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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair of glass with their hands

Remo nt Article eklopaketov own hands it is possible to spend, if you know their fundamental unit and basis of their production technology.

Repair of glass with their hands

Repair of glass with their hands

Just need to mention that many users have called all window glazing, including glass and frame, and accessories, but it is - not quite true.Actually, the glazing is a structure of two or more glasses, which are secured on a path with the help of sealants and spacer.Install it yourself, without special tools and equipment - quite difficult, but it is equally important to properly install it in the finished glazing is already standing frame.

Nevertheless , knowing that when writing a search query on the glass repair, many have a view of the entire window block of PVC and, consequently, are hoping to get an answer to all the questions, some will expand the topic.different components and mechanisms of PVC windows are considered the owners were aware of the possible damage that often occur during the operation.

design glass

Article Contents

  • 1 design glass
  • 2 Can you collect yourself glazing?
    • 2.1 Removing glass
    • 2.2 Video: how to disassemble glazed PVC windows
    • 2.3 independent manufacturing glass
    • 2.4 Installing glass
    • 2.5 Video: The process of replacing the glass in PVC window
  • 3 Typical breakdown of PVC windows and their solutions
    • 3.1 Video: how to eliminate the distortion of glass in PVC frame

structure of glass in the proper sense of the term is somewhat similar to the tank structure,only "packed" with no three , and all four sides.Glazing may consist of one, two or even three cameras as designed to be installed in different regions of the individual peculiarities of the climate.

Chambers called separation between glasses , respectively glasses can be equipped with two, three or four.

Glasses are interconnected certain distance, which is determined by the remote-plastic or metal lath, which is glued on both sides of the sealant.

Good visible distance between the panes perforated rail

clearly visible distance between the panes perforated rack

This remote is different rail widths - wider than it is, the more air space between the panes .This design element is perforated with small holes - they needed to inside the chambers was not going to moisture, and the glass does not mist.Rail can easily be considered to have already installed windows.

Remote rack in the context of

Remote rack in the context

Inside Remote rack filled with desiccant, which does not allow glasses fog up inside the chambers, as well absorb moisture.The end of the insulating glass sealant filled - this layer is 10 ÷ 15 mm.

Made professional way glass block is filled with an inert gas such as krypton or argon, or air-dried to a certain vacuum.Gas filling is denser than air, so these windows have higher thermal characteristics - and soundproofing.

using glass of different thickness, For the manufacture of glass - this must be indicated on the product label.

Some examples of glass

few examples of glass

For example, the designation 4- 10- 4 -10 -4 indicates that thisdouble-glass with a thickness glass 4 mm, and the distance between them is 10 mm. yuolee complex formula , such 6- 10-4 - 16 A r - 4 i says , that this is a special glass with external thickened glass, 6 mm, the first air chamber of 10 mm and an average glass 4mm , gas-filled chamber (argon) in 16 mm glass with energy-savingeffect type «i» 4 mm thick.

it possible to assemble your own glazing?

This question often arises, if it was one of the broken windows installed window unit.If you come to the assembly with the utmost care and precision, have a suitable size and material tools for the job, the glazing process it is possible to assemble their own, although it is a simple exercise will not work call.

to work you need to have on hand following tools and appliances:

- remote Racks and lining;

- rubber or plastic hammer;

- wide chisel;

- cobbler's knife;

- special plastic spatula;

- suction cup for glass;

- glass cutter;

- wooden ruler at 1,0 ÷ 1,5 meters.

Removing glass

Before you make a new double pane windows, you need to dismantle the old with broken glass.

IGU fixed in the middle of the frame with the help of glazing beads and to pull it out, they need to be removed.Make it a snap.

  • to the process of the tools you will need a broad and sharp chisel.Her set in the center of the vertical sides of the glazing, the gap between the glazing bead and the frame and gently beat on it a plastic or rubber hammer.
  • When bead begin to move away from the frame at a distance of 5 ÷ 7 mm, then it can be detached by hand.
Removing the vertical bead

Removing vertical bead

  • Then, is dismantling of the upper horizontal bead - it can begin to incite the angle.
  • Next removed a second vertical, and then the lower horizontal glazing beads.
  • , and likely seriously hurt to pull out double-glazed window of a frame, you need to put your hands on the thick gloves, as it may have sharp edges.If one of the broken windows , the glazing can be removed using suction cups, setting her in the middle of a glass.
Removing the glass using a sucker

Removing the glass using a sucker

  • suction cup mounted on glass, fixed, and then for her handle to gently pull glazed over and pull it out of the frame.

Video: how to disassemble glazed PVC windows

independent manufacturing glass

The fundamental structure of glass

fundamental structure of glass

following materials needed for the manufacture of insulating glass:

- glassnecessary thickness (at least 4 mm);

- spacer or spacer;

- primary sealant (butyl) and secondary (polysulfide polyurethane.);

- loose desiccant.

Employment in manufacturing consists of several stages.The first of these, of course, is training places for conduct.

  • For the convenience of the process will be needed reliable , quite a large table with a perfectly flat surface, covered with dense soft material such as felt.
  • Further, the glass is measured . measurement taken from old glass, and if this is not possible, measured by the inner edges of the frame vertically and horizontally, minus 1 ÷ 2 mm each side.
One of the most critical moments - the precise glass cutting

One of the most critical moments - precision cutting of glass

  • Cut glass should be perfect, so you need to get a good glass cutter, which can easily cope with this task.
"Быстрорез" позволяет проводить точную и аккуратную резку больших полотен стекла

«Bystrorez" allows for precise and accurate cutting of large canvases glass

  • If the glass requires a sufficiently large, then fit it under the desired size is best to use a roller bystrorez .
  • prepare in in se necessary, the glass is placed on the table, it is transferred to the measurements and set bystrorez .His roller option is convenient because it allows you to make a perfect clean cut, as the emphasis will not let slip the cutting element.
Роликовый "быстрорез" позволяет идеально точно выдерживать размер

Roller "bystrorez" allows perfect to maintain the exact size

  • edges of the cut glass is recommended to carefully handle bar with an abrasive surface ( "diamond dust"), which will help to save your hands from damage.
  • When the desired glass is cut and properly way processed, it must be well rinsed and even better - process wiper.Particular care should be to work on the inner surfaces of the glass, since then brush them will not succeed.
  • The next step is the preparation of remote racks.You can try to use the rail from the old glass, cut them with a glass along with a sealant, but it will need to completely release them from inflicted on the masses.If this is not possible because of the damage to one side, then remove sizes - quite real, and on it is easy to make a new frame of perforated strips.

frame must be less than the size of the glass 4 - 7 mm, ie, the glass should go its edge.This distance will subsequently be stopped secondary sealant.

Filling the cavity remote racks granular desiccant

Filling the cavity remote racks granular desiccant

  • Inner cavity perforated spacers on three-quarters filled with desiccant, as is most commonly used granular silica gel.
They should be filled to approximately three quarters of the volume .

They should be filled with about three-quarters of the volume.

  • To material does not spill on the other hand, into the cavity of the rack immediately sets up a special area, which will become the connecting element and will help to bring out the vertical and horizontal slats perfect right angle.
Mounting brackets for remote racks

Mounting brackets for remote racks

  • After mounting two separate strips should turn angle of 90 degrees.
Right angle after assembly of the two rails

right angle after assembly of the two rails

  • At the ends glued frame butyl tape with a protective film , which be removed before fixing it on glass.
Butyl tape - self-adhesive

Butyl tape - self-adhesive

  • In prepared, perfectly clean desk stacked glass on which you need to precisely glue the finished frame.Here, you can resort to some tricks - on the glass on the line with the help of the corrector to make a mark overlay frame on the outside of the - then these labels are easy to remove.
Stacking frame on the glass

Stacking frame glass

  • Before laying the framework for the glass with adhesive tape is removed from the bottom protective film .Frame Label strictly set and lightly pressed to obtain fixation.
Before laying the protective film is removed , opens an adhesive layer

Before laying the protective film is removed, the adhesive layer is opened

  • The same layout is recommended to produce and on the glass, which is glued on top of the frame, as the unequal arrangement glass relative to the frame, is unacceptable.The edges of the glass should uphold the edge of the frame is identical.
Attaching a second glass

Bonding second glass

  • removes the top protective layer from the sealing tape and the second glass by accurately marking placed on the frame.If
  • intended to produce two-compartment package, proce ss etc. ikleivaniya repeated.
  • When all the glass will be assembled into double-glazed window, you need to carefully compress the glass that formed a sturdy grip with butyl tape - this will be the primary sealing contour.
  • next step is filling the remaining cavity between the panes around the perimeter of the glass polyurethane, tiakolom or polysulfide - thereby forming a second sealing loop.
Final sealing glass

Final sealing glass

This proce ss etc. gadfly with a spatula or construction syringe. Sealant should completely fill the cavity without any small air cavities and cracks.

Drying this circuit usually lasts 8 - 14 hours, and then pour it has to be like rubber. Next cleans smudges, and checked the quality of the pour and fill.

Installing glass

The circuit arrangement in glass PVC profile

scheme of arrangement in glass PVC profile

  • Now remains only set the frame glazing.To the glass does not touch the hard frame material is available in a groove in it one hand installed rubber sealant around the perimeter.
Sealant for glazing - located around the perimeter of the frame

Sealant for glazing - located around the perimeter of the frame

  • Further, on the vertical wall and the horizontal base frame laid rubber pad - they soften contact with the front sides of glass plastic window profiles.
Special pads for glazing

Special pads for glazing

  • then finished glazing is installed in a frame on the pad, aligning it with the level.
Installing the finished glass in the regular place

Installation finished glass on a regular place

  • Exposed package you need to press shtapikami after setting them in the rubber seal.
Final fixing glass shtapikami

Final fixing glass shtapikami

  • scores a bead into the groove with a rubber or plastic hammer, which will not damage the plastic surface.

Video: the process of replacing glass in PVC window

Typical breakdown of PVC windows and their solutions

In the operation of the window may be different breakdowninstalled hardware, which leads to difficulty functioning of its various units.Therefore it is necessary to make efforts to restore its normal operation.The most common failures in work are:

- sagging shutters;

- violation of the presser flap function;

- replacement or repair of the handle;

- replacing the seal in violation of the normal sealing;

- opening the sash in two positions.

Removing most of these shortcomings, rather, can be called the adjustment measures, rather than repair, but they are held still worth knowing all , who installed PVC windows.For this work of the tools needed screwdriver , screwdriver , Allen key size 4 mm.

1. adjustment vertically.

Adjusting sash vertically

Adjusting sash vertically

To adjust the vertical position of the sash lowered its or lifting, the first thing to do - is removed from the lower hinge decorative plastic cover.Further, in its upper adjusting slot set Allen key and turn to the right, if necessary to lift the flap and to the left, if it must be omitted.The key is rotated slowly, and after each turn sash necessarily opens and closes , to evaluate the result of the adjustment.

2. Adjusting the angle of the lower sash horizontally.