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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of sink washing machine

eternal problem of lack of space in the room or bathroom toilet combined standard urban apartments makes invent different ways to save space.In response to such requests of consumers, plumbing manufacturers will not stand aside and develop a variety of options of products that will help in solving this problem.One of the interesting and very rational approach - setting the shell of a washing machine, which not only saves space premises, but also to give the unusual design of the bathroom.

Installation of sink washing machine

installation shell above the washing machine

Such sinks are elegant appearance and original form, so perfectly fit into any style of interior.However, it should be remembered that under the sink to choose already purchased the washing machine will become much more difficult, therefore, recommended that a comprehensive plan for the purchase.Some manufacturers produce kits, which include both elements at once - they are already in its layout adjusted to each other and fit together perfectly.

Sink Selection

Article Contents

  • 1 Sink Selection
    • 1.1 Appearance shell
    • 1.2 Dimensions rakoviny- «lilies»
    • 1.3 Drain rakoviny- "lilies»
  • 2 Choosing a washing machine
  • 3 Disadvantages rakovin-" lily »
  • 4 installation seashell over washing machine

sinks, designed specifically for the installation of a washing machine or any pedestal, oftencalled "water lilies".Most likely, the name they received their due characteristic shape and location of the custom drainage system.

Раковины, предназначенные для установки над стиральными машинами, обычно называют "кувшинками"

Shells intended for the installation of washing machines, commonly referred to as "water lilies»

Draining these shells is not located in the central part, as in most conventional basins, and is closer to the rear side of the bowl.

Appearance shell

«Water lilies" can have different shapes - square, oval, rectangular, with rounded corners and straight.They are produced as models with unconventional and quite unusual configuration.Therefore, with a choice of shells on this criterion problems should arise.

Разнообразие моделей позволяет выбрать раковину-"кувшинку" под конкретный стиль оформления ванной

variety of models allows you to select rakovinu- "water lily" to a specific style of bathroom

-washing sinks of this type, unlike conventional shells may have a mounting hole for mounting the mixer not only in the center of the back of "shelf", butand its in any other place, or even to have it all.

addition to the diversity of this type of sink is produced in a wide range of performance toning.They may be different and the basic production of the material.In short, by the combination of these criteria, "water lily" is also possible to choose for every taste and color.

produced this kind of sinks in ceramic, acrylic, glass, metal, and other than that recently appeared on the market products based on polymer material, which is referred to as polymer concrete or artificial stone.The advantage of the new shell type is their high resistance to all types of household chemicals and mechanical stress.Polymer can mimic natural stone and have any color cast.All these criteria, as well as the diversity of products made of composite material and determine the breadth of the range and great choice.

Dimensions rakoviny- «lilies»

Appearance - appearance, but still in the foreground when you select to install the sink above the washing machine must stand its linear characteristics.

shell sizes may vary, and by choosing the product for installation on a specific model of the washing machine, it must be remembered that the sink bowl to be slightly higher than the amount of the unit below it.This criterion must be considered, especially in cases when the washing machine control panel is not at the front and the top panel.

Размеры "кувшинки" должны исключать попадание воды на панель управления стиральной машинки

«lilies» Dimensions should exclude the ingress of water on the control panel of the washing machine

draw attention to the scheme.For narrow washing machines having a depth (M) of 360 ÷ 390 mm, corresponding shell size (L) should be 500 mm and for larger vehicles with depth housing 500 ÷ 510 mm should be selected washbasin size from the outer edge of the wall600 mm.

Driving compliance shell sizes and washing machine

scheme matching shell size and washing machine

Why is this done?In the household appliance and the wall must be a clearance (H) to it quietly, without pinching or twisting housed the supply and drain hoses machines, siphon system drain from the sink, flexible connection to the mixer.The drain hose must be connected to the sewer pipe (50 mm).The tube is, of course, can be hidden in the wall, but the connecting pipe still requires a shorter distance.In short, the clearance (H) is needed in any case, and it is usually taken equal to 70 mm.

The scheme also marked the most common placement sink drain holes (pos. 1) and the installation of the mixer (pos. 2).This asymmetrical arrangement provides a significant gain in ensuring the overall compactness.

height of the washing machine can be any of the existing standards, but if a sink installed on it, will benefit the children and people of low growth, and the unit itself is recommended to choose for, a short opportunity.So, before you purchase a set, you need to carry out detailed measurements and determine the maximum allowable height.

The determining parameter becomes and mounting height , to a sink can be used by children and people of low growth

determining parameter becomes and mounting height, to a sink can be used by children and people of low growth

important role for the operation of the common safety plays deep sink bowl, which is very important to provide, by selecting the correct size.

Drain rakoviny- «lilies»

drain may have a different configuration in the shape of shells of this type, and is arranged in an unusual way, but always located in an area as close to the wall.The opening may be a conventional, circular, or the original made as a narrow slit.May reside in a unique niche-recess under the soap box - in this case it is generally in the lower back region at the junction of the bottom and the walls or sides of one of the shell.

Drain opening in the form of a narrow slit

drain hole in the form of a narrow slit

narrow slit drainage is convenient in that the siphon in such a system is in the back of the shell, completely outside of the washing machine body.

Well, when the siphon is completely located in the gap between the wall and the washing machine

Well, when the siphon is completely located in the gap between the wall and the washing machine

However, there is such a system and its lack - often narrow drain clogged and require frequent cleaning, or from the siphon will begin an unpleasant smell.

Раковина-"кувшинка" с отверстием системы перелива

Rakovina- "lily" with hole overflow system

Some models rakovin- "water lilies" are equipped with drain and overflow system that prevents even occasional overflow water bowl, pouring over the edge and in contact with the washing machine."Windows" overflow and are usually located in the same way as in conventional shells, the bottom and side areas of the cup.In addition, the drain system is often equipped with plugs, caps or even equipped with automatics.

Video: rakovin- small review "of water lilies»

Choosing a washing machine

Some manufacturers produce washing machines, specifically designed for installation under the sink.From well-known companies engaged in the manufacture of these models «Zanussi», «Electrolux», «Eurosoba» and «Candy».Basically, all these models are designed for a small load of laundry - usually up to 3.5 kg.

Available in special models for small-sized washing machine is to be used in conjunction with a sink

produce special models for small-sized washing machine is to be used in conjunction with a sink

Many owners even small in size bathrooms are not going to sacrifice the performance of washing machines, becoming a model of standard sizes with a greater load.However, it should be taken into account and the growth of the tenants as well as the shell, at the height of the washing machine is 700 mm, will be raised to the level of about 890 ÷ 900 mm from the floor, and at a height of 850 mm - even up to 1040 ÷ 1050mm.

Варианты размещения раковины-"кувшинки" на стене

Accommodation options rakoviny- "water lilies" Wall

As mentioned above, the depth of the washing machine shall comply with the similar parameter of the shell taking into account the necessary clearance from the wall - this criterion must be observed not only for a comfortable use of the washbasin, but also toensure electrical safety.

Perhaps the most rational solution - it is the purchase of a ready kit , despite not being the highest rates loading washing machine

Perhaps the most rational solution - it is the purchase of a ready kit, despite not being the highest rates loading washing machine

But still, if you have the opportunity to purchase a set of equipment, the most convenient would be to stay on this variant,neither have nothing to invent and adapt.Complete the manufacturer has taken into account not only all dimensions, but also the exterior design elements - they look in the complex as a whole.

Из чего складывается общая высота рабочей панели раковины-"кувшинки"

What is included in the total height of the operation panel rakoviny- «lilies»

the presented example circuit can be seen, from which will emerge the overall height of the working surface of the upper shell-washing.This - the height of the washing machine and in view of its adjustable feet, height brackets, plus the thickness of the front edge of the rim-shell itself.

Even flat siphon still has a certain height

Even flat siphon still has a certain height

But if flat siphon drain is located under the sink, it is necessary to take into account its height.

Examples of correct and incorrect installation of the sink washing machine

examples of correct and incorrect shell installation of washing machine

The diagram shows examples of proper ( and ) installation machines, and made with the assumption of the typical mistakes:

b - Type Mismatch siphon selectedinstallation diagram - sink spigot has a sharp turn at a right angle, which inevitably will eventually form blockages.

in - mismatch shell sizes and the washing machine, the front panel which is completely unprotected from water from above.

Disadvantages rakovin- "lily»

deciding to make a complete installation of the washing machine and sink in this manner, it is necessary to take into account the shortcomings of such a scheme, so they do not come as a surprise during daily operation.Many are willing to put up with any negatives of such a complex in order to save space, some simply have no other choice but to take advantage of such a design.But it is possible that for some people these shortcomings seem unacceptable.

The disadvantages of such a facility include the following nuances:

  • from the construction of the shell provided above and annexed elements can be understood that for its operation requires a flat siphon drain.If washbasin for any reason-or is not equipped with all the necessary details to drain the system, the components will find very difficult to separate, and sometimes - and practically impossible.The same awaits the owner of such a complex, if by virtue of any any reason, even one of the elements of the system fails.
  • Typically, this type of shell is equipped with a hole for draining water from the bowl, which is located in the side part, rather than the traditional - in the middle of the bowl.This fact in itself can cause a certain inconvenience, because often no water leaves the bowl completely, and its removal is necessary to take care of yourself by using this sponge or soft cloth.Water retention occurs in flat siphon, which leads to frequent clogging up.The same problem can occur with the already mentioned narrow slotted drain.
  • Another problem that will be faced by installing a set of related already directly with the washing machine.While not develop into a stable habit, have more than once, coming to the sink, hit the bottom of the feet of the device.The space under the sink is filled, and therefore stand close to her at first be uncomfortable.In order for the convenience of the approach to the sink formed at least a minimum amount of space, it is necessary to select a narrower device for washing and a larger sink projecting forward the washing machine body.However, it should be remembered that the depth of the compact cars do not differ a great load of laundry.We'll have to go to any compromise, look for the "golden mean."
  • If the shell is selected and is set to fail, then there is a problem of protruding corners of the washing machine, which can cause discomfort not only for washing but also when moving around the room bathroom.

Despite these "cons", the scheme still enjoys growing popularity.In the context of a cramped apartment to install a washing machine in general can not find another place, so many homeowners simply "turn a blind eye" to the disadvantages and inconveniences.

Installation seashell over washing machine

During the installation of sinks and washing machines do not have to invent anything, because it is made, in principle, in the same way as when installing standard models.

entire shell assembly process can be divided into several stages - is marking, installation brackets, assembly products, completing his mixer, installation and connection to the sewage system and water supply.

If we talk about the installation sequence, the first carried out installation of the sink and the necessary elements to connect the washing machine, and only then set the unit itself.

If you plan to make installation of the washing machine very close to the wall, the water and sewer pipes in advance of installing the sink should be embedded in the wall, leaving only the outside walls of pipes (water outlet), which will be accessible for connection and control.

Кронштейны должны в точности соответствовать выбранной модели раковины-"кувшинки"

Brackets must match the selected model rakoviny- «lilies»

  • The first thing to do - is to make marks on the wall to secure the brackets.They usually come with a sink.If they are sold separately, then buying a wash basin, you should immediately ask the seller to pick up arms for him, since they come in different types and not all are suitable for a particular sink.
  • brackets attached to the wall using dowels or anchors.But they did not initially get clogged (not tightened) to kontsa- between the wall bracket and left a small gap of 3 ÷ 5 mm, which will help fine-tune the horizontal sink installation.
  • You can then proceed to the assembly sink.On it fixed mixer, to which are bolted tube flexibles hot and cold water.

mini crane not know how to properly install the faucet on the sink?

scheme and washbasin in the bathroom and kitchen sink - is about the same.The sequence of operations installing faucet on a sink presented in a special publication of our portal.

  • then connected drain and overflow system, if it is provided by design.After that, it sets a drain trap and drain pipe running from it.It is important to pay particular attention to the tightness of all the system connections, as there should be no likelihood of the formation of even small leaks.To do this, set all the envisaged construction of seals, and some components, you may want to "put" on the silicone sealant.
When assembling the drain and overflow system increased attention to the tightness of the connecting nodes

When assembling the drain and overflow system increased attention to the tightness of the connecting nodes

  • next stage of the sink to try on, setting it on the brackets and exposing strictly on the level.If the mounting kit includes a support hook, then mark out a place of its installation.