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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to glaze a balcony with his hands

to the balcony area does not remain ownerless, you can do some work on her transformation and the transformation of a small, but very functional room.Since this room is not heated, then, first of all, it must glaze and warm.

How to glaze a balcony with his hands

How to glaze a balcony with his hands

Glazing balconies with their hands may be possible, if the study in detail the instructions of this process.But when the windows have to be installed and glazed, works to further warming and decorative design of the room there will be nothing to hinder - nor rain nor wind.


Article Contents

  • 1 glazings
    • 1.1 warm and cold glazing
    • 1.2 traditional wooden frames with glazing
    • 1.3 Plastic windows
    • 1.4 Aluminum frames
    • 1.5 Frameless glazing
  • 2 safety precautions when working on the balcony
  • 3 Stages glazing balconies
    • 3.1 Mounting frames
    • 3.2 Video: example of the balcony glazingremoval
    • 3.3 glazing frames
    • 3.4 Video: working professionals glazing and insulation balcony

If you decide to spend upgrading, you should start by choosing the type of glazing.It can be traditional - using conventional wooden frames or Euro-frames - aluminum , metal-plastic and wood with the installation of double-glazed windows.In addition, the glazing can be frameless, warmed and cold.

warm and cold glazing

Glazing of balconies can be cold and warm , and and that, and another is carried out as usual when installing wooden frames, as well as more advanced .

  • To a cold glazing may include the installation of wooden frames with conventional glass or Euro-frames - also with a hermetically sealed glass.It used if the balcony is not planning to use year-round as a living space.
Самое простое остекление - "холодного" типа

most simple glazing - the "cold" type

to balcony, perform so it is not necessary to present special requirements for temperature preservation.Frames can only make the room tidy and protected from the wind, dust, somewhat lower penetration of the street sounds.

cold glass requires no additional thermal insulation measures.The only thing that can be done - it for comfort arrange wood flooring on the floor.

  • warmed glazing option is necessary in the event that either a balcony or a loggia will be combined with one of the rooms.The entire room is warmed necessarily those or other thermal insulation materials.
With good insulation of the room can be combined with a balcony

With good insulation of the room can be combined with a balcony

Changes in the plan are set frames with double-glazed windows, which have triple glazing.

  • warm warming requires a serious approach.

If one of glazing euro-options, then you need to purchase a frame with thermo-in rates , which are placed between the profile and glazing.

windows should have one, and it is better - two vacuum chambers - this choice will depend on weather conditions in the region.

Windows with one or two cameras

windows with one or two cameras

Further, when creating warm room, it should be remembered that it is inconceivable that so-called "dew point» formed indoors.Failure to do so will result in to the appearance of dampness and mold due to the formation of condensate - first on the balcony, and then into the room.

An example of the consequences of incorrect installation

example of the consequences of improper installation

impossible to prevent the formation of "dew point" between glasses , mounted on the frame, made outside the perimeter of the balcony.In this case, to achieve the right balance of temperatures influence the window more difficult, since they can be cooled not only through the glass, but also with the upper and lower end faces. therefore need to think carefully about their insulation.

If selected wooden frame, you will need to "pokoldovat" setting good insulation between them, as well as seal between the frame and glass .

To prevent appearance on the balcony of spots of mold, it is necessary to conduct a series of activities that will help to avoid dampness:

- sealing cracks and gaps in the floor and on the walls of the room in front of his warming;

- floor waterproofing balcony and parapet;

- organization of effective ventilation.

device ventilation - one of the main conditions to prevent condensation.But to not vyholazhivat insulated room ventilation should be controlled:

Vent on the metal-plastic window

Vent on the metal-plastic window

- on Euro-windows it is installed in the upper horizontal portion of the profile;

Stationary ventkanal adjustable valve

Stationary ventkanal adjustable valve

- installation of wooden frames, which are tightly closed for the winter, you need to build in one of the upper sections of the window or through-wall ventilation valve , having an adjustable damper.

traditional wooden frames with glazing

In recent years, with the option to protect the balcony from rain, wind and snow to the past, but still some apartment owners prefer it due to low material cost and the possibility to carry out processes with a amostoyatelno.

"Классика жанра" - деревянные рамы

«Classics of the genre" - wooden frames

Such glazing no save from frost and will not make a balcony warmer in winter and will not create an effective sound insulation from outside noise, but will become an obstacle to the dust path, wind andprecipitation.Winter balcony, protected in such a way can be used only as a refrigerator.

All same , if you install the double wooden frames, they insulate well, as well as the walls, floor and ceiling, and install the devices are heated, then not very cold time can be used as a balcony and a living room.

Glazing wooden balcony frames passes not fast , because in each of them need to install a separate window to a special putty, securing it with nails hammered through the bead.It should be noted that this process is tedious and requires the highest accuracy.

The disadvantages of such a glazing can be attributed still and complexity bring glasses in order, especially if the double glazing installed, twisted together.Also, wooden frames require special handling antiseptic compositions and a periodic dyeing.

Plastic windows

Euro-glazed called the installation of plastic frames with double glazing.This method is to transform the balcony will cost much more expensive, but the benefits in front of his wooden frames - much more.

Modern Approach - metal frame

modern approach - metal frame

windows, imposed in metal and plastic profiles can be single, double or triple glazing.The advantages of this type of glazing is:

  • aesthetics and accuracy of design.
  • tightness Euro-frames allows you to create an effective heat and sound insulation, do not allow to enter the premises of precipitation, wind, dirt and dust.If additional insulation of the walls, floor and ceiling, the balcony becomes a full bathroom, where you can arrange a room, a workshop, a greenhouse or a quiet rest area.
  • If you know the installation process Euro-frames , they can be mounted quickly enough on their own.
  • Easy maintenance will enable more and more quickly put them in order.
  • frames do not require additional thermal insulation of annual events and painting.
  • When set to open the sash windows of special locks, you can not be afraid that the child can open the frame yourself.

Aluminum frames

big enough popularity to be installed on the balcony now have a frame made of aluminum.They are used for both cold and warm for glazing.In the first case used options with single or double glazing.But when the organization warm premises used frame with thermal inserts .

The aluminum frame on the balcony

aluminum frame on the balcony

Aluminum frames can be mounted on the parapets, or they may consist of a panoramic glass design.It should be noted that in the latter case, balcony insulation decreases as the metal has a very high thermal conductivity.

For aluminum frame of the balcony closed and advised to leave only to install glazing parapet.This design is called "French balcony".

Advantages of aluminum frames:

  • This metal - very easy , and yet has a high mechanical strength.
  • aluminum have good thermal stability, it is not, is not affected by corrosion.
  • service life of such constructions is on average 50 ÷ 70 years.
  • Easy aluminum construction allows the use of it in an environment where more serious frame, for example, made of metal or metal-wood , can not be used because of their greater weight.This speaks in favor of such frames to be installed on balconies - not need additional reinforcements, which will save some money.
  • Aluminum frames do not require painting, easy to care for.
  • Balcony, glass aluminum frames, gets a good sound insulation.

Frameless glazing

Frameless glazing of balconies used infrequently since it - still new technology, but conquering popularity.Glazing can be done from the ceiling to the floor or to the installation of the parapet.

Example frameless glass

Example frameless glass

Frameless Glass is not only visually expands the space small room balcony, but also perfectly protects it from dust and external noise.Excellent fit it to the room, where the planned cultivation of various plants - due to the absence of frames, they will receive sunlight ma volume.

Frameless glazing is characterized by the following qualities:

  • For this transparent balcony enclosures used tempered glass, anti-shock performance superior to and strength in normal 8 ÷ 10 times, so it can withstand very high loads.So
  • glass panels can not be hurt, since all the edges rounded and polished in a special way.
  • Such glazing simply operation - structure is arranged in such a way that it easy to open and close, as each of the panels to slide the rollers on metal rails.Glass railing
  • virtually occupied space, while the frame is always "eat" 50 ÷ 100 mm area around the perimeter and as little space.This is especially true of glazing to be installed from floor to ceiling.
  • High Attenuation - noise absorption efficiency reaches 50 - 70%.

tinted glass roof device

The real problem is the balcony, which has no roof.Rain and snow, dust and leaves from trees - it's all going on this small site. This balcony can not be used functionally, to it can not rest, leave to dry clothes, and in the rain it does not even come out.

Glazing with dependent transparent roof

Glazing dependent transparent roof

Therefore apartment owner has to solve the problem yourself with the help of the roof and balcony glazing installation.

roof over a balcony in conjunction with glazing can be of two types:

  • Dependent roof set only during installation of aluminum frames.It attaches it to the built of their unit and the wall of the house.

The advantages of this design include its reliability , the ease and speed of installation at a sufficiently reasonable price.

By cons dependent roofs include the fact that it establish only on narrow balconies and loggias.When installing over wide porches structure becomes unreliable and unlikely to withstand the snow load in the winter.

  • Independent roof is characterized in that it installation not associated with glazed balcony.Make individual metal or wooden frame, it is possible to make roof, even without planning further glazing.
Installation of independent roof

Installation independent roof

Ins of the roof can be called is that it can be installed on any balcony width main - correctly calculate the strength of the structure.In addition, if you can not immediately install and windows and the roof, the first can make installation of the roof, and later - the balcony frames.

Construction of a roof over a balcony at an altitude - quite dangerous event, so this work is recommended to entrust the masters professionals. Especially because first need to make accurate calculations brackets and around the frame to construct one not broken by the wind.

Safety precautions when working on the balcony

planning glazed balcony, always remember about the dangers of working at height. Not only that need to protect the life or health - can not allow threats to other people, for example, in the form of falling from a height tools or building materials.

  • At independent performance of work on the insulation and glazing balconies need limit caution, especially in cases where any of the processes carried out on the outside.Not worth the risk and completely rely on their strength and agility - it is necessary to protect yourself by using a safety belt. Belt sold industrial or sports, and the mount must withstand a load of 350 ÷ 400 kg, which should be specified in the certificate.If this information is missing, this product is not worth a purchase.

In addition, it is necessary to consult with the seller-consultant that clearly show how to use the belay device.

  • Do not carry out work in alone - it is necessary to invite a partner who will be able, if necessary, to insure - it should take into account and to work outside of the balcony, and when installing the frames and glass.
  • To protect your hands when working with glass and metal, it is necessary to use gloves, made of durable material.

balcony glazing stages

In contrast to the loggia, where one of the parties glazing on the balcony of the frame has to be installed with three sides.The work is complicated by the fact that it is necessary to correctly set each of the structural elements and make them reliable connection at the corners. And , the installation should take into account the fact that only the end of the frame will rigidly secured to the wall.

The front part of the structure to the maximum size and weight, so different yet and sailing.