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August 12, 2017 18:06

Paint the walls in the apartment How to choose

Trends wall design of the apartment in making repairs tend to periodic fluctuations.Just remember that even recently undivided "masters" in this area were the wallpaper, which overshadowed all other finishing materials.However, the paint is not never refused - without it was not carried out any repairs.And now, with new designs and manufacturing techniques, paint actively recaptures the lost position was, and all increasing number of owners of apartments give it priority in decorating the walls.Moreover, it is possible to combine the two types of finishes.An example of this - the wallpaper specifically designed for painting.

Paint the walls in the apartment How to choose

Paint the walls in the apartment How to choose

Using paints significantly expands the possibilities of decorating the home owners of premises in the selected style.Even just smoked wall - this field is for the manifestation of fantasy: it can be decorated with pictures, patterns, artistic compositions and other decorative elements.And if suddenly the style of

the "pall" or become cause irritation (as also happens quite often), the walls can be repainted without resorting to large-scale repair work.

But all of the above will be valid if used for really high-quality material.When an inexperienced person comes to a specialty store, it can be "lost" due to the abundance of proposed designs, different color, composition, core purpose, performance characteristics.How not to get lost, if it is chosen to paint the walls in the apartment How to choose a to achieve the desired beauty and design of the room, and do not negate the efforts to pre-prepare the surface for decoration?These issues and devoted this publication.

Advantages and disadvantages of wall decoration staining

Article Contents

  • 1 Advantages and disadvantages of wall decoration painting
  • 2 basic physical, technological and operational properties of paints
  • 3 Whatpaint to choose?
    • 3.1 Paints, oil-based
    • 3.2 Paints based on alkyd resins
    • 3.3 Paints Silicate-based
    • 3.4 family of water-soluble paints
      • 3.4.1 Paints PVA based
      • 3.4.2 paints butadiene-styrene
      • 3.4.3 water-dispersion latex paints
      • 3.4.4 paints based on silicone
      • 3.4.5 Acrylic water-dispersion paints
  • 4 What manufacturers prefer?
  • 5 How to choose the right paint color?
  • 6 What you need paint?
    • 6.1 calculator for calculating the required amount of paint for the walls
  • 7 Video: tips on paint choice for walls

To start will understand , what attracts finish wall paint, and whether this method of decorationany disadvantages.

advantages of this method of decorating the walls, you can call the following:

  • The variety of finishes of walls - it is possible to realize the most ambitious projects, with a combination of different colors, textures, with drawing beautiful pictures and etc .Modern paints allow to "play" the basic colors, achieving virtually unlimited number of different shades.
The use of paint allows to realize even the most challenging projects design rooms

Using paint allows to realize even the most challenging projects design rooms

  • quality paint, provided a thorough surface preparation, creates a coating that will not lose its decorative qualities of the very long term.
  • Unlike other surfacing materials, painted wall is not particularly attracted to pets, there is a possibility of scratches or stubby angles at this finish - much less.
Such situations -painted walls will not

such situations-painted walls will not

  • quality paint coatings lend themselves to regular cleaning, including wet, without losing its kind.
  • Painting walls - a much more convenient way to finish, if the room has a complex configuration - in it has niches, columns, braces and projections etc .With wallpaper or decorative panels in such a situation falls much torment.
Paint the room a complex configuration - a lot easier than wallpapered

Paint the room a complex configuration - a lot easier than wallpapered

  • will always be able to eliminate minor defects, if we have left a small amount of the desired shade of color.Leave-mint, scratching or peeling, you can just touch up.
  • Change partially or even completely the style of the rooms - much easier than with any other finishing material.

now - focus attention on disadvantages of this method of decoration.

  • qualitative staining requires very careful preparation of the surfaces.Paint is able not to hide, but rather - even emphasize, seemingly, almost imperceptible eye wall defects.
  • dyeing process - is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.In the absence of experience or non-compliance with the recommended technologies, and even more - by using cheap , low-grade material, the coating may be very uneven in color or texture of the outside.
The perennial problem experienced painters - paint drips

perennial problem of inexperienced painters - paint drips

  • paint does not like to point the mechanical impact and severe abrasive load.With sloppy operating premises will be difficult to avoid abrasions , chips, scratches.However, this applies equally to the majority of finishing materials for the walls.
  • Most paints for walls, except for the glossy coating, tend to accumulate dust on the surface of the air space.

basic physical, technological and performance characteristics paints

Going to the salon for paint selection, the landlord, of course, primarily thinks about her decoration, referring to the selected color.However, if we do not take into account other important properties of the material, it is easy to make a mistake, and the result will be very different from the plan.

  • Of course, the decorative qualities are concise determining criterion of choice - it is clear simply from the target destination of the material.
Paint - an opportunity to color diversity

paint - is the ability to color diversity

way, even an inexperienced user can be surprised , despite the diversity, not much shade will be presented in the cabin, as he would have liked.No wonder - there are technologies to create the necessary color - this will be discussed a little later.

Regardless of color, the paint can create varying degrees of surface gloss.Thus, the compositions are divided on matte , semimatt , glossy.There are paint-related vysokogoglyantsevym , creating almost a mirror surface, but in the conditions of use of the apartments they practically do not find.

- paints, creating a glossy surface, attracted ease of care - they are less afraid of abrasive load, moisture, and these painted walls easy to clean dust or remove stains.But there is an important lack - luster will look only on a perfectly flat surface.Even very subtle defects of the play of light immediately come out to the outside.

glossy paint to completely cover the walls are used very rarely.Rather, they are suitable for further decoration or to highlight individual elements finishing room.In addition, they can apply for staining walls in rooms with high humidity - for example, kitchen.

The combination of matte and shiny stripes of the same color

combination of matte and shiny stripes of the same color

- Matt paints for decorating the walls of living rooms are used more often.They create a smooth surface and are able to visually hide minor flaws.In addition, the matte finish makes the room visually more spacious.

Matt paints for homes - preferably

matt paint for homes - preferably

disadvantage - put on a spot to remove the surface will be much more difficult, and likely have to resort to embellishing.

- Semi-gloss paints, clear, occupy an intermediate position, having approximately equally "ins" and "outs" have the above-mentioned types.

  • The most important quality of any paint - its coverage .It - ability of the material to create a smooth surface is monotonous, completely hiding the basic background base.As a rule, spreading rate determined by the minimum number of layers , required for such an effect.

In most cases, high-quality coatings require application of two coats.The brochures found the assurances of manufacturers that, a single dye, but this should be taken with reasonable skepticism.

important factor in this regard, of course, is the basics of color.Therefore experienced painters are advised not to trust advertising, and try coverage paint in practice, a small fragment surface.Usually use several methods when checking material - cause a smear on black surface on a completely white and has smoked in the desired color.After drying, the prototypes will be clearly seen, if required to apply multiple layers .

applied and experienced special card of the type "chessboard".Under the letter "a" shows the card itself.After the first paint passage ( "b") that the contrasting patches protrude through a coating.After applying the second layer ( "B") - the painted surface is obtained absolutely smooth.

Test coverage on a special map

test coverage on a special map

  • inseparably with coverage th associated consistency, the viscosity of the paint composition, its spreadability and adhesion to the surface.If the paint is too thick, the painted surface may be uneven in color.In addition, it is always leads to excessive overspray.However, a thick paint may be adjusted to a desired condition using a basic solvent.Much worse, if the product is too liquid - yes plural Article ogochislennye streaks, weak coverage, and to deal with this very difficult.

From this point of view it is very profitable acquisition are paints, which give thixotropic property .Such compositions vary in their thickness depending on the conditions.While stirring the paint, it becomes more liquid, and in the quiescent state is rapidly gaining strength.

Painting with thixotropic properties

Painting with thixotropic properties

Usually this quality paint manufacturer indicates the original packaging - should look, as these compounds do not give nearly sag , creating a flat painted surface.However, you need to be prepared for the increased cost of such coatings.

  • It is worth paying attention to when choosing and available methods of applying paint to the surface of the walls.Typically, this is indicated in the form of pictograms depicting the brush, roller or spray.In some cases painting large surfaces in an aerosol spray technology is much cheaper and faster.
  • When choosing colors should pay attention to the quality of the declared resistance to wet cleaning.This is especially important for areas where the probability of hitting the wall on the heel particularly high, for example - for the kitchen.
Kitchen is best to choose washable paint

Kitchen is best to choose washable paint

True, they should think from a different perspective.Washable paint - much more expensive than usual, and, quite possibly, will be more justified to carry out a periodic surface renewal cheap compositions.

  • If we consider just the paint for the walls, it should be noted still one quality - the homogeneity of the composition. paint can be not only «smooth» - species have special inclusions, which create a microrelief surface coated therewith, such as sand or with the effect of silk.
Краска с "песчаным" эффектом

Paint with the "sand" effect

Watching these textured coating is very original, however, that their quality is still required to put certain experience of painting works.

  • For residential paint becomes an important parameter its vapor permeability.Decorative wall covering must not impede the natural exchange of moisture to avoid causing condensation droplets on the surface.In short, the paint must not interfere with the walls to "breathe."
  • paint should be safe for human health and animals.All its components - itself pigment dispersed composition, a binder, a solvent, or another additive after drying should not emit odors, release toxic substances.Very well, if the paint will still have and antiseptic properties = - prevent the development of all odds m m ikroflory.More one important requirement - the safety of the paint coating in terms of flammability and smoke generation .
  • Finally, any person conducting the repairs, I would like to work was done as quickly as possible.Therefore, try to give preference to paint compositions with a minimum period of drying and curing - with them performance painting operations increases dramatically.As a rule, the terms of hardening inks specified by the manufacturer on the packaging.But it should be borne in mind that these terms are defined for normal temperature and humidity conditions.

By the way, if you select the paint buyer will fall bank with instruction on unfamiliar foreign language, of course, should be required from the seller to the transfer sheet.But a lot can be said and icons, inflicted on the packaging.The most common ones are presented in the table below:

icon value symbol icon value symbol
icons in the degree of gloss-matt paint icons by application of paint
Symbols on the paint - 0 abslyutno, 100% matte paint. Symbols on the paint - I highest degree of flexibility - the paint is suitable for all surfaces, for interior and exterior use.
Markings on the ink - 2 Matte paint. Markings on the ink - 14 paint for roofing.
Symbols on the paint - 3 semi-matt degree of gloss paint. Markings on the ink - 18 paint for the external walls of the building - exterior.
Symbols on the paint - 4 semi-gloss paint. Markings on the ink - 13 paint for the external walls of the building - ground.
Symbols on the paint - 5 glossy paint. Markings on the ink - 17 paint only for floor covering.
Symbols on the paint - 6 Higher degrees gloss - superglyantsevaya paint. Markings on the ink - 11 paint only to ceilings.
- - Markings on the ink - 10 paint for internal walls of the house.
- - Markings on the ink - 12 Paint can be used for interior walls and ceilings.
icons indicating the technological features of the paint
Markings on the ink - 22 For application using a brush. Markings on the ink - 21 Before use the paint stirring requires mandatory (usually regards toksitropnyh compositions).