor.

How to choose and to lay ceramic tile right?

1_8_ts8d4253111ab921bd7556df5bff943 For floors, especially in areas with high humidity, suitable not all ceramic tile, that is necessary to be able to understand it types, classification, labeling.When properly made choice material suitable already for almost any kind of warm floor.

order not to repeat more, reasonable immediately give the reader a link to the article portal, which detailed both questions - and the choices and laying tile on the floor .

Main components for water warm floor

Heat cladding mats

As mentioned, water warm floor only be effective if installed on on reliably thermally insulated base.To do this more often used ready-made insulation mats of a certain type.

  • Thin roll insulation with foiling .
Thin rolled foil insulation

thin rolled foil insulation

Independently design warm water floor applied infrequently - only provided if the floor itself is already insulated .In this case, used as the substrate reflects before laying paths and fill screed.Fixing the pipes in such an embodiment is most often performed on the reinforcing mesh or fixed to the surface of subfloor « comb ».

Фиксация труб с помощью монтажной "гребенки"

Fixing pipes with mounting "comb»

  • slabs of extruded polystyrene.
Extruded polystyrene panels differ excellent durability

extruded polystyrene panels feature excellent durability

Easy to work, as many have lamella part, allowing to stack plates into a single, almost monolithic coating.Has excellent thermal insulation effect.The high strength of the material makes it easy to withstand've with a grievous with trumpets, and dynamic loads during operation.

disadvantage - no self-sealing, which have perform separately.Often used as the first layer of insulation, which are stacked on top of additional mats.

  • Foiled waterproofed polystyrene mats designed specifically for warm floors.
Varieties of polystyrene foil mats

Species foil polystyrene mats

That is already working with them much easier.They can be produced in the form of "books-clamshell" or in an "caterpillar tractor » - unroll on on the floor surface. Not only that them when unfolded creates a uniform surface with very tight fitted adjacent blocks, almost without any gaps - they still there and foil layer, which also performs the functions and termootrazhatelya and hydro - vapor barrier.Many models also have a special self-adhesive along the edge of the tape - for virtually hermetic splicing together of adjacent mats.

Поверхность имеет разметочную сетку, а крепить трубу удобно хомутами-"гарпунами"

surface has a grid road marking and attach the pipe is conveniently homutami- "harpoons»

More an important convenience - deposited on the surface of the grid, greatly simplifies the process of marking and layout of the heating circuit pipes.And fix the pipe is possible differently - as , how mentioned above - a garter to the reinforcing grid or via combs , or using special clamps with a harpoon type , which perfectly keptThe foam.

  • Profiled mat with locks -bosses.
Mounting base mat is probably the best option

base mats, probably the best option

If everything already mentioned mats can be used for thermal insulation works and on other sites or other types of « warm sex", these - specially designed for waterheating circuits.They combine four functions at once:

- Insulating layer of extruded polystyrene provides excellent thermal insulation effect.The thickness of the insulation can be different - from very thin mats, 5 ÷ 10 mm, 50 ÷ 70. In other words, you can pick up for the specific needs of the basic insulation of the floor.

- Figured -boss projections make styling even the most complex "drawings" loop and fixing pipes - simple and straightforward task.No additional fastening elements should not be necessary.

- Upper polymer coating mat becomes a great hydro - steam insulating layer, as required for water underfloor heating.Special connection strip on two edges (shown by arrows) let you lay out the mats absolutely hermetic coating.

- Profile, ribbed surface of the resulting coating eliminates the need for using additional reinforcement ties, especially if used mortar with plasticizers and microfiber.

These mats, perhaps, only one conditional "lack» - this high price.But if you allow means it should not hesitate to choose them.

for pipes warm floor

Warm water floor is almost always (with few exceptions, in the regeneration of the wooden floors) closed heat storage layer screeds.And this, of course, imposes special demands on the pipe used for the circulation of the coolant.

The quality of the pipes determines the durability and reliability of floor heating

pipes Quality will determine the durability and reliability of floor heating

Judge for yourself:

  • screed poured for many years, and access to tubal contour for visual control or intermittent prophylaxis simply becomes impossible.Even a small leak, which can easily and simply be eliminated in an open area, turns almost into a catastrophe, especially if bottom living neighbors.Carrying out emergency repairs associated with large-scale dismantling of ceramic tiling, screeds, and about the defect location precise location can only guess.
Just look for a leaking place independently, without inviting experts with special equipment -extremely difficult

Just find a place leakage alone, without inviting experts with special equipment - is extremely difficult

  • unacceptable to pour in mortar butt joints of pipes, whether they are screwed, welded, brazed, fitting and so n . ( also , with a few exceptions - for example, the connection of high-quality stainless steel corrugated pipe provides complete security).This means that the pipe must be laid in a single path segment in a few tens of meters from the entrance to the return .And all over it should be of consistently high quality.
  • pipe must have certain performance properties.These include, primarily , flexibility to be able to lay out a circuit loop. Second , the load will fall on the pipe kilogram lots covering, flooring plus dynamic effects.Thirdly, the circuit must withstand high temperatures - up to a margin of 90 degrees, and the pipe material - have high thermal conductivity to effectively transfer heat sexes. Fourth , mandatory corrosion and chemical resistance.

now widely used special plastic pipe of cross-linked polyethylene PEX, heat-resistant polyethylene PE-RT , metal and plastic, the structure of which comprises the aluminum layer along the same PEX and (or) PE-RT .Several stand out expensive metal, stainless steel corrugated or copper pipes, afford that are far all

Pipes fucking warm floor

1423986495_izobrazhenie9 probably understandable, that use warm floors "that, that cheaper» - is unlikely to be reasonable.Selection of pipe becomes the most important moment, in which no detail.How to navigate in their diversity?

recommend to turn to a special article of our portal, which are painted in great detail all the nuances of selection pipes for warm water floor .

Exemplary water mount technology warm floor

Technological techniques for laying warm water floor may vary slightly - depending on the type of component.But, nevertheless , basic scheme about one.

Illustration Brief description of the operation
vp1 Hallway house in which you want to make a warm floor before her oblitsevat tiles.It is assumed that the basis of sex does not need to be repaired.
VP2 first mandatory step - a thorough cleaning of the base surface of debris, stones, anything that can damage the waterproof film.After cleaning, the most reasonable is properly primed surface of the deep penetration of the composition.
vp3 entire surface of the floor was covered with thick plastic sheeting, 200 microns thick.Necessarily make allowance for the walls of at least 50 mm.