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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of plastic windows with their hands

If previously you or someone you know has used the services of companies to install insulating glass, then you know that the assembly can be ordinary and GOST.The second option is more expensive, but if all the requirements, the quality will be orders of magnitude higher than in the first (for more details about the rules can be found in the GOST 30971-02).

Installation of plastic windows with their hands

installation of plastic windows with their hands

installation of plastic windows with their hands consists of several stages.

  1. measurements.

    Accurate metering - half the battle

    Accurate metering - half the success

  2. Removing old window.

    Removing old window

    Removing old window

  3. preparatory work.
  4. installation.

Note!With self-assembly manufacturers do not offer a guarantee in the event that the measurements were carried out not by their employees.Incorrect installation of the window will soon begin to freeze, and if the calculation was made the slightest mistake, the construction is simply not enter the opening.

However, if you study all the details of the proces

s, then the installation will not have any difficulties.Moreover, since one can save lots of cash.

Video - Installation of PVC windows GOST

Article Contents

    • 0.1 Video - Installation of PVC windows GOST
  • 1 Step 1. Measurements
  • 2 Stage 2. Order
  • 3 Step 3: Preparation
  • 4 Step 4 Disassembly
  • 5 Step 5: Installing plastic window
  • 6 Step 6. drainage
  • 7 Step 7: Buildwindows
    • 7.1 Step 8: installation of the window sill
    • 7.2 Video - plastic windows installation instructions
  • 8 Conclusions

Step 1. measurements

mostApartments found openings quarter.

Note!Quarter - is the inner frame 6-centimeter-width (or ¼ brick, hence the name), preventing the loss of windows and reinforcing structures in general.

quarters If not, then the frame will be installed on the anchors and special foam closes nashchelnikami.Determine the availability of a quarter simply: if the internal and external width of the frame is different, so a quarter is still there.

How to properly measure the window

How to measure windows

  1. first determines the opening width (distance between the slopes).The plaster is recommended to remove, so the result was more accurate.
  2. further measured height (distance between the top and slope sill).

Note!Measurements must be repeated several times and take the smallest result.

To determine the width of the window opening width subtracted two mounting gap.To determine the height of the opening height taken away the same two gap plus the height of the profile for the stand.

Precise measurements of the opening ensures perfect combination of aesthetic perception and convenience of plastic window operation

Precise measurements of the opening ensures perfect combination of aesthetic perception and ease of use of the plastic window

Checks symmetry and linearity of the opening, which is used for mounting level and plumb.All defects and irregularities must be indicated in the drawing.

To determine the width of the dewatering, is present to have reflux should add 5 cm to bend.Also, consideration being given to the insulation and liner width (subject to the subsequent finishing of the facade).

measurements window

Measurements window

sill dimensions are defined as follows: the width of the opening to the size of the DoD departure from the resulting figure subtracted frame width.With regards to the departure, it must cover a third heating radiator.

Note!Slopes are measured already at the end of the installation.

Step 2. Order

After measuring the finished drawing should be attributed to the manufacturer of windows, there will also be picked up all the necessary accessories.It is worth remembering that the installation can be done in one of two existing methods:

  • through the frame to the mounting plane;
  • by supporting fittings, fitted at the factory.

    Order window

    Order windows

The first version will have to pull the bag out of the frame, insert it into the opening and set the glass back.In the latter case the entire construction is fastened completely.Cons have each option - if you pull the package, it can be damaged;conversely, if the window is placed collected, it may be damaged due to a large weight.

Step 3. Preparation

This step installation begin only after the delivery of the ordered windows.Initially released the workplace, all the furniture is covered with plastic wrap (to be a lot of dust).

It is best to make all the furniture out of the room , as there will be a lot of dust

better to learn from the room all the furniture, as it will be a lot of dust

The film protects walls and furniture from the remaining dirt

film protects walls and furniture from dirt remaining

Step 1. If you want removed from the window glazing.For this bead slightly to hook staple and pulls.First of all, vertical glazing beads are removed, then the horizontal.They are numbered mandatory, otherwise clearances formed after installation.

Step 2. Next frame slightly tilted and removed the glass.

Preparation window

Preparation window

Removing the glass

Removing the glass

Removing the glass

Removing the glass

Step 3. bolts unscrewed after with canopies will be removed caps.The handle is rotated in the "ventilation mode" (in the center), the window is slightly opened and removed.We can only frame with impost.

Note!Impost - a special jumper targeting section valves.

Then you need to make a markup anchors and do it on the hole - two from the bottom / top and three on each side.This will require anchors ø1 see and drill the required diameter.

If the material of which the wall, loose (for example, cellular concrete), the fixing is performed by means of anchor suspensions.The last should be fixed on the wall and the frame hardened screws (eight pieces each).

Note!To avoid thermal bridges in the window sill profile, the day before the assembly it should be filled with foam.So it will not freeze the element.

Step 4 Disassembly

This procedure is recommended before installation of a new window.Old in most cases are thrown out, so the design can snatch together with fastening and sawing frame if necessary.

Removing old window

Removing old window

Dismantling window

window Dismantling

Step 1. First remove the seal and thermal insulation.

Step 2. Next to slopes scraped plaster.It is better to use a hammer with a corresponding nozzle (it is called "shovel").

Step 3. discontinued windowsill scraped cement layer beneath it.

Step 4. adjoining surface primer material processed (by the way, many installers forget about it).In the case of wood around the perimeter of the opening is placed a layer of waterproofing material.

window dismantled

window dismantled

Old window

old window

Note!Installation can be carried out at a temperature not lower than -15ᵒS.Polyurethane foam have to be hardy.

Step 5. Installing plastic window

Installation of plastic windows

Installing plastic window

Step 1. Initially, around the perimeter are placed wooden wedges, they set the window (so it will be easier to align the structure), onlythen fastened to the wall.Substrates can be left - they will serve as an additional fixture.

The scheme of installation of plastic windows

scheme of installation of plastic windows

window Connection example below to the opening

Step 2. lack of profile-holders can be regarded as a gross violation of the norms of GOST, t. To. He is not only the need for stability,but also allows you to set the tide with a window sill.In the absence of their profile is attached directly to the frame, which violates its tightness.

Proper positioning Podstavochny Profile shown.

The scheme of installation of the window

experimental setup window

Step 3. Next verified evenness windows in three dimensions, which is used for mounting level and plumb.Characteristically, the traditional bubble level for this will not work because of insufficient measurement accuracy, so it is best to use a laser.



Check level

level Checking

Mounting frame

frame mount



Step 4. If the window is properly seated, then it is fixed anchors.For this purpose, punch through preformed holes drilled in the wall structure (about 10.6 cm).Fixed (not final) lower anchors, check again evenness package, and then attach the remaining points.

Note!Final tie is made only after the final inspection.Do not tighten too much, otherwise the design is "skewed".

Step 6. drainage

The device window drainage

Device window drainage

Outside to Podstavochny profile screws attached reflux.The connections carefully sealed with a sealant to prevent moisture penetration into the structure.

Installation of drainage

Installing drainage

Edge tide recessed a few centimeters in the wall, after having made an indentation with a punch.

Note!Before installing the lower slot also is embedded.

lower part of the low tide it is recommended to glue strip noise insulation material (for example, "Linotermom") or form a "cushion" of foam - this will reduce the sound of the rain.

Step 7: Build window

window assembly

Assembling window

Installation of plastic windows

installation of plastic windows

After fastening anchors inserted glazed back.

Step 1. inserted and fixed glass glazing beads (the latter must engage, which can be slightly pristuchat them with a rubber mallet).

Step 2. flaps are opened, checked their perfect seal.In the open position arbitrary opening / closing of the sash can not happen if the window is installed smoothly.

Step 3. On each side of the seam is sealed assembly.Polyurethane foam provides high-quality waterproofing and prevents fogging of the glass.Before and after the sealing seams are sprayed with water to increase the polymerization.

Note!Seams are filled no more than 90%, otherwise the structure "lead".If done correctly, when dried foam will act out a few centimeters.

Step 4. Perimeter window glued special vapor barrier tape, and the bottom material is used with the foil surface.

Step 8: Installation of the window sill

Installation of the window sill

Set sill

Step 1. Sill trimmed so that he entered into the gap and at the same time put his backing in the profile.It remains a small gap (about 1 cm) to thermal expansion.In the future, the gap is hidden by plastic slopes.

Step 2. Under sill fit wooden wedges.It needs to be put with a slight tilt to the side of the room, and then make something heavy for a while, until the foam dries.Additionally, the sill can be fixed with anchor plates.

window set

window set

Video - Instructions for installation of plastic windows


Now you know how to install new windows, so you can safely get to work.The final check of all elements can be carried out only after 24 hours after installation (if the foam has to "grab").

described technology is fully applicable to the glazing of balconies, although there are nuances - such as, for example, as the installation of a parapet for creating partitions.

Plastic windows


Installing plastic balcony unit

Installing plastic balcony unit

Installing plastic balcony unit

Installing plastic balcony unit

Installing plastic balcony unit

Installing plastic balcony unit

Installing plastic balcony unit

Installing plastic balcony unit

Installing plastic balcony unit

Installing plasticbalcony unit

Installing plastic balcony unit

Installing plastic balcony unit