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August 12, 2017 18:06

Suspended ceiling with his hands

today increasingly in apartments and houses appear false ceilings of various types and various materials.The advantages of such designs can be called a short time, and the relative ease of installation.If the art of plastering surfaces available is not for everyone, the flat frame installation and mounting it of certain panels can produce probably any homeowner, who can use a drill, jigsaw and screwdriver .Of course, there are suspended ceilings, installation of which is best left to professionals, since their installation technology require certain qualifications.Such ceilings includes, for example, tensioning variant thereof.

Suspended ceiling with his hands

Suspended ceiling with his hands

Suspended ceiling with his hands can be made of plasterboard, plastic panels, panels made of different materials, wood lining and others. To take decision on the correct choice of design for self its execution, is to consider them in detail.

Species ceilings

Article Contents

  • 1 Species ceilings
    • 1.1 suspended ceiling plasterboard
    • 1.2 suspended ceiling panels (lining)
    • 1.3 Suspendedceilings
    • 1.4 Bitmap or cassette ceilings
  • 2 suspended ceiling system "Armstrong»
    • 2.1 design ceiling
    • 2.2 Tools and materials for installation of the system, "Armstrong»
    • 2.3 Drawing installation scheme
    • 2.4 marking surfaces
    • 2.5 communications Laying
    • 2.6 frame mounting
    • 2.7 mounting panels
    • 2.8 Video: how to mount the ceiling "Armstrong»

As a rule, the majority of suspended ceilings is mounted on the frame, made from wood or metal profiles.This design becomes the basis for attachment to her selected skin.

Metal elements are used for stretch and surfaces, but this type of design is radically different from other ceilings.

few stand out and "Armstrong" system of suspended ceilings, which have become quite popular because of their aesthetic appearance and capabilities with easily carry out repairs, rapidly replacing if necessary the required number damaged panels.

suspended ceiling of plasterboard

Plasterboard is an environmentally friendly building material is not released into the environment are absolutely no harmful fumes.In this setting it is ideal for finishing almost all surfaces in premises.

Most probably , a popular material for suspended ceiling is drywall

most probably, a popular material for suspended ceiling is drywall

Because produced several kinds of material, it can be used not only in the rooms with the usual conditions, but also in areas where humidity is higher than normal, eg, bathroom, kitchen and etc .In addition, there are varieties of this material, which can be used for insulation of walls and ceiling of the high temperatures necessarily involved, for example, melting a fireplace or stove.

Each type of drywall has its own labeling and certain toning outer carton surface:

Marking standard size sheets, mm color coating color marking Appearance
GCR (general) 1200 × 2500
thickness 6;9.5;12.5 mm
Grey Blue normal gipsok
gypsum plasterboard (water-resistant) 1200 × 2500
thickness 6;9.5;12.5 mm
Green Blue Moisture resistant drywall
GKLO (flame-retardant) 1200 × 2500;1200 × 2600
thickness of 9.5;12.5 mm
pink or gray Red fireproof
GKLVO (fireproof and waterproof) 1200 × 2500
thickness of 9.5;12.5 mm
Gray-green Red GCR

Plasterboard sheets are easily fixed to the frame of timber or metal profiles.With this material you can create a perfectly smooth surface, which, in addition, have a fairly good heat - and insulating qualities.

With drywall create not only flat ceilings but also multi-level, regular geometric configuration or having a smooth curved shape. If desired, in a multi-tiered structure can accommodate the original white or multicolored lights easily.Sheets of drywall

- affordable, and can be purchased for home repairs any family with average income.

When installing ceiling drywall does not gives large amounts of dirt, which is inevitable when plastering with "wet" solutions.The only difficulty - if drywall is installed landlord alone, without assistants, the sheets have cut into small panels. Raise without special devices a full list on the height and hold it in this position while performing screwing screws, one person simply would not do.

gypsum ceiling Gypsum ceiling - a perfect solution to the problem of repair!

If the height of the room allows for multiple drop ceiling level, plasterboard sheets can again hide the ugliness of the whole floor slab and give a perfectly flat surface for subsequent finishing.

For more information about installing plasterboard ceiling can get on to shem portal by clicking on links.

suspended ceiling panels ( lining )

Mounting ceiling of the special panels made of plastic, aluminum or wood (paneling) - not less popular than drywall constructions.Sometimes the finishing details in aluminum are called rails and the ceiling, respectively , rack.

Very nice look rack type ceilings

Very nice look ceiling rack type

surface finished aluminum lining, enamelled, looks spectacular and rich.Material can choose for every taste and any interior both in design and in color.This finishing option visually expands the space of the room for through reflective strips located on each panel.

Reiki mounted on a metal or wooden frame, and mounted in the same way as any lining.It should be noted that during the installation of the ceiling in the bathroom or in the kitchen, it is best to use the metal frame profile as wooden beams absorb moisture and odors in their structure.Themselves on its own aluminum slats sufficiently resistant to them vapor and moisture.

distance between the ground and the ceiling is often used for the installation of exhaust ventilation trunks or fans, the front panel which cuts into connected in a single plane of aluminum slats and rotated in the direction of the room.

PVC panels are mounted in the same way.However, unlike the slats, they are able to create a perfectly smooth flat surface on which the joints unnoticeable individual elements.

Wooden wall paneling is most commonly used in private homes with wooden walls to maintain the overall style of the interior, in the baths, or in apartments, for example, insulated balconies.

Plastic ceiling Suspension design of ceiling panels - it's easy!

with such a task must cope, probably the owner of any property.How to mount the frame, and then it oblitsevat panels, described in detail in the article of our portal, dedicated headliner plastic .

Suspended ceilings

Stretch ceilings are able to completely change and visually expand the space.They can be completely white, monochrome color, or have a regular spatial pattern, which, for example, simulates the firmament with floating clouds or the trees.

Stretch ceilings can be made of fiberglass, knitted polyester, which is impregnated with polyurethane or PVC film.

Installation fabric takes place on special aluminum profiles, fixed on the walls, or the established framework, if the ceiling is planned to be combined.In the latter case, the total structure may consist of several materials, such as plasterboard on the edges of the ceiling structure and the tension in the middle.

Combined with tension ceilings and gypsum board sections

combined with tension ceilings and gypsum board sections

This type of ceiling has a lot of advantages, which include water resistance, aesthetic appearance, good adaptation to any interior, without losing durability operation of decorative qualities.However, to engage in the installation of such systems must be original still professionals with relevant work experience and special equipment.

Bitmap or cassette ceilings

raster or cluster is called the ceiling, consisting of hanging on the brackets to overlap the metal frame, forming cells needed sizes. in which are then stacked ready panel of regular shape.Dimensions of the panels are different, but in the vast majority of models used the building blocks of 600 × 600 or 600 × 1200 mm.

Suspended ceiling , cassette-type

Suspended ceiling cassette type

This type of false ceilings and are "Armstrong" systems, which are often used for decoration of offices, public buildings and etc .However, they are widely used in private construction.It suspended "Armstrong" and the system will be devoted to further exposition.

suspended ceiling system "Armstrong»

This ceiling system has been developed in "Armstrong" the British company at the time of the construction boom, when there was a need for rapid design ceiling in the sales area, with very large areas.In addition to the speed of assembly, to such structures to make demands of aesthetics, accuracy, and at the same time - restraint decoration design.As a result of realization of these conditions and the design was born, which is now used all over the world, and not only in offices and halls of the shopping centers, but also for the design of ceilings in living areas.

Изначально система "Армстронг" разрабатывалась для быстрой отделки больших площадей торговых комплексов

Initially the system "Armstrong" was designed for fast finishing of large areas of shopping malls

Today the name has become synonymous with these ceilings for all the suspension systems of this type , using light square-shaped plates.

panels stacked in this system may be made of plaster reinforced by glass fiber, mineral wool, silica or acrylic transparent or opaque glass.

Some of the panels of the ceiling at the same time are original lamps as fitted with glass, illuminated lamps installed in the ceiling void, or have their own built-in lighting fixtures.

Unit with integrated fluorescent lamp

unit with built-in fluorescent lamp

Another option to make the room as much as possible light is the installation of fluorescent lamps in the main whitewashed ceiling, and then - hanging installation of the decorative surface of the panels of frosted glass.Glass under this arrangement will work as lens, whereby it is possible to receive a soft diffused light that will not leave even dark corners of the room.

most popular in everyday building practice are gipsovolokonnyh plate having a porous surface.Most often it is made out of a large part of the area of ​​the ceiling, and lighting panels are mounted between them.

should be noted that the developers to make the panels of the system provided an environmentally friendly, does not emit noxious fumes, easy on weight material that does not weigh down suspension structure and at the same time gives ceiling strict neat appearance.

Пористая поверхность панели "Армстронг"

porous surface of the panel "Armstrong»

If desired, the plates through time can be temporarily removed and painted in different colors. And , this toning process can be carried out on the street or on the balcony, not contaminating surface floor apartment and not bringing to accommodation paint smell.This possibility exists because the panel easily dismantled and after treatment - fit into place easily.

Besides the panel, unlike polystyrene plates, absolutely non-flammable, do not allow smoke and do not contribute to the spread of fire when a fire next to them.This makes the room completely from the fireproof ceiling.

Design ceiling

mounting principle "Armstrong" system consisting of rails of different types , about the same.Suspension design is assembled from the following components:

Примерная схема конструкции подвесного потолка "Армстронг"

approximate scheme of the ceiling design "Armstrong»

  • slabs are laid in the design of which is formed and decorative ceiling surfaces.Produced size 600 × 600 and 600 × 1200 mm, marked on given scheme poses.1. Plates rectangular - less popular than the square, although carcass and their styling is much faster due to the smaller number of elements used outboard design.
  • T-shaped frame profiles are usually labeled T15 or T24 - depending on the width of the lateral shelf in mm:

- longitudinal carrier profiles, which are the main structural elements are manufactured up to 3600 mm in length.Are shown in Scheme pos.3 and 4.

- Cross jumper installed between the supporting profiles.They are produced in standard sizes of 600 and 1200 mm.The scheme - Pos.2.

- angular profiles, fixed on the wall and supporting edge profiles and panels on the perimeter of the room.Have a size shelves 19 × 24 mm, length - 3000 mm.These elements are designated in scheme pos.suspensions - 6 and 8.

to hold the entire structure in limbo at the required overall level of special elements used.More often than not in the usual construction practice used needles with a spring-loaded lock "butterfly".With these elements suspension system can be lowered from the ceiling of the capital to the required distance.One can not but agree that it - a fairly simple way to bring a perfect horizontal ceiling surface.

Such suspension usually consists of three elements:

- Spoke, equipped eyelet at one end, on the scheme - Pos.5 B.Eyelet is designed for hanging on the element, fixed in capital ceiling, pos.7.

- Spoke, having at one end of the hook, which will engage the frame profiles - Pos.5a.

- Spring-type "butterfly", pos.5 helps to regulate the relative position of two spokes with respect to one another."Butterflies" can be of several types.

However, be aware that the spring-loaded suspensions - «butterflies» - is not the only way to frame mounting."Armstrong" The system can be divided into several varieties, which differ in design pendant fixtures.All of them are accurately calculated by the manufacturer, with regard surface, which will be suspended from the frame.