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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sex on a balcony with his hands - a step by step installation instructions and warming

Dear readers.Today I will tell you how to make a floor on the balcony with his hands on sandwich technology.Every step I will accompany a photograph with a detailed description, but if you still have questions, then I will be ready to answer them in the comments, so write - do not hesitate.

Sex on a balcony with his hands

Sex on the balcony with his hands

In cold countries, such as Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Canada and Finland are paying great attention to the heat.Not for nothing in the post-Soviet space, a huge popular, the so-called Finnish houses and houses built on the Canadian sandwich-type technology.But if about the house and the walls of the sandwich panels have heard many, something about the sandwich floor, knows far fewer people.But, they are very popular in Canada and the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Sandwich floor on the balcony, become popular due to its heat-saving properties, ease of installation and cost, which is much lower than that of any other of the sexes.That's why on our balcony we deci

ded to do, and to insulate the floor on the given technology.

In this article, we will teach you to do / to warm the floor on the balcony with his hands.For convenience, the whole process will be shown step by step.

Tools required:

To begin with, we need to prepare all the instruments and acquire all the necessary materials for work.For this purpose we have prepared for you a list of all necessary: โ€‹โ€‹

  1. electric jigsaw.
  2. Punch.
  3. screwdriver.
  4. Hammer.
  5. Roulette.
  6. Plugs.
  7. Hammer Drill.
  8. Marker building or graphite pencil.
  9. Spare blades for jigsaw.
  10. Spare drill to punch.
  11. Spare drill to drill.
  12. screws for wood of different lengths.
  13. acrylic or silicone sealant.
  14. sealant gun.
  15. cement brand M500 Portland or frost-resistant tile adhesive.
  16. foam or mineral wool thickness of two centimeters (density can be any, but we recommend taking more dense).
  17. Insulation and thermal insulation mat with a reflective element.
  18. Wooden slats size 2x4 cm
Group the necessary tools 1- jig saw, drill, hammer, screwdriver

necessary tools Group 1 jig saw, drill, hammer, screwdriver

tools Group 2 - drill gun for foam , components , cement

tools Group 2 -. Drill Pistol for hermetic, components, cement

Group 3, the necessary materials - foam , plywood , insulation , timber

Group neededmaterials 3 - foam, plywood, insulation, timber

start to lay the floor on the balcony

article Contents

  • 1 start to lay the floor on the balcony
    • 1.1 Installation shuttering bars for sex
  • 2 Warming of the floor on the balcony with the help of foam
    • 2.1 Thermal insulation of concrete floor on the balcony of the second layer of foam
  • 3 Laying insulation
    • 3.1 sheathe floor on the balcony clapboard
    • 3.2 laying topcoat(MDF plywood sheets) on a reinforcing layer

Once all materials and tools were prepared, we proceed directly to the installation and laying of the floor.

Sex on the balcony before work

Sex on the balcony before work

Any repair and construction always begin with the removal of measurement.Here we are, armed with a tape measure working area in which we have to work.In our case, in the form of the working area performs a balcony.The length of one meter and a width of three meters.

Measure the terrace area with a tape

Measure terrace area with a tape

WARNING!ties for the production of the Company for the floor, in their operating instructions, often indicate the time of hardening leveling from three to five hours.However, very often it is far from reality.Based on experience, we recommend that after pouring screed floor wait at least twenty-four hours, that is one day.

After the screed on the floor froze and became hard, we turn to the creation of the formwork.In our case, it will perform a barrier function, since mounting the foam under the influence of various natural phenomena (the water from rain, direct sunlight, wind), eventually cracks and microcracks through which air can blow.

floor screed on the balcony By the way, if you are not familiar with the floor screed technology, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the step by step pictures on screed floor using concrete link to the material on our website.

Installation of bars Formwork for floor

formwork assembled from wooden slats.For starters, the bar is placed in the balcony of the length (remember we have it three meters) at a distance of four to five centimeters from the balcony frame.Further, when using a tape measure, we can know the size of the wooden slats, which will be used by us for the formwork construction in width.

The sample rack that is suitable for the creation of the formwork on the balcony

sample rack which is suitable for the creation of the formwork on the balcony

obtain the required rack size, we transfer all measurements to "wood" area.To do this, we use the marker building or graphite pencil.

Then the work enters the electric jigsaw.They, we cut a piece of wood, the length necessary for us.

We manufacture sawed bars using an electric jigsaw

produce sawed bars using an electric jigsaw

Once strap is cut off, we are putting it in place for fastening.Now the work comes percussion drill.With it, we have to be drilled in the rail through holes in increments of thirty to forty centimeters.

Drilled holes in the formwork

drilled holes in the formwork

Once in the bar we did a hole, its appearance should be like this.

The hole in the bar under the formwork

hole in the bar under the formwork

now moving wooden rails to the side, in the floor must remain traces of through-holes, which we did using the hammer drill.

Making holes in concrete using the hammer drill

Make a hole in the concrete using a hammer drill or punch

Now, insert the dowels into the holes that have been made in a wooden rail.Further, we are putting a wooden rail with dowels inserted into it in its place.

Now the work comes the hammer.With it, we are hammering dowels to the floor.

After lag wood attached to the floor with plastic dowels, we are using a hammer, they hammered screws.After all the screws and scored strip is secured in place, it should look like this purchase.

The process of fixing the formwork for a floor on the balcony

process formwork fixing for floor on the balcony

After the strip width is fixed, we go to the bar, which is fixed in length.We attach it in the same manner as the first strip.

Mounting angle shuttering joints

Fixing corner joints formwork

Fixing diagonal strips to the floor formwork

Mount diagonal strips to the floor formwork

only what is different, so it is in step mounting rails.If the width, we rail fixed at thirty - forty centimeters in length, we keep step in fifty to sixty centimeters.The next bar we fasten in length, keeping in step seven to eight centimeters.Mounted on strap anchors.Then, from a distance of 6-7cm, we fasten the next lag with dowels.

Securing formwork

formwork Fixing

After the strips have been fixed, you should get like this.

Panel ready

Planking on the balcony set

WARNING!When drilling holes in the floor for dowels, drill bits often break down.For this reason, we strongly recommend to have in reserve three or four spare drill bits.

Before starting work, you need to stock up on drills

Before starting work, you need to stock up on drills

floor Insulation of the balcony using foam

The next step, after the laid logs in length, will be - warming.To do this, we cut into strips of foam equal to seven or eight centimeters long.Cutting foam best with a conventional construction of the knife.Once the foam is cut, we put him in the distance between the wood joists.As shown in the photos.When the foam strips will be completely laid, the floor will become look like this (photo below).

We put foam between joists for floor insulation on the balcony

Puts foam between joists for floor insulation on

balcony Our next step is to mount the second layer.For this purpose, using the roulette we measure the size necessary for us to lag width.

Laying foam completed

laying foam completed

After we measured the size of the desired rack us, we carry it on a wooden plane.Next comes into play jigsaw.With it, we saw off timber size required us.Now it's time screwdriver.Try on the bar and space for mounting screws.By the way, for mounting use screws on wood size 3,5h35mm.

The installation of horizontal furring

The installation of horizontal furring

Now fasten lag on the self-tapping screws.

Fixing screws to lag

lag mounting screws

secured using the screwdriver and screws lag has here is such a view.

Next rake, which we will strengthen in length, is part of the formwork.It is necessary to fix a little "overlap", ie with the projection is closer to the balcony frame.Fastened it on the screws.

The final form of lateral lag

final form of lateral lag

After we secured the second layer of the formwork, we move to step formwork casting.To this end, we are preparing a frost-resistant adhesive mortar for tiles or cement brand M500 Portland.When the solution is ready, it is applied with a spatula into the interior of the formwork.The solution was applied to the inner part, around the perimeter of the casing.

The process of filling the formwork

process of pouring cement formwork

When the whole inside of the casing is completely filled, we move to step mounting rails in width.

Installation of horizontal bars

Mounting horizontal bars

Laghi screwed with screws and screwdriver.Screws are screwed on a "board to board" (as shown in photo).In the same way we mount all other lags, we laid in width.At the same time, it is important to comply with the step distance of fifteen centimeters between the rails.

When another layer of strips was mounted, we come to the strait of the remaining gaps.The slots we fill it with a solution of cold-resistant adhesive for tiles.After that, as all the cracks were treated and sealed, we leave to freeze the solution.Usually one day is required for this.Twenty-four hours, the solution is to completely harden and cure.At the same time, formwork should buy this kind of as in the photo.

We gloss over the cracks in the floor with frost-resistant adhesive for tiles

gloss over the cracks in the floor with frost-resistant adhesive for tiles

Check formwork for strength.It's enough to try it with your fingers, and if everything is dry and hard - it means everything is in order and you can safely move on to the next step.

Thermal insulation of concrete floor on the balcony of the second layer of foam

Proceed as follows:

  1. Cut foam into pieces 15 cm in width.
  2. The cut foam laid at the distance between the wooden slats.
  3. close up cracks in the floor with small pieces of foam to form a surface without gaps and crevices.
Warming of the floor on the balcony foam

floor on the balcony Warming of foam

Laying insulation

WARNING!Insulation we steles reflecting surface upwards.

  1. Insulation, should come on the edges of the walls and on the balcony frame for about three or four centimeters.
  2. Extra insulation we folded the back, and wound into a roll.
  3. advantage of building with a knife, cut the desired insulation.
  4. straightens and smooths the heater, forming smooth surface.
Step by step process of placing reflective insulation on the balcony

stepwise process of laying a reflective insulation on the balcony

top of the screen insulation, we put a log and try on its length.After the lag is laid out, we will fasten it on the screws.To do this, we use the screwdriver.

We put a log over the reflective layer of insulation

Puts a log on top of the reflective layer of insulation

Next log stacking process is repeated for the second time - this is done to maximize the insulation on the balcony floor.lag mounting technology is identical, namely:

  1. Puts lag, fixing it with screws.
  2. similarly lag between the steps that have already been done by the above laid a layer of foam.
  3. the top layer of foam laid chipboard screws fixing it to the formwork of the bars.
Laying of the third layer of insulation on the balcony

laying a third layer of insulation on the balcony

Installation of the finishing layer batten

Mounting finishing layer batten

sheathe floor on the balcony clapboard

In our example, the floor will not sheathe clapboard and special racks, asthis layer we will still not finishing.But if you want to finish the floor at this stage, it is also very warm design, but as we continue on.So

mounting wooden slats technology:

  1. Reiki is secured using screws and screwdriver close to each other.
  2. To the floor was stable "played" it is recommended to screw screws indented 5-7 cm. Apart.

Also, the photograph shows that our balcony frame is reinforced by means of a connector, which in turn gives the balcony frame rigidity.The photograph also shows that the amplifier protrudes slightly.Let me remind you, we need to all rail closely adjacent to the walls and to the balcony frame.To do this, we need using the jigsaw to cut a recess in a wooden rail.

Installation of the reinforcing belt made โ€‹โ€‹of wooden slats

Mounting reinforcing belt made of wooden slats

  1. Now, take a pencil or marker and drag the frame size of the protrusion of the amplifier on a wooden rail.
  2. Using a jigsaw, we cut out the notch size required us.
  3. After we "worked" an electric jigsaw, we get this result here.
  4. Now we try the bar.As she can see perfectly, "lay down" in its place.
Install the horizontal rails

Install the horizontal rails

WARNING!When laying the floor, do not forget to use a level.Must be all smooth.

Now, we turn to the laying of the second reinforcing layer.For this purpose, using the screwdriver we fasten strap and long screws in a tight one to one.

Puts a second reinforcing layer

Puts second reinforcing layer

The second reinforcing layer prepared

second reinforcing layer is ready

After the second reinforcing layer is laid in front of you should appear something like the following picture.

laying topcoat (MDF plywood sheets) on the reinforcing layer

After we finished to mount a third reinforcing layer, we have a picture emerges of our future sex.

Measure out the dimensions for the installation of plywood

Measure out the dimensions for the installation of plywood

  1. Now we bring all of our measurements on a piece of fiberboard.
  2. fiberboard mode circuits using the knife construction.
  3. After we cut fiberboard, try on it.
  4. fiberboard, even in the corners should bear flush.
Puts chipboard sheets on the floor

Puts chipboard sheets on the floor

  1. After fitting, we shoot fiberboard and using a gun in the gap we "fill" sealant.
  2. After processing all the cracks using a sealant, you should get something like this type.
Close up the seams on the balcony by using a sealant

close up the seams on the balcony by using a sealant

WARNING!The sealant is necessary to put a thin layer.It must also not act otherwise fiberboard will stick firmly to the floor.If you suddenly lay down the sealant is too thick, it does not matter, it can be easily removed with a damp cloth or napkin.

Well, now when we have all the cracks "blew" through the sealant, we move to the final stage - laying fiberboard.

Finishing work on the balcony priglyadnogo legend appearance

Finishing work on giving balcony priglyadnogo appearance

  1. After hardboard bed, it must be like to be pressed to the floor.This is done to ensure that all excess silicone climbed out.
  2. Now fasten fiberboard using the screwdriver and screws on wood size 3,5h25mm.
  3. Screws fasten in the form of "Christmas trees" with the step distance in all sides of forty centimeters.
Underfloor heating on the balcony ready

Warm floor on the balcony ready

Well, that's all.