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August 12, 2017 18:06

Creaks laminate what to do

laminate flooring transforms any room, giving it a respectable appearance.But this new material for a number of reasons may cause certain inconveniences, such as a creaking individual floorboards.

Creaks laminate what to do

creaks laminate that do

If creaks laminate what to do?This question arises in almost every owner of property, if such noise accompanies the tenants when moving around the house.Do not think that this phenomenon - the norm .This sad fact alone shows that the installation of floor coverings was anyway broken process technology.Any flaw that leads to unpleasant noise can be corrected, but first need to find out the reason for his appearance.

reasons squeaks laminate flooring

Article Contents

  • 1 reasons squeaks laminate flooring
  • 2 uneven or unstable foundation
    • 2.1 Remedy
    • 2.2 Video:several repair techniques or replacement of laminate flooring
  • 3 selected the wrong substrate
    • 3.1 Remedy
  • 4 Rubbish under the laminate
    • 4.1 Remedy
  • 5 sharpthe change in temper
    ature and humidity
  • 6 Lack of space
    • 6.1 Remedy
  • 7 Poor quality laminate
    • 7.1 Video: The original technique replace the damaged laminate panel
    • 7.2 Addressing
  • 8 new coating
  • 9 few tips to combat creaking
Before we take up the repair , you must find out the cause squeaks

Before take on repairs, you need to find out the cause squeaks

should immediately be noted that even experienced professionals long engaged in the installation of thecover, always talking about "capricious" laminate, since it primarily requires a perfectly flat base.

Some customers refuse to heed the warnings of the master and asked to carry out an installation on existing fundamentals, without careful preparation.But this may be the first cause of creaking laminate.However, it also happens that everything goes well, and the coating serves for many years without any negative manifestations were.

quite common cases where the works are carried out in full compliance with all the technology and developed on an absolutely flat surface, and laminate, after proper placement, all well publishes unpleasant ear sounds.Sometimes, after a while the panel adapt to one another, sit down and Skree Township pp ropadaet, but is not always, and it is necessary to make efforts and find a way out of this situation.

reasons of noise and squeaking may be several, and they are not enough to enumerate.each of them should be considered separately in order to understand how to deal with the noise level of the coating.

uneven or unstable foundation

As mentioned above, most often the cause creaking becomes uneven or wobbly base for laying the material.To be sure that it will not cause unreliable creaky floor, although covered with expensive laminate, it is necessary to perform its alignment.

One of the most common reasons - the uneven surface of the substrate

One of the most common causes - irregular surface of the base

If still laminate has laid on an unprepared base, and the creak appeared on its individual sections, so in these places bumps (indentations) are maximal base, anddecorative coating is able to bend at at Annex load to its surface.When you change the position of the panel while pressing on her , occurs reflux renie between individual adjacent elements of laminate flooring, which becomes the cause of squeaking.

If walking on on indoor not heard creaking in certain areas, and almost the entire surface, the base of all definitely requires alignment.


  • When the squeaking floor in small areas, repairs can be carried out locally by dismantling the individual panels.In order to work accurately, you need to remove the pre-sills and skirting boards, which are fixed in place laminate repair.When removing the cover panels, they recommended numbered on the reverse side, a number indicating the number of walls and arrangement of elements in a row, so that when refitting avoid confusion.
When installing laminate panels must be signed to facilitate refolding

When removing laminate panels must be signed to facilitate refolding

- removing the panel laminate and making sure that it is deepening in the surface of the substrate was the squeak culprit, the flaw must be eliminated.

- alignment process is best carried out quick-solution, which is leveled with a spatula to the level of the main floor.

Leveling the floor surface

Leveling the floor

- After drying, the mixture should be sanded leveled place, as even a small elevation or depression is not correct, and make the problem worse.

- On the dry surface foundations laid paperboard, padded back and re-installed laminate.

  • If the coating fasten everywhere, wherever it came no, this means that the original styling was substandard.In this case, have to disassemble the coating completely.

Next, it should be to align the base.The preferred it will be done with the help of liquid leveling floors, as a solution to fill all depressions and make the surface perfectly smooth.

  • If the laminate was paved on a wooden floor, it is possible , namely the base and the boardwalk was the cause of the squeak of the laminate, since the board can lie unevenly or depart from lag , on which they are laid.

- In this case, have done a great job .In the first place you will need to remove baseboards and thresholds, and then the entire laminate.

- then will have to inspect the wooden floor and find «problematic» areas on it .Particular attention is paid to the floorboards, in which there were clear signs of "senility" of wood, mold or fungus spots - such parts must be unconditional

replacement - Next, have fix lag behind lag board, then it is better to ottsiklevat , to wooden floor was perfectly flat.

- If not possible to carry out the process of sanding , the boardwalk can be leveled using plywood at least 10 mm thick.Plywood necessarily mounted on the adhesive with the fixation screws.

top of boards or plywood sheets covered with the substrate on which the subsequently installed laminate according to the rules of technology.

Video: Several repair techniques or replacement of laminate flooring

selected the wrong substrate

purchasing laminate, we must remember that it is always recommended to buy manufacturer under it certain substrate.Where once it was decided to save, and in accordance with it for under laminate flooring purchased material of poor quality, then we should not expect a great result.Alas, inexpensive substrate very quickly and rumpled destroyed. And this process may be uneven, and as a result the laminate will lie smoothly, and over time will begin to cover issue creaking or crunching.

Too thick substrate can cause squeaks floor

too thick substrate can cause squeaks floor

Also you must know that it is impossible to align the uneven substrate with a thicker substrate , because it should be smooth hard surface.This substrate is a rough surface with the time will begin to break down and break, so do not buy the material thickness of 3 mm.


In this case there is only one solution to the problem - is completely dismantled laminate, and then remove low-quality substrate.Thus it is necessary to conduct careful inspection of the basics, and if you need to align its , then you need to do this with a self-leveling self-leveling floor.

Typically, manufacturers of laminate panels recommended substrate types - these tips should be followed

Typically, manufacturers of laminate panels recommended substrate types - these tips should be followed

then will lay recommended for of the laminate substrate and re-laid decorative coating.

Rubbish under laminate

Crack and Skree Township pp When you walk on laminate flooring can come in if the base before the floor was not very well cleaned of various rubbish, suchas the small pieces of construction debris, ordinary sand or small pebbles.

Некачественная уборка - прямая причина "шумных" ламинированных полов

Poor cleaning - a direct cause of the "noisy" laminate flooring

came under laminate foreign elements may manifest itself immediately, as they will still cover not sagging substrate .However, with time, under load any substrate material is required to be crushed, and if it remained under even small fragments solid waste, when they contact with the laminate will be distributed squeaks.Moreover, these decorative panels can thus be spoiled, and their have to be completely replaced.

Because of this oversight, as the poorly purified base may, have to redo your entire voluminous and costly work.


to remove all the excess base, you must perform the following manipulations:

  • first removed baseboards and sills - this can be done only in those areas of the floor, which is heard when you press the creak.
  • Further, dismantled all the coverage or only the part under which you must spend cleaning.
  • next step removes the substrate, which is likely, have to replace it, as it may already be spoiled solid fragments of debris.
  • Then, you need to thoroughly clean the base, and better, if it will be used a vacuum cleaner, and then held still and wet cleaning.
To harvest necessarily uses a powerful vacuum cleaner

for cleaning necessarily uses a powerful vacuum cleaner

  • on absolutely clean surface is laid new substrate, and the top is laid laminate.
  • final action is to secure the baseboards and thresholds.

sharp changes in temperature and humidity

sharp, abrupt change in one of the parameters characteristic of the existing normal indoor environment, can have a negative impact on the laminate coating.Under the influence of moisture or a fundamental change in temperature, the decorative coating can start to creak or even deformed.

The instability of the microclimate in the room can cause damage to laminate flooring and the appearance of scratches

Instability indoor climate can cause damage to laminate flooring and the appearance of scratches

For example, after the autumn cool weather starts heating season, and the material must adapt to the higher temperatures and dry air in the premises.Humidity rises during the rainy spring and autumn days and its impact on the laminate layers are particularly detrimental.flooring panels can swell or, conversely, ssohnutsya.These processes lead to the appearance of unwanted sounds.

After the recent laying of laminate and in the period of adaptation to the specific conditions premises may also occur such phenomena.In this case, it is not necessary to rush too much to fix them as possibly the material you need to allow time for his "addiction" to the new conditions.

If laminate creaks only in the offseason, while the steady temperatures and humidity "calms down", then there is only one effective means avoid this negativity.It is necessary, on possible try to maintain year-round indoor humidity and temperature at the same level.This can help climatic equipment - air conditioner and humidifier and monitoring require special instrumentation - thermometer and hygrometer.

Lack of space

not enough space in the laminate will be the case if the installation was immediately made wrong, and more precisely - without leaving expansion joints, right next to the walls.In this case, for the expansion of the material when the environmental parameters of its environment is simply no space.

Consequences of violations stacking technology

consequences of violations laying

technology therefore experienced masters know that around the perimeter of the room where the laminate is laid between floors and walls, be sure to leave a gap of 10 ÷ 12 mm, depending on the area facilities.In the halls with a large coverage area, where the bulk plinth will look perfect and able to close the gaps are large enough, the walls recede even at 20 ÷ 30 mm.

The rooms are large area of ​​the gaps may even reach 20 - 30 mm

in rooms large area of ​​the gaps may even reach 20 - 30 mm

way to laminate made even special plinth with elastic soft layer underneath.This is necessary to ensure that the expansion of the material could easily be shifted to the required distance.Well, if at all gap is missing, then not only the creak and crack, but also, perhaps, a significant deformation of the entire laminate surface will be provided.


If began to creak laminate, you must immediately check for gaps.This can be done by removing one of the baseboards.If you simply do not have gaps, or they are very small (less than 5 mm), it is necessary to urgently begin to remedy this violation during installation, otherwise you may damage the panel covering them interlocks and have seriously invest in a replacement.

In order to remedy the situation, you need to leave gaps desired value.This is done as follows:

  • Removed from all the walls of the plinth.
  • Further, dismantled extreme cover panel.They required distance is measured, and the area saw off using a hand-held circular saw.Another option - accurately perform this action on the ground, with a special hand-held electric tools (something resembling normal work polishers ).
To trim the laminate on the floor requires a dedicated tool

for cutting laminate on the floor requires a dedicated tool

second variation nt sd elat much more complicated - like a specialized tool there is not even all masters, so it is best to use first.

  • Dismantled cut panels must be installed in place, and then fix the skirting boards and sills.

should be noted that sometimes cause squeaking can become himself the plinth, if he is very much pressed to laminate.To fix this point you need to lift the slug plinth and better - mounted on the lower part of the thin foam tape, or to purchase this item finishes with existing soft bottom plane.

Poor quality laminate

Attempts save money often leads to the acquisition of low-quality material for flooring.From such a laminate is not necessary to wait for long-term service, as in the construction of his castle inaccuracies may be permitted in the manufacture of, and the panel element is very often the cause of squeaking.