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August 12, 2017 18:06

As a self- install interior doors

No residential building can not dispense with internal doors.When, sooner or later, the time comes to make changes to the interior, perhaps, there is a need to replace the doors and, if they are categorically not suitable for the selected new style.And then there is the question of how to self-install interior doors, to save on call round the master sum.Perform this action is quite accessible to anyone who knows how to work building tools , it has carpentry skills and know step by step instructions of works.

As a self- install interior doors

As a self-install interior doors

If the wooden box in which an old door is in good condition, you can only change the door leaf and trim panels (frames).This process is much easier to perform than to completely change the door frame with a cloth.However, even such a large-scale modifications, including the replacement of the box - it is enforceable.

Tools for

Article Contents

  • 1 Tools for
  • 2 Plans door
  • 3 Replacement only leaf
    • 3.1 Removing leaf
    • 3.2 Fit new door
    • 3.3 Installation loops
    • 3.4 Video: Box hinges on the door leaf with a router
    • 3.5 Installation lock or door latch
    • 3.6 Video: example of tie castle interior doors
    • 3.7 Installing doors on a regular place
  • 4 Complete replacement of the door - with door frame
    • 4.1 Removing the old door and the box
    • 4.2 Production and installation box
    • 4.3 Video: a vivid example of the installation of interior doors
    • 4.4 Video: how to quickly and accurately assemble interior doors

to carry out any carpentry work necessary have on hand following tools:

  • Plane to align end surfaces.It may be necessary and manual for small delicate work, and electric - if the fit is quite bulk .
  • Squares joiner - the longer, the better the markings.
  • Building level, plummet.
  • screwdriver with set of bits (bit).
  • Extended screwdriver - and may need direct sting, and figured, so it is better to have a set.
  • One type saws - it can be hand hacksaw or circular electric saw.
  • Tape measure, pencil.
  • Mitre box for right angle sawing wood in the fitting parts.
Mitre box with a hacksaw - needed for a precise fit wooden parts

Mitre with a hacksaw - needed for a precise fit wooden parts

  • Building knife.
  • Hammer.
  • chisel, chisel to remove the layers timber when breaching the slots for hinges and lock.
Chisel chisel or need to cut grooves for hinges and locks

chisel or a chisel will need to cut grooves for hinges and locks

  • Hole saws for cutting round holes of large diameter.
"Короны" или кольцевые пилы - для вырезания ровных отверстий большого диаметра

«Crown" or circular saw - for cutting large diameter smooth holes

  • Electric drill.

addition to tools needed auxiliary materials and consumables:

  • Wooden wedges for the spacers of the door frame.
  • Stain and varnish, primer and paint.
  • Screws, dowels and anchor fasteners.
  • Polyurethane foam.

drawing door

recommended before beginning work to make drawing, which is necessary to accurately put down all the dimensions taken from opening, door frame and door leaf.This scheme will help to quickly carry out work that is focused on the measurement of each part in the assembly process.

The circuit - drawing of the door with its elements .In the drawing, it is desirable to immediately put down all the dimensions

diagram-drawing of the door with its elements.In the drawing, it is desirable to immediately put down all the dimensions

To get an accurate picture, you need to measure the height and width of the set of old doors, and the thickness of interior doors are usually standard and is 40 mm.Modern door is sometimes slightly different from the old model, and in this case will need to carry out adjustment of the door leaf or door unit is completely changed.

Whatever decision was taken - replace the entire unit or only the door leaf, you should start all well by removing the old door hinges .

Replacement only leaf

Removing leaf

hinges mounted on the interior door, may have different designs and means, and removed the door can differently.However, all the methods are not complicated.

It is known that the hinges consist of two parts, one of which is mounted on the door, and the second - on the door jamb.In some models, the axial rod fixed permanently inside the cell, which is mounted on the vertical rack jamb, and another part that is installed on the door leaf, there is a hole, where, and must be part of the rod.When removing the door hung on hinges like you need a lower setting its edge mount, make little effort to lift the canvas.Best of all, if there is a second worker who will support the door in an upright position, and then it will help to remove final.

Knocking pivot out of the loop

Knocking pivot out of the loop

Another type awnings in which the axial rod is inserted from the top and passes through both sides of the loop. To dismantle the door, hung for such a loop, pull out enough to set them rods with top hat kind of mushroom.Under her con reliable wide screwdriver, and tapping on her handle, pull the pin out of the loop.To begin the process you need to lower the loop to avoid tipping over the door that his weight could easily pull out of the loop mounted on the jamb, damaging its surface.This is especially desirable if the door frame is in good condition and will be used for a new door.

After the dismantling of the door opening , with it necessary to remove the hinges, handles, locks.

Fit new door

Provided replace only the door leaf, a new door have to adjust to the existing opening , based on the size of the old one.With it is necessary to remove the exact size and transfer them to a new canvas.

It is important to accurately fit the new blade by an old doorway

is important to accurately fit the new blade by an old doorway

can proceed in another way - new door placed on a flat surface, and the top her put dismantled the old cloth.Fabrics are aligned on top of and vertical-edged doors on the side where the handle will be installed.If the new canvas size larger than the old, it will need to fit.Use a pencil to it are drawn lines on which the new web saw off the extra segment.

To fit a model you can take an old canvas

To fit a model you can take an old canvas

must be remembered that for the interior door left a gap between the door and the jamb on all its sides of 5 mm, and the bottom can be left away a little more - 10 ÷ 12mm.

Furthermore, with the new web is cut off the excess part.Spill should be perfectly flat and smooth, and it can only make sharp and accurate tool, which can be hand-held circular saw.Cutting is performed by a special line, which is designed for use with such a cutter.

Pruning new blades for the planned lines using a metal guide

Pruning new blades for the planned lines using a metal guide

Saw exhibit the desired height desperately (usually - with access to the 45 mm) and saw off the door exactly markup.If a special fence not, you can carefully cut off the circular saw and without her, leaving solder ck etc. imerno 1 ÷ 2 mm - it will be necessary to adjust the canvas and then completely electroplane.

Installation loops

When a new door will be fitted in size, it is necessary to partition the places where they will be mounted hinges.To carry out this process exactly, it is necessary to put an old door on a new canvas and very accurately align them with each other.At the end of the new doors make mark the spots where the hinges will be installed, focusing on the old fabric.

Moving the location of the door hinge

transfer of the location of the door hinge

In this case, the location of the loop layout, first make a pencil, and then - building with a knife.The lines are obtained from the knife clear , and it will be easy to make a selection when cutting grooves required to install loops.

Sample recesses under the metal plate of the door hinge

sample recesses under the metal plate of the door hinge

Next door leaf put on the end, so that the party, which will be inset hinges, was on top.With chisel (chisel) outline the future of the groove depth.The tool is mounted on the line identified by the knife, and the top thereon strike hammer by observing how deep into the timber leaves the cutting face - it should deeper 2 ÷ 4 mm, depending on the thickness of the metal loops (which can be pre fathom ruler orcaliper).

Slated for sample plot is recommended to break into several fragments, for ease of extraction of timber.Further, the bit is set at a slight angle to the face of the door, down the sloping part . and hitting it with a hammer, knocked an extra layer of wood, forming the necessary deepening.

Fixing screws on the hinges

Fixing screws on the hinges

next step in deepening prepared to install a loop.They must be installed so that the plane of the metal plate is flush with the end surface of the door.If the metal loop rises above the surface, it means need a little notch deepen . If accident happened several deepening more than necessary, a loop can put a piece of cardboard.

when you reach the the , that loop is entered designed to her groove as a "glove", straight through her thin hole drill drilled nest, in which it will be convenient to twist the screws.Further, the loop tightly screwed to the door and then tried on the canvas in the opening door frame.This fitting will show the presence of gaps and their value, as well as the extent to which precisely without distortions the canvas fits into the door opening .

If disposal is a hand-mill, the very akkkuratno slots for the hinges (and under lock and key) can be selected with it.

Video: Box hinges on the door leaf with a router

Installation lock or door latch

  • When hinges are well adjusted, you can switch to the device holes for mounting the lock and handle.
  • Location Castle also notes on an old door.It is very important measure the exact distance from the edge of the door for drilling holes.If it is not exactly satisfied , and because of its have to endure, then vie qq Veri can be hopelessly flawed.
  • If the new lock, then it often includes a special set of stencil, through which the transferred amount and the exact relative positioning of all the holes, but to control the conduct measurements still necessary.
  • If the door to new uses old castle, all parameters can be taken from the old cloth.
  • on the end side of the door where the latch will go , a hole is drilled by a drill chisel ( «pen"), and to the main plane of the door is usually done with a hole saw appropriate diameter.
Cut slots and holes for the installation of the door lock

Cut slots and holes for the installation of the door lock

  • After drilling holes door leaf, if necessary, decorated chosen method - it could be painting or coating lacquer stain followed.
  • When the paint (lacquer) is dry, and place for the installation of elements of the castle is ready, first installed and fastened to the inner mechanism latch, and then mounted and fixed handles.

Video: example of tie castle interior doors

Installing doors on a regular place

To make it easier to install a new door into place, its be raised from the floor to the desired height and install a her board (or more plates) of appropriate thickness.

Suspension of the new door hinge .It is more convenient , if this will be an assistant

Suspending new doors on hinges.It is more convenient, if this will be the assistant

  • then loop must be carefully combined with one another and carefully thread the rods in them lubricated, first in the upper loop, and then the bottom.The rods can, if necessary, to tap lightly with a hammer on top
  • If you are using another type of hinge, the door of the suspension will be carried somewhat differently.The best thing to do is together, since both need to get to that part of the hinge pins, are installed on the box, the holes located on the "response" halves, bolted to the door leaf.

Complete replacement of the door - with door box

If during the overhaul of the apartment turned out that it is necessary to replace not only door , but door box, then you need to start dismantling the old door kit.This problem may become even less difficult than replacing only the door leaf, as acquired new door usually already perfectly matched to his box.

Как устанавливают дверь "с нуля"?

How to install the door "from scratch"?

There are certain standards by which manufactured interior doors, single or double leaf.However, no one has repealed the possibility of individual order under the door openings of different size or shape.

door leaf sizes and dimensions standards for opening doors.
leaf size in mm. size of the door opening in mm.
Width height I Height II Height III Width height I Height II Height III
550 2000 2100 2200 630650 from 2060 to 2090 from 2160 to 2190 from 2260 to 2290
600 from 680 to 700
700 from 780 to 800
800 from880 to 900
900 from 980 to 1000
1200 (600 + 600) from 1280 to 1300
1400 (600 + 800) from 1480 to 1500
1500 (600 + 900) from 1580 to 1600

Removing the old door and the box

old set dismantle as follows:

The sequence of dismantling the interior door

sequence of dismantling the interior door

  • Asin the first case, the loop is removed from the door leaf.
  • Next, opportunities for most carefully removed trims.
  • dismantled last box.To make it easier to remove the bars of the box, roughly in the middle of one of the parties is done through cut.This box design loses voltage specified dimensions warp, and it can easily be dismantled piece by piece.
  • Provided, when the box is necessary to keep the whole form, using a chisel and hammer from the gaps between the wall and the frame set by wedges knocked out.