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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of the front door with your hands

Reliability entrance door depends not only on the quality of the design, but also on respect for the technology installation.To perform the installation correctly and avoid serious mistakes, kindly read the instructions carefully to get acquainted with each work stage.With this approach, setting the front door with your hands will not be difficult, and the end result will please more than one year.

Installation of the front door with your hands

Installing the front door with your hands

Work procedure when installing

Article Contents

  • 1 Work procedure when installing
  • 2 measurements and preparing the opening
    • 2.1 Step 1.Dismantling Lutkov
    • 2.2 Step 2. Cleaning the opening
    • 2.3 Step 3. Filling the cracks and voids
  • 3 Installation of entrance doors
    • 3.1 Step 1. Installation box
    • 3.2 Step2. Fastening structure
    • 3.3 Video - Installation of the front door alone
    • 3.4 Step 3. Completing the installation
    • 3.5 Video - Installation of the front door with your hands
    • 3.6 Video - Installation of drywall on the
      slope of the inputdoors

Replacing the door frame or door installation consists of several steps in the building:

  • perform measurements;
  • preparation of the opening;
  • installation door design;
  • sealing of cracks;
  • finishing.
Technology installation of the input metal doors

installation technology front metal door

Each process should be carried out with maximum quality, without haste, using tried and tested materials.Fixing the door frame is made in various ways, so before installation, you must choose the best, to save time and materials.

Please be aware that the manufacturer's warranty is not issued in the case of self-installation of the door, so if the damage will appear during installation, repair is necessary at his own expense.

To avoid buying low-quality goods, we still have to shop carefully remove the protective film, carefully check the door leaf and the frame, and then paste the polyethylene tape.Finally, the film can be removed only after the completion of installation and finishing - so the surface remains clean and undamaged.

New entrance door to the packaging

new entrance door to the packaging

also kindly requested to prepare everything necessary for the work:

  • punch;
  • hammer;
  • building level;
  • angle grinder;
  • roulette;
  • wooden or plastic wedges;
  • cement solution;
  • steel rods section of 10 mm or anchor bolts.

    required to use tools

measurements and preparing the opening

How to make a measurement of the front door

How do froze door

How to make a measurement of the front door

How do froze door

to perform measurements border door Lutkov should be visiblevery often covers a large layer of plaster around the perimeter, making it difficult measurement.So first Lutkov to remove trim, clean off the excess solution, dismantle the threshold if necessary.If the new box is wider than the previous one, you need to measure the length of the support beam above the opening.It should be 4-5 cm greater than the width of the door frame, or mounting reliability will be too low.When all the measurements are made, you can proceed to the preparation of the opening.

Table cloth sizes and boxes of metal doors

table cloth and box sizes

metal doors Step 1. Removing Lutkov

in an old brick building to carry out works on dismantling should be careful not to damage the strong masonry;the same applies to the walls of the foam.Cloth door removed from its hinges, and then the grinder or hacksaw smew incision in two or three places.Then the box to hook crowbar and removed from the opening.

Dismantling Lutkov

Dismantling Lutkov

Dismantling of the door frame

Removing the door frame

Step 2. Cleaning the opening

Along the perimeter of the opening after removing Lutkov remain pieces of the solution, open cracks and voids in the masonry walls.Below a threshold of destruction are particularly strong: brickwork crumbling, old beams rot away.All this must be removed to clean the perforator solution, to align the opening over the entire area.

Cleaning opening

opening Cleaning

Step 3. Filling the cracks and voids

Kneaded mortar will be overwritten and all the small cracks.Deep cracks clog pieces of brick and obscure solution.If you want to raise the floor, lay out a new substrate made of brick or make tie.Align the opening wall at this stage is not necessary, since the installation of possible minor surface damage.The main thing that was left inside the voids that contribute to the penetration of cold at home.

Installation of entrance doors

When installing doors will need an assistant, because the self-pick up and insert the heavy construction is very difficult, despite the fact that the box and the web are mounted separately.Simplify job availability mounting ears on the frame and prefabricated holes for wiring, are performed at the factory.


Installation diagram

Step 1. Installation box

The door before installing

door before installing

Installation boxes

Installation box

door leaf is removed from its hinges and set aside to the side.The box is lifted and put in a doorway so that the door opens outward.It is important to expose the level structure, otherwise it will be closed tightly or with difficulty, which is also undesirable.

Check level

level Checking

Check vertical and horizontal boxes must be on each plane;if you align the protrusions interfere in the doorway, they can bring down the hammer or hammer.

The arrows indicate the installation location paired wedges

arrows indicate the installation location paired wedges

to during installation design is not moved, its position is fixed with wooden pegs.It is desirable to have a flat shape and the pegs in the form of wedges, then much easier to adjust the level.But the use of nails is not recommended - the box may slightly slip, and have to re-dub.

Step 2. Mounting construction

Fix the door frame in the doorway a variety of ways, depending on the type of door and the material from which it is made.Along the perimeter of the frame must be at least 10 points of fixation - 2 in the lower and upper parts, and 3 from both sides.

Option 1: fixation anchors for the eyes.

Drilling holes for anchors

drilling holes for anchors

Fixing anchors for the eyes

Fixation anchors for eye

This method is suitable for virtually all designs;eyes on the doors are made of metal together with the body, and to the doors of wood and plastic screws are screwed.Drill threaded punch in the eye and make a hole in the wall to a depth of 15 cm. There is inserted into the anchor and tighten the Allen key.The anchor may be replaced by a steel pin from the valve section of 10 mm by highlighting one end and flattened with a hammer second.The pin is driven into the hole until it stops and is welded to the eye.

Option 2: installation of fasteners through the web.In this method of making openings in an end face Lutkov;pins or bolts just deepen the wall and fixed directly on the box.The wooden structure is recommended to drill small holes where the screws will be hidden head.

Install fasteners through the web

installation of fasteners through the web

Fixing anchor bolts metal door Source :

Fixing anchor bolts metal door Source:

Install fasteners through the web

installation of fasteners through the web

3 variant: fixing metal clamps.This method is used for installation of metal doors in buildings with monolithic walls;basic comfort in the fact that it is necessary to drill or not to drill holes.Door frames from the outside holds a special border, and inside - the metal hooks welded to the inside of the Lutkov.

Fixing metal grips

Fixing metal grips

Fixing metal grips

Fixing metal grips

first secured the side on which the hinges;you must attach the top point to the bottom.Tighten the first bolt, check the position of the box level, to avoid warping.Similarly, the vertical control after the second and third bolts.When the fixed side, hang the door leaf and check the tension of the box.

Fixing metal grips

Fixing metal grips

If the door opens easily, deformation and gaps are not available, you can mount the second side.The cloth is removed again and fix bolts Lutkov vertical rack, as well as the threshold and lintel, not forgetting to monitor the position of the frame level.Again, hang fabric, check the tension and ease of movement.If the tension is too strong, it should be slightly loosen fasteners.

Video - Installation of the front door alone

Step 3. Completing the installation

again removed the canvas, so as not to stain the surface.The heads of the anchor bolts is closed with special caps suitable for the door leaf color.Surface boxes sealed with masking tape, and then the foam is blown technological gaps and padding.

Polyurethane foam- filled mounting clearances

filled with polyurethane foam mounting clearances

is often used instead of foam cement mortar with an admixture of plaster - this increases the reliability of the design several times.The solution was kneaded to a loose condition and tightly clog the gap between the frame and the wall around the perimeter.

Then lubricate hinges, fastened to the door fittings, the perimeter glued sealing tape.

Grease door hinges

Grease door hinges

Attaching webs

Attaching webs

After opening pour solution shpaklyuyut and plaster, adhesive tape is removed from the box, hang the canvas.Carefully inspect the work of locks, handles, ease of movement.To the doorway to look nice from the outside must be installed trims.On wooden Lutkov them bolted with screws, cap sinking into a tree and smeared with putty.If metal construction, frames are bolted or riveted.Inside the opening makes the slopes, giving the door a decorative and aesthetic appearance.

Without good slopes , even the most elegant door loses all its appeal

Without good slopes, even the most elegant door loses all its appeal

Plastering slopes

Plastering slopes

Driving finishing slopes

Driving finishing slopes

Video - Installation of the front door with your hands

Video -Installation of the slope of the drywall on the front door