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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction of saunas with their own hands

own hands saunas Construction not without clashes with a number of issues relating to site selection and the necessary equipment, installation of the ventilation system, compliance with fire safety regulations, and so on.People inexperienced all this sounds complicated, but in reality to build a sauna is quite simple.The main thing that was a clear statement and related materials.

Construction of saunas with their own hands

saunas with their own hands Construction

Step 1: Select a suitable location

Article Contents

  • 1 Step 1: Select a suitable location
    • 1.1 About the size of steam
    • About 1.2 materials
  • 2 Step 2. Preparation of consumables
  • 3 Phase 3 Foundation
    • 3.1 construction of monolithic grillage
  • 4 Step 4. Sewerage
  • 5 Step 5. frame
  • 6 Step 6. Insulation
    • 6.1 Video - Installation of lining
  • 7 Step 7: Construction
  • 8 Price question
Where to build a sauna

Where to build a sauna

sauna can be fitted in any available room, such requirements: the availability of the ventilation, low humidity and lack

of drafts.This may be a separate room (small construction) or a room in a building.

sauna Interior

Interior saunas

If the sauna will be built separately (and in this article describes this option), the place should be chosen so that it was possible to dig a hole for a septic tank.

Below are the characteristics that must have the right sauna.

  1. It must be a tiled floor and a separate wiring (in the case of heating with an electric heater) or chimney (if you plan to use wood-fired boiler). wet tile is very slippery, so as to avoid injury, you need to put on the floor, wooden boards or grids, which during the harvest will be put to the street to dry.

    sauna Interior

    saunas Interior

  2. appropriate size cabins are determined on the basis of 2.5 m³ per person.
  3. In the dressing room should be a small table, hanger and bench.If the sauna is used all year round, then another, and heater.

    Rest room ( dressing room )

    recreation room (dressing room)

  4. Shelves for adoption procedures need to be equipped in the form of steps 0.5-0.7 m wide each.



  5. main heater, as previously mentioned, can be a wood-burning or electric.

Note!Sauna differs from the traditional Russian ban and only low humidity (10-25%).No other principled x no difference - steam produced by the same wetting stones, brooms are often used, and the "apogee" bath procedures in both cases is to jump into the snow or cold water pool.

sauna Interior

Interior saunas

About the size of steam

Steam should be comfortable and, most importantly, safe.For every visitor should account for at least 2.5 m³ of space.The height of the room should be 2.5-2.6 m. The wall cladding is used dry absorbent wood (eg pine or poplar) without knots.

saunas project with a terrace .81 m²

Project sauna with terrace.81 m²

shelves (at least two) must be located at a height of 40 cm, while the top is set no higher than 1.4 m from the ceiling.Metal fasteners and components excluded, t. To. Can cause burns.

Note!The amount of steam should not exceed 40 m³.At least that's what the experts say.

Assuming that the sauna will bathe one person, its total area (including rooms for washing and changing rooms) is 10 m² in size.The heating element will serve electric stove - elektrokamenka.

About materials

Sauna of timber

sauna from a bar

for construction can be used bricks, timber or metal (metal frame construction and is sheathed with siding).Inside the room clapboard or clapboard.With regards to wood, the best option would be alder or basswood.Of course, conifers are cheaper and still smell good, but under the influence of heat are released resin.

Sauna trimmed clapboard basswood

Sauna trimmed clapboard linden

Step 2. Preparation of consumables

Outset that to save on building materials is not necessary, t. To. All the costs with a vengeance in the future will pay off attractive appearanceand long operational life.The total list of materials and tools will look something like this:

  • supporting columns (described construction will be built on a pier foundation);
  • beam 10x15 cm;
  • garden auger;
  • slats 6x4 cm;
  • mounting level;
  • roulette;
  • nails or screws;
  • septic tank;
  • primer mixture;
  • sand, gravel, concrete solution;
  • asphalt;
  • cladding boards;
  • foam;
  • foil vapor barrier.

After preparing all the necessary, you are ready to go.

Phase 3 Foundation

Step 1. beginning is marked selected for the construction of the place.The estimated angle hammered a peg from it is measured the distance to the next corner.Similarly, two angle designated - as a result of a rectangle to be released.Rope stretched between the pegs and then at the corners and the perimeter walls in increments of 2 m racks are placed.Rack also installed under the bearing walls.

foundation plan

Foundation plan

With drill bore holes under racks - for a typical wooden sauna it will be enough, and 40-50 cm

Step 2. At this stage prepared a place under the drain hole..The dimensions of the pit are determined by the dimensions of the septic tank (if this is not provided, then just pulled out a trench of 1x1 m depth 1.5 m).

Step 3. as supports can be used as a metal pipe, and conventional logs.If the tree has been chosen, it will have to be dense (ideally - pine).The surface of the logs should be treated with mastic asphalt in order to avoid rotting, then let it dry thoroughly.

pier foundation

pier foundation

If pipes are used, the first are treated anti-corrosion primer.The holes backfilled with 10-centimeter layer of gravel, then the racks are installed and aligned using a plumb line.Holes covered with earth (preferably mixed with sand), periodically dampening water to heighten the seal.Land carefully compacted.

Step 4. upper part of the supporting pillars covered with roofing material, on top of which are placed around the perimeter of a beam with a rectangular cross section.Beam through brackets attached to the supports.In the inner portion of the perimeter parallel beam set further in steps of 25 cm. These beams serve as a base for the flooring.

pier foundation

pier foundation

Construction of pier foundation

construction pier foundation

Construction of pier foundation

construction pier foundation

Rostwerk - bar

Rostwerk - bar

Note!Instead, the beams can be put reinforcing lattice, and then build the formwork and pour concrete solution.

The monolithic grillage

monolithic grillage

grillages schemes

schemes grills

construction of monolithic grillage

Rostwerk is piping from boards or beams, supporting columns connecting with each other on the ground.This is the best option for framing saunas, which, depending on the material used may be:

  • concrete;
  • metal;
  • wooden (rare);
  • F / B.

    Construction of the grillage

    construction grillage

Rostverkovy foundation can be constructed with the help of ready-made pillars, scored by machinery.In this case, the pillars (necessarily of circular cross section) are introduced into the ground due to the mounting borax, under their pre-fit 30-centimeter sand "cushion".

Foundations columnar with grillage

foundation with columnar grillage

Foundations columnar with grillage

foundation with columnar grillage

Foundations columnar with grillage

foundation with columnar grillage

Note!The simplest version rostverkovogo base is as follows: Pillars deepened by 2 m in increments of 3 m and the raft foundation should be in the ground about 20 cm inside of the base can be further equipped with a cellar on a concrete screed or "cushion" of sand - in this case.We do not need waterproofing.

Step 1. Once geological exploration is formed by sand "cushion", which is necessary for strengthening the foundation.

Step 2. Next constructed conventional formwork (for belt-type base).If permanent formwork is, the "capacity" in this case serve as a plate of extruded polystyrene.As a result, the design will be thermal and damp-proof.

Step 3. holes for piles drilled using special equipment.Then they cased roofing material (or any other material with similar properties).As the casing can be used and asbestos cement pipes.

In each hole is placed on the 4 reinforcing rod and tie so that the upper part of the valve was connected to the raft.Thereafter, holes are filled with concrete.

Fill holes with concrete

Fill holes with concrete

Step 4. After filling the top of the pillars hiding waterproofing material.Issuing from the ground valves associated with valves for raising rostverkovoy structure above the ground floor and leveling formwork for piles.Then the formwork is filled with concrete.

Fill grillage

Fill grillage

Note!The only disadvantage of this arrangement is that it is not suitable for heavy walls.Although her strength enough frame for saunas.

In concrete the drying time is better to sprinkle the wet sawdust

concrete drying time is better to sprinkle the wet sawdust

Finished basement with a monolithic grillage

finished basement with a monolithic grillage

Thermal insulation foam grillage

Warming grillage foam

Step 4. Sewerage

for guys and wash roomsIt requires a system of sewage.For this purpose, the lowest point (and the floor, as we recall, should be sloped) will be left small gap, which will be laid under the chute.If the floor is to be slit, in the appropriate place left 5-inch gap under which constructed a concrete base with a slope towards the center.The base will serve to collect wastewater.

saunas Sewage


Sewerage Note!If the steam room and washing are separate, the chute can be installed on a wall between them.

Regardless of the method of laying flooring sewerage system is as follows.

Step 1. Before laying the flooring should pave sewers.To do this, break the ditches with a slope of 2 cm / 1 running.m depth from 55 cm to 60 cm.

Example of laying sewer pipes

Example laying sewer pipes

Step 2. Then the bottom is filled with 15-centimeter sand pillow, which rammed given slope.

Step 3. Stacked polypropylene pipes ø10 cm. Spout connects to the pipe.

Step 4. connected to the system plumbing appliances (sink, toilet), if provided.


Drain hole

Note!Chutes can serve as a plastic or asbestos cement products.In the past, wood was used, but for obvious reasons it is quickly destroyed.The minimum diameter of the chute -. 5 cm

outside the system is applied to the waste pit or a septic tank.

Example of water supply

example water supply

Step 5. Frame

requires considerable experience and skill, so it will be easier to build and sheathing boards wooden frame for the construction of a brick sauna.After the installation of thermal insulation material sauna will be no yield to the brick.In such cases use is often shaped beam.



Step 1 .Initially installed in the corners of the support beams - they are mounted struts are equal and are fixed on the basis of the iron cramps.Then, on top of the perimeter around the support beams are connected.Vertically mounted intermediate beams (in increments of 1 m), connect them with iron straps top and bottom.

The device of the outer wall

device outer wall

mounted at appropriate locations of window and door frames, and then nailed cross rails for greater design reliability.Each corner braces installed to "look" in different directions.



Step 2. are taken in the board 3 cm thick, they sheathed ready to frame.Begin work necessary to bottom, from one of the corners.The first board is applied to the beam, aligned to the ground and the corners, and then nailed.

technology construction of walls and ceilings

Driving insulated wooden floor

Driving insulated wooden floor

Note!Do not start mounting boards with the center span - they need to level at one of the vertical supports.

Step 3. rafters are trimmed last.In the roof there is a small hole for the chimney.



Step 6. Insulation

thermal insulation


Driving ceiling insulation

ceiling insulation scheme

for insulation of the ceiling and floor using polystyrene 10-centimeter thick.Initially, the board lodge polyethylene film with the release of 4-5 cm. Between the beams are mounted foam plates, the gaps are filled with foam.Then you can use one of two options:

  • to lay a wooden floor;
  • fill insulation and screed to lay tile.

second option is preferable, t. To. The tile is easy to clean and insensitive to increased levels of humidity or temperature.

The purpose of warming the sauna

purpose of sauna warming

Insulation of the ceiling is carried out under the standard scheme:

  • foam inserted between the joists;
  • gaps are filled with foam;
  • using stapler attached vapor barrier material (foil top).




remains only to lay the wiring, and the walls and ceiling sheathe clapboard.

Video - Installation of lining

Note!If electricity is only required for illumination, it is enough to 2 kW.But if you plan to connect home appliances (washing machine, dryer, etc.), The power wiring should be at least 5 kW.

Step 7. Construction

Particular attention should be given to installing the heater.For safety and smooth operation of the system must be installed on the asbestos plate device.Samu heater should be placed away from walls or, in extreme cases, set around a wooden fence.