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August 12, 2017 18:06

What wallpaper to choose the bedroom

Whenever owners plotting renovated apartment in front of them there is a question about the choice of wallpaper.This is understandable - everyone always wants to replace the old, already podnadoevshy interior with something new and desirable - a completely unique design.However, apart from the aesthetic side of design of any of the rooms, you need to take into account the environmental and the material used, which will be finishing.To be fully knowledgeable about what to choose wallpaper in the bedroom, you should to start to define the criteria by which they are selected.

What wallpaper to choose the bedroom

What wallpaper to choose the bedroom

  • If you look at this issue from a purely practical point of view, the first and most important criterion should be full security material.
  • second item can be safely called aesthetic finish.This could include the color, pattern and design style.

Based on data and assessment of options is to choose wallpaper for the nursery, and for adult bedrooms.

Since wallpaper made from different mat

erials, and they are not all equally suitable for rooms recreation, need to carefully examine their views on exactly this criterion.

Types of wallpapers for material manufacture

Article Contents

  • 1 Types of wallpapers for the manufacture of the material
    • 1.1 Vinyl wallpaper
    • 1.2 Fleece Mural
    • 1.3 Fiberglass wallpaper
    • 1.4 Paper wallpaper
    • 1.5 Wallpapers from natural materials
      • 1.5.1 Bamboo wallpaper
      • 1.5.2 Cork wallpaper
      • 1.5.3 Wallpapers veneer
    • 1.6 Textilewallpaper
    • 1.7 Liquid wallpaper
    • 1.8 Photo Wall Mural
  • 2 textured fabrics wallpaper
    • 2.1 imitation stucco surface
    • 2.2 Texture canvas
    • 2.3 Embossed surface
  • 3 Colors
  • 4 Styles bedrooms
  • 5 recommendations when choosing wallpaper for the bedroom
    • 5.1 Video: wallpaper decoration bedrooms

to date, the sale includes the followingbasic types of wallpaper - paper, vinyl, non-woven, glass fiber, liquid and made of natural materials.

A variety of modern wallpaper range is sometimes baffling

Variety modern wallpaper range is sometimes baffling

addition, most types of wallpaper can be divided into single-layer and dual-layer, which is another name for "simplex" and "Duplex".Double fabric characterized in that they consist of a decorative outer layer and the substrate.The base may be made of the same material as the upper layer, or differ from it.

Vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper are popular, as look great on the walls.But it is very important to the surface for their bonding were perfectly smooth.It should be noted that vinyl - a polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic material, and is the result of the copolymerization of styrene and rubber.Therefore, the new vinyl wallpaper often have an unpleasant smell peculiar proof that when pasting the walls and fills the room long enough not to erode.

Vinyl wallpaper with silk-screen printing

Vinyl wallpaper with silk-screen printing

Vinyl wallpaper resistant to moisture and abrasion resistance, and also have an aesthetic appearance, but they are not breathable material and difficult to label because they have a sufficiently large rigidity compared with other types and hardimpregnated with glue.

Vinyl wallpaper varieties produced on a paper or paper-based, and usually refer to the two-layer type.

wallpaper with a paper substrate may have a smooth surface or deposited on her delicate relief pattern.They call this type of silk-screen printing material and made their way to the hot stamping.

Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven basis have a foam structure, and may also have a raised pattern.This option is finishing material is easier to gluing, so as soon as the wall is covered with non-woven to secure the foundations of the wall with glue.

Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven basis

Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven basis

Wallpaper, made by silk-screen printing, have the characteristic of natural silk luster, and usually refined figure.They can be self-colored or multi-colored, but almost always decorated in pastel colors.

Fleece Mural

Non-woven fabric made from cellulose fibers and nonwoven are light and soft material having a property of a stretch.Wallpapers of nonwoven glued easily, and when they are used in the course of the work the adhesive is applied only on the surface of the walls.

Very easy to pasting non-woven wallpaper

very convenient in non-woven wallpaper pasting

The obvious advantages of this finishing material might include its quality:

- during operation these wallpapers can be subjected to wet cleaning of settled dust;

- fleece is breathable material, so it will not be created suffocating atmosphere in the room;

- of non-woven wallpapers are environmentally friendly;

- pasted on the wall paintings have a very aesthetic appearance;

- wallpaper made in different colors and soothing shades, so well suited for the decoration of the bedroom.

Soft colors non-woven wallpaper is the best suited for bedrooms

Soft colors non-woven wallpaper is the best suited for bedrooms

This type of wallpaper can be made entirely of non-woven fabrics, or have a paper substrate.As one or another version of the material is able to hide small defects on the surface of the wall.

Since these wallpapers have a relatively large thickness, they are always glued back to back, and when glueing under the blades are not usually formed annoying air bubbles, and thanks to the elasticity of nonwoven sheets are joined without any problems.

of nonwoven wallpaper can be repeatedly subjected to staining, so if you want you can change the situation by changing the toning wall design.

Fiberglass wallpaper

Glass fiber made from the fibers of molten glass and stretched into filaments or quartz sand.The resulting fiber structure is compressed into webs having different textural patterns, which are often designed for painting.Furthermore, the material made of glass fiber, and wallpaper with ready drawings.The composition of the glass fiber, in addition to a main component includes such natural inclusion as dolomite, soda and lime, so glass-fiber wallpapers are environmentally friendly material that safely can be glued in the bedroom.

Wallpaper based on glass fibers are durable and environmental friendliness

wallpaper based glass is durable and ecological purity

«downside" of this material may be called only by its relatively high price, but the "pluses" in fiberglass typed a list:

- High strength fabric.These wallpapers are resistant to mechanical stress, do not scratch and do not rush.

- if necessary, material can be subjected to wet cleaning private.

- fabric structure allows it to "breathe", which improves the microclimate in the premises of the bedroom.

- material does not accumulate static electricity, so do not attract dust.

- Environmentally friendly, thanks to the use in the manufacture of only natural materials.

- Wallpaper resistant to occurrence of various microorganisms and parasites, since no medium fibers completely nutrient for them.

- Glass fiber non-flammable, and when exposed to an open flame, they do not emit harmful substances.

- The material is easily glued to the wall, and with such a trim can handle even the novice master.

Very often, fiberglass wallpaper intended for further painting in the shade of the selected hosts

Often fiberglass wallpaper are meant to further the selected color shade hosts

Finished steklooboyami walls look smooth and neat.Qualitatively pasted canvas may last for about 30 years, and if you wish, you can change their color with repainting.

Paper wallpaper

With the advent of new materials wallpaper, paper version of the departed on the last plan, and this is quite understandable, since it has several significant drawbacks.The main ones include virtually zero resistance to mechanical stress, fragility, difficulty sticking, the inevitable loss of color under the influence of ultraviolet rays, and other "sins".

Paper wallpaper are gradually replaced by new modern types

Paper wallpaper gradually replaced with new modern types

The advantages of this coating material include its environmental cleanliness, affordability and diversity of drawings.

For those who like to frequently change the finish of the walls and is wholly owned by the art of wallpapering the traditional way, paper wallpaper fit "a hundred percent" as their value allows you to change them at least every year.

Wallpapers from natural materials

Currently wallpaper produced a lot of natural materials such as bamboo, cork, veneer, leaves, reeds and other plant fibers.All of these finishes have a high price, and it can be called the biggest disadvantage.But the merits of natural materials, a lot more, and most importantly, that they are able to create a wonderful atmosphere in the room of wildlife.Therefore, a few words must be said about each of them.

Bamboo wallpaper

wallpaper made of bamboo are very light weight.They are manufactured in different color shades, as well as using fragments of different width.This decorative finish can be selected to suit all tastes.The material has a great natural energy, which contributes to the natural rest and relaxation of the human body during sleep.

Very unusual wallpaper of bamboo fiber

Very unusual wallpaper from bamboo fibers

  • Bamboo wallpaper durable as resistant to various kinds of negative effects, including and various arthropod pests.
  • humidity resistant material, and "indifferent" to the ultraviolet rays.
  • Bamboo material has a high potential strength, which makes it almost invulnerable to mechanical influences.
  • addition, bamboo has some good insulating properties.Moreover, it has an interesting property to accumulate heat, and then it gradually give.Acoustic
  • quality material somewhat lower than that of cork wallpaper, but much higher than that of non-woven or vinyl.
  • Decorating does not require complex manipulations in the care of her, so cleaning is carried out very quickly with a damp soft cloth, that is a wallpaper of bamboo just cleared the dust settled on them.
Cork wallpaper

Cork wallpaper made from the bark of the cork oak, and are an excellent material for decoration of residential house in the first place, thanks to its environmental safety.

Always warm and pleasant to the touch wallpaper on the basis of traffic jams

always warm and pleasant to the touch on the basis of cork wallpaper

wallpaper made of cork, ideal for the decoration of the bedroom, as they have to do all the necessary qualities:

- Lightweight material facilitates easy installation it on the wall.

- porous structure of cork wallpaper will provide high thermal and sound insulation of the walls.

- Resistant to the effects of UV rays and mechanical stress.

- Natural cork antistatic attract and prevents dust accumulation on surfaces finished with this material.

- Caring for the walls done by lightly wiping with a damp cloth.

- Variety of colors and a very interesting textured pattern allows to choose cork wallpaper for any room in the house or apartment.

- Since cork is a natural material, it has wallpaper from "breathing" feature that creates a favorable microclimate in the room for a rest.

- Cork wallpaper is practically non-flammable and does not support combustion of other materials located near them.

- Finish has antibacterial properties that prevent the emergence and development of the fungal colonies.In addition, this finish does not absorb odors.

materials are produced based on plugs that are designed not only for finishing walls and floor and ceiling surfaces.The room, decorated tube, it will be much warmer and quieter, so if there is a financial opportunity to purchase this finishing material, it is necessary to stop your choice on it.

Wallpapers veneer

wallpaper made from natural veneer of valuable wood, so they have a relatively high cost.

Wallpapers from natural veneer of valuable wood create a very unique view of the interior

wallpapers from natural veneer of valuable wood create a very unique view of the interior

This variant design bedroom suitable for those who dreamed of a wooden house, or at least of quality wood decoration.It is understood that under the conditions of the apartment is a dream difficult to implement, since the installation of a wooden lining on the walls immediately reduce the already small area of ​​rooms.The wood veneer has a thickness of less than a millimeter, and it is glued in the same way as the wallpaper.The only thing that must be provided before installation - this evenness of the walls, otherwise the material will be recorded on a bad surface.

Natural wood has always helped to create a special atmosphere in the rooms of harmony and warmth, home security.These properties of wood help to relax and quiet night's rest.

veneer wallpaper consists of two layers - the foundation of thick paper, which is glued a thin, sometimes thick just 0,2 ÷ 0,3 mm layer of veneer, topped with a protective layer of colorless varnish or wax.For the manufacture of veneer is usually used larch, zerbana, sandalwood, alder and other valuable and sometimes exotic woods.

The advantages of such a finish are as follows its quality:

- porous structure of the material allows it to "breathe", so under such wallpaper does not accumulate moisture and mold colonies appear.

- Good thermal insulation properties make veneer bedroom walls warm to the touch, so the room is always comfortable and cozy.

- Soundproofing is not so great, what you can get from cork wallpaper, but all the same ambient noise level will be greatly reduced.

These wallpapers sufficiently resistant to mechanical stresses and to the influence of ultraviolet rays;

veneer wallpaper can be easily cleaned from dust by wet cleaning.

Textile wallpaper

Textile wall have long been used for the decoration of the walls.Over time they have improved both in manufacturing technology and on design diversity, and today they look quite modern.However, it should be noted that the models produced and who consciously made "antique" - they are generally chosen for a particular design style.

An example of a triumphant return - textile wall

Example triumphant return - textile wall

fabric wallpaper made today on a paper or non-woven basis.The top of the decorative layer can be made of silk, cotton, linen, jute, synthetic and blended fabrics.

Textile wallpaper based on synthetic act as insulation, since they consist of two layers, the lower of which is a foam.

Jute wallpaper made of jute fibers from which fabrics are produced with a large textured pattern.This wallpaper of this material is excellent camouflage various defects in the wall.Such webs are produced in multi-colored or white variant - the latter, as a rule, intended for further painting.

silk wallpapers are an elite finishing materials, as walls, decorated them look unbelievably luxurious.However, the price for such fabric is very high.

Linen wallpaper can be called the most useful for human health of all textile options.