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August 12, 2017 18:06

Heating Stoves

Despite on presence on the central or the autonomous water heating, many owners of houses and private homes are not their homes without a real oven.And indeed, the oven is able to create comfort in any situation, but other than that, having a helper, do not worry, that for some reason it turns, that not than cook dinner or warm water.

Heating Stoves

furnaces for heating

heating furnaces can be made of metal (mostly - iron) or made of brick.Which one to choose? - it will depend on several criteria: the area of ​​the room in which it is established, the financial capabilities and personal preferences of the homeowner.

brick heating stoves

Article Contents

  • 1 brick heating stoves
    • 1.1 Heating furnace type "Dutch»
    • 1.2 «Swede»
    • 1.3 Kitchen pech-plate
    • 1.4 Video: super-compact boiler cooking stove
    • 1.5 Russian oven
    • 1.6 Stoves
    • 1.7 Species brick kiln on-site
  • 2 Cast iron heating stoves
    • 2.1 Heating iron furnace
    • 2.2 boiler-heating, cast iron stoves
    • 2.3 Cast iron stoves
    • 2.4 stove for baths
    • 2.5 few examples produced by cast-iron stoves
      • 2.5.1 stove «Normandy»
      • 2.5.2 stove «Ambra»
      • 2.5.3 stove "Bayern - Prizmatik" with stove
      • 2.5.4 Video: moreone representative of the ruler "Bavaria" - a stove "Sofia»

The most popular house have always been a traditional furnace and brick fireplaces.This fact is not surprising, as these ovens combine the most important functions, without which it is difficult to do the man even summer conditions - home heating and maintenance it comfortable environment for a long time, cooking, water heating, clothes drying, preparations for the winter.

"Классикой", безусловно, являются кирпичные печи

«Classic», of course, are brick kiln

It therefore, despite the emergence of more modern heating appliances, many still prefer brick buildings.Their diversity is great - it is known a very large number of designs, which differ not only in size, but also functionality.This diversity allows you to choose the model that to the maximum extent appropriate for a particular area and the interior of the house and meets the needs of the owners.

to understand the nuances of brick furnaces, it makes sense to consider some of the most popular options.However, whatever it may be the kind of selected, it must in any case qualitatively to heat the house, and one of the most important structural conditions for this function is the size of the combustion chamber of the furnace.Having defined with this parameter, it will be possible to choose the stove itself and, since any of them are designed with a specific calculation .

The required size of the combustion chamber must be in accordance with the heated area.In addition, the size of the furnace depends and minimum section flue pipe.As a starting point in the selection, you can use the following table:

Area in square meters.m volume
portal into a (liters)
firebox mm Throat chimney section in mm (minimum)
12 42 500 450 300 300 120 140 × 140
16 50 600 500-520 400 320 120 140 × 270
22 60 700 560-580 450 350 120 140 × 270
30 80 800 600-650 500 370-380 130 270 × 270
35 100 900 700 600 400-420 130 270 × 270
40 120 1000 750 700 450 140 270 × 270

ovens for homecan be divided according to their functionality:

  • simply heating furnace - such as "Dutch".
  • heating and cooking - it oven with hob and oven, for example, "Swede", Russian oven and others.
  • Stoves - their functionality understandable of name.
  • few stand out heating furnace special purpose - a bath heaters, stoves for heating greenhouses, garages and other outbuildings.

Heating furnace type "Dutch»

«Dutchwoman" is a heating furnace, which is designed exclusively for space heating.This design can be quite compact and perfectly suited or for small buildings, or as a second, additional furnace in the building. It can be positioned between the two rooms, it will not only effectively their heat, but also serve as a wall.

Отопительная печь "голландка"

Heating stove "Dutch»

«Dutchwoman" came to Russia from Western Europe at the beginning of the XVIII century and firmly taken root in the Russian huts.Since that time, already Russian master potters substantially reconstructed the original model, as it initially had no valves, and heat directly took the pipe.The internal design of the furnace appeared sophisticated channels that help to keep the heat for a long time. addition, some modernized "Dutch" were water tanks warmers, drying chambers.

Driving traditional "Dutch" as follows:

Типичная схема "голландки"

Typical «Dutch»

How to fold this compact and easy-to-use heating furnace - «Dutchwoman» , can be found by clicking onlink to the publication of our portal.There can also be found on the foundation for recommendations for her , detailed laying instructions with the circuit-poryadovkoy and other useful information.


«Swede" is a more rational structure, since it, when comparable "was Dutch 'compact dimensions originally provided items such as a stove and a drying chamber, and sometimes even - and oven.

Очень функциональная печь-"шведка"

Very functional pech- "Swedish»

scheme traditional stove - «Swede" is as follows:

Внутреннее строение "шведки"

internal structure "Swede»

Interesting historical facts - the original version of "Swede"as can be understood from its name, it was developed in Sweden commissioned by the government in connection with the need to save firewood, which is sorely lacking in the winter. Its authors are engineer Karl Johan Kronsted and General Fabian - them in 1767 presented their project.The furnace has taken root and become widespread not only in Sweden but also in other Nordic countries, one of which began and Russia, in which «Swede" began to gain popularity in the late XIX.Before the advent of this model in Sweden often built furnace chimney type , who give little heat and require large amounts of fuel.

Design "Swede" perfectly suited for small and large home.During the time elapsed since the first appearance of this stove were different variations, from which you can choose the optimum for the conditions of a country house ..

How to fold the oven "Swede» yourself can be found by clicking on the link on thea special portal page devoted to this very topic.

Kitchen oven-cooker

kitchens brick-oven stove can be called the most economical in construction and compact in size version of all the existing heating facilities.However, this oven-cooker is designed for heating only the most food and cooking.Of course, it is possible to divide one large dacha room into two zones, organized in the kitchen of one of them, and the other - a kind of bedroom.In this case the rest of the room will be warmed in the rear of the oven for 10 ÷ 12 hours.

This oven was invented for the active use of the kitchen

This oven was invented for the active kitchen use

In addition, the benefits of this design include its relative ease compared to the other buildings, which means that for such stoves do not need massive andtoo deep foundation.The construction takes a very small area - little more than a room divider to set next table.

There are more massive model-plate stoves, which can be selected, if they there is enough space in the house.

internal channels Scheme - plate oven

Scheme-plate stove internal channels

Scheme-plate stoves is quite simple and it can be performed in-house.However, for the main work is successful, the wizard recommends that you first make the clutch the whole structure "dry."This operation is necessary to obtain at least a minimum practice and "fill" the hand, as well as to understand the device of each of the series.In addition, there is the possibility of precise adjustment bricks for further masonry.

"Порядовка" кухонной печи

«poryadovkoy" kitchen stove

masonry produced in accordance with the developed and more than once to try out poryadovye scheme.If you select this option the oven, you can find a large number of "poryadovok" for the construction of a rectangular and square shapes, the camera around the plate and without it , with an oven and hot-water tank.

Kitchen stove can be supplemented with stove bench

Kitchen stove can be supplemented with stove bench

can not say about the features of the cooker with the design arranged back or side stove bench.This variation nt etc. ekrasno suitable for a country house, as you can tell, one bed place will always be ready.Even if there is no need to warm up, as are warm nights, it is possible to use the couch as bed - should only lay on her mattress and pillow.

If the house is enough space, and there is a desire to build such a structure, the design of this furnace will not much harder than the usual plate.Of course, it requires more material to work with, and will take more time on the clutch, but you can save money on buying a bed, and at the same time always have a place for drying wet clothing and footwear, fruit, vegetables and berries.

Driving with masonry oven stove bench

scheme masonry stove with stove bench

scheme of laying such a furnace can be a good look at the figure below.

Video: Super-compact boiler cooking stove

Russian oven

real Russian oven - it's pretty massive structure, which requires a large area for installation and a large amount of fuel for a good warm-up.Previously furnace took about half of the cottage area, as it was a key element in the house - she not only fed the whole family, but also treated, as well as giving a cozy night.Around her built loft, on which were arranged beds.

The traditional Russian stove with bunks

traditional Russian stove with bunks

Today rarely in private homes can meet real Russian oven , since it takes a lot of space, requires a device massive foundation, a large amount of material for masonry, and sleep on the stove or lofttoday hardly anyone will.But still some owners of mansions to maintain interior style choose this option heating furnace, as it is not only a functional building, but also a decorative element of the interior.

Русская печь хорошо смотрится в "деревенском" стиле интерьера

Russian stove looks good in the "rustic" style interior

If it is dreamed about Russian stove , and lacks only its erection instructions, we recommend readers to follow the link.In the opened article can be found not only a detailed guide, but also a list of all necessary for the process of the masonry, as well as 3D-poryadovkoy.


dream of many homeowners - have a fireplace in a private home.However, they at the same time it is necessary to clearly imagine that in "pure form", he malofunktsionalen and is only suitable for heating one small room.Typically, fireplaces miss romantic nature, who dream to spend cold evenings by the open fire, the crackling of dry case of aromatic wood.But, for example, for a holiday home that is not enough, because the fire will not allow the food to cook or bake bread, and the heat from it very quickly erode.

Brick oven fireplace portal

brick oven fireplace portal

In this case and has been developed design that combines the heating stove with ceramic hob and oven, and a fireplace that can be used separately.

This design can be both compact and massive enough.Some models feature a fireplace firebox on the side, in the other - on the opposite side to the plate. stove can be installed so that it side with hob and oven would come out in side kitchen facilities, and a fireplace - in side recreation area.

Schemes of this building - not too complicated, but will need to purchase a lot more metal elements.

To learn more about how the process goes erection of stoves , you need to refer to the article of our portal, dedicated to this very topic.

Species brick kilns on site installation

Besides the classification of brick kilns in terms of functionality, size and massiveness, they can be divided and the base form and their location in the house.It is also an important selection criterion specific model.

furnaces in the form of their bases can be:

- just square or rectangular with the tab in the form of a cooking stove;

- square;

- round;

- triangular (trapezoidal) for positioning in a corner;

- T-shaped.

  • Rectangular furnace can be installed against a wall, serve as a wall or stand in the middle of the room to be divided into two different zones.
rectangular oven, dividing the room into two zones

rectangular furnace, which divides the room into two zones

In addition, the furnace may have a rectangular protrusion in the form of a hotplate.

Rectangular serving oven cooking hobs

rectangular oven with cooking hobs serving

Rectangular can be any of the above types of furnaces.The construction can be massive or compact form.Choosing the right option depends on the size of premises and the owners opportunities.

  • Square oven can also be installed anywhere in the room.They are compact enough , although can be quite multi-functional, and not only to deal with space heating, but also to have hot water tank and a hotplate.