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August 12, 2017 18:06

Foundation for a bath with his hands

Foundation - the foundation of any building.And in the bath - a room with high humidity and sewage drainage features - very important to build a foundation to built sauna as long as possible and served to please their owners.

Foundation for a bath with his hands

foundation with his own hands for a bath

If the bath is built from blocks, or bricks, it is advisable to fill in a solid durable, belt or belt columnar reinforced foundation.For lighter construction of beams, logs or framework applicable columnar baths, pile, or conveyor melkozaglublenny foundations.To select the optimal foundation for future bath, it is recommended to make projects and to settle the amount of materials, structural strength, thermal engineering, etc.

Strip foundation for a bath with his hands

Article Contents

  • 1 Strip foundation for a bath with his hands
  • 2 Preparation
  • 3 Layout
  • 4 Earthwork
  • 5 Decking
    • 5.1 Video - Shuttering of wood with their hands
    • 5.2 Video - Formwork for strip foundation removable from Epps
  • 6 reinforcement
    • 6.1 Video - Tying rebar hook
    • 6.2 Video - Tying Laying nets
  • 7 Fill strip foundation for a bath
    • 7.1 Video - foundation for a bath.Tips professionals
Driving the foundation for a bath

foundation scheme for bath

This foundation is the most popular.Fill it can be their own hands, at the same time taking care of laying communications.To work needed:

  • tools for building works;
  • stakes, string and measuring instruments;
  • boards for formwork;
  • metal fittings and binding wire;
  • concrete ready or concrete mixer, tools, container and mix for preparation of the solution;
  • pipes for laying sewerage;
  • screws and screwdriver or a staple gun;
  • waterproofing - mastic and roofing material.


Where to build bathhouse

Where to build bathhouse

Where to build a bath?First of all, pay attention to the landscape of your site and the type of sewage, which will be equipped by.For example, the cesspool and septic tank should be away from the water intake points, reservoirs, neighboring areas.If the sink bath is connected to the central sewage system, the structure can be built in any location area, for example, in a small (30 meters) away from the river, pond, pool.

The project baths

baths project

Tip!Even at the stage of preparation, think about, to conceal from the eyes of strangers territory before the bath.Make markings under the fence or define a space for planting trees and shrubs.

Also training is reduced to the removal of top soil and leveling of the site.To do this, you should use the services of specialized equipment.

site preparation

Site preparation


The circuit layout for strip foundation

marking scheme under the strip footing

markup will produce, based on the large-scale project for future bath.It should be noted inner and outer walls of the line.

To mark the outer perimeter, it is necessary to take the angle of the building, cord, tape measure, plumb line and pegs.Check the vertical plumb line, to drive the first peg in the place where it will be one of the corners of the building.

Marking the foundation : the angles and diagonals

marking the foundation: the angles and diagonals

subsequent procedure set another peg 4, checking the accuracy of angles.We carry out control measurements of the diagonals bath perimeter.If they are, then you can start marking the inner perimeter, if not, it shall adjust the position of the stakes, repeatedly rechecking lengths of the sides, the accuracy of angles and diagonals.We stretch between the sticks cord.The horizontal position of the cord will mark the height of the foundation.Check leveling stretched cord and proceed to markup internal partitions and perimeter.

Marking the foundation

Layout foundation

retreat from the outer perimeter of a distance equal to the thickness of the base tape.We are trying to drive stakes and pull a cord, using a plumb, square and tape measure.Cord note the location of future partitions.


The scheme of work with backhoes digging trenches for strip foundation

Scheme of Backhoes while digging trenches for strip foundation

Carefully, so as not to disrupt the layout, you need to dig trenches under the pouring of the foundation.The depth of the foundation can be determined by specifying the type of soil and consulting the table below.

Types of Soils Soil base within the calculated depth of freezing Distance from the planning mark to the groundwater level in the period of soil freezing Depth of laying the foundation
Nepuchinistye coarse, gravelly sands, largeand the average size not normalized matter, regardless of the freezing depth, but not less than 50 cm
heaving The sand is fine and silty exceeds the calculated depth of freezing more than 2 meters matter, regardless of the depthfreezing, but not less than 50 cm
heaving susp same, not less than 2 meters at least 3/4 of the calculated depth of freezing, but not less than 0.7 meters
heaving loam and clay less calculated depth of freezing no less calculated depth of freezing

compacted bottom of the trench must be machine or hand-rammer and align, making verification gidrourovnya.

fall asleep immediately after tamping the trench with sand.The thickness of the cushion may be as follows:

  • melkozaglublenny foundation - up to 7 cm;
  • deep foundation - up to 15 cm;
  • foundation of the "floating" type -. 40 cm
Filling sand

filling with sand

Sand is also important to align horizontally and compacted, heavily soaked with water.If the thickness of the sand layer is large, filling, compacting and spilling water produced in layers (5-7 cm).Further work can be done in 2-3 days, when the air bag is dry.

sand rammer

ram sand


shuttering scheme


shuttering formwork for strip foundation can be assembled from boards, slate, fibreboard and other similar materials.By the way, plastic or metal shields can be rented, which will significantly simplify the process of construction.Materials for formwork desirable wrap film, then they can be reused in the construction of other facilities.

Formwork made ​​of boards

Decking planks of

Formwork set in the trenches, on the outside backing lumber and staves.Between the walls of the formwork set wooden cross struts and metal stud Shakom 50 cm to a weight of poured concrete panels not parted to the side.On the ground shields fastened with long nails (20 cm) between them - with screws or staples.

Decking scheme


circuit boards in the right hole should be provided for the withdrawal of sewer pipes and other communications.Otherwise, after pouring the concrete will have to be drilled, which will adversely affect the strength of the foundation.



Tip!If you do not use film to protect the wooden formwork, attach a stapler asphalt.It prevents the rapid absorption of moisture from wood concrete mix and, consequently, cracking base.

Video - Shuttering of wood with their hands

Video - Formwork for strip foundation removable from Epps


Laying nets made from thick reinforcement (& gt; 12 mm in the longitudinal and 6-8mm lateral, vertical valves).To work need Bulgarian, wire Laying nets ligaments, welding machine and roulette.



Belt consists of longitudinal (four or more), transverse and vertical armaturinami.The entire design should be spaced from the casing, the soil and the top of the foundation by 5 cm, to be reinforced in the corners of the building.Cross section Laying nets is a rectangle or a square.

reinforcement is cut to the desired length.On the ground, laid out the longitudinal and transverse rods, which bind the wire at points of contact.Welding frame is not recommended, as welded frame can lose integrity when compacting poured concrete or operating built baths.

longitudinal bars are arranged and are connected to each other with an overlap of about 30 cm.

Tying the longitudinal rods

mating longitudinal rods

distance between the transverse and vertical rods should not exceed 50 cm. In the event that a strip foundation width of up to 120 cm,it makes sense to make the frame is not from two, three longitudinal armaturinami.At high altitude the foundation is also to increase the number of longitudinal bars.Also on top of the frame is strengthened by U-clamps, designed to increase the structural strength and reduce the risk of cracking the tape base.



at the corners frame the bath additionally strengthens the valve located at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the horizontal bars.

Reinforcement angle

Reinforcement angle

Reinforcement angle

Reinforcement angle

Ready associated frame is mounted on plastic props.To fill in the concrete progress has not occurred between the formwork and reinforcement are inserted fastening of plastic.

Reinforcement strip foundation

reinforcement strip foundation

Reinforcement and laying of communications

reinforcement and laying of communications

Video - Tying rebar hook

Video - Tying Laying nets

Fill strip foundation for a bath

Homerule - monolithic, that is, the entire mass of the concrete to be poured into the formwork in one day.Therefore, if you do not have a concrete mixer, should be ordered ready-mixed concrete M200 or M400 at the factory.Always make sure that the concrete mixer can drive to any of the parties to the foundation of your bath.

Pouring concrete

Pouring concrete

Independently concrete can be prepared by mixing dry bulk materials in the following proportions:

  • cement M400 or M500 - 1 piece;
  • sifted sand - 3 pieces;
  • rubble clean without foreign inclusions - 4 or 5 pieces.

Water is added to the dry mixture in such an amount that the finished concrete was too thick and did not spread.

Concrete formwork is laid out in layers of 20 cm, leveled shovel, trowel and at the same time a reinforcement rod pierced or sealed vibratory drill.It is necessary to remove the existing voids (air bubbles).With the same purpose, it is important to make tapping the formwork walls.

Pouring the foundation

Pouring the foundation

Flooded basement at night and in the rain should cover the film, and in the afternoon shed water.When the concrete hardens (14 days), you can remove the formwork and polish the surface of the foundation, but further construction is not recommended to start earlier than a month after casting.

foundations with waterproofing

Ready foundation for a bath must be waterproofed by gluing on the asphalt mastic, two layers of roofing material.

waterproofing scheme

scheme waterproofing

Video - Foundation for a bath.Tips professionals