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August 12, 2017 18:06

Decorative fireplace from the old cabinet with their hands + decoration

Dear Visitors leading construction portal a long time it was not from me the detailed step by step techniques, but I decided to change and talk about how to make a beautiful decorative fireplace from the old cabinet.

Decorative fireplace with his hands - side view

Decorative fireplace with his hands - a side view

as the starting material for the construction of the fireplace, it was decided to use the - board, which remained after the dismantling of the old cabinet.The second alternative DSP boards were - sheets of drywall, but I decided to abandon the idea becausethen we would have to build a framework of metal sheets, but due to lack of skills in working with metal sheets, I decided to do without it.

Falsh_kamin - 17 Incidentally, the portal already has a walkthrough on how to make a beautiful fireplace trim using a metal profile.Also in the same article we describe the fireplace decor options, so read very interesting stuff!

Plans Future fireplace

Article Contents

  • 1 Plans Future fireplace
    • 1.1 drawing Description:
  • 2 collection framework fireplace
    • 2.1 Putting back wall
    • 2.2 Fasten the side edges to the rear wall
    • 2.3 Putting the front (front) side of the fireplace
    • 2.4 Fasten the top cover to the frame of the fireplace
  • 3 Finishing decorative fireplace with his hands
    • 3.1 Plasterfireplace
    • 3.2 Painting fire latex paint
    • 3.3 Decor fireplace
    • 3.4 process finishes firebox fireplace with decorative stone:
    • 3.5 fireplace furnace decoration using LED strip

So,raw material they will be decided by the board chipboard cabinet.Now let's talk about the size of the boards that will need to saw.To fully describe the process napila and dimensions enclose the photo with the drawing of the future fireplace.

Drawing decorative fireplace

Drawing decorative fireplace

drawing Description:

  1. width countertops - 100 cm
  2. Length countertop - 25cm
  3. height of the side, front and rear boards - 115 cm
  4. width of the fireplace -...95 cm length
  5. fire side -.. 22 cm Width
  6. facial boards that are laterally - 30 cm width of the front
  7. midway -. top-35 cm, height 45 cm width
  8. front midway -. from the bottom - 35 cm, height 30 cm
  9. «furnace» Dimensions -. width 35 cm, height 45 cm
  10. inner wall of 1 -. width 15 cm, height 40 cm
  11. inner wall 2 -. 15 cm wide, 35 cm long

on the next photo you can see the wardrobe which was dismantled and taken to the garage where my husband and sawing planks produced on components of the design elements.

Old cupboard - it is an excellent material for the fireplace

Old cupboard - it is an excellent material for the fireplace

sawed elements of which will be the future fireplace, you can use an electric jigsaw, but note that all items must be clearly marked with a pencil and a ruler (in the eyes not relynecessary).By the way, if you find it difficult to saw boards on their own, then you can order items after giving the dimensions of a furniture factory.If you bring your board, then it will come cheaper, about 200 rubles per 1 item.

collection framework fireplace

After all the constituent elements are ready, there comes the most intriguing part of the job.The intrigue lies in the fact that, at the stage of collecting if mistakes were made in the previous step - the design does not meet in a single component, and some items will have to cut again.

Putting back wall

rear wall in my case consists of 2 elements, it turned out that the item is 95 cm. In width and 115 cm in height we were not able to saw a single component.But this is not a problem becauseYou can fasten 2 boards with the help of the bar, and the joints between the boards, decorative plaster putty, which has remained in our home after the repair.

The process of collecting the back wall for the fireplace

process of collecting the back wall of the fireplace

sequence works:

  1. Napilivaem bars for attaching thereto the rear wall;
  2. Fasten the rear wall using screws;
The rear wall is ready

rear wall ready

Fasten the side edges to

the back wall with the back wall, we figured out, look at the previous picture I purposely left a few centimeters from the sides, in order to attach the side edges to the rear wall "butt ".The sequence of operation is also quite simple:

  1. side ribs fasten to the bars using self-tapping screws.
  2. screwed to the lateral edges of additional bars for fixing the front wall and the lid.
The rear wall and side fins are screwed

rear wall and side fins are screwed

Putting the front (front) side of the fireplace

front side consists of 4 components, including:

  • front upper beam;
  • Two marginalia;
  • lower beam;

opening width "furnace" is 35 cm. In width and 40 cm. In height.I draw your attention to that a little later, I regretted the small dimensions of the hole in the fireplace, so I suggest you to increase the fire box opening to 40 by 40 cm. Or 40 to 50 cm. This betrays a more aesthetic appearance of your fireplace.

Please note, in order to secure our hole "furnace" we will have to fix the rear cover 4 bar and attach it to the inner walls.

The process of gathering the front of the fireplace

process of collecting the front of the fireplace

Go ahead.The front side is almost ready, the next step - is to mount the front of the side wall.

Fixing the front of the fireplace to the frame

Fixing the front of the fireplace to the frame

Fasten the top cover to the frame of the fireplace

Well, the framework is almost ready except for some details.What is missing?correctly!Not enough of the top cover.That's it and you want to attach.Dimensions of the top cover are different from the size of the fire, asit must act in the 5-10 cm. from all sides.Its size is 100 cm. In width and 25 cm. In vysotu.Dalee look at an example of its fastening to the frame in the photo below.

fireplace frame successfully built

frame the fireplace successfully built

frame of our decorative fireplace is assembled.The next step - is its decoration.Actually decoration fireplace - a topic for another article which need to describe all the points, but for your convenience, I will try in this article to reflect all the main points for finishing the fireplace.

Finishing decorative fireplace with his hands

When the fireplace is ready to creativity is time comes, here everyone can try yourself as a designer.I came very role of the designer's taste, I decided to decorate the fireplace with decorative stucco, which I decided to paint itself.

So, here is a list of steps that I want to make my fireplace looked like the picture:

  1. Plastering fireplace boards in places of joints and in places screwing screws.
  2. Paint the fireplace with a white latex paint.
  3. Bonding of stucco to the fireplace.
  4. Decorating "furnace" with the help of mirrors and LED strip.

plaster fireplace

Plastering fireplace

Plastering fireplace

When plastered fireplace comes the waiting time.Plasters should be given time - 2-3 hours to dry, and then we will need to help small nazhdachki sanding fireplace.

Paint the fireplace with latex paint

Painting fire latex paint

After painting fireplace chimney should be given 10-12 hours in order to dry.At this time you can do stucco decoration.

Painting fire latex paint

for painting fireplace recommend using water-based paints, sinceit is this type of paint has such qualities as: low cost, no odor.This second argument is decisive in choosing the type of paint, becauseIf you do repairs in the apartment during the cold season, then leave the fireplace to dry on the balcony does not work, and the paint smell in the apartment can make your head spin.

Note that fire paint latex paint will need two layers.This is done in order to completely paint over all the elements.

Photo fireplace after painting with latex paint

Photo fireplace after painting with latex paint

Photo fireplace after painting for a second time

Photo fireplace after painting for the second time

Decor fireplace

As I have already noted above, as elements of decor, I decided to choose the moldings of plaster.It is sold in DIY stores and has long earned the respect of the people of creative professions.Just wanted to mention that if your main goal - is to make an economical decorative fireplace, then as a good alternative to stucco - Styrofoam decorations.

I did not use them, becauseI thought that stucco looks more expressive when painting.In addition, if the foam paint ordinary paint, it is likely that he will dissolve under the influence of chemicals.

Decor elements for fireplace

Elements decor for the fireplace

next stuff I used to finish the fireplace - a ceiling moldings (not foam), and made of the same material as the molding (most likely - is a solid foam).Skirting useful for decorating our fireplace firebox at the pictures below the sample design of the furnace will be shown.

Besides decorative brick, the cost of decorative bricks (decorative stone) is about 600 rubles per box, but I stayed on after finishing wall with decorative stone (my husband wrote about this technology) was used for the decoration of the furnace.

The process of marking and gluing on stucco fireplace

process of marking and labels on stucco fireplace

process finishes firebox fireplace with decorative stone:

  1. From the outside, gently apply the adhesive (in my case Bergauf) on the outside of the decorative stone;
  2. Applies the decorative stone to the side wall of the fireplace;
  3. fix a decorative stone by pressing his hands and wait for 10-20 seconds until the glue "grabs»
  4. on similar technology obkladyvayut second furnace wall and bottom.
Decorating the fireplace firebox LED ribbon

Decorating fireplace firebox LED ribbon

Making fireplace firebox using LED strip

I continue to finish the fireplace.Next the material that I will use - this LED strip.LED strips can be purchased at almost any store electricians.I decided to use LED strips in red, becausenamely red underline unforgettable atmosphere of warmth and comfort resembles burning firewood.

LED ribbon will strengthen the corners of the furnace.Before you fix the LED ribbon in her fireplace, of course, you need to collect in the chain in the following order: Socket, cable, transformer, LED ribbon.

When connecting the LED strip to observe polarity.

Photography - fireplace decorated with stucco

Photo - fireplace decorated with stucco

Stained decorative moldings in white paint

stained decorative moldings in white paint

The decorative fireplace is almost ready

Decorative fireplace with his hands

Decorative fireplace with his hands

This is my step by step photo report on how to make a decorative fireplace with his handsI came to an end.If you like my work, then I ask Like under this material.

Good luck with your work and a beautiful fireplace!