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August 12, 2017 18:06

Plastered walls with his own hands

When planning major repairs in an apartment or house, as well as at the entrance to the new housing , has no decoration, necessarily have to address the issue of putting in order the walls.Of course, you can invite a team of construction workers and "detach" them a decent amount, sometimes even without a guarantee that the work is carried out efficiently.However, to make sure that all layers are deposited on the wall finishes will not fall off after a couple of weeks , benign better carry out all construction processes on their own, of course, pre-examining their technology.

Plastered walls with his own hands

Plastered walls with his own hands

Plastered walls with his own hands - and not so easy task as it seems at first glance.Align the wall to the ideal can only after will be skill in the application of the compositions to the surface.Therefore, before embarking on such work, after reading the instructions recommended practice areas small wall, are out of sight, for example, in places, that are guaranteed to be cov

ered by a large furniture

What putty purchase?

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  • 3 Materials and tools Preparing walls for Shpatlevanie
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can not be considered Shpatlevanie walls secondary process that can and miss.If it does not hold a high quality, all the surface irregularities tread through any topcoat, whether wallpaper, decorative plaster or painting.

Shpatlevanie - this is usually the final proce ss etc. and training walls under any decorative coating.The main task - for through a thin layer of putty on the surface of the walls, filling the existing flaws and eliminating irregularities, achieve almost perfectly flat and smooth surface.To obtain the desired result is applied two kinds of fillers - is starting and finishing.

The composition of the starting mixture of dry fillers include materials coarse grinding.Such a solution is carried out pre-processing the wall, aligning the most serious flaws at the same time creating a good foundation for the application of top coat.

Packaging dry putty mixture

Packaging dry putty mixture

Finishing, finishing mixture is made on the basis of a fine powder, most frequently - gypsum.With the technology of preparation composition, timing and accuracy of its application, the opportunity to make the surface of the walls of the room perfectly smooth.

times to clean up walls use universal mixtures which are suitable for primary, rough alignment, and to finish, that is, a product is applied in several layers .

Putty is implemented and ready to use

Putty is implemented and ready to use

the filler can be purchased in dry or already ready to use.Finished compositions, of course, easy to use - they are released to the oil-in-adhesive, olifovoy , latex, plastic and other substrates.But very popular among private masters they are not earned because of the relatively high cost, the available is not for everyone.

But dry based flooring mixture are available in a large m m nogoobrazii, so that you can even get confused at first.Some of the options are summarized in the filler offers the readers the table.To learn more about each composition should be read directly when selecting reading attached to each package instructions.

established standards for grades
PM 10/90 PM 35/65 PM 50/50 PM 65/35 Fine Cote50/50 Thermon For blocks
recommended thickness in millimeters 3 ÷ 5 5 ÷ 15 5 ÷ 15 5 ÷ 15 3 ÷ 10 2 ÷ 10 3 ÷ 10
recommended water flow in l / 25 kg 3,5 ÷ 4 3,5 ÷ 4 3,5 ÷ 4 3,5 ÷ 4 4 ÷ 5 5,5 ÷ 6 6 ÷ 7
Ultimate compressive strength, MPa, not less than 16 8 4 2 4 6 20
Ultimate strengthbending, MPa at least 2 2 1 1 1 3 3
adhesion (adhesion) to the base, MPa, not less than 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.3 0.3 1 0.5
average density.solution kg / m3 1900 1900 1900 1900 1900 1900 1900
RN 12 ÷ 13 12 ÷ 13 12 ÷ 13 12 ÷ 13 12 ÷ 13 12 ÷ 13 12 ÷ 13
PM 10/90 refers to the category of the coupling compounds;
PM 35/65, 50/50, 65/35 and putty for blocks - leveling compounds;
«Fine Cote 50/50" and "Thermon" - finishing compositions

purchasing a filler, it is necessary to consider and examine its package, highlighting not only its characteristics, but also on the expiry date.If the material is delayed, it should not be taken, as in this case, the money will be wasted.Do not buy putty mixture is stored in a humid environment, even if the term of its shelf not yet expired .Wet or damp patches with clear packing - a sure sign of spoiled mixture.

Recommended acquire based flooring compounds for the start and the finish layer made by one firm, as they provide good mutual adhesion and compatibility that will yield better results.

Materials and tools

It is important to be well prepared for the work, so that the process is not to be distracted due to the lack of any material or tools required.

Before starting work it is necessary to prepare all the necessary tools

Before starting work it is necessary to prepare all the necessary tools

So, for need:

  • start and finish based flooring mixture.
  • primer composition.
  • Plastic a mixing putty, if it is purchased in dry form.
  • Special paint tray for use with the primer.
  • Building a roller brush and two - wide and narrow.They are necessary for the application of the primer in remote places , such in corners or behind radiators.
  • Spatulas:

- a 500 ÷ 600 mm or 700 ÷ 800 mm - for applying a finishing layer of putty;

- narrow 100 ÷ 150 mm - intake of fillings container and applying a large spatula and to align the composition in the corners.

- corner - to align the angles at their Shpatlevanie.

  • Rule to control the evenness of the wall.
  • Drill and cap-mixer for mixing the mass.
  • electric sander (vibrating or eccentric) or manual grater for mashing and grinding applied fillings.
  • Spotlight or a portable lamp for the detection of poorly aligned regions on the wall.
  • Building knife.

Preparing walls for Shpatlevanie

Wall before the work can be very unsightly

wall before the work can be very unsightly

  • Before applying putty, the wall should be carefully prepared.If it remained the old plaster or pieces of wallpaper, they must be removed.Also have clean the wall of an oil or latex paint.
Cleaning the walls of old wallpaper

Cleaning the walls of old wallpaper

  • After removing the old coating on the wall may show cracks or bumps.To putty is flat and not cracked after drying on the cracks, it is necessary to carry out their terminations.

- Before you plug the cracks discovered, they should extend as deeply as possible into the wall, so they do not repeat their direction after applying putty.

Sealing cracks and crevices

Cutting cracks and crevices

- Following the expansion of crack is cleaned of dust and pieces of plaster - this process can be carried out using a small brush.

- Further expanded and refined processed primer composition crack and allowed to complete drying.

- In parched crack applied starting putty or sealant.Repair mixture should drive in as deeply as possible into the crack, and the top to level with the level of the surface of the wall.

Filling cracks repair pastes

Filling cracks repair composition

- After putty or sealant dries, seal cracks at the top need to go float , to finally equalize it to the wall.

  • If the walls are covered with plasterboard, then all of its joints must be glued fiberglass mesh, on top of which a thin layer of putty. Wells from recessed head screws that drywall mounted on a wall or crate , should also be filled with putty mixture different from them rust manifest through any decorative finish.
Gypsum wall after pre-treatment

Plasterboard walls after pretreatment

  • After Termination dry out the seams, go to the application of primer on the walls with antiseptic properties.This layer will provide extra strength surface will improve adhesion of materials and finishes will extend the operational period.
For priming is most convenient to use a special masking bath

For priming is most convenient to use a special masking bath

primer is poured into a special tray, from which it is easy to recruit on the roller (brush) for application to the surface of the wall.It is important to well handle all remote places, or from there putty can will begin to flake off later.

Damage on the wall primer should dry thoroughly.

Preparation putty

If you purchased a dry mixture, then it need to properly prepare, as it should be uniform in consistency and resemble thick cream.

  • For kneading mixture suitable ordinary plastic bucket , which is filled with water at room temperature.Usually putty bag weighing 25 kg must be 9,5 ÷ 10 liters of water, but to know for sure, before opening the package with a mixture of a must-read instructions.
Ingredients must always be prepared in a clean container

composition should always be prepared in a clean container

  • If the selected mixture manufac on on gypsum-based, it is not necessary to mix it too much, because her life «life» is very limited.Time use kneaded solution also can be found in the instructions for its preparation.
  • After filling the powder into the water, the mixture was kneaded by a mixer-nozzle, fixed drill chuck.
Mixing is carried out until homogeneous mixture and the desired plasticity

Mixing is carried out to complete homogeneity and desired plasticity mixture

  • After the first portion of the kneaded solution will be used, bucket and mixer necessary to rinse well, otherwise the next solution may turn out to solid patches,remaining from the first batch.It is clear that such an operation is repeated continuously throughout the entire work.

Application Homepage fillings

Most of the work is carried out a wide spatula

bulk of the work is carried out a wide spatula

  • On the primed surface starting putty applied to a wide spatula , to which a mixture of convenience applied and evenly distributed small spatula .
Applying the right amount of the composition of a wide spatula

Applying the right amount of the composition of a wide spatula

  • the filler is applied to the wall from the corner and bottom-up smooth movements without strong pressure on the spatula, which need to hold at an angle of 45 degrees.It is his position will apply putty evenly without leaving a trace of the tool angles.

fillings bands are applied to the surface of the lap , ie strokes should overlap by 70 ÷ 80 mm.

  • After applying putty on specific site via the right to check its flatness.Rule gently, without pressure, is carried out by Stopper surface.The plane of the instrument to its smooth edge to collect the excess putty mixture and identify obvious depression. especially good flaws be visible if the wall to illuminate a light bulb in such a way as to create a moving shadow.

If differences show up, you should still just walk on by surface wall wide spatula to level them.This can be done until the putty on the wall still wet.

  • When applying the starting layer, you need to pay special attention to the corners, because they are constantly "weak spot" in the alignment of the walls.Therefore, it is often difficult to align these places used for plastering the special spatula in the form of a right angle.
One of the most difficult tricks - alignment angles

One of the most difficult tricks - alignment angles

  • After application start-layer walls are rarely perfectly flat, but this should strive for.Slight errors that could block the final layer.
  • Upon completion of the application layer to start all walls of the room you need to wait for it to dry - only then proceed to the first grout.Using electrical sanding machine or hand grater with fixed on it with sandpaper or abrasive mesh with the wall surface is removed all the irregularities of the coarse starting mixture.In addition, the grout can equalize small flaws left over from the work surface spatula.
Grout the wall surface

Floating wall

Grout movements performed in a spiral trajectory.You must be careful and try not to miss a single centimeter Stopper surface.

Recommended trajectory perform grouting

Recommended trajectory perform grouting

  • If the grout on the wall will show up highlighted irregularities deeper than 2,5 ÷ 3 mm, then for the first start to apply the second layer of the same mixture.It can be applied to the entire surface or only in certain areas where defects have been detected.

Seal coat putty

  • Finishing layer of putty is applied after complete drying of the kickoff, on the same principle - that is, the angles and bottom-up .

mixture also applied a small spatula to a large, distributed over the edge, and is applied to the wall precise movements with slight pressure.The layer of the finish mixture should not be thicker than two millimeters, and the remaining excess putty and lines from the edges spatula gently stretched and smoothed the passage for him again.

Combined lighting will help to identify surface defects

Combined lighting will help identify defects in the surface

  • To see any defects immediately, in the process it is recommended to create a combined lighting coming from multiple light sources, or use the mobile light bulb on a wire, to could bring it to line the walls from all sides.