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August 12, 2017 18:06

Doors How to choose

matter, Does the construction and decoration new residential private home or afoot ma nt square artiry - the question of the correct choice and installation of interior doors would pop up with all sharpness.It is pointless to invest considerable funds in interior decoration, if their appearance door "break" conceived image designer.

Doors How to choose

Doors How to choose

Exit - give these details in the interior conceived fully in line with the style of interior decoration.You can, of course, to try to restore the old, put them in order and try to give them the desired appearance, but this problem is - not easy to do, and sometimes simply impossible.Therefore , increasingly resorting to their full replacement, good choice of such products - just huge.Thus, the interior doors how to choose, how not to get lost in the variety of models that are not getting at the same time an explicit marriage, but not overpaying for a completely unnecessary quality?

start to understand on by row, because criteria like th

e choice - a lot.

Dimensions Door

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  • 1 Dimensions Door
    • 1.1 Video: proper conduct measurements and installation of interior doors
  • 2 Door design
    • 2.1 Swingdoors
    • 2.2 sliding doors
    • 2.3 Folding doors
    • 2.4 Video: types of interior doors
  • 3 material of manufacture of interior doors
  • 4 exterior of the door panels
  • 5 a few tips for choosing interior doors

First of all, you must determine the required size of the door.It is clear that this option will be tied directly to the existing door openings .

In accordance with State standards in force until the recent past, in the domestic m m nogoetazhnom construction standard door height was adopted in 2000 mm.In principle, most doors currently produced, meets this standard.

In the West, these values ​​were and are slightly different - 2100 mm.In drawing up the projects of houses nowadays architects, using the European software software , often laying height it is such as it is accepted there.Therefore, this parame tr tr ebuet mandatory testing.

(The European standards often can not meet the millimeter and modular calculus, for example, the height of M21's okay -. A "module» - is 100 mm, and translate any work will not make).

So, the table lists the standard sizes of interior doors with into account the size of the door leaf and are necessary for its installation openings .

Standard size of door leaf corresponds to the size of the doorway
on width adjustment on width adjustment
550 2000 from 630 to650 2060 ÷ 2090
600 from 680 to 700
700 from 780 to 800
800 from 880 to 900
900 from 980 to 1000
1200 (two doors: 600 + 600) from 1280 to 1300
1400 (two doors: 600 + 800) from 1480 to 1500
1500 (two doors: 600 + 900) from 1580 to 1600

If the size of door openings advised specified values, it can be considered a big success - the acquisition of standard doors are always much cheaper than its manufacturing order.Door opening , of course, you can try to adjust to the standardized size, but it is not always possible.

Scheme of the main dimensions of interior doors

Scheme of the main dimensions of interior doors

If you look at the diagram, you can see three different width parameter.Two of them relate exclusively to design door - is the amount of "clean pass" (in fact - door fabric) and door width block (with the box).And the door to easily stood up in the wall opening , its width should be 10 ÷ 15 mm longer on each side (this also applies to the height dimensions).

But here it is appropriate to make a very important point.A common mistake many inexperienced owners of apartments or houses - improper conduct measurements.The trouble is that the buildings of the old buildings are not always characterized by regular geometric shapes and their elements - verified vertically and horizontally.Therefore, wall openings on qq Veri can not take rectangular shapes, and try to install them quality made door block it fails.

Alas, the openings may be the most bizarre forms

Alas, the openings may be the most bizarre forms

Measurements must be carried out in several places - on the edges and in the middle of the opening , so you can compare these figures.But even this still not the most important.To the door well "worked", it should be strictly oriented horizontally and vertically in all planes.Hence, the measurements should be carried out not just between opposite points of the opening, but only on the vertical and horizontal lines, a broken using a level and plumb.Very common picture, when the actual size of opening, where it will be possible to install the door, are significantly less apparent at first glance.

Measurements must be carried out strictly vertically and horizontally

Measurements must be carried out strictly according to the vertical and horizontal

What is the solution?Or expand the aperture wall to give his side of the vertical arrangement or order unit door slightly smaller.

To complete the theme with the linear dimensions of the interior doors, it is worth mentioning still one important point.If opening in the wall is more than 1000 mm, and the door is planned to swing type , the have to choose from ready-made or ordered the double model.Apply the leaf with web width of more than 900 mm - it is impossible, because it is a huge burden on the door frame, hinges and the door very soon will start to sag, stop normally closed and etc .

Double door with asymmetrical wings

double door with asymmetric flaps

If you look at the table already mentioned, the seen, there are several standard types of double doors, with symmetrical or asymmetrical doors.Very often one of the doors most of the time is kept constantly closed, and opened only when necessary (carrying large cargoes, rearrangement of furniture and etc .)

Video: proper conduct measurements and installation of interior doors

design doors

next parameter selection of interior doors - it is their basic design.Their diversity can be divided into three main groups:

- hinged doors - sash move along circle around the axis (hinge);

- sliding doors - sash moves parallel to the wall on the rails;

- folding doors - door leaf folds, free passage.

Swing doors

This is perhaps the most common type of doors - it.Perhaps because of a certain conservatism applied even where much more convenient it would be to use other schemes.Princi- pp growth - painting hung in the door frame is hinged, by means of movable hinges, doors that become the axis of rotation.

Обычные распашные двери - "глухая" и с остеклением

Conventional hinged door - "deaf" and

glazing With simplicity of design, ease of comparative and narabotannosti technology of their installation, good performance in terms of sealing closed the opening , heat and sound insulation, these doorshave one drawback - they always need certain space for opening travel of the web.In cramped conditions, eg in narrow corridors it can deliver a lot of inconvenience.

themselves hinged doors are also divided into several types:

  • usual with blade or two blades , opening in one direction only.This - the "classic" type of doors that occurs throughout .Depending on the direction of opening such doors are different on the right and left - this should be considered when choosing and buying the necessary accessories.

Present is simple: if the door opens forward , from the human to the right side, it will be right.Thus - on the contrary.Usually packages or even on the hardware components themselves indicate to which door they are intended ( "P" and "L", or «R» and «L» ).

  • Pendulum or swing.The hinges of such doors allow opening of the door in any direction - by yourself or by yourself.In most cases, the leaf equipped with special mechanisms (open or concealed closers), providing self-closing door to its original position.
Swing doors can be opened in both directions

Pendulum door can be opened in both directions

Such doors under apartment or private apartment Domo in in strechayutsya infrequently - they are not too comfortable in the sense that do not provide reliable seal in the closed state,ie will not be a good defense against drafts, odors, noise.Their usual scope - public institutions, shops, railway stations, and most people are familiar with the metro stations. Nevertheless , fans of such doors still are - they are sometimes bought for interiors, made in the style loft or high-tech.

  • « Konushennaya" door.As the name implies, these doors before it is used in pens for domestic animals .
"Конюшенная" дверь - иногда это очень даже удобно!

«Stables» door - sometimes it's very convenient!

Their characteristic structure - door leaf is divided into two independent halves, each of which has its own system of locks and hinges.They look quite such doors « Vintage », but similar design - not just a fad, but it can also have a purely practical application.For example, you can limit the output of their rooms a minor child during the hostess any homework, but at the same time to leave an opportunity for a full visual and verbal contact with the baby.Another example - the ventilation of the premises without the fear that the family dog ​​begins unwanted "travel" to the places where she was not supposed to be.

sliding doors

They often still called "door-coupe" in direct analogy with the construction of doors in railway cars.Cloth or moves along the wall on the rails, or even completely hidden in the wall structure (in false-wall ).

Cloth some sliding doors in the wall disappears completely

Cloth some sliding doors completely hidden in the wall

Of course, the door leaf is completely hidden in the wall, it looks very aesthetically pleasing, but the installation of a door able to finish not always - this is usually provided still at the stage of civil and finishing works.Most often they are placed on the outer rail, that can only be placed on top, just below or in both places at the same time.

The door harness only in the upper guide

door, hanging only on the upper guide

doors, hanging on the top rail, look very nice, easy to move, but because the bottom not fixed , may sway some in draft.Doors with only the lower guiding operation is worse - they are very dependent on the purity of the rails on which the rollers are moving.Optimal choice - a door with bilateral guide - and the load is evenly distributed, and the web is stable.

The door that moves on two rails , a much more stable

door that moves on two rails, a much more stable

detail doors require very special accessories, from the guide rollers, rails, stops before the system-specific locks and latches .Self-installation of such structures is quite complex, and not all the strength - better to entrust this operation specialists.

Such doors can also be one - and dvupolnymi , with works by opening up towards friend - a friend .

Sliding doors can be dvupolnymi

sliding doors can be dvupolnymi

The main advantage of such a scheme - a significant savings of space, which is especially important in tight spaces.Often sliding doors installed in bathrooms and toilets, leaving a narrow passage.

disadvantage - the vulnerability of the mechanism from dirt and foreign objects, and not such as swing, snug fit fabric to the doorjamb.

Folding doors

It - original design, allowing, for example, block the door openings nonstandard width.Door leaf is divided into a number of vertical pieces that are pivotally secured together.Each of them has the upper and lower rollers with bearings, providing easy moving on rails, rails .

number of sections may be different.The minimum flap can be folded in half - like a book.

Дверца-"книжка" - всего одно сложение

Dvertsa- "book" - just one addition

In other embodiments, the width of these sections can be much less, about 100 - 150 mm, and thus, their total number is increasing.When you open the doors of these segments going into a kind of accordion to the edge of the opening (in some cases - even hiding in false-wall).

А такая дверь собирается в целую "гармошку"

And this door is going into the whole "accordion»

These doors look very original and good, useful space of the apartment.In addition, sometimes they allow you to draw the door opening curved configuration, for example, in an arc.But that's where the positive qualities, perhaps, to an end, and the shortcomings - much more.Chief among them - this is very low, "covering the quality," that is a weak nip the web to the doorway, do not prevent the passage of odors, noise, drafts and etc .A second important drawback - the abundance of articulations and guide rollers makes this design very vulnerable to mechanical failure, pereklinivaniyu and so on.Perhaps it makes sense to carefully weigh whether for the original appearance of the door to pay for such a lot of money without any guarantee of their longevity?

Video: Types of interior doors

Material of interior doors

next important selection criteria, which directly affects and performance-doors, and their value -this web material of manufacture.

First of all, it should be noted that the door leaf itself can be solid - "deaf», paneled design or have a glass or other decorative inserts.

In manufacturing the main material, the carrier part of canvas doors on to distinguish positive integer, wooden, made of MDF , masonite - with a special honeycomb structure, plastic, aluminum and even totally glass.

  • About wooden doors, in principle, everything is clear - it is the most high-quality and expensive product to produce which used or whole array or the re-, the so-called listelnoy wood layers which interspersed so thatthe fibers are arranged in different directions.