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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sheathing bathroom PVC panels

I want to show you a master class to repair the bathroom, namely we will sheathe its plastic panels.

Sheathing bathroom PVC panels

Sheathing bathroom PVC panels

Why I chose PVC panels?They have a number of positive qualities, namely:

  • price.Plastic panels are much cheaper than other decorative materials;
  • easy, quick installation, which can carry even a person with no experience;
  • hygienic properties and environmental friendliness of modern plastics.Since the smooth surface lacking pores therein that microorganisms do not grow;
  • variety of choices.To date, more than enough, you can choose a monochromatic color scheme, as well as create a whole work of art on their walls.

When facing panels, in contrast to the wall tiles are not necessarily aligned, the main thing - to take the thick bars, which will not be repeated irregularities of your walls, and will create a new smooth layer.

Results before and after

Result before and after

work plan

Article Contents

  • 1 work plan
  • 2 Measurement and calculation of material
  • 3 Make crate
    • 3.1 Importantinformation on creating crates
    • 3.2 Important information sewings walls
  • 4 ceiling sheathe
  1. Measurement and calculation of material.
  2. Construction crates.
  3. Skinning of walls.
  4. Headliner and installing fixtures.
  5. Install all accessories.

Measurement and calculation of material

Before buying it is necessary to accurately calculate the amount of material required, both the panels and bars to build the crates.Bruschi, as I said above, it is best to take at least 25 mm thick, and carefully choose the store that they were not bent, asWall then you too will be curves.Apart from the panels we need and material for their installation, namely:

  • starter profile - initial and final trim strips;
  • corners - internal and external;
  • plinth.

mounting elements have a length of 3 meters.PVC panel has a size of 250 x 2700 mm, and the ceiling height of about 2.5 meters.Beam can be different - from 1 to 6 meters.With this calculation and calculate the amount of material.

Make crate

Making the crate

Make crate

The distance between bars should not exceed 40 cm. All done on the level, the top bar set at the same height on all the walls, becauseit will keep the ceiling.On the top bar fastened to the ceiling joists the future, too, at a distance of 40 cm. The height of the new ceiling should be done taking into account the fact that the ceiling will be spotlights, and their height is usually 10-15 cm. When constructing crates should take into account the thickness of your wallsand do not make too deep hole, especially if you have a panel house.If you get the gun drill in stone, the latter departs from the other side with a piece of the wall and the wallpaper will be pleasant, if you only make repairs in an adjacent room and spoil it.

Next you need to make a frame for pipe battens.

Crate around the pipe

Crate around pipes

To start fasten vertical bars on the borders of a future box, fasten them to the vertical angle of the future, and to have him fasten the angle itself.If in the future the box a lot of free space, you can do all sorts of shelves and subsequently put hatch .We obtain a hidden shelf for all detergents and other household chemicals.

Important information to create crates

Scheme of installation of PVC panels

scheme installation PVC panels

immediately calculate that where you would hang up every detail.In these places, too, need to fix the bars and they have to fasten all of your accessories.If you do not, then hang something to be problematic in the future, becausethe distance between the wall and the panel is 25 mm.

start sheathing.

Starting to embroider

start sheathing

Then it will go much faster than the construction of crates, and tear you from this will be difficult, becauseprocess is easy and the results from each panel screwed pleases more.

Fasten starter profile, this is done using the furniture stapler .

It dressed with PVC cover and fasten it to our crate.The panels themselves better fasten small screws for wood to construct was stronger.When it comes to the corner, then again first fasten myself Area stapler , and then measure the distance, cut along the panel and fasten it.Cut the panel should be at least 3-4 mm, to be able to fill it.Refill first corner, then butt the second board and align the gap between the panels.Below, you can make or plinth, or the same starting profile.Moving on to the last panel, then the same principle, first fasten the starting profile, and it is already dressed with the last panel.

Important information sewings walls

  1. those places where you hang something you need as you go to celebrate something, like I pictured you see electrical tape.This is in order, so you do not forget where it hung.The same applies to water meters, and ventilation holes.
  2. PVC panel can be cut such as a circular saw or a grinder, but that did not bother , can be cut with a knife stationery, using a carpenter's gon.Measure out the required length, putting a square and firmly hold a knife, then just break and dorezaem second wall is obtained smooth cutting position.Can be cut along the same by means of the bar, instead of lines.
  3. Holes technical hatches and ventilation is better to cut grinder, not dorezaya the corner that would not cut off the excess, then the corners just dorezaem knife.

ceiling sheathe

Installation diagram of a false ceiling made ​​of PVC panels

scheme ceiling installation PVC panels

ceiling sheathe

ceiling sheathe

Here the same principle - first fasten the plinth, then we begin to mount the panel.Lamps set as you move, as shown in the photo.All electrical parts must be performed with knowledge of the case or the master trust, in order to avoid any trouble.Holes lighting is best done with a drill bit nozzle.

screen under the bath can also be done with his own hands from the panels.To do this frame by the same principle of the bars and sheathes.The screen can also embed the hatches, to add to the bucket and mop.

From panels made ​​bath screens

of the panels make the screen under the bath

That's all.Be of good cheer, for repairs made by hand, is not only saved money, but also your own satisfaction and increased self-esteem.