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August 12, 2017 18:06

Casings for plastic windows

installing plastic windows, many are not even aware that for them there are special, simple and concise on the appearance trim.And it is in vain - by placing an order for the installation of window systems, it is possible to immediately agree and the installation of these elements.

Casings for plastic windows

casings for plastic windows

However, this is not the only possible solution to the problem.Casings for plastic windows may well be made of wood and decorated with artistic carvings.If used for the decoration of the facade of the house this option, the window openings are framed in the same way as it did for centuries Russian masters of wooden architecture.

Do not think that trims perform a purely decorative role.In fact, they are very functional, and are intended to close the gaps between the window frame and the wall, which today often are sealed with foam.Plat protecting it from filling the negative impact of external factors such as ultraviolet rays, a destructive impact on the polyurethane foam foam, direct expo

sure to moisture, etc.

casings and their functions

Article Contents

  • 1 casings and their functions
  • 2 Species casings in form and material of manufacture
    • 2.1 Choice casing on the material manufacturing
  • 3 Installation casings on the windows
    • 3.1 Video: example of installation of plastic casings - flat strips of PVC window
  • 4 Production casings
    • 4.1 Choosing wood for trims
    • 4.2 Dimensions casing
    • 4.3 Production and processing of wooden casing
Flat plastic frames are the easiest to install and regular care for them

flat plastic frames are the easiest to install and regular care for them

short plastic window installation process is as follows:

  • If the openings are set oldwindows, they are dismantled and cleaned of vacant opening of insulation materials and debris.
  • then inserted into a plastic frame into the opening, which is aligned to the level of construction and fixed to the walls in several places with special metal elements - anchors or plates (subversion).Mounted and fixed windows with special glazing beads.
  • Further, all the gaps left between the frame and the wall, sealed - filled with foam, closed with special sealing and waterproof tapes, etc.
  • After hardening foam, cut off the excess.Then, the top is made Shpatlevanie and installation of slope.
  • Finally, trim set, which cover the gaps filled with foam outside or inside.
Plat should completely cover the gap between the window and the wall filled with foam

casings must completely cover the gap between the window and the wall filled with foam

snapshot Self installing plastic window - not an easy task

necessary to provide a lot of nuances when installing such a system.The details of the process installation of plastic windows is contained in a special publication of our portal.

Standard equipment Plastic windows with double-glazed windows, as a rule, does not include casings, especially as these finishing elements is not for all cases.For example, if the windows are strongly recessed into the wall, you need to choose very narrow frames, or install them around the window opening.In this second embodiment, they will serve exclusively as a decorative element, so only set as desired.

However, it should be noted that the frames have their own advantages, which attract a lot of owners of private homes:

  • Accuracy and aesthetic appearance of the windows.
  • its kind - a certain exclusivity design standard plastic windows, as though the majority of owners do not use these elements facade decoration.
  • And already mentioned functionality - the protection of the sealed gap from the influence of the environment.

should be noted that there are trim, intended for decoration and windows from the inside.Such products typically are only for decoration, so sold mainly in cases where the interior of the room to survive in a particular style.For example, such a design is suitable for the "Russian village" style or "country" - both these areas has been actively come into fashion.

Casings can very well complement and interior decoration

casings very well can complement and interior decoration

Species casings in form and material of manufacture

casings for plastic windows can be of various types and profiles, made using a variety of materials:

  • flat strips of plastic, aluminum, wood and polyurethane.
The most simple - trim in the form of flat plastic strips

most simple - trim in the form of flat plastic strips

most often for framing plastic windows used is flat in shape frames, as they are easy to install, create a neat, easy to care and have the most affordable price of allexisting configurations.

  • carved frames, which are made of plastic or wood.
Carved trim can give any home a completely unique look

Carved trim can give any home a completely unique look

This option parts are manufactured mainly custom-made of wood, and are therefore very expensive.Plastic versions of the carved frames of windows is not easy to find in DIY stores, as their mass production is organized is not everywhere and not enough big.

  • plat shaped type can have a smooth semi-circular or nearly flat, but with a relief pattern in the form of strips of different depths.Produced this type of almost all of these materials.
Plat shaped type usually have a particular textured surface

plat shaped type usually have a particular textured surface

  • Profile trims are made of plastic, wood, aluminum or polyurethane.They have a specific shape in section, sometimes formed in an intricate configuration.
Feature profiled casings - complex shape in cross-section

feature profiled casings - a complex form of a cross-sectional

Choice casing on the material manufacturing

It is important to choose the right casing, which is an approach would in appearance, not only to the window frame, but also to the materialfacade walls or the outside of the finish.

  • Plastic versions have the most reasonable price and highly aesthetic appearance, however, do not differ very long life.
Plastic casings are attracted low price

Plastic casings attract low price

Usually all manufacturers have plastic windows in its product portfolio and trim the same color as the profile for the frame.Therefore, when making the order, you can immediately ask what type of decorative trims can be offered.

Typically, plastic frames are available in different colors, but the most demanded option - it is white.After him, "on the ladder of popularity" is chocolate brown, and has followed the other colors, which are used less frequently.Therefore, not all manufacturers of windows, you can find a profile of the desired rare shade.

If you try, you can find plastic casings with coloring , the most in harmony with the general decoration style facade

If you try, you can find plastic casings with coloring, the most in harmony with the overall style of the decoration of the facade

color frames are usually selected to shades of the walls or roof of the house, and sometimes the design of the facade is carried out on the contrasting principles.

Plastic frame variants are made in sets, gathering in a single casing in place, or at the ready, as a single entity, for the frame image, which is only to consolidate around the perimeter of the window opening.

There are special profiles for plastic casings, which are mounted on the wall and snap a special locking compound on the slopes, installed around the window.This option allows you not only to create accurate framing, and securely connect the slopes with a decorative frame of the opening, without any gaps were.

  • deserve attention and trims made of polyurethane, as they quite often used for window decorations.

profiles from this material may have a different relief form, they are light in weight and simply adjusted in size and mounted on a window opening or the window itself.

options Polyurethane frame to endure the impact of moisture and sunlight, so will last a very long time.

Profiled polyurethane trim if desired can be painted in the desired shades

Profiled polyurethane trim if desired can be painted in the desired shades

This material can be coated with paint, so if you decided to change the facade design, problems with changing the color of these elements does not arise.The dyed polyurethane becomes more resistant to external influences, aesthetic appearance, and very easy to clean dust from the attacks.

trims are produced from expanded polystyrene, which usually have an additional internal reinforcement.they are somewhat inferior quality polyurethane foam, but also may well be applied to the external and internal finishing of window openings with plastic windows.

  • very durable and beautiful trims are made of natural wood, provided good processing protective structures.Such details, for qualitative performance, have a sufficiently high value.
Деревянные наличники - это, конечно, "классика" отделки фасада

Wooden frames - this is, of course, "classic" finish facade

Wooden frame for plastic windows are ideal for homes having wooden walls or the finished material that reliably simulates wood.As mentioned above, the wood trim with figural carvings often made by hand and must be ordered separately for each style chosen facade design.

Wooden options can be painted in different colors, which are selected depending on the other colors present in the general ensemble, so as to achieve harmony with the decoration of the facade and the background color of the roof at home.

disadvantage of wooden casings can be called what they need to carry out staining much more than PU - paint on wood is more susceptible to fading.

Installation casings on the windows

Installation casings produced in different ways.It also depends on the material of manufacture, and on the installation location, since the window can be deepened in the same wall, or be it in one outer plane.

  • If the window is recessed into the wall, then mounted around the first slopes, which will close the unsightly sections of the wall around the frame that can spoil the overall aesthetic appearance.
To begin set of window slopes strips

To begin set of window slopes

bar for this frame is fixed to the window start the plastic profile, which is inserted into the panel slope.

The figure clearly visible installation slope principle in the starting profile, and then - and the plastic casing.

One of the options window frame coupling , slope and casing

One option window frame coupling, slope and casing

To dock the trim on the corners, the edges are cut at an angle of 45 degrees.Sections will turn out exactly as you want, if you do some of the recommendations:

- sawing should be done using a special template - miter box;

Smooth joints at the corners casings provided for the use of their special cutting tools - Mitre

casings Smooth joints at the corners are provided for the use of their special cutting tools - Mitre

- if the miter box is not used, and saw off casing in a horizontal position, it should be washed down from the outside;

- some masters recommend to make bonding elements casing at the corners in a horizontal position from the inside with the help of Thermo silicone filling.In this case, the joint will be neat and smooth;

  • If frames have special slots for fastening them to the slopes, they are easy to install spikes in them and snap.

Video: example of installation of plastic casings - flat strips of PVC window

  • In the case of an individual from the slopes fixing casings on the wall surface of the prepared items to try on the window opening, and its location is marked on the walls of the plane.Then on the back of the panel trims applied glue "liquid nails" and "Moment", and framing is glued on the markup.The joints at the corners and glued together with glue.
Нанесение "жидких гвоздей" на тыльную сторону наличника

Application "liquid nails" on the back side of the casing

Wooden frames are fixed to the wall with dowels or screws.For details of the timber in first drilled through holes which are then expanded somewhat from the front to the fixing cap element was concealed in the interior of the wood.Application marks on the wall to make holes where the plug is installed, then it is screwed through the casing screw.The remaining hole in the casing, in which "hide" cap screw, is sealed with epoxy resin mixed with fine sawdust.This coating will make the installation location of fasteners virtually invisible.

Production casings

Some artists prefer to make your own carved frames.They are cut out on a pre-made template, through which the image is transferred to the perfect quality processed board.

To make such carved frames have to work hard

To make such carved frames have to work hard

can make and trim in the form of flat panels that will make a very simple, but in this case, the board must be flat and smooth.It is treated with antiseptic and then the water-repellent compositions.Sometimes the wood darken the stain, and the top cover Yachting moisture-resistant varnish.

You can restrict and smooth straight bars -nalichnikami

can restrict smooth and straight bars -nalichnikami

Choosing wood for trims

properly selected wood will greatly facilitate and speed up the work on the architraves, so the choice of material should be approached seriously.

For the manufacture of casings is important to choose high-quality timber

for manufacturing platbands it is important to choose a quality timber

optimal will choose wood that is easy to process.So, to cut complex lace elements casing is well suited linden, alder and aspen.Do not choose conifers:

- for example, spruce has a large number of knots that can spoil the picture considerably;

- pine - overly brittle material, which may appear chips during operation;

- cedar and larch, in principle, are well suited for continuous operation casings in the streets, however, have a very high structural density, so hard to be processed.

Wood should be the best of the dried, ready-to dries details that a lot of effort will be spent, not deformed or cracked.

thickness boards casings selected depending on the height of the relief pattern and may vary from 10 to 40 mm.Therefore, before buying the material, you need to choose an ornament.

If there are small protruding relief elements, they recommended to produce and processed separately, and then paste in the intended workstation.

Small relief items is much easier to make separately and then pasted to the desired location

Small relief items is much easier to make separately and then pasted to the desired location

If the trim is not intended to be painted, it is necessary to choose the board with a beautiful textured pattern, without a lot of knots, having an even "healthy" structure of one color,which will perfectly blend in with the design of the entire facade.