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August 12, 2017 18:06

As the plastic ceiling sheathe

If there was a desire to update the interior in the living room, bathroom, hallway or in the kitchen, without the reconstruction of the ceiling is indispensable.And one of the options can be mounted on it a plastic lining.Today, in the range of DIY stores presented a lot of plastic panels, made in different colors or patterns imitating natural finishing materials - stone and wood of various breeds.Therefore, the liner can be matched to any, the most refined interior, designed in the style of vending.

As the plastic ceiling sheathe

As ceiling plastic sheathing

As ceiling plastic sheathing alone, so that the final result look "professional" has become an integral part of the design of all rooms?This is a question for all those who begin the repair of premises, and it is necessary to try to answer within this article.

Features ceiling panels PVC

Article Contents

  • 1 Features ceiling panels PVC
    • 1.1 Selection Criteria plastic ceiling panels
  • 2 Calculation of the required amount of materials
  • 3 Mounting battens for ceiling panels
    • 3.1 markup ceiling
    • 3.2 frame Mounting
  • 4 installation of plastic panels
    • 4.1 video: step by step video instruction on installation of ceiling panels

Finishing plastic panels usually consist of two thin plates, spaced on certain distance, between which are placed ribs stiffness, which connect the inside and outside at the same time make the material stronger.On the sides of the panels are elements for the connection between the individual parts are arranged on a "tongue and groove".They facilitate the installation of the panels and securely hold them in any position strictly in one plane.

Several samples of the plastic ceiling panels

Several samples of plastic ceiling panels

  • PVC lining , designed to be mounted on the ceiling, can be sized in length from 2400 to 6000 mm and the width of the bands varies from 100 to 500 mm thickness - 5to 12 mm.
  • panels are manufactured with the most different surfaces - they can be glossy and matte, perfectly white or in color, in the form of tiles and strips, with or without textured pattern it.
  • For high quality of finishing PVC panels are equipped with the necessary range of fitting the profile elements, which help to give a finished look from any surface, lined with this material.
Fitting the profiles required for the accuracy and completeness of the lining .

fitting the profiles required for the accuracy and completeness of the lining.

- External corner joint covers on the outer corners of the panels.Its design allows to hide the unsightly connection cut edges .

- F-profile used for decoration edges finishing construction.Without it, can not do, for example, when facing slopes of windows, or in finishing the ceiling has several tiers.

- Connection profile is used in cases where the lining changes its direction.For example, the ceiling panels along the first set, and then across the , which helps to divide the surface into different design areas.

- Internal corner mounted at the junction of the ceiling and walls, in the event that you do not intend to mount at this point ceiling moldings.

- Starting profile can be installed in different places structure, where you want to close the edge of the plastic panel.

- decorative moldings mounted on the perimeter of the ceiling before installing the lining panels , giving design accuracy and completeness.To connect the plinth on the corners will need special connection angles, under which are hiding the cut edge of the plinth.

  • material from which the panels are made, refers to environmentally friendly, the Ministry of Health recognized safe for the human body.
  • surface, structured plastic panels, is easy to clean up, it lends itself to both wet and dry cleaning.
  • service life of the material, proper installation and maintenance, can be 10 ÷ 12 years, without losing the original appearance.
  • Easy installation makes it possible, even with no experience in this work, to carry out the installation of the material to the desired surface on their own, without the involvement of specialists.
  • Tse on plastic battens on - not too high, so in case of damage of one or more panels they can be replaced by a new, without prejudice to the rest of the surface.

Selection Criteria plastic ceiling panels

Buying PVC panel, you need to rely on several selection criteria:

  • size panels: width, thickness and length.

As for the length of the water need to be treated separately - it should be chosen so that was the least possible waste.For example, when the room width 2400 mm, length battens should purchase 2500 or 5000 mm.

Stoa reflux Carefully count and length of the room, selecting, on possible width of the panel, fold the room setting.

  • Since the panel may have a different quality, their price also varies considerably.Do not buy cheap decoration material, as it will last less long term, rather than quality.Decide on quality panels - not so difficult, drawing attention to the following points:

- Appearance: correct geometry of the panels, the surface quality, its smoothness and uniformity of the pattern of distribution. ribs stiffness , installed inside the lining, must not appear on its surface.

quality panels in the thickness of the outer walls should be at least 1.5-2 mm, and the same goes for the ribs stiffness - than they are stable, the longer the material.If you push your fingers ribs bend - it says the poor quality of the material, as they do not react to such exposure.

The panel should not be deformed by such acupressure

panel should not be deformed by such acupressure

- the touch surface must be perfectly flat and smooth, her unacceptable longitudinal and transverse distortion.

- must be checked and easy docking of two panels.To do this, they need to connect and see if it turns a single plane without gaps or surface has unintended gaps.Quality panel should easily be joined, spike - fully go into the slot, leaving on the surface clearly visible traces of the assembly.

Quality control material - plastic flexural should not wring

Checking the quality of the material - the flexural plastic should not wring

- More one quality criterion is to check the plastic bending.To do this several times bend and straighten area serving the mounting band around the groove panel.If, after these manipulations on its surface, no trace, and it remained intact, hence the material used for the manufacture of high-quality, and parts molding technology - fully observed.

calculation of the required amount of materials

In order to calculate the necessary amount of lining for decoration of the ceiling in certain room, you need to perform the following calculations :

  • Determine the ceiling area and a bar.
  • The resulting surface must be divided by the size of the panel area - the result will be the number of elements required for the installation.
  • to the obtained results it is recommended to add 15%, well, then this number is rounded up in a big way.
  • To determine the length of the Profile furniturnogo starter and ceiling cornice formed two lengths and two width of the ceiling surface, and then it also adds 15% of the resulting total perimeter.
  • To know how much metal profiles or wooden beams need to rack mounting, which will be installed around the perimeter of the ceiling and on the surface, it is necessary to hold the next calculation :

- Determine the length of the frame elements mounted on the perimeter, you can just like and calculating the required amount of the starting profile.

- then the size of the ceiling surface between the walls to divide into equal lengths of 400 to 600 mm.Through them later will be line, which will be attached to the middle of the guide battens - so determined quantity of timber (metal profile), and its length is equal to the width or length of the room, depending on the orientation of the planned finishing material.

If the frame is selected timber, its section should be 20 × 50 mm.

In that case, when the crates selected metal profiles, to calculate the amount of detail that may be required for the frame installation, you can use the table:

Exterior parts Part name and size in mm Unit consumption rate per 1 sq
Viewing 60-27 ceiling profile CD 60/27 Running meter 3.2
Extension profiles Extension profiles 60/110.Used to build, where appropriate, the length of the main profile piece. 0.6
pendant direct ceiling hanger 60/27 piece. 1.3
Crab Connector sibling (crab) 60/27 piece. can be used to strengthen the framework, such as the installation of additional bridges or in places where lamps.The amount calculated on site.
Screw slicing tapping screw TN 25 piece. 17
Fixing dowels to secure the frame members on the ceiling piece. 1.3

In addition, you will need to purchase screws with a broad head (press washer), which lining is attached to the metal profile or a wooden beam from calculation 1 pc.500 mm length of the lining panels.

rust6 What still needs to be done before installation crates ?

Even if the surface is completely unattractive ceiling is coated with plastic panels, it is not to say that it do not need to put in order.

necessary to conduct certain repairs - seal the seams on the ceiling , and if necessary - even plaster ceiling followed by primer surface antifungal compounds.Recommendations for the implementation of these operations - on the pages of our portal.

Mounting battens for ceiling panels

markup ceiling

Whatever material for the frame is chosen, the layout before mounting is made approximately the same.

  • ceiling on opposite sides of the room is marked up into equal sections.
  • then taken painted twine, stretched over the length or width of the room and on the ceiling kicking straight line, which will be mounted rails framework.
Spacing line painted on the ceiling cord

Spacing line painted on the ceiling cord

  • Along the perimeter of the ceiling line and kicking, as bars or profiles are primarily to be attached in these areas.Here it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that if the ceiling will fall on suspensions, the markup for the extreme profiles done on the walls below the interface on the distance that planned to drop the entire structure.
  • If crate to be mounted not on the surface of the ceiling, and in limbo, lowered on certain distance the rescued lines at a distance of 500 ÷ 700 mm apart, made a mark, which will be fixed suspensions.
Suspensions are mounted on the marking lines

Suspensions are mounted on the lines marking

frame Mounting

Basic mounting components crates of metal profiles

main fixing units crates of metal profile

There are several ways to mount the frame:

1. mounting frame, which planned lower on certain distance, it begins with fixing the suspensions at the marked points rescued lines.To this end, through the help of a plumb line to drill holes drilled in the ceiling, which are driven in two or three anchors. Thus the fixation of suspensions on the entire ceiling surface.

Fixing hanging on the ceiling surface

Securing the suspension on the surface of the ceiling

  • Further, on the walls, a metal profile is fixed on the planned lines.Through it also drilled holes in the wall with a step of 300 ÷ 350 mm, and they are driven into the dowels.
Fastening metal profiles on walls

Fastening metal profiles on walls

  • After that, the suspensions at the correct height installed metal profile and is fixed with screws on the metal on both sides.
Rail mount to suspension

rail mount to the suspension

  • ends outboard profile established in the guide profile on the walls and also secured by two screws.
The guide should be joined with the profile on the wall , to enter into it .

guides should dock with the profile on the wall, to enter into it.

  • If desired, instead of the suspended metal profile 60 × 27 can be used wooden beams.
  • After that, in places where they will be fixed lighting, profile rail or reinforced bridges.
If necessary to strengthen the frame webs

can be strengthened frame webs

They can be fixed, if necessary with the help of "crabs", or cutting the profiles on the corners, and tilting them at right angles.

2. Another option fixing wooden frame, is the installation of a bar directly on the ceiling or on the pads, which are used instead of suspensions.

The frame of wooden slats ( bars )

frame of wooden slats (bars)

  • Edges on wooden beams walls are also installed and fastened in the metal guide profiles or also on board, mounted on the wall and fixed metal corners.
Installation of wooden frame

assembling wooden frame

  • to the ceiling beams nailed dowels through drilled holes through it.In this case, you need to purchase anchors such length that they have entered into the ceiling 50 ÷ 60 mm.If
  • between the ceiling and a wooden frame will be installed wooden lining the desired thickness, then they are fastened to the ceiling, and on them with the help of screws screwed bar.

After the carcass assembly, between its elements extends the electrical wiring for the installation of lighting fixtures.

The wires in the corrugated pipe can be linked to suspensions or guide

wires in Corrugated can tie up to the suspensions or guide

Electrical wire is recommended, for security reasons, to reach through a special insulating corrugated housing that can be attached to the suspensions or side of the metal profile.When wiring cables must not be powered by electricity.Connection is carried out only after the completion of all work on the consolidation of lining and installation of lighting fixtures.

installation of plastic panels

An exemplary diagram of the installation of plastic linings

approximate scheme of mounting a plastic lining

Mounting panels P BX etc. Gadfly equally, that on frame made of metal profiles, that on made of wooden beams.