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August 12, 2017 18:06

Nail the parquet which to choose

respectable parquet flooring on the floor requires a special relationship.If the plank floor can simply "close" paint, the flooring should be covered with varnish or special wax (or oil), otherwise it will quickly lose its appeal.In addition aesthetic purpose varnish, it is a good protection for the board, without which the operation of parquet life is significantly reduced.

Nail the parquet which to choose

varnish for parquet a select

varnish for parquet a select - this question arises from the owners of property, which is laid parquet.Also lacquers in the range of DIY stores present a large selection of different compositions for the protection and the transformation of wood, but still paint, as the most reliable and proven over the years means , is the most popular today.

Varnishes, parquet may have a different basis, so before select should be familiar with the characteristics of some of them.

Selection Criteria parquet lacquer

Article Contents

  • 1 Selection Criteria parquet lacquer
  • 2 Types lacquers for parquet
    • 2.1 Priming paints
    • 2.2 Water lacquers for parquet
    • 2.3 Alkyd paints
    • 2.4 polyurethane varnish
    • 2.5 Video: water-soluble two-component parquet lacquer based on polyurethane
    • 2.6 Formaldehyde varnishes
    • 2.7 Video: the right choice of paint formulations for wood andparquet floor

choosing the composition of the varnish for parquet, it is necessary to take into account the breed of wood, from which made the board, as it can be bright and dark shades, so the nail must match its color.In addition, each species has its own density and properties of this material depends on its absorption .

Lucky are presented for sale in a very wide variety of

Lucky presented for sale in a very wide variety of

great importance in the selection of varnish has the purpose of the room in which parquet flooring, that is, the intensity of the movement, humidity and types of loads, which coverwill be exposed.If the varnish is used for flooring in the room ordinary apartments, where a small family, there is no need to choose paint that can withstand heavy loads.

But even in such circumstances, it is necessary to take into account the specific room.For example, the hallway or the kitchen is better to buy paints with experiencing higher loads, since these facilities have a greater throughput and more likely to be cleaning.Therefore , in this case, the protective properties of the composition should be in the order of above.

High-quality varnish and should emphasize the beauty of the wood , and serve as a reliable protection for her

-quality lacquer coating must and emphasize the beauty of the wood, and serve for her reliable protection

For public buildings and premises with high intensity stream of people need to pay attention to nail strength, as it will have to withstand the mechanical action of the numerousheels and brought by the dust on shoes and dirt.In such places often use oil impregnation, or durable water repellent compounds that help keep parquet flooring in proper condition for a long time. Especially because such floor easier amenable to upgrade, unlike lacquer.Therefore, the varnish used in this case is extremely rare.

We must remember that, that inexpensive formulations - not very durable, and will last no more than 2 ÷ 3 years, and taking into account, that process of applying lacquer - quite time-consuming activity, it is better to choose immediately reliable composition,floor which retain their original state for 12 ÷ 15.Naturally, tse on to him several times higher, but by using it, you can save yourself a lot of problems for a long time.These are two-component lacquers.

Do not think that stuff, produced abroad will necessarily better and durable.Primarily , necessary to pay attention to the chemical composition of the lacquer, and not on the country in which it is released.Some imported products are not of high quality, have an unpleasant smell for a long time to dry, and quickly erased.

It is very important to pay attention to the composition of consumption.For example, five liters of high-quality lacquer should be enough to cover three layer area of ​​15 ÷ 17 m², two layer 20 ÷ 25 m², you can stretch it and a 30 m² room, but layers will be thinner.

also , you need to pay attention to capacity , which sold varnish as quality formulations never realized in wholesale container or plastic buckets - usually so packed counterfeits importedvarnishes known manufacturers.

varnish should always be packed in tin cans or plastic containers having a volume no more than 5 ÷ 10 liters.If this is a two-component version of the varnish, then to the main container shall be secured vial additional staff.They are mixed with each other in a strict proportion indicated on the package, just before application to the floor.

So, when buying lacquer, it is necessary to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Varnishes, parquet made on different bases - uretanalkidnoy , alkyd, polyurethane, formaldehyde and water.These parameters are specified on the package, see the chemical composition.
  • material can produce a coloring effect or to be fully transparent and to preserve the natural color and texture of wood.
  • The consistency of the varnish can be viscous or fluid - of this option will depend on the method of its application to the surface.
  • composition may give different aesthetic effects - matte , silky-matt, semi or semi-gloss and gloss.
  • In addition, the packaging indicates susceptibility to moisture, resistance to stress, wear resistance, and the approximate service life.

Types lacquers for parquet

To make the right choice, you need to know what constitutes each type of varnish.

Priming paints

The primer composition further varnishing parquet

primer for further coating parquet

itself, the name of such varnishes said that their purpose - prepare the surface for layers of topcoat.Priming varnish impregnated wood, which contributes to better adhesion when applied following, the main layers .If primers parquet processed compositions, the coating quality is improved facial several times.But other than that, the use of such starting treatment promotes:

  • reduce the adhesive effect of the upper layers lacquer at the joints individual dies;
  • creating a perfectly smooth surface and release pattern textured wood;
  • protect the surface and sides of the dice from possible exposure to moisture;
  • conservation of natural protective oils valuable tree species.

varnishes Primers are selected depending on which will be manufactured based topcoat, as these compositions must be compatible with each other and have a good adhesion.

Primer is to provide good adhesion of the floor surface for the upcoming application of varnish

Primer is to provide good adhesion of the floor surface for the upcoming application of varnish

When incompatibility work materials will be completely spoiled and its have to adapt, since the surface is covered with light spots.Fix this nuisance can only by polish remover or sanding of the floor completely.

example, if acquired for finishing varnish, water-based, and the primer should be exclusively water - then flooring will have a smooth and reliable coating.

very important still and that the surface coated with primer composition tends to absorb less lacquer finish, and then , significantly reduces its consumption.

Primed parquet lacquer will absorb less when applying the finish

primed parquet lacquer will absorb less when applying the finish

Priming paints made on different bases, dry quickly enough, as some of them absorbed into the surface of the wood flooring, the remaining surplus evaporates quickly.Drying time of the first primer layer ranges from 20 minutes to 3 ÷ 4 hours.

To achieve the desired result and get a beautiful surface, masters recommend to use a primer and finish up, made one by the manufacturer.This is due to the fact that the composition of these paints is designed to complete, in fact compatible with each other, represent a single "system", so they have excellent adhesion, never go to certain "undesirable reactions".By selecting the composition of different companies, you can get unexpected results, which is unlikely to please.

Water lacquers for parquet

Lucky manufactured water-based - most popular, due to the fact that they do not have an unpleasant odor and dries quickly.When selecting such a material, it is better to acquire two-component compositions because they provide more durable water-resistant coating upon drying than monocomponent embodiments.

Some of the most popular - varnishes for wood flooring , water-based

Some of the most popular - varnishes for wood flooring, water-based

This varnish includes its composition of microscopic particles solvent and emulsifier, mixed with water, so it runs dry differently than materials on other grounds. After composition is applied to the primed surface thereof is first evaporated and then water - solvent which passes to the evaporation process of concentration.Further, after evaporation, formed solid and durable film on the surface of the parquet.

Water paints can be divided into three categories according to their content of solvents:

  • to the first of these include compounds where there is no this component;
  • second category includes water-based varnishes, having in his of no more than 5% of the solvent;
  • third category contains the solvent at a rate of 15% .

All three categories of coatings, regardless of the amount of solvent in them, have good adhesion properties to wooden surfaces, so are ideal for both solid wood and parquet.

must say that water-based paints should be applied to the primed surface necessarily parquet lacquer in order to avoid penetration between the dies.Moisture, hitting between them can soak the wood subsequently lead to the emergence of creaking in the parquet.By the way, according to many masters, generally do not use water-based paints for parquet floor, as there is always the risk of unpleasant squeaking, even if previously used primer.

have these paints and a number of other significant shortcomings, which need to know, buying material:

  • One-component water-based varnishes, consisting of water, solvents and emulsifiers have low wear resistance, so quickly wear out.Two-component paints have a long life and excellent protection wooden floor, but on the condition that such a composition would be applied in the room where the humidity is 50%.Such an atmosphere in the rooms is not always possible to achieve, especially in winter when the heating is working.
  • to the surface after drying aqueous varnish was smooth application it should be done with a roller, since this process is absolutely not suitable swabs, sponges, spatulas and even brushes.
The water-soluble varnish should only be applied using a roller

water-soluble varnish should only be applied with a roller

It expressed positive qualities of water lacquers include the following properties:

  • Lack of strong odors, such as lacquers, produced in the organic solvents - thisfactor especially attracts owners of apartments with a small volume space.However, one should not think that the lacquer has absolutely no smell - he all still present, but not as strong and sharp as those of other formulations.
  • Lucky made of water-based, non-flammable, so they are used in areas where fire is prohibited by the rules cover the composition of the surface, which are based on flammable substances.

There yet another secret that nice to know before buying a water spray.If you purchased a professional nail, it may well be applied to the surface Unprimed .If no designation on the packaging of the "Professional" category of the particular composition, the processing floor primer before applying, is necessary.

Alkyd paints

Alkyd paints are made on the basis of resins derived from natural raw materials, by transesterification of vegetable oils, glycerin and rosin acids and alcohols.Due to the presence in their structure of oils, varnishes have the ability to be absorbed into a tree structure, thereby creating its reliable protection against external mechanical damage, exposure to moisture.

In alkyd lacquers , perhaps greater disadvantages than advantages

have alkyd lacquers, perhaps disadvantages more than advantages

in alkyd formulations included and fairly toxic substances, such as white spirit, so buying a tool for flooring, you need to choose the composition with the lowest concentration of the substance.As with any other version of the varnish, alkyd has its positive and negative qualities, which you must know, getting this tool for finishing flooring finishes.

Produced glossy and semi-gloss, semi-matt and matte kinds of alkyd lacquers from which you can choose the one, which more suitable for a particular flooring.

the positive properties of alkyd paints are:

  • deep penetration of substances into the structure of the substrate.
  • Alkyd textured composition enhances the beauty of wood, giving it an aesthetic appearance.
  • Lac has a viscous consistency, therefore, does not flow between the dies and then , after drying coating will not have a squeak when walked on the parquet floor.
  • He is not affected by changes in temperature and humidity, and also has a high resistance to mechanical stress.

The negative properties of formulations include the following points:

  • Damage to the surface of the varnish dries for a long time and requires special conditions for drying.
  • Drying varnish should be carried out at not too high temperatures, as this process may be delayed, however, when the lacquer is formed film, it is best to create a small draft by opening doors and windows;
  • Since consistency is thick enough polish, while applying it to the surface is necessary to carefully monitor the thickness of the layer, otherwise when dry, on the ground, where the layer will be thicker lines can be formed;
  • Alkyd paints differ rapid abrasion, so the coating is often have update.In short, this kind of varnish is more suitable for the coating of furniture, rather than gender.
Surface turns beautiful , but alas - not durable

coating turns beautiful, but alas - a short-lived

If you want to get high-quality and durable finish flooring, then from alkyd lacquers should be abandoned, despite even the fact that they too have certain dignity ofalready mentioned.

Polyurethane varnish

polyurethane varnishes view is perfect for rooms with high traffic, as an extremely wear-resistant and has high adhesive properties.This type of material to cover the parquet can be one- and two-component, and is marked with PUR and DD.