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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a partition in the room

How to make partition in room - this question often arises from the owners of one-bedroom apartments, or if the disposal of the hosts are very spacious room with a large area.

How to make a partition in the room

How to make a partition in a room

Divide the room into zones is a snap. Main in this process - to make a correct calculation .For example, in an apartment high-rise buildings is unacceptable to install without the consent capital partitions heavy building material, such as brick, since floor slabs are designed for a specific weight.Exceeding the permissible load in the building construction can occur damage such as cracks, risking further damage.Therefore, if the owner decided to erect partitions to use a material having a large mass, it is necessary first of all to get to this special permission, which is justified on calculations for each individual project of the building.

As for private one-storey houses, then no problems will arise, and the partition can be installed from any material.The only thing yo

u need to observe - is the construction right, resembling to the specific design conditions.For example, if house paved wooden floor, it is unlikely to survive the brickwork of the separation wall, installed constant on its surface.In this case, have to work hard and to arrange for her own funda nt in c unte underground.

Forms dividers

Article Contents

  • 1 Forms dividers
  • 2 material manufacturing partitions
    • 2.1 Plasterboard
    • 2.2 Brick
    • 2.3 foam concrete blocks
    • 2.4 Gypsum blocks
    • 2.5 Glass blocks
    • 2.6 sliding partitions
  • 3 Mounting partitions
    • 3.1 Layout floor space
    • 3.2 plasterboard partitions
    • 3.3 Installation of partition blocks, slabs or bricks
      • 3.3.1 Video: Installation tips partitions from foam blocks
    • 3.4 Mounting partitions of glass blocks
    • 3.5 sliding partitions

partitions called wallseparating the room.They can be of several types:

  • solid partition, completely covers the space of the room and make a room or two.This kind of demand often as provides the ability to separate a bedroom, nursery or, for example, a bathroom.
Solid partition makes one room - two

solid partition makes one room - two

  • Decorative fixed bulkhead, which only shares the room into two zones, but not creates soundproof barrier between them.This type of interior element is used for separating the hallway from the room, the kitchen from the dining area or to maintain a certain style decor.
Decorative partition separating the room into two zones

Decorative partition separating the room into two zones

  • Mobile partition - a screen that can be moved to any area of ​​the room to separate its visually, but unable do its sound - and opaque.Screens are most often used to close the dressing area, bed - from morning to direct sunlight (ie, to provide shade), as well as a decorative element of the interior.
Partitions - screen can be moved as needed from place to place

partitions, screens can be moved as needed from one place to

  • stationary sliding partition in the form of a glass or wooden doors, which goes along the rail.If this version for its manufacturing quality materials and manufactured correctly construction installation, they are quite capable of even partially soundproof fenced off area of ​​the room.This type of partitions used for any purpose and in a variety of interiors, as it can have a variety of designs.
Suffice it difficult to manufacture , but it is very easy to use sliding partitions

quite difficult to manufacture, but it is very easy to use sliding partitions

material manufacturing partitions

various materials and their main characteristics can be used for the construction of stationary walls, "pros" and "minus "it is necessary to know in advance.

Table: Comparative characteristics of partitions of different materials

Material septum thickness in mm Product form and size of the material in mm weight construction, kg / m² sound insulation indexdB
Ceramic brick 120 mm (half-brick) 120h250h65 267 40-45
lime brick 120 mm (half-brick) 120h250h65 330 45
foam concrete blocks 100 200h250h60 74 40
gypsum boards 100 500hZ00h100 92 40-45
Drywall in a single layer on a wooden frame 85 1200 h2500 30-40 35
Drywall in a single layer on a frame of metal sheets 100 1200 h2500 21,5 40
Glass blocks 100 150 x 150 x 100 65-75 45
sliding glass, wood, aluminum Depends design depends on the size of the partition 6-20 depending on the material


Drywall is made in sheets, which, when the device partitions are mounted on a frame made of galvanized metal profile.For maximum noise isolation between plasterboard webs in frame units are often stacked one heat soundproofing materials - may be polystyrene or some of the best performing types of mineral wool.

Extremely popular in our time building material - plasterboard

extremely popular in our time building material - plasterboard Plasterboard

produced four types, therefore, acquiring it, the markings and colors you need to pay special attention.For example, if the partition will be installed in a room with high humidity, it is necessary to choose a water-resistant material, which, usually, has outer coating, painted in green color.Other material - less moisture resistant, and they are ideal for living rooms.

  • The positive qualities of this material may justly be called:

- the ability to create an optimal indoor climate, as it and "neutralize" the excess moisture, and do not give air dry;

- properties such as good sound - and insulation;

- types GCR and GKLO have increased fire resistance, so they can be clad partition, which will be located behind the fireplace or stove;

- relative ease material allows you to set a partition in a room with any floor and any floor;

- plasterboard is easy to handle, it can be cut with a knife or hand-building a hacksaw.

  • have plasterboard and their "cons»:

- normal, nevlagostoyky drywall can not be installed in wet areas, as it absorbs moisture and may eventually start collapse;

- GCR is subject to damage during mechanical effects accented - it easily breaks on impact or when falling on the wall heavy piece of furniture;

- sheets of drywall are not able to withstand the brackets with suspended them pictures or shelves.If the subject is not too heavy and weighs no more than 10 - 12 kg, the brackets can be fastened to it in those places where metal or wooden posts and crossbars installed.


partition of this material is usually laid out in a half-brick on a concrete solution.It is to separate one room into two separate zones or hollow brick is used because it has a lower weight.As with any building material, bricks, when used for the walls, has its pros and cons, and especially important to know them, if the construction is carried out in a multi-storey apartment houses.

The partition of bricks is not always possible , and fold it - quite easy

partition of bricks is not always possible, and fold it - quite difficult

  • The advantages include its following qualities:

- high enough up some other way ks star ukoizolyatsii, which is 42 ÷ 47 dB,if the thickness of the wall, together with the applied on her plaster on both sides will be about 140 ÷ 145 mm;

- brick has a high resistance to water, but in the case of using this material for the construction of walls in rooms with high humidity, such as in the bathroom, you should use full-bodied version that does not accumulate in the cavities of the condensate;

- brick dividing wall is durable, if covered with a protective layer of plaster or other finishing material;

- from brick - excellent fire resistance.

  • «minus" brick walls can be considered:

- heavy weight material that to a vadratny IU Tr cells adki in a half-brick is from 265 to 280 kg;

- the duration of the works on the construction of the wall;

- fairly high complexity and the need for laying at least a minimum of experience of similar work;

- mandatory before plastering decorated.

foam concrete blocks

aerated concrete blocks are manufactured by foam concrete, so the material has a porous structure that directly affects the formation and its performance.Masonry blocks to produce gypsum adhesive or on a solution to concrete basis.

It is often used for the construction of walls made ​​of aerated concrete blocks

Very often, for the construction of walls using foam concrete blocks

  • «plus" foam concrete blocks can be called:

- high coefficient of sound insulation, which is 37 ÷ 40 decibels at standard thickness of blocks in 60 mm, and44 ÷ 46 dB - when 125 mm;

- porous structure provides good thermal insulation of the room, thanks to the air located in the pores.Thus, the coefficients reflux eploprovodnosti foam blocks is only 0,14 Wt / m × ° C;

- the speed and ease of installation, subject to certain rules perform masonry;

- good fire;

  • The disadvantages of the material include:

- big enough 've with a Normal block that is 18 kg, which requires certain efforts in raising it to the height;

- low air permeability of the porous structure;

- hygroscopic material.

Gypsum blocks

gypsum boards usually have ridges and grooves, which facilitates their installation.Laying is performed on adhesive manufactured as gypsum based.Plates produced two size 600 × 500 × 100 and 500 × 100 mm × Z00, which allows to set the partition 5 ÷ 7 times faster than masonry brick.

Large gypsum boards pazogrebnevye permit to erect a partition quickly

Large Paso-crest gypsum boards allow to build a barrier very quickly

Advantages of gypsum board (GWP):

- speed of installation;

- partition of the GWP will weigh at 3,5 ÷ 4 times less than similar brick;

- flammability of the material - full compliance but rm etc. otivopozharnoy security;

- sound insulation coefficient is 40 ÷ 41 dB during a single clutch, and 55 ÷ 60 - at the double;

- when applied on top of surfacing material plate sufficient water resistant and durable, not prone to the appearance of colonies of mold or mildew;

- GHG P n growths in processing - they are easily sawn, so they can be done without problems indent for wiring or plumbing pipes;

- neat masonry not require plastering before applying decorative finishes.

  • disadvantages partitions of gypsum boards can call them the following qualities:

- a sufficiently large size makes them difficult to rise to the height;

- they are not able to withstand the design hinged weighing 30 kilograms or more, so the brackets must be mounted with dowels or anchors.

glass blocks

glass blocks are often square products and sometimes - rectangular thick glass 6 ÷ 7 mm thick having sealed inside cavity resulting from joining two half-blocks.Glass blocks - windows are original, and just as they, the air trapped inside the heat helps - and soundproofing.

Very interesting interior solution - a partition of glass bricks

Very interesting interior solution - a partition of glass bricks

blocks can have a smooth and relief surface, a different color, as well as being self-colored or have a decorative pattern.

Glass blocks have different thickness and it is 75 to 100 mm, and the weight of each 2.5 ÷ 4.5 kg.

Standard size modern material is 150 × 150 × 100;190 × 190 × 80;240 × 240 × 80 mm.

In addition to standard sizes, are made angular or triangular blocks for registration of the lateral parts, columns and corners of walls of different shapes.

  • Glass blocks have the following positive characteristics that are important for a solid partitions:

- good heat - and soundproofing separate rooms;

- high fire resistance material;

- excellent light transmission , which is very important, if you separate the rooms without windows;

- after the installation of glass blocks, the partition does not require additional finishing;

- thanks to the thickness of the glass and correctly assembled structure, the partition will be enough reliable, no wonder this material is raised, not only within the walls of rooms, but also external, mainly front wall;

- durability and ease of care - enough of them periodically wipe the dust with a damp cloth;

- walls of glass blocks can be a real decoration of the interior and make it original;

- water resistance material, so it can be used in the premises with any humidity.

  • Lack of clear glass blocks - or do not like mechanical impact.In addition, such a partition is very problematic to suspend that whatsoever.

Sliding partitions

Sliding partitions are made of different materials - it can be aluminum, plastic, wood, laminated chipboard or MDF panels .They may be glazed or to be continuous, that is completely made of a particular material.Most often, they are not made yourself as ready models can be purchased or ordered at the desired size in specialized companies that guarantee reliability design and and and The ideal appearance.

It is best to buy ready-made kit for mounting sliding partitions

best to buy ready-made kit for mounting sliding partitions

Sliding screens vary in their design on the rail and suspension.