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August 12, 2017 18:06

Like a marble fireplace

Marble fireplaces - the height of luxury and glamor in the minds of many people.But the portal of this stone will be costly, so it is often the fireplace itself is made up of brick, and only then is coated with marble.

Marble fireplace - an illustration for an example

marble fireplace - an illustration for example

We will talk about the features of this process, as well as the intricacies of the selection and care of marble.

Making measurements

Article Contents

  • 1 Making measurements
  • 2 Choose marble
  • 3 Choose other materials
  • 4 We select Tools
  • 5 Preparations
    • 5.1 Preparation glue "Litokol»
    • 5.2 Preparation of polyester mastics ROBERLO «MARMOTIX»
  • 6 turn to the wall
  • 7 How to care for marble

in order to select the marble right forfacing the fireplace, you need to pre-measure every part of the fireplace and on the basis of these data make it a drawing.

can also call a specialist at home, it will not only be able to produce a correct measurement, but also with the help of a marble brought from the sample

s will help determine the choice of material, and with sharp ends.

Marble can be ordered for the fireplace in the workshops, which are engaged in cutting marble, agree on a price for the work, and if it is large enough, to give the drawing to the size of the master (carver).

Tip: If marble has a distinct pattern is pre-expanded plates on the floor and put them together so that the pattern matched, and then mark.

Choose marble

Samples marble

marble samples

Samples marble

marble samples

with marble trim can only brick fireplaces, aerated concrete or foam.By facing stone selection should be approached very seriously.Especially important is the quality of the material, if the fireplace will perform not only a decorative function, but really rastaplivatsya from time to time.

When buying the marble is necessary to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • whole plate or chips. When finishing brick fireplaces can be used as marble slabs and solid pieces of stone.Plates can be made of natural marble and or marble chips.Plate of chips is much cheaper, but natural stone slabs are much more durable;
  • integrity of marble.Each tile must be inspected for cracks, chips and other defects.If they are found, the tiles should be changed;
  • color. Marble can have a variety of texture (antique, polished, etc.) and colors (black, gray, white, pink).Each buyer their color preferences, but it should be noted that in the dark marble is much easier to care for.It is less noticeable stains.

Choose other materials

need for cladding:

  • glue (for gluing boards to the fireplace surface);
  • mastic grouting and bonding of plates to each other;
  • primer.

work with marble is not easy, so you need to choose the adhesive mixture, which after drying would not be left on the surface of the marble traces of glue.In the process described in the photo we used LITOKOL LITOPLUS adhesive white marble.

LITOPLUS K55 ( Litokol to 55 ) - dry adhesive mixture on the basis of white cement

LITOPLUS K55 (Litokol to 55) - dry adhesive mixture on the basis of white cement

Tip: marble other colors need to acquire other suitable exactly for these species.In no event should not be used, for example, glue white marble, which contains white cement, brick for lining black marble stains can tread on it.

used mastic ROBERLO «Marmotix» For grouting and bonding plates us.

For facing is better to choose a primer, a part of which does not contain harmful to human health of chemical components and solvents.We used the primer CERESIT CT-17.

Ceres PT - 17


We select Tools

For facing the fireplace with marble needed:

  • brush (surface fire primer);
  • drill and drill (for mixing glue);
  • trowel for tile (with the help of glue is applied on the marble surface);
  • trowel (it is dialed glue from a bucket);
  • rubber spatula (for grouting);
  • angle (you need to install the marble tiles at the correct angle 90 degrees);
  • masking tape (glued to the sustainability of marble slabs together until dry LITOKOL glue).


  1. Before you begin the installation of marble slabs, sweep the surface of fire debris and dust with a brush or brush.
  2. Using a brush apply a primer to the entire surface of the fireplace.

Preparation glue "Litokol»

poured into a specially prepared container about a quarter of a bucket and mix with a drill.The mixture should turn out not very liquid, for better fixation to the surface.Clay infused for 5-10 minutes and then mix again.Mix should be thoroughly to adhesive mixture became homogenous (no lumps).

Preparation of polyester mastics ROBERLO «MARMOTIX»

glue mix with the hardener (it comes with adhesive) and mix thoroughly.The hardener used for fast setting.The whole process takes about half an hour.

turn to the wall

Fireplace in front finish

Fireplace before finishing

Fireplace prepared for veneering

Fireplace prepared for facing

Important!To begin you need to trim from the front of the fireplace.

Step 1. at the plate with a thin layer using a spatula to apply the adhesive tiles.

Step 2 .Then placing the adhesive mixture and leans against the fireplace surface.Thus marble slab fixed directly to brick on the fireplace.

Step 3. Plate lightly tamp the palm for better jointing.

Step 4. same way fasten marble slabs and on the side of the fireplace, with the help of the polygon exhibiting plate at an angle of 90 degrees.

Photos - sticking marble tiles

Photo - sticking marble tiles

Step 5. Dilute glue and fill the cracks in the blank space between the surface of the fireplace and a marble slab.Complete drying glue comes in 24 hours.

Step 6. joints between the ends of boards in advance paste masking tape, to avoid falling on the marble surface of the adhesive mastic and polyester fill ROBERLO «MARMOTIX».This is necessary in order to better plate jointed together.Also serves as a filler mastic seams.

Facing with marble fireplace

Facing with marble fireplace

Step 7. mastic mix with the hardener in a prepared container.Apply the resulting mixture into the ends of the plates between a rubber spatula.

Step 8. to the plate standing vertically sustainable and marble does not fall away from the surface of the fireplace, slabs corners temporarily glued together masking tape.

Step 9. When completely dry (this takes about a few hours), remove the tape.

Step 10 .After the plates are stuck vertically on the front of the fireplace, proceed to mounting plate, which is placed horizontally on top of them, (it will be put on the column).

Step 11. columns, and they are called balusters, sticking via ROBERLO «MARMOTIX».At their top and bottom ends inflict mastic.Set the columns at the edges of the fireplace.

Step 12. LITOKOL After drying glue, on top of the columns put the stove.Columns are used to support the upper plate, and a fireplace make the design more refined.

Example fireplace , marble , with columns .Illustration

Example fireplace, marble, with columns.Illustration

Step 13. After the glue on all the design details fireplace dry, fill the joints with mastic on the marble.After drying, the seams are overwritten with sandpaper.

How to care for marble

How to care for marble - illustration

How to care for marble - illustration

  1. When the weekly cleaning of the fireplace can be cleaned with warm water with a napkin.
  2. to remove long-standing stains, you can use special powders for cleaning marble.
  3. to marble is not much gets dirty it can be applied to a special wax coating.
  4. during prolonged use grill or fireplace tongs will inevitably come into contact with marble, which he decorated, and leave rust stains.This can be avoided by periodically processing the metal parts rust inhibitor.

Important: In no case do not need to clean the marble any acidic substances.From them, the stone begins to crack.The use of abrasive detergents also contraindicated them on the marble cracks.

If we stick to the above tips, the fireplace will be the envy and admiration of all the guests of the house.And marble, which he decorated, need to be changed only after many years.