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August 12, 2017 18:06

Restoration of doors with their hands

If you look with horror on their room doors with peeling paint, no longer hiding the shortcomings of adhesive tape, chips and cracks, but the budget is painted to the penny, it's time to be taken for the restoration.Such a measure will allow to quickly and accurately restore the painting without having to purchase new doors.

Restoration of doors with their hands

Restoration of doors with their hands

Doors are usually made of plastic, glass, wood and its derivatives.And there are many different methods of restoration, but the most important stage - the cleaning and preparation of the canvas.It is important to thoroughly remove all traces of paint coatings, grease, old gaskets, align the fabric to further door look like new.

Throw away ?No!Restoring !

Throw away?No!Restoring!

Prepare the wooden door to the restoration.Remove the hardware and paint

Article Contents

  • 1 Prepare the wooden door to the restoration.Remove the hardware and paint
    • 1.1 Video - How to quickly remove the door from its hinges
    • 1.2 How to remove the paint.The first way
      - grinding
    • 1.3 The second way - the use of chemicals
    • 1.4 The third way - the use of a gas burner
    • 1.5 method fourth - the use of the building dryer
    • 1.6 method fifth - SodaBlasting
    • 1.7 method six - Using a drill and attachment
    • 1.8 Video - Blasting soft
  • 2 Shpaklyuem wooden door
  • 3 Strengthens door
  • 4 Change cracked glass
    • 4.1 case 1.Glass recorded shtapikami
    • 4.2 case 2. The glass has hidden fixation
  • 5 stained door
    • 5.1 Video - restoration of doors with their hands
    • 5.2 Video - Workshop on the restoration of interior door withglass insert.Glass Replacement
  • 6 Restoration metal door
  • 7 as laminated interior doors film
    • 7.1 Video - Pasting MDF veneer
    • 7.2 Video - How to glue the film DC-FIX
    • 7.3 Video - The principle of the film sticking
  • 8 To replace door hinges.Fotoinstruktsiya
    • 8.1 Video - Installing hinges on interior doors

The first thing to do - is to carefully remove the door from its hinges and lay on the floor or four stools.

Removing the door from its hinges

Removing the door from its hinges

Removing the door from its hinges

Removing the door from its hinges

hinges can be invisible, mortise, screw, card removable and non-removable.So how will all be restored door leaf, hinges must be temporarily removed completely.To do this, unscrew all screws and caps, bottom to hook the door with a crowbar, rises, remove and set aside to the side.

Universal loop

Universal loop

addition loop, remove the rest of accessories that will prevent further work.

Puts the door horizontally

Puts the door horizontally

Video - How to quickly remove the door from its hinges

How to remove the paint.The first way - grinding

If the door is flat, and the layers of paint very much, is to make fabric out and try to clean it sander.Work quite dusty, grinding wheels become clogged quickly, but the result will not take long.

Removing paint grinder

Removing paint grinder

second method - the use of chemicals

On sale you can find a variety of solvents and destroy the old paint.One of them - B52.How it works: the wetting of the surface, waiting, cleaning spatula delaminated coatings.

The solvent is applied to small areas of the surface ;scraper or spatula softened paint is removed

solvent is applied to small areas of the surface;scraper or spatula softened paint is removed

In addition, this work is very hard and harmful (solvent vapors are not safe for health), it is worth noting that the chemicals can not cope with a large number of layers of old coating.Therefore, this method is only applicable for cleaning small areas of the door with a thin layer of old paint.

independently possible to make a mixture of paint strippers by mixing caustic soda, water and oatmeal to a thick consistency.This slurry should be distributed on the web, and in 30-50 minutes, clean off the metal spatula with swollen paint layer.

important to use gloves and a dust mask!

third method - the use of a gas burner

Removing old paint burner

Removing old paint burner

From fire safety reasons, work should be carried out only outdoors.The paint is heated by a burner, easily coming off, but at the same time can smoke and exude a pungent odor.

This method is only applicable if you are familiar with the burner, have prepared a sufficient stock of cylinders and ready to warn neighbors about the forthcoming works.

fourth method - the use of the building dryer

Removing paint building hairdryer

Removing paint building hairdryer

This method is the most productive and safe.Even if the door paint layers applied several decades ago, they are easy to peel off, and when the work will not have a burning smell, or chemistry.

Heat Clean of paint and a sharp trowel.Be careful not to damage the wood.Do not lean on the door as the air stream temperature of about 600 degrees.

fifth method - SodaBlasting



method involves gentle, careful removal of complex pollution and old paint from metal, glass, wood paintings.In this case the door leaf is not damaged.When working with compressed air onto the surface of the door will be applied biodegradable cleaner Armex.

main disadvantage of this seemingly ideal method - the inability to perform the work at home, the need to deliver door to the studio and the associated costs.

Equipment for blasting soft

equipment for soft blasting

sixth method - Using drills and tips

Drill with a nozzle

drill with paddle

The stores sell special abrasive brush head to put on a drill.Metal fibers to remove old paint, but there is a likelihood of damage to the web one may be required to process all the doors, and several interchangeable nozzles, which cost 120-170 rubles apiece.

Video - Blasting soft

Shpaklyuem wooden door

Putty Wood

Putty Wood

illustrative example of how the putty wooden doors

After all the layers of old paint removed, you should takesandpaper, secure it to the bracket and carefully sand the door, making a motion for the fiber line.This action will remove the paint from remote areas, to smooth out scratches and chips.

Caulking the color of the wood

Putty for wood color

door after polishing vacuum cleaner and wipe with mineral spirits, degreasing.

Open jar with primer medley and causes part of the door with a thin layer.The primer will extend the life of wood and serve as a basis for the new paint.Middle primer consumption - 100 g per 1 square meter of fabric.Average price per unit weight of 2.5 kg - 280-350 rubles.

Grinding and priming

Grinding and priming

Narrow spatula inflict blended filler for wood.Distribute it and leave to dry.After this it is necessary once again to handle the entire door with fine sandpaper to remove any tiny defects.

If there is a big deep door a crack, it can be eliminated by choosing the right size and color of a piece of wood.Driftwood coat with joiner's glue and tightly trying to drive into the crack.After about a day the glue dries and the door will be ready to hold coats procedures, putty and paint.

Strengthens door

If your door rassohlas of old age and is no longer characterized by sufficient strength, it is recommended to strengthen the fabric and the box.And this should be done immediately after preparation, but before dyeing process.

If the blade is deformed, correct geometry helps plane.Remove excess wood instrument, simultaneously checking the accuracy of angles gon metal carpentry.

Processing a plane web

Processing fabric a plane

If ssohlas door and closed very tightly, could see a large gap between the door and the frame, you need to cut from plywood or thin plank rail and nail it to the end of the restored doors.Then treat the rail with a file or a plane, just resize.

Securing additional rail

mount additional rail

strengthen the door leaf can be metal corners.But that door has not lost its appeal, it is worth paying attention to the decorative carved corners and make their installation (thin nail nails or screws to fix) after dyeing fabric.Do not forget to buy a new door handle, stylistically appropriate to the figure area.

Door corner decorative

Door Corner decorative

Change cracked glass

Cracked or simply outdated murky glass is not difficult to replace with your own hands.In its place, you can install a new, for example, transparent or frosted, tinted or sandblasted pattern, relief or smooth, color or single color.

Doors with glass inserts

Doors with glass inserts

Note!If the glass has a thickness of 10 mm (triplex), then replace it impractical to produce.Firstly, it is very expensive, and secondly, to cope with this task is almost impossible inexperienced person.

Door with glass Triplex

door with glass Triplex

Case 1 fixed glass glazing beads

Glass recorded shtapikami

Glass recorded shtapikami

The easiest way to replace the glass, fixed glazing beads.It suffices to dismantle them before removing the glass by hand.We arm with pliers and a metal spatula.Poddevat bead spatula, gently pull out the pliers and cloves.

Molding fillet wooden

Molding fillet Wooden

chisel or knife we ​​clean bed for the glass.We make measurements.When opening a custom, do figure template out of cardboard.This takes into account that the size of the glass should be slightly smaller than the opening.Wipe the glass with soapy sponge and dry them with a clean cloth, portable design with curves and produce cutting.

How to cut glass

How to cut glass

Attention!Wear gloves so as not to cut your hands.Work on a flat surface serviceable glass cutter.

opening perimeter to treat glass sealant, then insert a piece of carved, sawed jigsaw new glazing beads and fasten them with thin nails.

Case 2. The glass has hidden fixation

Glass has a hidden fixing

Glass has a hidden lock

If the glass has a hidden lock, have to disassemble the door, unscrewing the bolts, remove the old glass and inserting a new one.Silicone thus can not be used, because afterwards it will be impossible to replace.Significant negative glass replacement in these doors - after assembling the web may lose its geometric and need correction plane.

way, instead of glass can be used acrylic unbreakable mirror.It is easy enough, strong, has a high decorative and easy cutting.

stained door

Staining doors

staining doors

Prepared according to the rules of the door can be painted.Work is performed in two steps - application of the base layer of white paint and tinting.

choose matt paint for wood, apply it with a brush or spray gun, making a motion with a brush along fibers.Apply a single layer, making sure there were no stains.

Important!If there is a glass insert, it is required to seal the masking tape so as not to stain the surface of the paint.

for toning choose glossy or matte paint of any color, such as dark brown.Similarly stained fabric.If necessary, another layer, but only after prior drying.The more coats of paint, the more saturated will be cast.But do not get carried away and create a too thick coating.

How to paint a wooden door

How to paint a wooden door

Important!Be sure to carry out the preparation and the restoration of the door frame.Otherwise, the door will be updated disadvantageous contrast with the adjacent wooden surfaces.

When the paint dries, you can apply a coat of gloss varnish or proceed to the installation of the door handles.

Video - Restoration of doors with their hands

Video - Workshop on the restoration of interior door with glass pane.Glass Replacement

Restoration metal door

To restore, you can not only wood but also of metal doors.Previous work is desirable to remove the canvas and lay horizontally.This will simplify the job.

How to paint a metal door

How to paint a metal door

Step 1. Disassemble a close masking tape doorknob, peephole, and other accessories.

Step 2. wire brush or a drill with a nozzle to clean off all traces of corrosion.Polishing the surface of sandpaper (80-150 grain).Vacuums and leaf handle solvent.

Step 3. Handle door polish for cars.Do not use filler for wood, since they do not adhere to the metal.Avtopolirol hide all the dents and micro-scratches, formed after cleaning rust.Smoothes the wax applied with a spatula.Drying time will be about 30-40 minutes.



Step 4. produce polishing the entire surface of the door with sandpaper grit 400. Wipe with a damp cloth clean cloth and then degreased using a tool to remove fat.

Step 5. Apply primer on the door for the corrosion of the metal.The paper roll and convenient to use a narrow brush.After complete drying of the primer layer, re-grind fine-grained sandpaper cloth.

Anti-corrosion primer

Corrosion Primer

Step 6. stained door paint for metal.Layers can be several, but each subsequent applied only after drying previous.For applying the paint using a roller and a brush or a spray gun.Do not forget gloves and a respirator.

Restoration of metal doors

Restoration metal door

Similarly purify and stained box door, and then remove the masking tape, mount fittings and hang the door on its rightful place.Thus

can not restore the entire surface of the door, and only a small area, but it is important to pick up paint tone-on-tone.

as laminated interior doors film

The film adhesive D-C-FIX walnut

film adhesive DC-FIX walnut

Self-adhesive film d-c-fix black tree

film adhesive dc-fix black

tree for pasting the doors should not use cheap PVC film, and give preference to strong "selfglue »DC-FIX.This film is guaranteed to last for more than 10 years, will not burn in the sun and will not rub off.

Sale film rolls of a width of 45, 90 and 67, 5 cm Roll length -. 15 m. The average retail price of this German film is 1700 rubles.From huge assortment is not difficult to choose the option with the imitation of wood, stone, or other abstract pattern, suitable for a specific interior.

Gluing film should be carefully enlisting someone's help.Cutting should preferably be on the patterns, and small bubbles immediately remove the plastic wide spatula.If the bubble is not removed, it can be pierced with a fine needle.For the best film plasticity allowed to warm hairdryer.