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August 12, 2017 18:06

Insulation Basvul

planning the establishment of a sound insulation of their homes, the owner necessarily faced with a choice of quality and efficient insulation material.One of the most popular, widely used insulation is mineral wool.And speaking of its varieties, there has undeniable advantages wool based on basalt fiber.

Insulation Basvul

Insulation Basvul

It is not necessary to spend time and effort to search for basalt wool from the "hyped" European manufacturers.Currently, the Russian Federation, successfully operating many domestic companies, whose products are - in no way inferior, and often - even surpasses the quality of well-known foreign brands.Vivid confirmation - basalt insulation Basvul.

few words about the history of the brand "Basvul» ( « Baswool»)

Article Contents

  • 1 few words about the history of the brand "Basvul» ( «Baswool»)
  • 2 The range of thermal insulation materials brand "Basvul»
    • 2.1 What is basalt insulation
  • 3 Varieties of basalt heaters "Basvul»
    • 3.1 Plates "Basvul" for insul
      ation wall structures
      • 3.1.1 Plates"Basvul Standard»
      • 3.1.2 Plates "Basvul Light»
      • 3.1.3 Plates "Basvul Facade Vent»
      • 3.1.4 Plates "Basvul Facade»
      • 3.1.5 Plates "Basvul sandwich »
    • 3.2 plates" Basvul "for insulation roof structures
      • 3.2.1 plates" Basvul Ruf »
      • 3.2.2 Heat cladding plates" Basvul Rufus H "and" The roof Basvul»
      • 3.2.3 plates" Basvul Sandwich K »
    • 3.3 plates" Basvul "for insulating floors and ceilings
    • 3.4 Fireproof and heat-proof plate" Basvul »
  • 4 Video: documentary video sketch on the issue of insulation boards "Basvul»

beginning of the XXI century in our country coincided with the start of the construction boom.The development of new technologies and the emergence of modern materials widely available in the range substantially simplified and accelerated the construction of buildings, and many people have finally managed to bring to life the age-old dream of the own home.

course, has sharply increased the demand for construction materials.And as the climate conditions in most parts of our country does not allow to think about the construction of houses without a reliable thermal insulation, special demand began to use heaters.This significantly increased and demanding consumers to the quality of purchased products.Therefore, it is not surprising that the leadership in the thermal insulation materials market initially tightly captured and held foreign manufacturers have long mastered the production of similar products.

However, the volume of demand for thermal insulation materials and truly limitless potential of the domestic market prompted the enterprising, in the best sense of the term, people in the creation and development of its own production as demand products.As a result, the country has several modern manufacturing companies that were able to successfully compete with Western firms, and even become superior in product quality.In this series, one of the most decent and occupies leading positions "Agidel" LLC from Blagoveshchensk, Republic of Bashkortostan.

Plans enthusiast group for the organization of its own production began to be implemented in 2007, when started the construction work on the construction of plants.At the same time it was awarded the contract to supply equipment and training to the Slovenian company «IZOTEH».

In a few years, we have been built and put into operation an impressive production capacity

In a few years, have been built and put into operation an impressive production capacity

main construction and commissioning were completed by mid-2011.At the same time measures were taken for product certification and registration of the trade mark «Baswool».

Фирменный логотип продукции торговой марки "Басвул"

logo of brand products "Basvul»

But "birth dates" insulation "Basvul" can be considered days of June of the same year - June 13 launched a major production line oven, and two days later, the 15th day,first product entered the warehouse of the company.At full capacity the plant came out in 2013.

Today the plant LLC "Agidel" - a cutting-edge manufacturing enterprise with the highest degree of automation, and multi-stage control of product quality, well-functioning logistics system, an extensive network of official dealers' offices throughout Russia.As an example, the fact that the insulation plate "Basvul" available even in the most remote eastern regions of the country, in particular, on Sakhalin.

Завод по выпуску утеплительных плит "Басвул" - это супер-современное автоматизированное производство

plant for the production of thermal insulation panels "Basvul" - a super-modern automated production

With the launch of the second stage of the plant total produced thermal insulation materials reached a level of 10 tons per hour, and within a year to consumers ships up to 72 thousand tons of products.The plant has its own railway line, which greatly facilitates the delivery and the necessary raw materials and shipment of products to the destination.

insulation material "Basvul" - the permanent members of all the major specialized exhibitions of Russian and European level.

Продукция "Басвул" - постоянный участник специализированных выставок

Products "Basvul" - the constant participant of specialized exhibitions

However, rationally organized production, and attention to detail of the enterprise business management allows management to keep the very "democratic" prices for manufactured products, that becomes another significant "plus"in a competitive competition with other manufacturers of similar insulating materials.

range manufactured under the brand name "Basvul" thermal insulation materials based on basalt covers almost the full range used in industrial and civil construction insulation.An important advantage of the product - high-quality packaging, virtually eliminates the negative impact of the environment on the insulation during transport and storage.Moreover, at the construction site temporary storage in standard packing can be arranged even in the open air - the loss of performance of when it will not.

assortment of insulating materials brand "Basvul»

What is basalt insulation

Among all insulation fiber type (mineral wools) basalt is rightly considered the most durable, reliable, easy to install and safe both duringinsulating works, as well as during operation.

This dull -looking gray rock is a raw material for the production of basalt insulation

This dull-looking gray rock is a raw material for the production of basalt insulation

raw material for a mineral wool are the rocks are very widespread in nature gabbro-basalt group.

After special treatment and purification of the raw material is supplied in a special melting furnace, where at temperatures of about 1500 ° C rock melts to a liquid state.The melt enters the special plants where sprayed by a special technology and solidifies in the form of long (50 mm) and thin (5 to 15 microns) fibers.The resulting "carpet" of fibrous material is processed by special binders, and compaction passes additional heat treatment step, and then cut into blocks or mats required size.

Finished insulation boards after cutting stage

finished insulation boards after the step of cutting

The result is quite dense and stable structure of randomly arranged fibers, weave which creates countless air sinuses.This mass of motionless air and becomes a major factor in ensuring high thermal insulation qualities of the resulting material.

If we compare the thermal insulation properties of basalt mineral wool, with the same quality of building materials, we can see that even a small layer of the thermal insulation it is capable enough to replace the thick wall of the most commonly used materials.For clarity - below is a table in which, in addition to the numerical value shown on the scale of the ratio of thickness at equal thermal insulation properties:

Material Thermal conductivity thickness at equal thermal insulation qualities comparative illustration of the thickness of the material
concrete walls λ ≈ 1,7 W / m × ° C 2250mm concrete
Masonry of brick λ ≈ 0,85 W / m × ° C 550 mm brick
design of keramsit λ ≈ 0,7 W / m × ° C 480 mm Keram
masonry of silicate blocks λ ≈ 0,4 W /m × ° C 380 mm foam concrete
partition made of wood λ ≈ 0,2 W / m × ° C 165 mm tree
cork insulation λ ≈ 005 W / m × ° C 70 mm bung
Heater basaltic «Baswool» λ ≈ 0,039 W / m × ° C 50mm wadding

merits of qualitybasalt wool, to which on a full basis include line heaters "Basvul" - a lot:

  • As applied to the production of natural raw materials, the insulation has a high environmental cleanliness.Several "lubricates" this circumstance the use of organic binders, but does not exceed the total component of 3 - 4%.Studies prove the safety of such insulating boards for the external installation and for use inside buildings.
  • The most important quality of the material - its fire.For stone wool "Basvul" not afraid of extremely high temperatures, so some types of produced boards are directly targeted purpose - to fire and thermal protection of building structures.Few modern heaters can "boast" high-class fire - Classification "G1" or "G2" for them is already considered an achievement.And here at the basalt slabs "Basvul" - formally confirmed by the corresponding certificate class "NG" - the material is absolutely non-flammable.
Далеко не все утеплительные материалы могут "похвастать" символом "НГ" - полностью негорючий

Not all insulation materials can "boast" symbol "NG" - is completely non-flammable

  • addition to insulating qualities, basalt fiber materials have excellent sound-absorbing characteristics.The structure of the material is able to detain and dissipate up to 80% of noise across the entire width of the frequency range of sound.
  • material has good vapor permeability.When correctly set up insulation it will not interfere with normal paroobmenu while remaining dry and not allowing to soak the walls, bringing border condensation ( "dew point") to the outside.
  • Insulation is characterized by high biological stability.It is, by definition, can not be the food environment for the development of colonies of mold or mildew.Processing of basalt insulating boards hydrophobic compounds minimize water absorption - the material does not saturate with water.Although
  • fibrous structure, insulation "Basvul" keeps excellent shape and does not shrink with the passage of time.Consequently, during the operation quality insulation made it does not appear gaps, voids, cracks, can become a "cold bridges".
  • material by regular geometric forms are very easy to install.At the same time, it is flexible and elastic, which allows the insulation even highly complex configuration of building structures.Plates are easily cut with a sharp knife or hacksaw - to fit them into the right size is not difficult.
Базальтовые утеплительные плиты "Басвул" легко поддаются резке и очень удобны в работе за счет выверенных геометрических форм

Basalt insulation boards "Basvul" easy to cut, and very easy to work due tuned geometric shapes

During the work with insulation, basalt fibers practically do not irritate the skin of hands.Such extraordinary precautions, as in way of glass, do not need.

  • Lifetime insulation "Basvul" is estimated at 35 ÷ 40 years - enviable record for any thermal insulation material.

It is very conditional disadvantage is a higher price than other fibrous insulation.However, mentioned that the company "Agidel" guide aimed at maintaining affordable prices for Russian consumers.In any case, pay extra just for the widely advertised brand to the buyer will not have to.

Scope use of basalt insulating boards - is very wide:

  • For warming wall construction.Basalt heat insulation material can be used in a ventilated facade, covered with a layer of plaster, a member of the sandwich panels, packed in the outer walls of frame houses, used as a thermal insulation layer in multilayer brick walls, etc.
  • widely used, this type of insulation for the thermal insulation of roof structures, both pitched and flat, including with the subsequent application of soft roofing materials.
  • Thermal insulation of floors and ceilings, both the slabs and on the ground or laying between lag.Moreover, it is quite permissible fill insulation laid on top of leveling screed.
  • Using mounting internal partitions - to create an effective sound insulation between rooms separated.
  • to create effective protection from fire and extremely high or low temperatures for bearing steel and concrete structures, pipework, cable gaskets, etc.

only the scope of construction, which is not recommended to mount a basalt insulation - is the creation of insulating construction of foundations and plinths.

Almost presented specially designed materials for all applications mentioned in the product range "Basvul".

Varieties of basalt heaters "Basvul»

Now consider the proposed of "Agidel" range of basalt heaters sold under the trademark "Basvul".

Plates "Basvul" for insulation wall structures

line of products specifically designed for thermal insulation of walls and walling, represented by the following names:

- «Basvul Vent Front";

- «Basvul Standard";

- «Basvul Light";

- «Basvul Facade";

- «Basvul sandwich."

Product form - plates with dimensions of length and width - 1200 × 600 mm.The thickness of the slabs varies, usually in increments of 10 mm.The range of thicknesses for each item may be different.

All "Basvul" plates are classified as non-combustible materials - the class of "NG".

  • Plates "Basvul Standard»

These insulation boards can be safely attributed to the most versatile, since their use is not limited to the thermal insulation of the walls.However, their main purpose the use of the manufacturer states in multilayered wall structures, for example double masonry with brick placing insulation in the middle.

Driving a three-layer insulation brickwork

scheme of two-layer insulation brickwork

1 - brickwork;

2 - layer insulating plates "Basvul Standard".

It is suitable for a heater and frame walls.The low density and excellent thermal insulation qualities allow its use for thermal insulation and roofing stingrays and other building structures unloaded.

Parameres material claimed indicators
Density, kg / m ³ 50 ÷ 70
limit compressibility,%, not more 10
Thermal conductivity