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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ideas for the kitchen with his hands

Specificity of the kitchen space requires a large amount of equipment, without which it can not do when cooking.Therefore, the kitchen should have many different cabinets and drawers, which, as usual, is never enough.Unfortunately, the kitchen in modern apartments are no different spacious areas, and this makes the resort to various tricks supplementary storage space for kitchen utensils not only objects, but also canned products.

Ideas for the kitchen with his hands

Ideas for the kitchen with his hands

Ideas for the kitchen with his hands, which were to be implemented, often occur in creative people, and they are often willing to share them with everyone who would like to transform the space of the special spaceapartment.

inventory compact storage ideas

Article Contents

  • 1 inventory compact storage ideas
    • 1.1 Where to put the frying pan?
    • 1.2 How can conveniently store cutting boards?
    • 1.3 How convenient to place the trash?
  • 2 Functional sofa Kitchen
    • 2.1 Materials and tools for making sofa
    • 2.2 Preparing parts
    • 2.3 assembly work
    • 2.4 Production of soft pillows for the sofa
  • 3 Video: ideas on the organization of storage of kitchen utensils

eternal problem of easy storage inventory can be solved, if we make a few tools that will help hide the not used at the moment the objects of mind, but, at the same time, make themeasily accessible for quick dostavaniya.

Where to put the frying pan?

most voluminous of cookware items after frying pans is that the kitchen is usually a few pieces, and for them, as usual, is not enough space.Many of them are hiding in the oven or set a stack in the desktop.But in any case, they take up much space, and they get uncomfortable.So some craftsmen, in order to comfort and efficient use of storage space, equip them to special places.

Option №1

One of the variants of such devices can be rack, mounted inside a desktop on which are fixed hooks for hanging pans.It should be noted, the same storage method may be appropriate for pots.This device is a snap to make their own, securing a working surface of the table right size box with a cut in its full length at the bottom.

Sliding panel with suspended pans

drawer with hanging pans

When assembling the boxes on the side or the bottom side of its fixed roller guides, which will move freely inserted into the shelf box with rollers mounted on it and fixed hooks for pots or pans.Shelf provided with a front panel with a handle for easy extension it out.

Sets of ball and roller guides for the manufacture of furniture designs

sets of ball and roller guides for the manufacture of furniture designs

This arrangement is convenient because metal utensils on it will dry quickly and can always be easy to get the pan right size, without disassembling the entire stack of dishes, as is usually obtained whenit is mounted on one of the shelves of the desktop.

Option №2

Another way to store pans - it's hanging them on hooks fastened beneath the surface of the desktop on a special rail.This option is good because it allows you to functionally use the angular space of kitchen units, which often remains untapped.

Very often there is little involved corner cabinet - is not the place for storing pans ?

Very often there is little involved corner cabinet - is not the place for storing pans?

Option №3

This option is more complicated to implement, but it is also quite possible to make your own.For him the need to build a wooden box mounted on it front panels with handle and bottom of the metal mesh.Instead of a grid, you can use an ordinary sheet of plywood, drilled in it for ventilation holes.On the surface are fixed hooks, which will be hinged cooking equipment.

Retractable vertical compact cabinet in which all pans are located conveniently

Retractable vertical compact cabinet, which is strategically located all pans

for easy movement like shelves, too, to its bottom fixed roller mechanism, the second part of which is set deep into the table.To make a sliding shelf correctly, you need to make accurate calculations - they are no less important than the production and accurate assembly of all the elements.

How can conveniently store cutting boards?

The kitchen can not be dispensed without cutting boards, and the usual way of storing them - is hanging on hooks attached to the rod, set along the desktop to wall.However, they do not always become interior decoration - often such a "garland" spoil the look of the kitchen.Therefore, for them it was invented by a secluded place where they will be invisible to prying eyes and at the same time - are easily accessible for the hostess.

Chopping boards perfectly fit on the back of the cabinet doors

Chopping boards perfectly fit on the back of the

cabinet doors on the inside of the cabinet door are assigned special, suitable for the size of the shelf boards, where these inventory items do not take up much space and easily you can always get it.

Agree that to make such a device - the cellar

agree that to make such a device - the cellar

These shelves are available in different variants.They may be fully or combined wood, using metal elements.A large number of materials is not required for the manufacture of such a shelf, and work time does not take a lot, but the kitchen will be saved space and met its overall style of decoration.

How convenient to place the trash?

Another subject of food, which do not want to put on public display - a trash can.Usually it is installed under the sink, but not always easy to open the door to throw him in the garbage.Therefore, the installation of this accessory is also possible to think in such a way that they will be comfortable to use.

The bucket is hard to miss when throwing garbage

in a bucket is hard to miss when you dispose of garbage

This will require a special function to make a cabinet that will accommodate not only a bucket for garbage, but also a variety of detergents.The upper horizontal surface of the cabinet may well be an excellent work space for cooking.Additionally, in the upper part of the cabinet drawers are sometimes built for a variety of kitchen accessories small size.

bin installed on the door, in a special shelf with borders, somewhat similar to the rack for cutting boards.The most important thing in this cabinet construction is in its opening as the door, which set the trash is not hinged or sliding and tilting.Therefore, when it opened, the bucket set in a position that is very difficult to miss, throwing out the trash.

If desired, a door with a shelf for the bin can be done already in the finished furniture, doors and replacing the fixture calculate the size.From the outside, kind of furniture did not change, but the cabinet will be more comfortable in such use.

Outwardly such a locker is not at all different from the rest

Outwardly this cabinet is not at all different from the rest

In addition, many owners of compact kitchens, dream of a kitchen functional furniture.It should be noted that manufacturers are trying to meet such requests, releasing it special headset to close the premises.

mini kitchen space should be used to the maximum rationally!

Correct placement of furniture with all the options a limited area, sophisticated kitchen ergonomics - a guarantee that the owner would be comfortable to work in it.Some useful tips on the proper placement of furniture to small kitchen can be gathered from a special edition of our portal.

One such piece of furniture can become a small sofa, which will play a role not only comfortable seating, but very roomy and functional drawers for storage of many items of inventory, while taking up minimum space.

Functional sofa Kitchen

Often even the smallest kitchen the owners manage to set the dinner table about soft straight or corner sofa.It is this piece of furniture can become a multi-functional interior detail.If the corner of nowhere to place due to lack of space, you can do wonderful small sofa, which will give the opportunity to hide in the space under the seat a lot of different useful things.

Very nice sofa , which also becomes a roomy storage

Very nice sofa, which also becomes a roomy storage

How to make a compact sofa to the kitchen, which only takes 0.6 m² of total area, and will be discussed later.

Materials and tools for making sofa

In order to produce a piece of furniture that has dimensions of 500 × 1200 mm require specific materials and tools.They need to prepare before starting work.

materials Name Number of elements size mm
Plywood 2 sheets 1500 × 1500 × 15
Pine lumber 2 pcs. 910 × 50 × 60
Bruce 1 pc. 3000 × 25 × 25
Lifting a retaining mechanism 1 pc.
Metal Rod 1 pc. 1150 × 16
guides box 1 set
Self 17 pcs. 100
55 pcs. 50
16 pcs. 35
4 pcs. 25
18 pcs. 12
Furniture support 6 pcs.
Plugs for screws 17 pcs. 12
hinges 3 pcs.
handle box 1 pc.
white paint 2 liters
Putty Wood 0,7 kg

Of the tools required to work:

  • Electric drill and drills on a tree with a diameter3, 4, 5, 12 and 16 mm.
  • milling machine with a set of cutters.
  • hacksaw or electric jigsaw.
  • Screwdriver or screwdriver.
  • Roulette and square.
  • Sandpaper.
  • clamps.
  • Roller, narrow and wide brush.

Preparing parts

Next, it is necessary, according to the drawing, to prepare all the details of construction and drank them with a jigsaw and a handsaw.

Drawing couch.All dimensions are in millimeters

couch drawing.All dimensions are in millimeters


Part title number of elements Material size pieces, mm
1. vertical backrest bars 2 Pine 910 × 50 × 60
2. Horizontal panel back 1 Plywood 1100 × 250 × 15
3. rear couch box panel 1 Plywood 1100 × 385 × 15
4. upper strap on the back of the box. 1 Pine 1100 × 40 × 25
5. front wall of the box 1 Plywood 1170 × 385 × 15
6. Lateral continuous side 1 Plywood 410 × 385 × 15
7. side bar. 2 Plywood 410 × 60 × 15
8. The bottom part of the box 1 Plywood 1140 × 410 × 15
9. internal baffle boxes 1 Plywood 410 × 385 × 15
10. inner wall, fastened around the drawer 1 Plywood 577 × 265 × 15
11. 2 Plywood 358 × 175 × 15
12. 2 Plywood 470 × 175 × 15
13. bottom of the shallow top drawer. 1 Plywood 562 × 410 × 15
14. strap for fastening loops installed in the box. 1 Plywood 1200 × 85 × 15
15. top panel hinged lid. 1 Plywood 1200 × 430 × 15
16. Facade panel drawer. 1 Plywood 375 × 260 × 15
17. Internal trims, dockable between parts 5 and number 10 3 plywood 385 × 60 × 15
18. Decorative strips, glued on the front corner of the box. 4 Pine 385 × 45 × 15
19. Decorative trims on the lower and upper end of the couch box. 4 Pine 380 × 60 × 12
20. decorative horizontal bars. 4 Pine 510 × 60 × 12
21. bottom longitudinal bars 2 Pine 1080 × 25 × 25
22. Side bars bottom 2 Pine 410 × 25 × 25
23. Cover strip is attached in the middle of the front of the box. 1 Pine 385 × 60 × 12
24. tie-rod back of the sofa stands 1 metal rod length 1150, diameter 16

prepare all the details,they recommended to sign, indicating the size of each of them.Then, you need a little work and a router to round the corners of it with the help of number of parts 1, 2, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19 and 20.

assembly work

The couch has several compartments and storage tiers

several compartments and storage tiers provided for in the sofa

Step by step guide will help build the sofa, with some effort, to make the wooden part of the construction installation works are carried out in the following sequence:

Illustration Brief description of the operation being performed
dv1 first step in the vertical supports of the backrest (part №1), according to the drawing, you must drillholes which later steel rod (part №24) will be installed.
To turned neat hole, installed in the electric drill down a drill diameter of 16 mm.
dd 2 Next, the details №1 drilled holes at fixing the back of the seat and backrest.
First you need to drill holes in the drill bit to a depth of 12 mm to 10 mm - this part of the recess need to install the plugs.
After that already drilled through holes 5 mm in diameter, designed for self-tapping screws.
dv3 next stage with the help of screws 100 mm in length, going back of the sofa - it's the details number 1, 2, 3 and 24.
between upright posts at a height of 45 mm from the floor, fixed bracket (part number21) - this will be a support for the bottom of the couch.In
holes metal rod (detal№24) is set at the top of the backrest.