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August 12, 2017 18:06

Corner kitchen for a small kitchen

spacious kitchen usually do not cause any problems on their arrangement and placement of furniture, because it is possible to place them everything you need and even more than that.Unfortunately, such a luxury can afford only the owners of private houses or apartments, completed on individual projects.In urban apartments as a standard layout, and especially in the so-called "Khrushchev" owners often have to include fantasy and to make great efforts in order to accommodate such a small area of ​​at least the most necessary.

Corner kitchen for a small kitchen

Corner kitchen for a small kitchen

Corner kitchen for a small kitchen is one of the ways to solve this problem, as these sets of furniture occupy a minimum of space.Corner kitchen can have a different layout options, but one thing unites them - in any case, is calculated and activated every possible centimeter small area.

Basics plan kitchen

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  • 1 Basics plan kitchen
    • 1.1 Ergonomic kitchen space
  • 2 How can you save space
  • 3 Color solutionother interior elements
  • Interiors 4 different layout kitchens
    • 4.1 narrow kitchen
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      • 4.1.2 Variant№2
      • 4.1.3 Variant№3
    • 4.2 Square kitchen
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      • 4.2.2 Option №2
      • 4.2.3 Option number 3
      • 4.2.4 Option number 4
    • 4.3 Video: illustrative tips on planning a small kitchen

To make optimum use of the space, there should be careful planning it before repair and do finishing work.To do this, it recommended on several sheets of paper to draw a precise plan kitchen on a smaller scale.It is best to make two or three copies of the plan to make different variants of arrangement of furniture and choose the most suitable.

The cornerstone of optimal placement of furniture in the kitchen - a thorough pre-planning

The cornerstone optimal placement of furniture in the kitchen - a thorough pre-planning

After the visual area is defined installation of kitchen units, it will be easier to choose.Since the space for furniture require a lot (it usually takes about a quarter of the kitchen area) then this room is often selected P- or L-shaped corner suites.They are set around the adjacent walls, leaving the free center of the room, where you can put the dining table.

A few basic options objects placement of furniture and kitchen appliances

few basic options for placement of furniture and kitchen appliances

L-shaped kitchen suitable for rooms of any size, and for the U-shaped headset, require still a large area.But if you still choose this option will have to give up from the dinner table, or purchase furniture convertible with a retractable top.

Ergonomics space kitchen

One of the important moments of comfortable use a small corner kitchen is competent placement of furniture, so that the rational use of the working area.

most needed in the kitchen functional elements of the interior - a gas or electric stove, worktop, sink and refrigerator.

L-shaped arrangement of kitchen units - most often would be optimal for cramped spaces

L-shaped arrangement of kitchen units - most often would be optimal for cramped spaces

  • When selecting L-shaped kitchen, you can plan a rational arrangement of furniture as follows:

- washing is usually placed in the center line of the headset;

- refrigerator should be set so that it does not overlap with the flow of natural light from the windows and free access to all the necessary cooking kitchen appliances;

- cooking stove is installed at a distance of not less than 400 mm from the car wash.

U-shaped arrangement - very convenient, but , alas , not always possible

U-shaped arrangement - very convenient, but, alas, not always possible

  • purchasing U-shaped version of the headset, kitchen furniture is optimally arrange in this order:

- cooking hobs, in this case,It occupies the central part of the furniture series;

- hood installed over the stove, and it should be displayed on the street through the window, bearing a wall or is connected to a ventilation system obschedomovoy;

- sink, worktop and a fridge installed on either side of the cooking plate.

Typically, the size of individual items producers sets of kitchen furniture adhere to certain standards

usually in sizes of individual items sets manufacturers of kitchen furniture adhere to certain standards

If the kitchen has a very small area, then to the situation on her was as comfortable, is to listen to some advice of experienced designers:

  • Cookingplate should be as compact as possible, to the point that is set with two stove.
  • Sink also choose small, without additional lateral fields and duplicate vials.
  • between the sink and cooking stove worktop installed.Its size is determined by the length of the distance, which in principle can be set aside for it.
  • If settings allow the work surface and the space under it, there can be placed a washing machine or dishwasher.
  • entire household kitchen appliances is recommended to build in a number of furniture set.
  • Quite a lot of places will take the refrigerator, if you plan to enter in the kitchen set, so it is a place you need to consider in advance.The most optimal option would be to install it in one of the corners of the room, but it can not be placed next to the cooking hob, as well as in such a way that it blocked the light for at least a small portion of the work or dining surface.
  • The microwave oven must be placed so that it does not occupy a useful area of ​​the room.The best option is to take place for it among the wall cabinets, securing a separate shelf.
  • Since the bottom row of the headset in a small kitchen will most likely occupy the technical devices for the items of kitchen utensils on these shelves will be no place.Therefore it is necessary to use the maximum height of the kitchen, hang on the walls of various configurations cabinets with doors that save space.Besides the fact that this option will place the headset is all you need, it is also visually "raise" the ceiling above.
  • Without drawing on modern kitchen can not do, so you have to choose the model of small size but high performance.
  • As for the traditional dinner table in a small space can be a space, it can be used instead of the hinged or sliding countertop and bar.

How can you save space

Kitchen sets designed for small spaces, manufacturers equip the various elements that contribute to the ease of placement and the most efficient use of a larger internal space cabinets installed in the upper and lower range of furniture.

A very important task - to make rational use of the corner portions of kitchen sets

very important task - to make rational use of the corner portions of kitchen sets

To save space, the bottom row of the headset should not remain blind zones, for example, such as may be formed in the inner corner, cornering furniture series from one wall toother.In order not to leave it empty large space, the designers have been invented several techniques that enable efficient use of each of the lower portions of the furniture series:

  • sink.Quite often, this problem is used for setting the angle of washing, which can have different shapes, fully or partially covering the angular space.Next to the sink there is a place for a bookshelf, where it will be possible to put detergents and under it will be enough space for trash, which, for convenience, can be mounted on the door of the locker.Also space under the sink - this is the traditional place of the installation of filtration systems and clean drinking water.
Sink mounted on a corner plot - one of the ways to optimize space close

sink set on a corner plot - one of the ways to optimize space close

Having thus established the sink, you can not only solve the problem of empty inner corner, and free up space on the flat parts of the surface, decorated as workers.

  • boxes cabinets.Instead of installing the sink, you can take a corner drawers non-standard forms, which also help to make full use of this "dead" space food.Boxes can be divided into sections, which can be expanded in a variety of items for cooking, as well as cutlery.
Drawer complex shapes - corner cabinets is involved

drawer complex shapes - corner cabinets is involved

These boxes are very easy to operate and make this space quite functional, but also help save space in other areas of the kitchen, which is required for the installation of home appliances or large dishes.

Depending on the height of the boxes, they can be used to store a variety of spices.All these details must be provided in advance, ordering or buying a kitchen set.

  • Drawer system.This method helps to save a lot of space, as the sliding system consisting of several arrays, it can be used to store large objects utensils such as pots and pans.
Удачное решение: выдвижные системы "каскадного типа" - полки размещены в шафу в несколько последовательных ярусов, не мешающих при закрытии дверцы друг другу

successful solution: pull-out "cascade-type" system - the shelves are placed in shafu in several successive tiers, not interfering with the door closed to each other

Sliding systems have different designs.Boxes can only come to the fore, or have drawers that are hidden inside the cabinet.In addition, lattice structures are often used, mounted on the door, which includes in its closed mesh into the space between the shelves, retracted inward.

  • Shelves "Carousel."Such a system of shelves, too, refers to the pull-out systems.And the main thing is the convenience of it is that the hostess is always possible to get any thing from the farthest corner of the closet.
Еще один вариант рационального использования пространства шкафов - полки "карусельного" типа

Another version of the rational use of cabinet space - shelves "carousel" type

Shelves are mounted on a special pivotal axis about which they move and completely pulled out to the outside.

  • cabinet door.In addition to the above-mentioned elements, the developers of kitchen furniture designed for cabinet doors, in which different mechanisms and principles of their opening, which also helps to significantly save space.
Folding door for corner cabinet

folding door for corner cabinet

folding door, which is convenient to close the corner cabinet.It consists of two panels held together by loops, through which at the close of it takes the form of the angle, and when you open it do not interfere with cabinets, standing side by side.

Wall cabinets can have a door, opening upwards, thus even add up, so they will not interfere with the functioning of a number of pieces of furniture located.

Space -saving kitchen cabinet door is suspended

space-saving kitchen cabinet door is suspended

Another option on the doors of kitchen cabinets can be a special louvres, which are provided by the project initially.They are very easy to open and close - they do not require space on the left, right and front of the cabinet.However, they have their own characteristic drawback: clean them will be difficult from the raids of kitchen fumes, so you have to hold them in the order often enough to panels formed not too thick layer of fatty plaque.

The doors of the cabinets , working on the principle of shutters or blinds

doors cabinets, working on the principle of the blinds or shutters

  • functional doors, which themselves serve as shelves holder, at the time, as the cabinet space is completely hollow.It serves, can easily stay within that shelf fixed to the door.Such a system is convenient because it does not need to look for the desired object, somewhere in the depths of the cabinet - it is necessary to open the door, and all content will be right before his eyes.
The doors of the lower kitchen cabinets themselves can act as shelves for holders of various details

door of the lower kitchen cabinets themselves can serve as a holder shelves for various trifles

  • tables for a small kitchen.An important element of the kitchen is a dining table, which in most cases takes a considerable area.But at a time when the table is not used, it can seriously interfere with the normal movement of the small room.Therefore, such embodiments dining tables have been constructed which are put forward or open only when necessary.
To narrow kitchen can go a table that hides under the countertop work area

To narrow kitchen can go a table that hides under the countertop work area

The photo shows one of the options that can be used even at a very small kitchen, as, providing the dimensions of the table, it can be extended to the wholethe width of the narrow kitchen.In addition, such a construction can not advance over the entire width and as much as necessary, and then entirely hidden under the surface of the working of the kitchen table.

Table flip type

table flip type

Folding table can also be one of the solutions to the problems of organization the dining area the kitchen.It can be mounted flush with the sill and priladit to the bottom of one or two feet, to be installed on the floor when picked countertops.When using the table is not necessary, it is closed, and the kitchen is spacious and free to move, for example, while cooking or cleaning.Such a table can have a semi-circular, rectangular or elongated shape along the windowsill - depending on the configuration countertops calculated amount and legs design.

Very interesting technological solution - the table can be moved to the right place

very interesting technological solution - the table can be moved to the right place

This variant of the table allows you to easily move it to any location in space along a fixed line of furniture.To do this, all the cupboards, hob and all the other pieces of furniture, set in a straight line, to combine total tabletop.Then, under it fixed a special guide, which will be installed rollers, fixed on the table top dining room table.Sam dining table should have two legs with wheels fixed to them.The presence of wheels and rollers mounted on rails, it makes it easy to move this table along the entire working surface.

This table is not suitable for very very narrow kitchen, as it absolutely or almost can block the passage.If the kitchen is too narrow, you can use the headset installed in a line, with her move along the table, which will reach up to the window and perform the role of the working surface during cooking and then countertops - during a family dinner.

After some renovation , the table can serve as a window sill , and advanced

After some renovation, the table can serve as a window sill, and advanced

If the space for any kind was a dining table in the kitchen does not, you can make a kind of countertop, extending in the width and length of the sill.Expand the window sill can be as much as allows free kitchen area.This table will not only functional, but also make the interior a touch of exclusivity.It does not take much space, but allow the use of each of the sections of the premises.

Besides, everyone knows that the window sill helps delay the cold air into the room, such as wooden worktops having a sufficient thickness, it will be an excellent replacement for a narrow windowsill.

Table, extendable as required

Table, extendable as required

Another option kitchen table on wheels that slides out from under the work surface only when necessary.To Table "go" easily, you need to consider its strengthening.On the legs of the table fastened wheels, and working under the table top with a special guide rollers.In accordance with the structure shown in picture dining table should be completely hidden under the work surface, freeing up access to installed underneath the lockers.