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August 12, 2017 18:06

Putty for windows with their hands

In recent years, increasingly replaced by plastic glass windows that do not require frequent repairs and maintenance.However, not every homeowner can afford the installation of modern double-glazed windows, and in this case it is necessary to learn to repair the old wooden frames.And that even consciously prefer natural materials, despite the fact that these products require a lot more trouble in caring for them.

Putty for windows with their hands

putty for windows with their hands

One of the mandatory elements of the conventional design of wooden windows is putty. It is used to hold glass in a fixed state, their maximum sealing and sealing cracks, which can be formed by cracks of and deformation of wooden parts, from which assembled frame.Putty for window frames rather short-lived, it tends to become brittle, crack and crumble, so from time to time it is necessary its replaced completely removing the old, dilapidated material.Used for installation of new windows or for preventive maintenance shop or cooked putty fo

r windows with their hands.

must be remembered that from this seemingly insignificant component depends on the integrity of the entire box structure.The crack cracked putty moisture penetrates over time, the tree begins to rot, and as a result, this layer will not help solve the problem of the window seal. Therefore, you must check each year window sash and carry out maintenance work when needed.

What is putty

Article Contents

  • 1 What is putty
  • 2 putty for windows with their hands - tested recipes
    • 2.1 first recipe - chalklinseed oil
    • 2.2 second recipe - sand and flour
    • 2.3 third recipe - again linseed oil
    • 2.4 fourth -starinny recipe recipe with tar and ash
    • 2.5 Fifth recipe - vegetable oil andtalc
    • 2.6 Sixth recipe - rosin, chalk and tallow
    • 2.7 Seventh, multi recipe
  • 3 Removing the old putty
  • 4 Installing glass putty
    • 4.1 Video:why need putty and how to apply it

putty for windows - a paste, which is applied to the joints of wooden frames with glass, providing installation stability and creating the necessary level of sealing. addition , produced several types of caulking and putty on the basis of different components, and designed for sealing cracks and joints of frame members.

The easiest way , of course , buy the putty in the store.However, the situation may be different ...

easiest way, of course, buy the putty in the store.However, the situation may be different ...

Usually putty for windows can be made based on linseed oil, nitrocellulose varnish, polyester and other materials.This material may be sold in a paste form, packaged in different containers, or as a dry mixture.Dry putty is diluted with water to the desired consistency.Putty and putty produced in different colors, so it is not very difficult to choose the mix color frame color.

However, there are recipes for which it is possible produce the necessary material for wooden windows yourself, the more so, at least one of the recipes for all the necessary ingredients to be found in every home.

putty for windows with their hands - tested recipes

Having made homemade putty, you can at least save a little, because, as you know, the pence saves .Therefore, it would be nice to know some recipes for this material. d

Before turning to prescription putty, you need to know the basic quality parameters, which should aim by making the weight.

Homemade plaster must meet several important requirements

Homemade plaster must meet several important requirements

  • Material must have excellent adhesion, meaning it have good adhesion to the surface, which will be applied.
  • weight should have a high plasticity, easy to stretch and not crack under tension.
  • Putty should be fast enough to solidify and after its drying does not produce on the surface of bubbles and cracks.
  • mixture should minimally responsive to temperature extremes and high humidity.
  • exploitation material period shall not be less than one year.

Based on these parameters, and should be guided in choosing the optimal recipe homemade putty.

first recipe - chalk and linseed oil

One of the most popular recipes putty, which often used by professional glaziers and zealous owners wooden houses, consists of only two ingredients - is linseedconventional oil and chalk, that can be purchased even in the office supply store.

Linseed oil is the ingredient in several recipes putty

Flaxseed oil is an ingredient for several recipes putty

Mel to grind, for example, to rub it on a grater , or wrapped in a piece of tissue, break up a hammer.Next to four parts of the resulting powder was added one part linseed oil.For example, taken eight tablespoons of chalk and two oils.

When mixing ingredients should get plastic mass, which can be easily roll into a ball.If you want to make a more dense structure, you need to add to the mix a little more chalk powder.This cement will be warm yellowish tint, like the color of light wood.If you want to achieve a different color, the chalk in the manufacture of coloring is added to the dry powder or a little of the liquid dye.

Sometimes, if there is linseed oil, it is replaced with the familiar all varnish.It is also good suitable for the manufacture of putty or filler , only need to remember that in this case, the material will have a specific smell.

second recipe - sand and flour

More putty one recipe, which is used in extreme cases, for example, in the absence of the other ingredients.The material is made of sand and flour, is not so plastic, others made with oily components, so not very popular.However, it is also good to know just in case. ate suddenly urgently have to plug the gap between the glass and the frame, these components are usually always at hand.

For the manufacture of putty ingredients are taken in proportions of 1: 1 and diluted with water to a paste.The sand should try to find a fine, like dust.

recommended to use a putty only as a temporary, emergency measures, and as soon as possible the material should be replaced by a plastic.

third recipe - again linseed oil

This putty as well as the first version, is made on the basis of linseed oil.For this taken half cups of conventional oil and brought to a boil.Then, it is mixed into the same number of normal, unboiled oil.The entire process should be conducted in a sufficiently large capacitance because other ingredients are added to the formulation.

The resulting mixture pour limestone powder to paste up stizheniya light beige.If necessary, white putty obtain more of limestone powder is added to the oil.

If required putty dark color, with limestone added to the oil soot.Her spread up until the putty is not acquire the desired color.

paste should have the consistency of thick dough.After making her right should be applied to windows or keep in the bank with the lid closed.

fourth recipe - old recipe with tar and ash

ancient recipe putty for windows includes ingredients such as ash and tar .Because they do absolutely environmentally friendly material, which will be perfectly protected from damp wood frames.

Make this paste, putty follows:

  • Tar boil for two hours over moderate heat.Then, it must be cool to warm state.
  • Further, it is gradually added well crushed and sifted wood ash.
  • Weight kneaded to the state until it loses its stickiness and plasticity acquire .

This version of putty is applied immediately after its preparation, since it hardens very quickly and must not be stored.

Fifth recipe - vegetable oil and talc

can make putty and other acquaintances for all components - is vegetable oil and talc, which can be replaced with a white or decorative cement .

Before make weight, unrefined vegetable oil to defend obtain a precipitate.He then and will need to putty.

The precipitate out of the oil is added fine white powder in their number those mentioned above, and kneaded paste to the desired consistency.Such putty is applied immediately after its mixing, as it hardens quickly, especially if used as a filler cement.

Sixth recipe - rosin, chalk and melted lard

To produce the following type of putty you need to prepare rosin, chalk and lard.Made for the future on this recipe putty, should be stored in a closed container in the refrigerator.

Putty can be made on the basis of the usual pine rosin

Putty can be made on the basis of the usual pine rosin

For its manufacturing take teaspoon melted fat, heated it and added to it during the heating of two teaspoons chopped to powderrosin.The melted mass is added to ten parts crushed on a grater chalk, and then kneaded the thick plastic putty. It can be applied immediately after manufacture or at a convenient time for the master.

Seventh, multi recipe

Another one, more complex in its composition recipe, but gives enough effective paste reliable sealing of windows from moisture.

For kneading adhesive cement masses will require the following components :

  • White lead - they need 11 parts.
  • Linseed oil - 8 pieces.
  • natural beeswax - 4 parts.
  • Mel - 6 parts.
  • Umbra or ocher powder - 4 parts.

Thus, in the proportions of putty composition is as follows: 11 : 8 : 4 : 4 : 6 : 4.

With proper kneading mass, it will turn plastic and durable, allowingnot to change it two or even three years.

Do putty follows:

  • a water bath melted wax.
  • In it, without removing from heat, add flax seed oil, and the composition is well mixed to complete homogeneity.
  • Then, the resulting mixture was removed from heat and allowed to cool to a warm state.
  • In capacity portions added finely grated chalk and umber.All components must be thoroughly kneaded, also until uniform.
  • last step is additive blended in a mass of white lead.

be stored such putty can long enough so it does not have in its composition rapidly solidifying or perishable ingredients, but it is better to contain in a cool place and sealed container.

Removing the old putty

Before cause made by one of the suggested recipes putty, you need to get rid of old, overage.

Removal of the old dilapidated putty

Deleting old, dilapidated putty

To carry on removal of the frozen mass of procedures will need a narrow metal spatula or knife with a wide blade and may require building a hairdryer, which facilitate work.

  • You must first try to remove the frozen mixture, without heating, picked up her spatula.If it does not lend itself , do not apply excessive physical effort, as you may accidentally damage the glass.In this case, a small area is heated by the putty and then it will be easy to lift and remove easily.
  • After removing the old material, you need to carefully remove the glass from the frame and continue cleaning the wooden parts of accumulated debris, the remnants of putty and old flaking paint.
  • Further, to achieve good adhesion between the putty and timber frame, latter should sandpaper process, first coarse and then with an average grain size.
  • After that, you can proceed to install the glass using the putty.

Installation glass putty

glazing works carried out in the following sequence :

Before applying putty on the window frame, the composition must be carefully moved to homogeneity.

Next putty is applied to the inside of the frame in the groove , which will set the glass.Weight is applied with a narrow spatula or knife.Another option packing material - is roll it into a long sausage , put inside the frame and slightly pressed against the surface.

When the putty is applied around the inner perimeter of the frame, set the glass and gently presses against the glazing bead, which is laid along the plastic mass.

After pressing the glass on the back of his hand deliver the surplus of putty. It should be immediately removed, so she did not have time to dry.Her gently scraped off with a spatula and wipe the glass with a soft cloth.

Left excess grease should be removed immediately

Left excess putty should immediately remove

Next, on the glass by pressing the same applied plaster.It can also be applied in two ways - brushing or rolled up in the form of sausages.Then cement is distributed in the form of the glass bead and the junction of the window frame.Her leveled and give it a shape that mimics a wooden bead.

From grease formed imitation wooden bead

of plastic putty formed imitation wood bead

putty can also be used to seal the joint between the glass and installed wooden glazing bead, which is then carefully nailed with small nails.Excess, speaking mass of putty gently removed.

After drying the mixture, if necessary, the frame to stain.

When presence in the house of wooden frames without a material such as cement, can not do, but not always, this composition is at hand.Therefore , always have good recipes to help remedy the situation, allow gidroizolirovat , warm and keep safe glazing.Besides saving advantage homemade putty is its reliability, for use in his house no one will do low-quality material.

Video: what is putty and how to apply it