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August 12, 2017 18:06

Facing the house of vulture ceramic brick panels

How to give his vulture-paneled lodge a reliable, respectable by brick finishes, increasing the heat-sound quality, and at the same time to extend the service life of the building in a cold and humid climate.

Facing the house of vulture ceramic brick panels

Facing the house of vulture panels ceramic brick

article is not designed for ambulances "designer" solutions cladding siding or ready decorative panels that mimic the masonry.These materials are only malignant poison all around, restrict air flow to form a fungus, and a lot of help to any rotting wooden structures and chopped walls.

course, ideal for finishing masonry mason skills required, so it is best to contact the experts, however, a theoretical understanding of the process will help you to understand the choice of building material and provide an opportunity to thoroughly identify, consider the professionalism of the performers themselves.

Getting trim brick house

start trim brick house

pay special attention to the foundation.If a pre-finish foundation brick was not provided, then we strengthen the

existing foundation, combining it with metal pins foundation hypothetical future.Digs grillage , build formwork, to the pins welds frame and fill it with concrete.Such graft foundation necessarily endure a couple of years for a total shrinkage of the base of the previous design.

Strip foundation

recommended to learn step by step instructions on the construction of strip foundation on our portal.In addition, if you want to expand your knowledge base about the foundation of the device, then read the material under the foundation.

Strip foundation around the perimeter of the outer walls must be of high quality, to defend, perfectly flat on the horizon.However, the error of the zero mark on lighthouses (corners) are allowed no more than 1 centimeter.The first row is always the solution can be extended, to align.Also important is the dimension (length, width) in the regeneration of the foundation formwork.In order not to cut the brick at a laying subsequently need to calculate the size so that from corner to corner placed whole bricks.

Sheathe the walls of ceramic brick house

sheathe the walls of the house ceramic brick

Calculating the number of bricks in the cladding

home Suppose that one of the walls of your house is 10 meters:
1 / 0.25 = 4kirpicha a meter x= 10 in the row 40 bricks 0.01 x (vertical seam) = 0.4, then the length of the foundation on this side should not be less than 4.10 meters.

width of the foundation forward, taking into account the gap between the wall and the inner edge of bricks for air circulation, as well as taking into account the probable error of a sheer wall surfaces.Those.width 12.5 cm brick. + 5cm.For uniform shrinkage take another 10 centimeters, with a margin of five.

brick is desirable to buy in one batch at once, paying attention to every single release date of the packed pallet as brick hue may vary and geometric shapes bricks in different parties is not always ideal.To joints did not then "walked", particularly in the area appear to try to follow this rule.Closer to the roof can be used with small defects and small chipped bricks, which can be very much a result of part-time work or because of careless transport.

necessary materials and tools

For facing house from Vulture panels Ceramic brick building will need the following materials and tools:

  1. brick (the bricks at the rate of 40 per 1 square meter.);
  2. concrete mixer;
  3. quarry sand;
  4. cement;
  5. pruzhinchatoe old bed base with cells 1 by 1 cm for sifting sand.;
  6. shovel;
  7. galvanized buckets for water and solution;
  8. gel for washing dishes instead of store plasticizer (add a few drops in a bucket of water, stir before poured into the mixer);
  9. wood preservative;
  10. metal corners for overlap of door and window openings;
  11. oil paint for damp-proofing parts;
  12. armirovochnaya mesh (with a mesh 5 by 5 cm.);
  13. galvanized punched tape with holes for attaching the mesh to the wooden wall;
  14. screws, dowels, nails;
  15. screws with a ring (10 mm.) For attachment to the scaffolding wall through the seam;
  16. tempered wire for tightening the screws to the forest with a ring;
  17. tubular prefabricated scaffolding;
  18. planks for scaffolding ;
  19. roll roofing;
  20. screwdriver ;
  21. Bulgarian discs for stone and metal;
  22. drill for wood (8 mm.) Under the screw holes with a ring;
  23. trowel (trowel mason);
  24. hammer-kirochka;
  25. plummet;
  26. building level;
  27. cord-prichalku;
  28. roulette;
  29. jointing;
  30. piece of clean cloth to wipe the masonry.

technology performance

  1. surface smooth and seasoned foundation in two layers gidroizoliruem roofing material.Next, carefully placed to the perimeter of the bricks dry, for the accuracy of the vertical joints using a metal rod or wooden pattern 1 cm thick. If everything is taken into account, the two sides come together into a coherent whole, without prejudice to the joints, preparing the cement-sand mortar.
  2. sand is sifted and kneaded with cement at the rate of 1: 3.Plasticizer.
  3. Set up the corners.We use level and plumb.Each horizontal seam are measuring tape.Seam try to do centimeter.Given the height of one and a half-brick 10 cm. Get a result that will contribute to the opposite corners of the convenience, precision and symmetry.
  4. If the level of the window sill or the roof height on dozens does not match, then adjust the seam thickness of 1-2 mm., Increasing or decreasing the seam, respectively.It is important to consider when laying corners beacons on stage breakdown of the first row.
  5. between the angles set intermediate beacon, if necessary, two to lace does not sag.After two-three rows of each seam-sealing purchase jointing or bent metal rod diameter 8-10mm assistant.Dry with a clean cloth wipe every brick.
  6. On the second and third row about a meter from each other, each vertical seam is not filled with a solution.These centimeter gap will be air holes for circulation in the gap between the masonry and the vulture-air wall panel.
  7. small remark about efflorescence (white spots) on the brick.
  8. Efflorescence on brick appear, usually in the offseason.Most susceptible dark efflorescence of ceramic bricks.This is because the grouting is performed on fresh masonry.To avoid this, put a brick on the solution under an oblong metal bars of square section with a diameter of about a centimeter.The edges of the bricks do not interact with the solution, do not get dirty, all the seams seem ideal, uniform.When the rod is moved further to the next mile, a brick or a brick on the edge of the end remains empty seam depth of 1 cm. Big mistake pustoshovkoy satisfied with this.When laying in a month zamonolititsya , grab, give all the moisture under the influence of the sun, every pustoshovku need to fill, embroider again.And this double work, time-consuming process.In addition, the joints still do not turn out perfect because of the geometrical defects of domestic bricks.So it is better to fill the seam immediately and embroider fresh masonry, and the appearance of efflorescence wipe them with special chemical compounds.

    skin sample brick door house from SIP panels

    skin sample brick doors of SIP panel home

  9. Having 5 rows on the perimeter associate masonry with a wooden wall with reinforcing mesh with a mesh 5 by 5 cm These nets are sold in two forms:. 0.38 by 2 meters and 0.52 meters.To mount convenience cut grinder grid or special Bolt into 2 equal parts along and across.Bend at 90 grams.One part is placed on the masonry, the other is screwed to the wall.For this use chopped pieces of galvanized tape with holes.Two holes on the piece will suffice.Especially carefully fastened to at door and window openings for rigidity.
  10. completing masonry and a half meters high set on a carefully-aligned base tubular timber.Standard stands of these forests are of meter and two meters.If possible, better to choose the components of meter racks.If there is no flexibility to select and you got on the occasion of forest stands two meters, then at a height of 1-1.5 meters screwed across the board or a solid rectangular shaped tube with a drill to screw on metal.

    Boarding houses angles of SIP panels brick

    Sheathing corners of SIP panels brick house

  11. order not to put the forest around the perimeter choose any wall and continue to work on it until the slope of the roof, the ridge.Each corner neatly Stroebe in both directions.
  12. for sustainability of forests, for the insurance, if the height of your home considerable under each rack on the contrary, over the brick-lined series, fasten the screw with a ring of the beam to the vertical wall hidden behind panel, pre-drilled panel and lumber drill.Screw diameter equal to the thickness of the seam, no more than a centimeter.Contractible rack and the ring wire.When removing the screw design of masonry unscrew hole obscure solution.
  13. Window and door openings reimplemented metal area, painted to prevent rust, and the appearance of brown spots on the brick any oil paint.If the aperture is wide, stained glass, then set the vertical supports in the middle.We fix.To avoid subsequent deflection through a series of clutch armiruem corner mesh with openings around the reserve, screwed to the wooden panel.

    Exterior of the house trimmed with half facing bricks

    Exterior House trimmed with half facing bricks

  14. Pediment perform ubezhnoy indent under the skate vertical lining on a level plane.
  15. Parse Scaffold simultaneously rubbing, stripping where a stained trim.Handle water-repellent composition in order to avoid damage.
  16. After a few days remove the stained glass support.
  17. the same order of finish walls remaining.
Boarding houses completed

Boarding houses completed

comfortable stay!